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AMERICA BETRAYED.pdf - Brain & Mind

AMERICA BETRAYED.pdf - Brain & Mind

...Bush, bin Laden,

...Bush, bin Laden, 9-11...Bush, of course, claims that these meetings never happened.Nevertheless a number of independent witnesses, including FrenchIntelligence agents, observed George H.W. Bush and Iranian officialsin Paris in October, when these meetings took place.What other evidence do we have which indicates that theseBush - bin Laden - Iranian meetings actually occurred, and thatbribes were offered?For one, we know that the Iranians held off on freeing thehostages until after the November elections. They were freed onthe day Reagan and Bush were sworn into office.We also know that the Reagan-Bush administration illegallyprovided arms to Iran (40-43).The evidence indicates that the “bribe” offered to Iran includedoffensive weapons, and that in return for the promise ofweapons, Iran continued to hold American hostage until after theelection.As scientists, we do not believe that “coincidence” is a scientificexplanation.IRAN-CONTRA: THE BIN LADEN CONNECTIONAs noted, not only George H.W. Bush, but Israeli agent,Amiram Nir, and the bin Ladens played a prominent role in theOctober 1980 meeting in Paris. These same individuals also playeda significant role in the illegal operation code named “arms forhostages,” i.e. the illegal provision of offensive weapons to the Iranianregime, and the provision of illegal funds to terrorists operatingin bases outside Nicaragua.Amiram Nir and Salem bin Laden played a significant rolein arming not just the Iranians, but Central American terrorists.To quote the New Yorker (11/5/01), “During the nineteeneighties,when the Reagan Administration secretly arranged for anestimated thirty-four million dollars to be funneled through SaudiArabia to the Contras, in Nicaragua. Salem bin Laden aided in thiscause, according to French intelligence.”Yet another coincidence, Salem bin Laden died in a 1988 aircrash in Texas. Nothing was ever proven, but Salem bin Laden’sdeath led to speculation that he might have been “eliminated.” Ifhe was in fact purposefully killed, his murder may have been re-229

America Betrayedlated not to the Contras, but to the illegal arms trade with Iran andthe Paris meeting in 1980.Likewise, Amiram Nir died in a plan crash after departingTexas and while flying over Mexico, presumably in route to SouthAmerica. His death, too, may have had little to do with the Contras,per se, but with operation code named: “arms for hostages,” andthe Paris meeting where Bush traded the lives of Americans to enhancehis chances to be elected Vice-President.As will be explained, the Contras were a terrorist army waginga terrorist campaign of murder, torture, and terrorism, againstthe people of Nicaragua. The contrast were funded, trained, andequipped by the CIA, with the assistance of the Saudi royal family,including the bin Laden family and Salem bin Laden.SAUDI ARABIABy 1980, 50 patriarchs of the ruling Saud family had becomemulti-billionaires. The royal family’s budget was estimated be between$6 to $7 billion annually. The king’s palace, in 1980, was estimated to beworth $17 billion.Saudi Arabia, the richest and thus the most powerful state in theGulf region, is also the most repressive and the most inscrutable. Thepopulation is kept under extremely tight control, women have almost norights, and Jews are forbidden entry except under exceptional conditions,i.e. U.S. diplomats who are Jews (15,45).Foreign researchers and reporters are almost always refused entryinto the country unless specifically invited. They are then accompaniedwherever they go.American soldiers and oil company staff are required to live inprison-like compounds, which are fenced off to prevent unsupervisedinteraction with Saudi citizens.Arrest and imprisonment without trial, torture, solitary confinementfor years on end, political executions, beheadings, amputation,and the most barbaric of criminal penalties are imposed on men, women,and children, for crimes such as criticizing the Royal family. A typicalcase reported by Amnesty International: a ten-year-old child was tied toa rope and left exposed to the merciless desert sun until he died of exposure.Likewise, the armies of foreigners who labor at extremely low230

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