Essex-Strategy-2013-17 - Essex Cricket

Essex-Strategy-2013-17 - Essex Cricket

Social InclusionYoungAmbassadorsSport DevProgCricketActivatorsEducationHealthEngagementTargetedGroupsCommunityrelationsMinorityGroupsVolunteersEnvironmentsExit RoutesFundingPartnershipWorkInternationalworkThe work of the community teamVISIONINSPIRING ESSEX TO CHOOSE CRICKETCOMMUNITYElitePerformanceParticipationFoundationMISSIONTo Create the opportunity for all to participatein and enjoy the game of Cricket through cluband community experiences.TraditionalRepresentitiveCountyEPPAcademyClubsTransistionDistrictJuniorSchoolsCoach EducationAOCFacilitiesLeaguesGrounds Person

AIM 1To plan and deliverprogrammes aligned tothe needs of the localcommunityINSPIRING ESSEX TO CHOOSE CRICKETAims of the Community team,AIM 2Working with clubs to support anddeliver programme that enhance theexperience of the participants bothwithin Clubs and community settings,as well as sustaining existingparticipation levels.AIM 3Deliver quality, and innovativeprogrammes to engage all membersof the community into the game ofCricket, specifically focusing onEducation sector, Ethnic groups,Women & Girls and Disabilitysections of the community.AIM 4To engage with allpartners within thecommunity setting andto reflect best practiceand deliver sustainableoutcomes.AIM 5Fulfil the England &Wales Cricket BoardStrategic andcontractualcommitment throughcore programmes.AIM 6To support andsecure the financialgovernance ofCricket

Structure ofthe BoardINSPIRING ESSEX TO CHOOSE CRICKETBoardEducationPeoplePlacesPLayParticipationGovernanceSchoolsCompetitionCoach EdFacility Audit /DevelopmentLeaguesIn 2 CricketFinanceSchoolsRelationsAOCCricket ForceDistrict Cricket /Player PathwayDisabilityMarketing/Communicationand SponsorshipHE / FEGroundspersonGrounds /GroundspersonJunior Comps /DevelopmentCompsWomen & GirlsOutcomesAlternativeEducationVolunteer /WelfareClubmarkSocial Inclusion& HelathPartnersCricketCommiteeSupport

INSPIRING ESSEX TO CHOOSE CRICKETSpecific working actions of each Community areaA12C1EducationA14B1A9Area of DevelopmentKey Stage 1 - 4FE / HEAlternative learning environmentsActionImplementation of the schools CoachingDevelopment PlanEngage with FE / HE settings to develop theopportunity of Cricket within those environmentsExplore the opportunities to work and deliverwithin alternative learning platforms.

INSPIRING ESSEX TO CHOOSE CRICKETC7A3C4A4PeopleB7A6B2A11Area of DevelopmentCoachesOfficialsGrounds personVolunteersActionIdentify, train and support coaches and tutorswithin Cricket,Work with and support the development of theEssex ACO,Work with and support the development of theEssex GA ,Identify, train and support all volunteers withinCricket,Continued development of a rewards andrecognition programme for volunteers withinCricket.

INSPIRING ESSEX TO CHOOSE CRICKETA1C3PlacesA7B6A4Area of DevelopmentFacility StrategyCricket FacilitiesOutdoor playing /practice FacilitiesIndoor playing / practice FacilitiesFundingActionReview, update and maintain the County BoardsFacility development plan in line with the ECB andSport England to adapt to the changing sportinglandscape.Support and advise clubs and community groupsto develop, improve and sustain their off fieldcricket environment.Support and advise clubs and community groupsto develop, improve and sustain their on-fieldcricket facilities.Support clubs & partners in the improvement ofand access to indoor facilities.To support and advise on funding opportunitiesfor the development of cricket facilities.

INSPIRING ESSEX TO CHOOSE CRICKETArea of DevelopmentLeaguesCompetitions - OutdoorCompetition – IndoorDistrict BoardsPlayer PathwayActionSupport and encourage leagues to developmeaningful opportunities for the playing ofcompetitive cricket to grow and retainparticipation.Continue to review and consult on the demandfor County run Competitions involving Schools,Clubs, District and ECB competitions.Continue to review and consult on the demandfor County run Competitions involving Schools,Clubs, District and ECB competitions.Review the terms of reference and work withdistrict boards on the delivery of DistrictProgrammes.Support participants in the identification andaccess to the pathway best suited to theirindividual needs.B8C1B7A8A13PlayB2A15B1Continue to support and work with thePerformance team on the identification anddevelopment of a clear and transparent playerpathway.

Boys & Men's PlayerPathwayOversupply tomove to otherCountiesINSPIRING ESSEX TO CHOOSE CRICKETPLAYER PATHWAY DIAGRAMEDPRegional - London& EastEDP/LionsEssex CAGEnglandEssex ProfessionalEssex AcademyEssex EPPEnglandSeniorsECCCAcademyEPPNational &CountyCOUNTY AGEGROUPSWomenand GirlsPlayerPathwayDisrict BoardsSUPER 2'SSchools and ClubsStreet chanceCLUBSDisability PlayerPathwayEnglandEPPCountySuper 2’sSCHOOLS / INTRODUCTIONSchoolsHTTClubsSpecialistPartners,Mencap,RNIB,Mind

INSPIRING ESSEX TO CHOOSE CRICKETAreas of DevelopmentWomen & GirlsDisabilityWider ParticipationActionImplementation of the Women and GirlsDevelopment planImplementation of the Disability DevelopmentPlanWorking with Clubs and community organisationsto explore and provide accessible opportunitiesfor Adults (14+) to participate in different forms ofCricket.Key focus participants Ethnic Communities Faith Groups Over 50 Critical Age Groups FE / HE Uniformed Organisations Lapsed players Clubs CompaniesC2C1A2C3A5ParticipationB5B3B4A10A14

INSPIRING ESSEX TO CHOOSE CRICKETA16HL6GovernanceA8B10B9Area of DevelopmentManagement BoardProfile of the BoardFinancialActionCreate and develop a skill based managementboard.Widen the awareness of the work of the ECCB.To ensure the financial controls of the board arefit for purpose.

HEad of Community & CricketOpperationsINSPIRING ESSEX TO CHOOSE CRICKETCricket DevelopmentManager - Play, Governance -Met BoardCricket DevelopmentManager - Places - Central,North and WestCricket DevelopmentManager People - Met BoardCricket DevelopmentManager - Participation,South.Women and Girls Officer P/TCricket DevelopmentManager - Participation,SouthCricket Development OfficerEducation , CentralChance to Shine CoachesCricket Admin Officer P/TStaff structure of the community team

INSPIRING ESSEX TO CHOOSE CRICKETInfant Schools60 / 16CSP's3PeoplePrimary Schools396 / 235Clubmarked Clubs73PlacesECCCEducationSecondary Schools78 / 83Affiliated Clubs235Focus Clubs45Districts5PlayBoardECBFE / HE Education17 / 3Non Affiliated Clubs100RecreationalMembers19ParticipationGovernanceLocal Authority19Other Partners /OrganisationsThe flow of cricket in EssexIndependantSchools76

High PerformingCounty Board.INSPIRING ESSEX TO CHOOSE CRICKETInsightParticipant/nonparticipant feedbackScaleExpanding roll out ofprogrammes, reviewingbest practiceCCB Outcomes FrameworksOrganisational ReadinessOffersProducts, services, gameformats and opportunitiesFeedbackData collection,performancemeasurementDeliveryAction plan delivery, localmarketing andengagementRoute to MarketKey networks and partners– Leagues, Associations,CSPECB PowerPoint Presentation Template - 20.12.04Page 19

INSPIRING ESSEX TO CHOOSE CRICKETThe Board would like to thank the followingpeople for their input into this strategy.• The Cricketers of Essex• The Clubs within in Essex• The Essex Cricket & Community Trust• County Sports Partnership’s• The Essex Coaches Association• The Essex ACO• The Essex GA• The Essex Women & Girls Association• The 5 Districts of EssexEssex Cricket• The County Leagues of Essex

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