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AMERICA BETRAYED.pdf - Brain & Mind

AMERICA BETRAYED.pdf - Brain & Mind

...Bush, bin Laden,

...Bush, bin Laden, 9-11...War, terror, and instability are great for those in the businessof war. War and civil unrest is a wonderful means of achievingshort- and long-term political and financial goals, such as the overthrowof sovereign nations and the acquisition of another country’sand another people’s resources, such as land, labor, minerals, andblack gold—oil that is.During the Nixon and Ford years, the United States was fightinga multi-front “terrorist war” against the people of South andCentral America (2), the people of South East Asia (3), the peopleof the Middle East, Iraq in particular (4) and as detailed in chapter5, the people of Europe. In Germany, Belgium, and Italy in particularCIA-directed terrorist teams were bombing, shooting, andkilling civilians. In Italy this resulted in the destabilization andoverthrow of the democratically elected government of Italian PrimeMinister Moro who was taken hostage and killed. It has been saidthat Bush masterminded the plot (5).In the late 1970s, the CIA hatched a plan for the Middle East,which was designed to woo away Arabic, Islamic, and terroriststates, such as Libya, Iraq, and Egypt, from the Soviet sphere ofinfluence. The long range goal was to gain control over MiddleEastern, and Central Asian oil reserves. This was to be accomplished,in part, through secret military and financial aid providedby the CIA. However, in the case of Libya and Iraq, the provisionof aid was illegal as these were designated terrorist states.Simultaneously, Islamic “holy warriors” and terrorists weretrained, financed, and armed by the CIA—with the assistance ofthe bin Ladens and the Saudi Royal family as well as Pakistan’sIntelligence Service, the ISI. These CIA-trained terrorists were thenunleashed on Afghanistan (6), Iraq (4), Egypt (7), and in 1980,Iran (8,9).OIL, WAHHABISM & COMMUNISMThe economy of the world is dependent on black gold, oilthat is. Saudi Arabia has the largest pool of oil reserves. The desertkingdom is awash with oil. The second largest known reserves arebeneath the soil of Iraq (10). However, in the 1970s, evidence beganto accrue to suggest that beneath the Caspian Basin and in theadjoining Central Asian states of Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan,215

America BetrayedAzerbaijan, and Uzbekistan, lay incredible huge pools of oil, perhapsas much or more than the total reserves of Iraq (11).Total world oil consumption, in 1979, was 23.41 billion barrels.Prior to 1979, estimates of yearly oil consumption had beenbased on a simple mathematical formula, i.e. multiplying the worldpopulation by the factor 4.43. Thus, based on estimates of worldpopulation growth, reasonable and quite accurate predictions couldbe made (12).However, oil is consumed at different rates by two differentgroups, i.e. the people of highly industrialized countries vs thirdworld countries where oil consumption is relatively minimal. Forexample, Canadian consumption of oil, in the year 2000, was 20.71barrels per person. By contrast, in India only 0.75 barrels per personwere consumed (10,12).In the 1970s, it was recognized, that India and China, eachwith over 1 billion citizens, would gradually, then more rapidly,become industrialized, and oil consumption would explode. Someanalysts were estimating that oil consumption, in these two countriesalone, might be more than 75 billion barrels in the year 2010,and that world oil consumption would thus be in excess of 100billion barrels per year (13).It was also recognized, that whoever controlled the refining,shipping, and distribution of this oil, would thus have a stranglehold on these two emerging industrial nations.Oil is produced by a number of independent, inter-dependent,and closely aligned groups, such as the “seven sisters” (Exxon,Gulf, Texaco, Mobil, Socal, BP and Shell), and OPEC which haseleven members (Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United ArabEmirates, Venezuela, Algeria, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait).In the 1970s, it was recognized that oil production in most ofthe non-OPEC countries, would begin to peak and might even beginto decline by the year 2000—and this in fact is the case (13).By contrast, it was recognized that OPEC oil production would notbegin to peak until well after the year 2010. Strategically, this meansthat OPEC nations would become stronger, and the non-OPECnations would become weaker, such that, at some “cross-over event”the balance of power might shift. This is one of the main reasonswhy the U.S. has attributed so much importance to dominating this216

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