April 28, 2013 - Saint Pascal's Church and School

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April 28, 2013 - Saint Pascal's Church and School

Saint Pascal Church3935 North Melvina Avenue Phone 773-725-7641Chicago, Illinois 60634-2527 FAX 773-725-9368www.stpascal.orgFIFTH SUNDAY OF EASTER APRIL 28, 2013

SAINT PASCAL PARISHPage 2OF COWARDS AND HEROESLast week, our country endured yet another terrorist attack. This one took place at the Boston Marathon, an internationalevent of celebration. It represents hard work, perseverance and community. That celebration was wrecked when explosionsbrought death, injury and fear. As I write this, two brothers are accused of perpetrating this cowardly act. One is dead, theother is too seriously injured to talk. Whatever their reasons may have been, there is no justification for killing innocent people.Stories have emerged of those heroes who first responded to the chaos. They were police, fire and medical personnel.Some were just people there who lent a hand.I spoke to a former parishioner of Saint Pascal. He is a runner and he has participated in past Boston marathons. I calledhim to make sure he was all right. He told me he did not run, but if he had, his usual running time would have put him at thefinish line approximately when the explosions occurred and his wife probably would have been right at that spot.I was away the week of these events. Part of my time away was in Portland, Oregon, to celebrate the ninetieth birthday of adear friend. He is the father of a deceased friend of mine and I have kept in touch with the family for many years. The mancelebrating his birthday is a person of great faith, personal character and integrity. He is my kind of man, a man I would hopeto be, a hero to his sons and many friends.At the celebration, I met Marcus Ugarte, another hero. Marcus is a 15 year old high school freshman who rescued a boy froma burning house earlier this month. He has been featured in People Magazine and Good Morning America. He has receivedthe Service Before Self Congressional Medal of Honor. He constantly says that he did nothing no one else would do. Maybehe gives the rest of us a little more credit than we are due. We would all hope we would react as he did but maybe not. Andthat’s why he is a hero. And that’s why, even in the face of vicious acts like in Boston, we still can hope that human nature isstill touched with The Divine.Thursdays, Doors open at 5pmGames start at 7pm


SAINT PASCAL PARISHPage 4SOCIETY OF ST. VINCENT DE PAULSAINT PASCAL CONFERENCEThe gospels tell us over and over in manyways that love means self-sacrifice. Thinkabout it.As loving parents we sacrifice much for our children; ashusbands and wives we know that love demands selfsacrifice;we easily respond to others’ tragedies with gifts ofmoney and service; we reach out to a perfect stranger onthe street who is in need. We do this because we know Jesusloves us and we share in His mission of being advocatesto the most needy among us. It’s not enough to feelsomeone else’s pain. We should react as Christ did in Histime on earth, because we must be responsive disciples toHis command that we love one another.Next weekend we will collect non-perishablefood for our parish pantry. Please bring atleast one item of non-perishable food to theMass you attend. The persons and familieswho receive it will be most grateful for yourrecognizing their great need.Instrumentalists, pianists, flautists,violinists, and more: we need your talentsat St. Pascal! If you would like toplay at Mass on a regular basis or occasionally,the music ministry team iseager for you to be a part of the ministry.Three or more years of experienceon your instrument recommended(though not required). Please email music director HenriettaAtkin at hatkin@stpascal.org, or leave your contact informationat the rectory, 773-725-7641.RESPECT LIFE MINISTRYSpiritual Adoption UpdateThird PublicationCatherine Savinetti and Joseph HaughSecond PublicationKathleen Joyce and Brandon DargerAli Sana and Esau GutierrezFirst PublicationKayla Vasquez and Andy TorresEUCHARISTIC ADORATIONPlease join us at Eucharistic Adoration onThursdays and pray for the needs of the peopleof the world. Adoration starts after the8:15AM Mass and closes with Evening Prayerat 6:30PM. Please enter the church using thesouth door on Melvina or the door by the DakinStreet Parking Lot. Can you spend a shorttime with Jesus?You are cordially invited to:St. Pascal Women’s Club annual Spring DinnerMay Crowning, Installation of Officers, Raffle PrizesTuesday May 14 th in Heimsath Hall6:30 p.m. – seating7:00 p.m. – dinnerTickets - $20.00 (includes dinner, wine on table)For tickets or further informationCall Betty @ 312-758-0801FETAL DEVELOPMENTFirst Month: Hi there, I’m so glad you’ve spirituallyadopted me. I guess you could say I’ve only just begun tolive. In just these past four weeks, I’ve grown from a singlecell to an embryo about one quarter of an inch long.My brain, spinal cord and heart have already begun toform. My genetic identity began right at conception, includingmy hair and eye color and my gender. The beginningsof every organ of my body are present. My eyes arestarting to appear, and I have little buds where my armsand legs will grow.Thank you for caring about me!PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRYPlease drop by after MassSunday, May 5thfrom 8:30 am - noonRoom 100and see our beautifuldisplay of blessed prayershawls.They make a wonderfulgift for Mom for Mother's Day!



FIFTH SUNDAY OF EASTER APRIL 28, 2013Page 7SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT19:00AM Let’s PlayPreschool1:00PM PrayerShawl Ministry5:00PM HauntedHouse Construction6:15PM Bell Choir6:30PM First EucharistRehearsal7:00PM Respect LifeMtg7:00PM Al-Anon Mtg7:30PM Adult Choir28:45AM EucharisticAdoration9:00AM Senior CenterMtg7:00PM Bingo7:00PM SCC Mtg7:00PM OFCYM FosteringFaith3 49-9:30AM Confessions11:00AM Children’sChoir Rehearsal4:00PM Women’sClub CommunionMass4-5PM SVDPMonthly FoodCollection5PM Women’sClub CommunionMass Celebration5:00PM DeaconGene Dorgan’s25th Anniversary57:30-1PM SVDPMonthly FoodCollection8:30-12PMPrayer ShawlDisplay2:00PM FirstCommunion66:30PM Art &Environment Mtg7:00PM HNS Mtg7:00PM 100thPicnic PlanningMtg76:30PM SchoolCouncil Mtg7:00PM BS Trp 815Mtg85:00PM HauntedHouse Constr6:00PM Parent BookClub Discussion6:15PM Market DayPick up6:15PM Bell Choir6:30PM CS Den Mtg38157:00PM CS Pack3815 Com Mtg7:00PM Al-Anon Mtg7:30PM Adult Choir98:45AM EucharisticAdoration9:00AM Senior CenterMtg6:00PM GS Cadet Trp6:00PM GS Junior Trp6:00PM GS BrownieMtg7:00PM Bingo109:30AM Day ofRecollection119-9:30AM Confessions9:30AM FamilyCatechesis11:30AM Children’sChoir Rehearsal3:30PM CentennialGround breakingCeremony5:30PM SaintsAward Banquet12 Mother’sDay/ MayCrowning9:45AM Children’sChoirWarmups/Mass10:30AM FamilyMass/ MayCrowning11:30AM YouthMinistry1:30PM BaptismLiturgical Celebration136:30PM FamilyCatechesis Session7:00PM LiturgyCom Mtg7:00PM PastoralCouncil of Ministries7:00PM Viciarte IVChirp Mtg147:00PM Women’sClub Mtg7:00PM BS Trp 815Mtg151:00PM PrayerShawl5:00PM HauntedHouse Construction6:15PM Bell Choir7:00PM BSA CommitteeMtg7:00PM Al-Anon Mtg7:30PM Adult Choir168:45AM EucharisticAdoration9:00AM Sen CenterMtg7:00PM SVDP Mtg7PM Bingo17 No SchoolStaff Development12:00PM SeniorBirthdays6:30PM CS 3815Pack Night188-12 BSA Trp 815Plant Pick up9-9:30AM Confessions10:00AM SeminarianOrdination(Away)19 Pentecost12:45PM Fr.Rafel First MassCelebration1:30PM BaptismLiturgical Celebration207:00PM FinanceCouncil Mtg2111:00AM Ministry ofConsolation Mtg6:30PM 100th AnnComm Mtg7:00PM BS Trp 815Mtg7:00PM SchoolSpring Concert(Away)225:00PM HauntedHouse Construction6:15PM Bell Choir6:30PM CS Pack3815 Den Mtg7:00PM Al-Anon Mtg7:30PM Adult Choir238:45AM EucharisticAdoration9:00AM Senior CenterMtg6:00PM GS Cadet Trp6:00PM GS Junior Trp6:00PM GS BrownieMtg7:00PM Bingo24 2511:00AM St. Maryof Providence100th Anniversary26 Trinity Sunday27 MemorialDay / No School9:00AM MemorialDay Mass / followedby a continentalbreakfast28 Last Day ofPre-K & K7:00PM BS Trp 815Mtg298:00AM Pre– K & KGraduation5:00PM HauntedHouse Construction6:15PM Bell Choir7:00PM Al-Anon Mtg7:30PM Adult Choir30 Corpus Christi8:45AM EucharisticAdoration9:00AM Senior CenterMtg7:00PM Bingo319:00AM 8th GradeHonors

SAINT PASCAL PARISH Page 8STEWARDSHIP for April 20/21, 2013Envelopes $ 9,201.00Loose Cash & Coin $ 1,756.22Parish Pay $Total $ 10,957.22Weekly budget amount -$626.78 $ 11,584.00Year to date budget amount $474,944.00Year to date collected -$5,131.72 $469,812.28Parish Pay Build Fund $Thank you for your generosity!STEWARDSHIP REFLECTION“I give you a new commandment: love one another. As Ihave loved you, so you also should love one another." JOHN13:34Jesus showed His love by healing the sick, giving hope to thehopeless and ultimately dying on the cross for us. We, too,are called to show our love for one another. The agenciessupported by the Annual Catholic Appeal carry on the workand the love of Jesus. When you give to the ACA you givelove to someone in need.READINGS FOR THE WEEKMonday: Acts 14:5-18; Ps 115:1-4, 15-16;Jn 14:21-26Tuesday: Acts 14:19-28; Ps 145:10-13ab, 21;Jn 14:27-31aWednesday: Acts 15:1-6; Ps 122:1-5; Jn 15:1-8or (for memorial) Gn 1:26 — 2:3 orCol 3:14-15, 17, 23-24; Ps 90:2-4, 12-14,16; Mt 13:54-58Thursday: Acts 15:7-21; Ps 96:1-3, 10; Jn 15:9-11Friday: 1 Cor 15:1-8; Ps 19:2-5; Jn 14:6-14Saturday: Acts 16:1-10; Ps 100:1b-3, 5; Jn 15:18-21Sunday: Acts 15:1-2, 22-29; Ps 67:2-3, 5, 6, 8;Rv 21:10-14, 22-23; Jn 14:23-29WEEKLY CALENDAR FOR ST. PASCALSunday, April 28, 20138-1 SVDP Bundle Days Moody Parking Lot10-12:30 BS Trp 815 Plant Sale Room 10010:30 AM RCIA Neckerman Room11:30 AM Youth Ministry Gold Room1:30 PM Baptismal Liturgical Celebration Church5:30 PM Contemporary Mass Saint Robert BellarmineMonday, April 29, 20137:00 PM Baptismal Prep Neckerman RoomTuesday, April 30, 20137:00 PM BS Troop 815 Mtg Heimsath HallWednesday, May 01, 20139:00 PM Let’s Play Preschool School1:00 PM Prayer Shawl Ministry Ciezadlo Center5:00 PM Haunted House Construction Boiler Room6:15 PM Bell Choir Rehearsal West Sacristy6:30 PM First Eucharist Rehearsal Church7:00 PM Respect Life Mtg Room 1007:00 PM Al-Anon Family Group Gold Room7:30 PM Adult Choir Rehearsal Club roomThursday, May 02, 20138:45 AM Eucharistic Adoration Church9:00 AM Senior Center Mtg Ciezadlo Center7:00 PM SCC Mtg Neckerman Room7:00 PM Bingo Heimsath Hall7:00 PM OFCYM Fostering Faith Gold RoomFriday, May 03, 2013Saturday, May 04, 20139:00 AM Reconciliation Church11:00 AM Children’s Choir Rehearsal Club Room4:00 PM Women’s Club Communion Mass Church4:00 PM SVDP Monthly Food Collection Vestibule5:00 PM Deacon Gene Dorgan 25 Anni Heimsath Hall5:00 PM Women’s Club Com Mass Cele Room 100Sunday, May 05, 20138-1 SVDP Monthly Food Collection Vestibule8:30-12 Prayer Shawl Ministry Display Room 1002:00 PM First Communion Church5:30 PM Contemporary Mass Saint Robert BellarmineSAINTS AND SPECIAL OBSERVANCESSunday: Fifth Sunday of EasterMonday: St. Catherine of SienaTuesday: St. Pius VWednesday: St. Joseph the WorkerThursday: St. Athanasius; National Day of PrayerFriday: Ss. Philip and James; First FridaySaturday: First Saturday

FIFTH SUNDAY OF EASTER APRIL 28, 2013Page 9Weekly Mass ScheduleSaturday/Sunday, April 27/28, 20138:30 AM -4:00 PM - Living & Deceased Benefactors & ParishionersMichael Orlowski†Nick Bratta7:30 AM - Prayer Shawl Recipients9:00 AM - †Patrick Dunleavy10:30 AM - †Filiberto Pensa12:00 PM - Polish Mass5:30 PM - (Saint Robert Bellarmine)Monday, April 29, 20138:15 AM -Tuesday, April 30, 20138:15 AM - †Joseph YuskaWednesday, May 01, 20138:15 AM - †Tim King9:15 AM - †Sue OvalleThursday, May 02, 20138:15 AM - †Dorothy LipinskiFriday, May 03, 20138:15 AM - Purgatorial Society Members†Marge Fahey†Margaret LeeSaturday, May 04, 20138:30 AM -4:00 PM - Living and Deceased Members of St. PascalWomen’s ClubSunday, May 05, 20137:30 AM - Living & Deceased Benefactors & Parishioners†Maria Pinter Moe†Daniel Sullivan9:00 AM - †Nora Scollard†Marie Herlihy10:30 AM - †Michael Thornton12:00 PM - Polish Mass5:30 PM - (Saint Robert Bellarmine)Cpl. Jeffrey BrownAirman Scott W. Bubel1Lt. John CvikotaSgt. Sarah CvikotaLCpl Michael GaudioPFC Roman GronkeLCpl Chris HenningSFC Carmen HernandezPV2 Leon HernandezSPC Nathan HernandezCpt Andrew Lechanski† DeceasedProudly Serving Our CountryLet us all pray for protection of those serving in the militaryand for a peaceful and just solution to conflict and violence.Please remember in your prayers the following people of ourparish community who are serving our country:Sgt. Michael NowackiSgt. Wayne PersicoCpl Phillip J. RenaultSgt. Jeffery Wm. RichterPFC Garrick E. RothsteinCommander Jason SchneiderCpt. Scott SengenbergerSgt. Steve SullivanPFC Matt TagliolaCpt Pawel ZemczakFrances AlequinBaby AmbreenBaby OliviaRobert BenzoHarry BinkowskiJackie BrennanTheresa BrozekCarolMarie CharrierBarbara ChnurakEva ChnurakBrian ChorbaBob ClancyDennis CoatesEvelyn DermaRuth DenesBea FilettiKathleen FrawleyMartin GeraghtyTerence HarteChristine HegeMarilyn HegerWindelina F. JisonDeborah JuszynskiJohn KeatingOtto KremsreiterBurton LappenHarvey LappenNicholas LemkeCatalina Ampog-LimCheryl Hoika LipkieAndre LombardoJoseph MakaveskisPlease remember all our faithful departed.Mildred B HoglundIn Our PrayersOUR SICK AND HOMEBOUND WHO ARE UNABLE TOSHARE THE LITURGY WITH US:Larry MazurkiewiczAntony V MathaiDeborah McCarthyAnnette McCorquodaleRichard McCorquodaleKatie MulsonMickie NievesCarol ObernburgerKathy O’ConnorHarriet PergandeAndy PlockerClayton PoePatricia PrinceRajBridie ReganDenis SayersDiane SchultzZachary Joseph ShepardsonElizabeth SkulskiJohn SkulskiRenee SkulskiIrene SobolewskiTheresa StephanAmelia StrzechowskiKaren StiritzSylvia SturrockLee TrukAngelo TufanoCarmela TufanoRichard TufanoRoseann WalkerBaby Isabella WalshTim WittenroodIf you or a loved one is in need of prayers due to an illness,please call the rectory to put your name on the prayer list.Names are kept on the list for 4 weeks unless we arenotified that a person has not recovered.If someone on this list has recovered, please call therectory to have the name removed.Please notify the rectory if you have someonein your home who is unable to join us at Massand he/she would appreciate having theEucharist brought to the home.If your address has changed or if youare moving out of our parish and nolonger wish to be a parishioner,please notify the rectory at 773-725-7641.

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