Sustainable Procurement Strategy 2009 – 2014 - Plymouth University

Sustainable Procurement Strategy 2009 – 2014 - Plymouth University

Procurement needs tobe viewed as an essentialbusiness process that, ifdeployed effectively, willcontribute to achievingthe institutions’ academicand financial objectives aswell as securing value formoney.”Procurement in highereducation -a time of changeHEFCE (2006/33a)Our Sustainable ProcurementStrategy is developed along fourstrategic themes:1 Delivering Value for Money (VFM)2 Achieving Advanced Procurement3 Embedding Sustainable Procurement4 Working in Partnership1 Delivering Value for Money (VFM)In the public procurement context, VFM can be defined by the four Es:Economy:Efficiency:Effectiveness:Ethical:reducing the cost of an activity or purchasethe most efficient process to achieve this (withinthe legislative constraints for public procurement)how well the activity or purchase meets theobjectivesachieving the above through fair and transparentprocesses6

3 Embedding Sustainable ProcurementIn pursuit of Sustainable Procurement we willwork with our staff and students to:• reduce the demand for goods and services by cutting down onwaste, and encouraging re-use and re-cycling• use the least environmentally damaging goods and services• promote the use of Fairtrade goods• consider whole life costs, environmental and social impacts inour assessment of value for money• raise awareness of the sustainability considerations in theprocurement cycle• benchmark our performance against the Flexible FrameworkWe will work with our suppliers to:• promote awareness of our sustainability objectives• adopt sustainable approaches in their production of goodsand services within their own supply chains• improve their performance in relation to sustainabilityobjectivesWhat is SustainableProcurement?“A process wherebyorganisations meet theirneeds for goods, services,works and utilities in away that achieves valuefor money on a wholelife basis in terms ofgenerating benefits tosociety and the economywhilst minimising damageto the environment.”Procuring the FutureSustainable ProcurementTaskforce, June 2006• address barriers to entry for SMEs and local suppliers9

“As we look to build onthe success of previousyears’ events, staff fromprocurement will beessential to the planningprocess and an integralpart of the graduationteam.”Lisa PhillipsAcademic Registrar4 Working in PartnershipThe sustainable procurement team is a small professional team, setup to provide a centre of procurement expertise for the University,managing commercial risks in support of the University’s academicmission whilst fully embracing the challenge of sustainableprocurement. We can provide leadership for this ProcurementStrategy but must work in partnership with colleagues within andbeyond the University in order to deliver it.We have a number of long established partnership models whichreflect our active contribution, commitment and integrity in buildingthese collaborations:We will work in partnership with:• each of our University customers to manage a procurementprocess that will deliver their specific requirements• our professional colleagues to support the delivery of corporateprojects and initiatives• the Chief Executive Group and University Budget Holders tosupport delivery of their strategic objectives• colleagues in the Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium(SUPC) and the English National Purchasing Consortia (ENPC) todeliver economy and efficiency in HE procurement10

• colleagues in the Association of University ProcurementOfficers (AUPO) and Chartered Institute of Purchasing andSupply (CIPS) to develop and share procurement best practice,respond to legislative and policy initiatives and to lobby centralgovernment on behalf of HE procurement• colleagues in the Plymouth Procurement Forum to address localpublic procurement issues, particularly improving access forSMEs and local suppliers• other ad hoc procurement groups who will assist in deliveringthis Procurement Strategy• strategic supply chain partners to ensure continued valuethroughout the life of University contractsApproved by the Chief Executive Group26 November 2009The Office ofProcurement andSustainability is anexciting developmentbringing togethera unique team interms of deliveringsustainable Universityoperations.It includes:• procurementand insurance• delivery of capitalprojects >£1m• energy &environmentalmanagement• space & propertymanagement11

August 2010Strategies in this series include:Human ResourcesInternationalisationTeaching and LearningResearch and InnovationInformation TechnologyCommunity EngagementThe university is committed to providinginformation in accessible formats. If you requirethis publication in an alternative format,please contact the Office of Procurement andSustainability on: +44 (0) 01752 588 530 oremail: and typeset by DPC Design, University of Plymouth

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