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Water DispensersWater DispenserArticle No: 94382YLR2-5X 16T• Table Top• Hot & Cold Taps• Energy Efficient CompressorCHINAWater DispenserArticle No: 94383YLR2-5X28LBB• Floor Stand• Hot & Cold Taps• Energy Efficient Compressor• 28L StorageCHINAWater DispenserArticle No: 94384YLR2-5-X LBB• Floor Stand• Hot & Cold Taps• Energy Efficient Compressor• 20L Fridge Built inCHINA31POWERFUL STURDY SOUND POWER QUALITY HEAVY DUTY SAFE

Standard DisclaimerAll Wansa products mentioned in this catalogue are for domestic applications. Wansa products are not meantto be used in non domestic applications that require the continuous operations beyond the manufacturerspecifications. Any usage of Wansa products beyond such domestic applications result in default voidance of anywarranty provided on the Wansa product.Alghanim Electronics operates on a policy of continuous improvement & reserves the right to adjust & modify itsWansa products without prior notificationAlghanim Electronics obligations & responsibilities regarding its products are governed solely by the agreementsunder which they are sold. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the information contained herein does not becomepart of these agreements. This Catalogue does not contain any guarantee or agreed quality of Wansa products orany warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose & non-infringement. Alghanim Electronics maymake changes in the products or services described at any time without notice.This Catalogue is provided on an "as is" basis. To the extent permitted by law, Alghanim Electronics makes nowarranty, express or implied, & assumes no liability in connection with the use of the information contained inthis Catalogue. Alghanim Electronics is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or punitivedamages arising out of the use of this Catalogue.Information contained herein is not intended to announce product availability anywhere in the world.The trademarks, service marks & logos (the Trademarks) displayed in this Catalogue are the property ofAlghanim Electronics and/or its affiliates. Nothing in this Catalogue should be construed as granting anylicense or right to the Trademarks. Without the express written consent of Alghanim Electronics, the useof the Trademarks is prohibited.All text, images, graphics & other materials in this Catalogue are subject to the copyright & other intellectualproperty rights of Alghanim Electronics and/or its affiliates.Alghanim Electronics owns the copyrights in the selection, coordination & arrangement of the materialsin this Catalogue. These materials may not be modified or copied for commercial use or distribution.71POWERFUL STURDY SOUND POWER QUALITY HEAVY DUTY SAFE

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