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AMERICA BETRAYED.pdf - Brain & Mind

AMERICA BETRAYED.pdf - Brain & Mind

...Bush, bin Laden,

...Bush, bin Laden, 9-11...Forty years later, the goal remained the same: to first topplethe Soviet-backed regime, and to then take the “holy war” into theunderbelly of the Soviet Union, in order to grab the oil-rich centralAsian states of Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, andUzbekistan (14,15,16). "Holy Warriors" would do the dirty work.In the late 1970s and continuing into the 1990s, the primarymission of these CIA-trained and Saudi-financed terrorists, referredto as the mujahideen, was to attack Afghan villages, and bomb healthcenters, government offices, and even Kabul University, and to rape,murder, and terrorize the civilian population. In this regard, they werehighly successful. Tens of thousands of civilians, as well as Soviettroops were “butchered in a hideous fashion” (5). The mujahedeen’sbattle for supremacy resulted in the death and maiming of over100,000 civilians and the displacement of millions people who becamerefugees (17).Iraq, too, was and is a target of the Wahhabis, as the Saudisbelieve that Iraq is a broken off piece of Arabia. Indeed, for the lastseveral centuries, and until 1922, Iraq, as well as Kuwait, were partof Arabia. However, at the close of the first world war, and with thecollapse of the Ottoman Empire, Britain and France pounced on theMiddle East, and divided up the spoils. They created artificial boundariesand thus new states in the Middle East, as they believed that byfragmenting the Arab peoples they would be easier to dominate andcontrol.Britain broke Arabia into three states: Iraq, Kuwait, and Arabia.Each state was then given its own ruler, who in turn owed their positionsto France and Britain. Kuwait was handed to the al-Sabahfamily. The Hashemite King Hussein was awarded Jordan. AndArabia was given to the Saud family and which was then renamedafter Ibn Saud.King Ibn Saud, however, was determined to someday unifyhis country and to erase the artificial boundaries which created thebastard states of Kuwait and Iraq. Like his ancestors, he alsodreamed of creating an Islamic superstate, encompassing all thenations of the Middle East, and in fact, the world. In 1922, however,it was an impossible dream.219

America BetrayedLIBYA & EGYPTIn the 1970s, U.S. and Saudi Arabia formed an unholy alliance.Under the guise of fighting communism, terrorists weretrained, funded, equipped and then unleashed on the nations ofEgypt, Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan. At the same time, Saudi Arabiawas actively funding and establishing fundamentalist Islamicschools in nations, such as Pakistan and Egypt, which in turn becamebreeding grounds for terrorists. Likewise, the US was tryingto curry favor with some of these same countries in order to woothem from the Soviet sphere.As will be detailed, part of that strategy involved fundingand providing arms and weapons to Libya—a Soviet ally—whichwere used to attack Egypt. Egypt repeatedly beat back these assaultswhich the Egyptians erroneously believed were sponsored,through Libya, by the Soviet Union.The first tangible fruits of these well devised plans wereplucked from the tree in 1976, when Egyptian President, Anwar al-Sadat ended Egypt’s Treaty of Friendship with Soviet Union (18).Nevertheless, Sadat remained cool to U.S. proposals for increasedU.S. military involvement in his own armed forces (18).Then the unexpected, Sadat began making peaceful overturestoward Israel. Simultaneously, he began signaling a willingness toaccommodate Islamic fundamentalists who were demanding agreater role in the Egyptian government. These events and policiesupset Saudi Arabia and U.S. planners, albeit for different reasons.Sadat would soon be targeted for assassination.*******The CIA has a history of forming alliances with terrorists,Nazis, dictators, and the like. In some instances, the CIA is playingthe “Great Game” and engaging the Hegelian dialectic. That is, itcreates entities that threaten the US, in order to strengthen the handof right-wing Republican administrations who then promise to destroythe threat. In some instances, as was the case with Iraq andIran in the late 1980s, and Libya, during the 1970s, the CIA providedresources so that these nations would be better equipped soas to encourage them to attack each other.220

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