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AMERICA BETRAYED.pdf - Brain & Mind

AMERICA BETRAYED.pdf - Brain & Mind

...Bush, bin Laden,

...Bush, bin Laden, 9-11...against the U.S., in the World Court at the Hague. In 1986, theWorld Court ruled against the United States for blockading Nicaragua,mining its harbors, and for providing training and financialsupport for the terrorist acts of the Contras. In issuing this Judgment,the Court also demanded that the U.S. pay reparations toNicaragua.Being labeled international outlaws and terrorists matteredlittle to the Reagan-Bush team, who refused to acknowledge thejurisdiction of the court. The U.S. also vetoed a U.N. Security Councilresolution to enforce the judgment of the World Court. In fact,in 1984, the Reagan administration legalized “murder,” i.e. “preemptive”self-defense against civilians and other targets in Nicaraguaand other nations that sponsored “terrorism.” Terrorism teams,directed by the CIA, would be “shielded... from legal action underU.S. law if they were acting in good faith” (56).The Reagan-Bush administration were proud sponsors ofmurder and terrorism.Should we be surprised that when Cheney and 300 otherformer Bush administration officials again came to power and joinedthe new Bush administration in 2001, that terrorists would againbe unleashed? This time against U.S. cities and U.S. citizens?A man who orders others to commit murder or acts of terror,is still a murderer and a terrorist, regardless of where the crimefirst took place. And those who employ terror and murder, are themost likely to again resort to murder and terror if its suits theirneeds.*******In order to put a halt to U.S. sponsored terrorism, Congresspassed the “Boland Amendment” which read in part: “None of thefunds provided in this Act [the Defense Appropriations Bill] maybe used by the Central Intelligence Agency or the Department ofDefense to furnish military equipment, military training or advice,or other support for military activities, to any group or individual... for the purpose of overthrowing the government of Nicaragua”(57).Not only was the Boland Amendment quite clear in its intent,but so was the penalty for doing so. It would be an “impeach-239

America Betrayedable offense.”This did not stop the Reagan-Bush administration, however.George Bush, like a true Hegelian Bonesman, created ashadow government, outside the law and in violation of the U.S.constitution (60). This shadow government was formed to carryout covert policies: to make war when the constitutional governmenthad decided not to make war; and to support enemies of thenation (terrorists and drug-runners) who were the friends or agentsof the secret Bush government.The true number and nature of the many secret, non-constitutionalgovernment agencies created by Bush will never be known.What is known from the discovery of secret memorandum, is thatBush created illegal agencies and then named himself the chief(40,41,60).According to one memo: the “National Security DecisionDirective 3, Crisis Management, establishes the Special SituationGroup (SSG), chaired by the Vice President. The SSG is charged... with formulating plans in anticipation of crises.”The “Standing Crisis Pre-Planning Group” (CPPG) was yetanother illegal government agency, the purpose of which was togather intelligence for covert action by Bush’s SSG, against anyoneor any group or state, including American citizens, that Bushdeemed to be an enemy. The members of the CPPG included notjust Bush, but members of the National Security Council, CIA,and State Department (41,60), i.e. Caspar Weinberger, AdmiralPoindexter, Ollie North, et al.As also revealed by the same secret memo, the CPPG alsoserved to provide “cover” that is, a cover up, if any of these illegalactions came to light.Those illegal activities included selling weapons to the governmentof Iran (40,41,42) a state that was sponsoring terrorismand which had held American citizens as hostages, and then continuedto hold them hostage at the request of George W. Bush inreturn for military assistance.In July of 1985, and under the pretext of combating terrorism,when in fact he was formenting terrorism, Bush became headof the newly formed Task Force on Combating Terrorism (or TerrorismTask Force).240

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