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On mass hierarchies in Orientifolds

On mass hierarchies in Orientifolds

Yukawa-like terms ⇔

Yukawa-like terms ⇔ Textures• The mass terms can a priori be generated by:- Yukawa terms:- Higher order terms:- Instantons:g i QUH ug i QUH uφM sg i QUH u × e −V ol I I∼〈H u 〉∼〈H u 〉 〈φ〉M s∼〈H u 〉e −V ol I• Such terms depend on selection rules based on the U(1) charges.• All terms with the same charges under the U(1)’s will have thesame mass generating terms.Talk of Leontaris• Therefore, we can make a list of all possible “orientifold textures”.Sunday, July 5, 2009

Quark Textures• All D-brane realizations of the SM have either:- Q 1 = Q 2 = Q 3 or Q 1 ≠ Q 2 = Q 3- U 1 = U 2 = U 3 or U 1 ≠ U 2 = U 3- D 1 = D 2 = D 3 or D 1 ≠ D 2 = D 3 or D 1 ≠ D 2 ≠ D 3• The form of the mass matrix will be:M 1 =⎛⎝X X XX X XX X X⎞⎠Anastasopoulos Kiritsis LionettoSunday, July 5, 2009

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