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AMERICA BETRAYED.pdf - Brain & Mind

AMERICA BETRAYED.pdf - Brain & Mind

...Bush, bin Laden,

...Bush, bin Laden, 9-11...breeding ground for their brand of Sunni Wahhabism. The Saudiswere happy to assist the Reagan-Bush administration in fundingterrorists who would be unleashed on South- and Central Americancountries such as Nicaragua.As the CIA and the Reagan-Bush administration were workingwith the Saudis to unleash terrorists on Middle Eastern countries,it was only natural that they would work together in promotingterrorism in South- and Central American countries.As was the case in the 1980 Paris meeting that Bush heldwith Iranian officials, Salem bin Laden would act on behalf of theSaudi royal family for the Central American operation.As confirmed by French Intelligence sources, and as reportedby PBS Frontline (43), during the 1980s, “Salem bin Laden,Osama’s oldest brother, [was] one of the two closest friends ofSaudi Arabia’s King Fahd. As such, he often performed importantmissions for Saudi Arabia.”Thus, the CIA, Bush and associates, and various Saudi familiesand Saudi officials, including Prince Bandar and the bin Ladensbegan working hand in glove (40,41,43) to help support terroristorganizations, including the Contras who were raping, torturingand terrorizing the people of Nicaragua (50).Bush business partner and friend, Adnan Khashoggi, a Saudibillionaire oil and arms trader, admitted in a television-interview,that he funneled $5 million dollars to help finance arms shipmentsto the Contras who were terrorizing Nicaragua. In addition, theSultan of Brunei — the richest man in the world — pitched inanother $10 million.According to the Tower Commission, led by Senator JohnTower (41) Saudi officials linked to Saudi King Fahd donated from$1 million to $2 million a month from July 1984 to April 1985,over 32 million dollars, to support the Contras. According to theNew York Times the contribution may have been part of a 1981secret agreement between Riyadh and Washington “to aid anti communistresistance groups” in return for “sophisticated AmericanAWACS radar planes, according to United States officials and othersfamiliar with the deal.”As detailed in the “Final Report of the Independent Counselfor Iran/Contra Matters” (40) “Saudi Arabia had contributed to the233

America Betrayedsupport of the Nicaraguan contras at a time when Congress hadforbidden the use of appropriated funds for this purpose.” The reportgoes on to say that the Reagan-Bush administration were soliciting“foreign countries including Saudi Arabia ... to provide fundsfor the contras, and that ... Saudi Arabia was providing $25 millionin assistance to the contras.”The Saudi royal family was intimately involved in these illegalactivities.“During the period between 1984-1987...daily diary notesrecord at least 64 separate contacts with Prince Bandar bin Sultan,the Saudi Ambassador to the United States....” the subjects discussedranged “from political strategy for handling the revelationof the Iran arms sales, and included discussions of helping SaudiArabia acquire United States weapon systems.”Some of those who attended or were privy to those meetingsincluded the Secretary of Defense (Caspar Weinberger), the Directorof the CIA, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (40), aswell as Bush and Cheney.Although Bush later claimed he was “out of the loop”, Secretaryof State George Shultz later told the Tower Commission (41)that George Bush was completely aware of the complex arrangementsbetween the Saudis, the Reagan-Bush administration, theContras, and even the operation coded named: “arms for hostages.”Likewise, according to Reagan Press Secretary James Brady,“Bush” was “functioning much like a co-president” and was “involvedin all the national security stuff because of his special backgroundas CIA director. All the budget working groups he was there,the economic working groups, the Cabinet meetings. He is includedin almost all the meetings.”In the “Final Report of the Independent Counsel for Iran/Contra Matters” (40) it is also noted that Reagan-Bush administrationofficials repeatedly lied and perjured themselves by attemptingto cover up these illegal activities. The Independent Counselalso concluded that “Prince Bandar” repeatedly made false statementsincluding: “Saudi Arabia is not and has not been involvedeither directly or indirectly in any military or other support activityof any kind for or in connection with any group or groups concernedwith Nicaragua,” he claimed.234

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