Strawberry Hill Elementary - Anamosa Community School District
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Strawberry Hill Elementary - Anamosa Community School District

Strawberry Hill ElementaryProfessional Development2008-2009

Iowa Professional Development ModelAnalyze/Summarize DataITBS 4 th Grade Math 2008(82% proficient)Program Evaluation/AssessImpact on Student AchievementGoal/ContentImproveachievement inmath/EMPOWERRProjectEMPOWERR SummerInstitute/Knowledgeableothers (UofI)Training/Learning/CollaborationProcess for ProfessionalDevelopmentEMPOWERR SummerInstitute/Early Releasetime/Collaborativerelease time/Buildingwide

Our Focus• EMPOWERR• Elementary MathematicsPartnership OpeningWindows to Excellence,Rigor and Relevance• Grant through theUniversity of Iowa (twoother schools in GWAEAare a part of thisprogram)• Lesson Study/SummerInstitute• Olweus• Anti-bullying program• The goal being to haveothers intervene inbullying situations.• Consistency in behaviordefinitions andconsequences.• Continuous examinationand improvement inimproving behaviors.

EMPOWERR Qualifications• less than 85% proficient in math– 82% of St. Hill 4 th Graders proficient on ITBS• 20% or more students qualifying for F/R– 35.6% of St. Hill students on F/R• Having CSIP/APR goals associated with math– District goal to improve math achievement scores• Past exemplary work completed in SMARTS grantby SH teachers (high efficacy)– Science and Math Avenues to Renewed Teachers andStudents (a small group of teachers participated)

EMPOWERR Project:Objectives/Intended Results• improve content knowledge of 50 elementary teachers,as measured by locally-constructed NCTM-alignedcontent pre/post assessment instruments.• increase the percentage of students who make at leaston year’s growth in mathematics per project year.• reduce the mathematics achievment gap betweenstudent subgroups and their peers, as measured byITBS.• improve teacher implementation of problembased/inquiryteaching strategies, as measured by aproject-developed rubric.

Where do we hope to go?• Instructional Practices– Changing Teacher Behaviors– Implementing best practices that correspond tothe NCTM (National Council of Teachers ofMathematics) standards.– Support/Accountability• Increased student achievemento Scores will indicate increased percent proficient onITBS/MAP

Where we were!4 th Grade Percent Proficient:2005: 80%2006: 85%2007: 90%2008: 83%2009: 80%

What have we discovered?• Staff has shown a positive response to PD.• Implementing this PD as an entire building willhave an effect on the learning of ALL students.• Teachers are learning together and creating aprofessional learning community.• This initiative requires a great of time andresources, which we will need support for tocontinue our work past the duration of thegrant.

What next?• The next two years!– Lesson Study– EMPOWERR/Summer Institute– How will we maintain this cycle and PD in thefuture? (need for resources)• DATA Teams should be a natural fit to thisprocess.

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