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Banner Advancement / Release Guide / 8.1 - Parent Directory

Banner Advancement / Release Guide / 8.1 - Parent Directory

Validation TableField

Validation TableField NameDescriptionColumnEXT_GIFT_CARD_REFR_NUMBER External Gift Credit Card TransactionReference NumberEXT_GIFT_CASHIERExternal Gift CashierEXT_GIFT_COMMENTExternal Gift CommentEXT_GIFT_DESGExternal Gift DesignationEXT_GIFT_DESG_AMT External Gift Designation AmountEXT_GIFT_ENTRY_DATE External Gift Entry DateEXT_GIFT_EXT_GIFT_ID External Gift IdentifierEXT_GIFT_GCLS_CODE_1 External Gift Class 1 ATVGCLS_CODEEXT_GIFT_GCLS_CODE_2 External Gift Class 2 ATVGCLS_CODEEXT_GIFT_GCLS_CODE_3 External Gift Class 3 ATVGCLS_CODEEXT_GIFT_GIFT_CODE External Gift Type ATVGIFT_CODEEXT_GIFT_GIFT_DATE External Gift DateEXT_GIFT_GIFT_DESC External Gift DescriptionEXT_GIFT_MATCH_RECEIVED External Gift Match Form ReceivedEXT_GIFT_PGVE_CODE External Gift Giving Vehicle Code ATVPGVE_CODEEXT_GIFT_PLEDGE_NO External Gift Pledge NumberEXT_GIFT_REC_NUMExternal Gift Record NumberEXT_GIFT_SOLC_CODE External Gift Solicitation CodeEXT_GIFT_SOL_IDExternal Gift Solicitor Banner IDEXT_GIFT_SOL_ORGExternal Gift Solicitor Organization58 Banner Advancement 8.1 December 2008Release GuideEnhanced Processing of Third-Party Gifts - Functional

4 MiscellaneousEnhancements -FunctionalThis chapter describes miscellaneous functional enhancements delivered in BannerAdvancement 8.1.Changed form - Review External GiftsForm (AGAWGIF)AGAWGIF is used to review and accept external gifts. These can be gifts entered via theWeb by donors using a new user ID and PIN, or these can be gifts received from a thirdpartyprocessor. Banner Advancement 8.1 includes the following new features forAGAWGIF:• A solicitation method, solicitation organization, and solicitor can be assigned to agift during the review process.• Additional fields are available to store multiple campaign/designationcombinations for a gift. For gifts entered via Banner Advancement Self-Service,only one campaign/designation combination is stored and available for review. Ifgifts are loaded from other external processes, however, multiple combinations canbe stored and reviewed on AGAWGIF and then loaded to baseline Banner tables.• Gift credit is automatically split on detail records and history records if the donorhas a Banner ID and splitting rules indicate that the gift should be split among theID’s cross references (relationships such as parent or child). Previously, any giftcredit had to be split manually if the donor had a Banner ID and splitting rules weredefined for the ID.AGAWGIF has the following new fields.December 2008 Banner Advancement 8.1 59Release GuideMiscellaneous Enhancements - Functional

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