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AMERICA BETRAYED.pdf - Brain & Mind

AMERICA BETRAYED.pdf - Brain & Mind

...Bush, bin Laden,

...Bush, bin Laden, 9-11...60). Scott Armstrong (Editor), “The National Security Archive, TheChronology: The Documented Day-by-Day Account of the Secret MilitaryAssistance to Iran and the Contras,” Warner Books, 1987.61). As reported in the Tower Commission Report (41) “Craig FullerMemorandum,” July 30, 1986: “SUMMARY. Mr. Nir indicated that hehad briefed Prime Minister Peres and had been asked to brief the V[ice]P[resident] by his White House contacts. He described the details of theefforts from last year through the current period to gain the release of theU.S. hostages. He reviewed what had been learned which was essentiallythat the radical group was the group that could deliver. He reviewed theissues to be considered—namely that there needed to be ad [sic] decisionas to whether the items requested would be delivered in separate shipmentsor whether we would continue to press for the release of the hostagesprior to delivering the items in an amount agreed to previously. 2.The VP’s 25 minute meeting was arranged after Mr. Nir called CraigFuller and requested the meeting and after it was discussed with the VPby Fuller and North.... 14. Nir described some of the lessons learned: `Weare dealing with the most radical elements.... They can deliver ... that’sfor sure....they can deliver and the moderates can’t.”62). The CIA was responsible for organizing a 500-member “interdictionforce” to train, arm, support, and advise the Contras. The agencyestablished a base of operations for its Central American Task Force inHonduras, and by 1983 was spending $45 million to sustain 7,000 Contras.63). Mansour Farhang, “The Iran-Israel Connection,” in AbbasAlnasrawi and Cheryl Rubenberg, “Consistency of U.S. Foreign Policy:The Gulf War and the Iran-Contra Affair,” Belmont, MA: AAUG, 1989.64). Anthony H. Cordesman,” The Iran-Iraq War and Western Security,1984-87,” Jane’s Publishing Co., 1987; Mansour Farhang, “TheIran-Iraq War: The Feud, the Tragedy, the Spoils,” World Policy Journal,vol. 2, Fall 1985; Cordesman, “Iran-Iraq War,” Center for Strategic andInternational Studies, October 2000; John W. Amos II, “The Iraq-IranWar: Conflict, Linkage, and Spillover in the Middle East,” in Robert G.Darius, et al., “Gulf Security into the 1980s: Perceptual and StrategicDimensions,” Hoover Institution Press, 1984.65). Genesis 15:18 “On that day the LORD made a covenant withAbram and said, “To your descendants I give this land, from the river [15:18 Or [ Wadi ] ] of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates.66). Robert G. Darius, John W. Amos II, Ralph H.Magnus, (Editors)“Gulf Security into the 1980s: Perceptual and Strategic Dimensions,”Hoover Institution Press, 1984; Harold Brown, “Thinking About NationalSecurity,” Westview, 1983; Michael Renner, “Restructuring the WorldEnergy Industry,” MERIP Reports, no. 120, 1/1984; William B. Quandt,261

America Betrayed“Saudi Arabia in the 1980s: Foreign Policy, Security, and Oil,” BrookingsInstitute, 1981.67). Mansour Farhang, “The Iran-Iraq War: The Feud, the Tragedy,the Spoils,” World Policy Journal, vol. 2, Fall 1985.68). Charles Tripp, “A History of Iraq,” Cambridge Univ Press,2000.69). Israel provided Iran with logistics support, to assist them indestroying Iraq’s newly constructed nuclear reactor. Iran launched anunsuccessful attack on the Iraqi Osirak nuclear reactor on 9/30/1980. On6/7/1981 Israel initiated an air attack on the same Iraqi Osirak reactor,destroying it.70). Leslie H. Gelb, “Iran Said to Get Large-Scale Arms From Israel,Soviet and Europeans,” New York Times, 3/8/1982; Cordesman, “Iran-Iraq War;” Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi, “The Israeli Connection: Who IsraelArms and Why,” Pantheon, 1987.71). Zbigniew Brzezinski, “Power and Principle,” Farrar, Straus,Giroux, 1987.72). Robert O. Freedman, “Soviet Policy Toward the Persian Gulffrom the Outbreak of the Iran-Iraq War to the Death of KonstantinChernenko,” in W. J. Olson (Editor) “U.S. Strategic Interests in the GulfRegion,” Westview, 1987.73). Joe Stork & Martha Wenger, “U.S. Ready to Intervene in theGulf War,” MERIP Reports, nos. 125/126, July-Sept. 1984.74). Federation of American Scientists, Military Analysis Network,“Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988),” 1999; Francis V. Xavier “Lessons Learned:Iran-Iraq War,” Marine Corps Historical Publication, FMFRP, 0, 12/1990.75). Gary Sick, “Failure and Danger in the Gulf,” New York Times,7/6/1988.76). David R. Carlson, “The ‘Vicennes’ Incident,” proceedings,U.S. Naval Institute, 9/1989.77). Federation of American Scientists, Military Analysis Network,“Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988),” 1999.262

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