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SINAMICS Drives Family - Siemens Industry, Inc.

For every destination,the optimum driveSINAMICS — the seamless and integrated drives familyfor every

SINAMICS —for every application, power ratiPerformance *)Continuous motionBasicMediumHighPurposePumping/ventilating/compressingCentrifrugal pumpsRadial/axial fansCompressorsExcentric worm pumpsMovingBelt conveyorsRoller conveyorsChain conveyorsBelt conveyorRoller conveyorsChain conveyorsVertical/horizontalmaterial handlingElevators/escalatorsGantry cranesShip’s drivesCable railwaysElevatorsContainer cranesMine hoistsOpen castmine excavatorsTest standsProcessingMillsMixersKneadersCrushersAgitatorsCentrifugesMillsMixersKneadersCrushersAgitatorsCentrifugesExtrudersRotary furnacesExtrudersWinders/unwindersLeading/followingdrivesCalendersMechanical pressesPrinting machinesMachiningMain drives for• Turning• Milling• DrillingMain drives for• Drilling• SawingMain drives for• Turning• Milling• Drilling• Gear cutting• Grinding*)Requirements regarding torque precision/speed precision/positioning precision/axis coordination/functionality2

ng and performance levelBasicDiscontinuous motionMediumHighSINAMICS is the most comprehensivedrive family available today. It is basedon a simple, integrated engineeringconcept, inherently providing innovative,energy-efficient solutions for the future.No matter which direction you wish to go,Siemens offers you the optimum drive —from one source for every application.Hydraulic pumpsDosing pumpsAccelerating conveyorsRack feedersAccelerating conveyorsRack feedersCrosscuttersRoll changersDescaling pumpsHydraulic pumpsRack feedersRoboticsPick-and-placeIndexing tablesCrosscuttersRoller feedsEngaging/disengagingSolutions for your specific applicationWith SINAMICS, you always achieve yourobjectives. No matter whether it involvesflow control applications such as pumps,fans and compressors, or processing applicationssuch as extruding and crushing;from lifting and moving applications such asconveyors and elevators to complex motioncontrol applications such as milling, turningand machining — Siemens SINAMICS drivesoffer you a unique range of power and performance.Tubular bagging machinesSingle-axis motion controli.e.• Positioning profiles• Path profilesServo pressesRolling mill drivesMulti-axis machine controli.e.• Multi-axis positioning• Cam discs• InterpolationMinimize your costsThe engineering costs for configuring andcommissioning drive solutions must be keptas low as possible. Using SINAMICS, youminimize your costs — with integrated andstandard tools for selecting, configuring andcommissioning — permitting fast, straightforwardengineering at a favorable cost.Axis drives for• Turning• Milling• DrillingAxis drives for• Drilling• SawingAxis drives for• Turning• Milling• Drilling• Laser machining• Gear cutting• Grinding• Nibbling/punching3

The entire family at a glanceWith SINAMICS, Siemens offers you a platform thatoptimally complies with the high requirements in thelow-voltage, medium-voltage and DC-voltage ranges.The complete and integrated drive family addressesall of the performance levels and sets itself apart as aresult of the highest degree of flexibility, functionalityand efficiency.Today, machinery and plant construction is demandingautomation and drive solutions that must be highlyflexible and scalable. In all industrial sectors, there is ademand for individual solutions which are extremelyeasy to use, have a high efficiency and have integratedsafety technology.Customized solutionsWhether single- or multi-axis applications, basic openloopspeed control or servo control with a high dynamicperformance — in order to be able to implement tailoreddrive solutions at optimum costs, a well-conceived systemis required — a system that allows only the componentsand functions to be used that are actually required for aspecific application.For basic applicationsFor demanding applicationsLow voltageACFor basic servoapplicationsSINAMICSG110SINAMICSG110DSINAMICSG120PSINAMICSG120DSINAMICSG120CSINAMICSG120SINAMICSG130/G150SINAMICSS110V/f controlV/f control/FCCV/f control/FCC/vector controlwithout encoderV/f control/FCC/vector control with and without encoderServocontrol0.12 – 3 kW 0.75 – 7.5 kW 0.37 – 90 kW 0.75 – 7.5 kW 0.55 – 18.5 kW 0.37 – 250 kW 75 – 2700 kW0.12 – 90 kWPumps, fans,conveyor beltsConveyor systemsPumps, fans,compressorsPumps, fans, conveyor belts, compressors, mixers, crushers, extrudersSingle-axispositioningapplications inmachinery andplant buildingStandardSIZER — for simple planning and engineering4

A very innovative platform conceptRegardless of the power and performance requirement,every SINAMICS drive is based upon the same hardwareand software platform. This development strategy —that has been established for several years now — offersyou some unique advantages: standard operation, thesame selection and commissioning tools, identical optionsand minimum training costs. This innovative platformapproach allows the optimum drive to be designed toaddress the widest range of target markets and combinesthis with the advantages of the world‘s largest series ofdrives.DCMedium voltageACFor sophisticated applicationsFor basic and sophisticatedapplicationsFor applications with high power ratingsSINAMICSS120SINAMICSS150SINAMICSDCMSINAMICSGL150 / GM150 / SM150 / SL150V/f control/vector control/servo controlClosed-loop speed/torque controlV/f control/vector control0.12 – 4500 kW 75 – 1200 kW 6 kW – 30 MW 0.8 – 120 MWProduction machines (packaging machines, textile and printingmachines, paper machines, plastics machines), machine tools,plants, process lines and rolling millsTest stands,crosscutters,centrifugesRolling mill drives,wire-drawing machines,extruders and kneaders,cable railways and lifts,test stand drivesPumps, fans, compressors, mixers, extruders,crushers, rolling mill lines, mine hoist drives,excavators, test stands, ship’s drives, conveyorbelts, blast furnace blowersengineering toolsSTARTER — for fast commissioning, optimizing and diagnostics5

Pumping, ventilatingand compressingWhenever your application involves pumps, fans or compressors, in the SINAMICSportfolio, you will find a solution for the simplest and the most complex application.Centrifugal pumps and gas compressors are just two examples from the wide rangeof applications covered by SINAMICS drives.Centrifugal pumpsUsing our SINAMICS G-series drives, beginning with the G110 at 0.12 kW up to the GL150at 120 MW, every conceivable centrifugal pump size in every type of pump application —from supplying water to cooling buildings and other types of flow control applicationsin the process industry. Energy consumption can be slashed by up to 70 % by operatingpumps at a variable speed.UsePumping/ventilating/compressingSupply voltagesPowerDegree of protectionSINAMICS platformPerformance*)Centrifugal pumpContinuous motion1AC 200–240 V/3AC 380–690 V/3AC 2.3–13.4 kV0.12 kW–120 MWIP00–IP55BasicSINAMICS G110SINAMICS G120CSINAMICS G130SINAMICS G150SINAMICS GM/GL150MediumSINAMICS G120PSINAMICS G120SINAMICS G130SINAMICS G150SINAMICS GM/GL150Additional advantages:• More precise flowcontrol with shorterresponse times• No pressure surges inpiping systems• Damaging vibration andcavitation are avoided• Integrated pump-specificfunctions*) Requirements relating to torque/speed/functionalityGas compressorsSINAMICS drives provide solutions for gas compressors in every industry and power rangeextending from 0.12 kW up to 120 MW. With SINAMICS, every conceivable compressorapplication can be implemented. SINAMICS offers a more flexible, more reliable andquieter solution versus gas turbine compression — all with significantly lowermaintenance costs.UsePumping/ventilating/compressingSupply voltagesPowerDegree of protectionSINAMICS platformPerformance*)Continuous motionTurbo compressor; reciprocating compressor1AC 200–240 V/3AC 380–690 V/3AC 2.3–13.4 kV0.12 kW–120 MWIP00–IP55BasicSINAMICS G110SINAMICS G120CSINAMICS G130SINAMICS G150SINAMICS GM/GL150MediumSINAMICS G120SINAMICS G130SINAMICS G150SINAMICS GM/GL150Additional advantages:• Energy usage can beslashed by up to 70 % asa result of variable-speedcompressor operation• More precise flow ratecontrol with shorterresponse times• No ultrasoniccompression surges*) Requirements relating to torque/speed/functionality6

Process betterFor continuously running or high-dynamic extruders, centrifuges, agitators or productionmachines, SINAMICS drive solutions can be implemented — from the most basic applicationto the most complex. Thanks to pre-configured function modules, drives can shortencommissioning and start-up times, as well as reduce costs. Below are just two examples —foil stretching and injection molding — that show the capabilities of SINAMICS drives.Foil stretching machineWhen implementing multi-motor drives, for instance in a master-slave configurationon a foil stretching machine, the SINAMICS S120 greatly increases the productivityversus conventional drive installations.Performance*)Continuous motionAdditional advantages:UseProcessingSupply voltagesPowerDegree of protectionSINAMICS platformExtruder; casting roll; take-off roll; longitudinalstretcher; transverse stretcher; take-off roll;film handling; suction roll; winder3AC 380–690 V0.37–4500 kWIP20HighSINAMICS S120• Individual control ofeach drive• High degree of flexibilitythrough fast, simplere-equipping• Overview of the completesystem, production andpossible faults usingintegrated automation*) Requirements regarding torque precision/speed precision/functionalityInjection molding machineBy using SINAMICS S110 and S120 drives for single-axis motion control in injectionmolding machines, energy usage can be reduced by 50% when compared tohydraulic machines.Performance*)Discontinuous motionAdditional advantages:MediumUseProcessingDosing; injection; close tool; ejector; carrierSupply voltages 3AC 380–690 VPower0.37 kW–250 kWDegree of protection IP20 IP20SINAMICS platform SINAMICS S110 SINAMICS S120High• Faster tool change basedon standard components• Highest degree offlexibility thanks to ascalable solution• Low environmentalstressing and noise byusing water cooling• Individually adaptableapplication solution*) Requirements regarding torque precision/speed precision/positioning precision/axis coordination/functionality8

Machine moreefficientlySINAMICS offers the optimum drive for every machining application. Whether itinvolves continuous or high-dynamic spindles, or feed and auxiliary axes in machinetools for turning, milling, drilling and sawing. This includes basic or complex versionsup to special machines, for example, bending or deburring machines.Drilling machine in metal cuttingWith torques of between 0.18 and 1145 Nm, SINAMICS S110 offers the highestdegree of stability at high as well as at low drive speeds. Thanks to its modularity,it can be simply adapted to a wide range of performance requirements.Performance*)Continuous motionDiscontinuous motionAdditional advantages:MediumUseMachining Drilling spindle Spindle feedSupply voltages 3AC 380–690V 3AC 380–690VTorque 24 – 1145 Nm 0.18 – 48 NmDegree of protection IP20 IP20SINAMICS platform SINAMICS S110 SINAMICS S110Medium• High productivity throughfast workpiece loading• Fast change and simplemanagement of programs• Simple automation thanksto Totally IntegratedAutomation• Controlled with SIMATIC*) Requirements relating to torque precision/speed precision/positioning precision/axis coordination/functionalityWoodworking machineFor CNC-controlled spindles and feeds in a 5D wood machining center, SINAMICS S120drives ensure high dynamic performance with torques between 0.08 and 2602 Nm.Performance*)Continuous motionDiscontinuous motionAdditional advantages:HighUseMachining Milling spindle X/Y/Z axis adjustment;turning/swiveling millingspindleSupply voltages 3AC 380–690V 3AC 380–690VTorque 10–2602 Nm 0.08–1651 NmDegree of protection IP20 IP20SINAMICS platform SINAMICS S120 SINAMICS S120*) Requirements regarding torque precision/speed precision/positioning precision/axis coordination/functionalityHigh• High performance evenfor low unit quantitiesthrough minimumequipping times• High production rate forrepeated parts• Modular and scalable inperformance and axisnumber• Suitable for use in harshindustrial environments• Controlled withSINUMERIK9

No matter which direction you take, SINAMICS isthe ideal drive system to take you forward.The DT Configurator supports you by definingthe optimum drive solution for your application.Simple entry using theDT ConfiguratorThe Drive Technology Configurator was developed to optimally support you when selecting products for yourdrive train. With its help, not only will you find the optimum drive solution from the wide range of productsavailable, but you will also be provided with the correct order number and the associated documentation.With the pre-selection, you can also restrict the product range and determine the best product series for you.As a result, you can select your drive to precisely address the requirements of your application.The DT Configurator supports you with:■Selecting ■ the drive based on the application■The ■ subsequent ordering processDT Configurator supplies you with:■A ■ drive that is optimally tailoredto your requirements■2D/3D ■ models■Operating ■ instructions■Data ■ sheetsYou can directly order the selected components throughthe Industry Mall — the Siemens e-commerce website —and without having to duplicate entries. In order to avoidmaking ordering mistakes, the order number is checked toensure that it is

Engineering with SIZERDimensioning the optimum componentsin steps guided by the programResult of the configuration, e.g. parts list,characteristics and dimension drawingsEngineering with SIZER ...SINAMICS sets itself apart as a result of its standard engineering. Once you know one variable frequency drive,then you know them all. This makes it easier for you, especially when it comes to implementing complex plantsand systems with several drives – or subsequently expanding them. SIZER is available to help engineer all of thedrives in the same standard fashion.SIZER engineering softwareThe SIZER engineering software supports you when engineeringa complete drive system. Not only this, it alsoallows you to handle single-motor drives up to complexmulti-axes drives. The workflow wizard navigates youintuitively and in a user-friendly manner through theindividual engineering phases, step by step.SIZER supports you when■Defining ■ the mechanical system■Dimensioning ■the drive, motor and gear unit■Configuring ■additional system components■Configuring ■the open-loop/closed-loop controlSIZER supplies you with■Engineering ■results: characteristics, technical data,layout drawings and dimension drawings■Calculation ■of the load-dependent energy demand■Calculation ■of the performance■Calculation ■of the harmonics■Part ■ lists with the associated ordering dataIn addition, using an integrated EDP interface, SIZERallows components to be electronically ordered, eventhrough SAP-based systems.Enhanced engineering reliabilityA guided tour makes it easier for first-time users to getto know SIZER. The help functions integrated in SIZERsupport you during the complete engineering phase andprovide comprehensive physical and technical backgroundknowledge. All of this prevents possible errors whencombining components — including any incorrect ordersthat may result.In fact, with the latest version of SIZER, you can evenoptimize your energy balance. In addition to providing aload-dependent energy usage calculation, SIZER alsoincludes a drive conversion function, which automaticallyselects the drive versions — and with the most favorableenergy

... commissioning driveswith STARTERSTARTER is an intelligent tool that can be used for all SINAMICS drives. It allows you to simply configure andcommission the drive components. More specifically, STARTER is menu-prompted and graphically supported.STARTER commissioning softwareSTARTER is especially helpful in importing all of therelevant data from the electronic type plates of the drivecomponents. This speeds up parameterization, preventspossible incorrect entries and, therefore, significantlyreduces your costs.Using integrated test functions, you can check yourentries and optimize parameters. Velocity characteristics,as well as setpoint and actual value curves, are loggedover time and are processed to create transparentgraphics for clear diagnostics and fast orientation.Even stronger in a teamSTARTER and SIZER can run as dedicated Windows applications.They are linked to the drives via USB, serial interface,PROFIBUS DP or Ethernet/PROFINET. STARTER canalso be integrated into SIMOTION SCOUT, the engineeringsystem for the SIMOTION motion control system.The same applies when operating the drives in conjunctionwith the SIMATIC industrial automation system.Embedded in STEP 7, the drive technology is completelyintegrated into the PLC environment.Linking SINAMICS with SIMOTION, SIMATIC or theSINUMERIK machine tool CNC system allows completelyintegrated automation solutions to be created. STARTERprovides configuration, parameterization and commissioningsolutions from a single, central engineeringsoftware. This concept also pays off when it comes toservice, as it facilitates simple diagnostics and troubleshootingon site or through tele-service.Both SIZER and STARTER are available in English,French, German, Italian and

Optimally integrated in theautomationSINAMICS is an integral component of “Totally Integrated Automation”, the comprehensive and seamlessproduct and system portfolio from Siemens.Totally Integrated AutomationThe integration of SINAMICS regarding engineering, datamanagement and communication to the automation levelguarantees low-cost, highly efficient solutions in conjunctionwith the SIMATIC, SIMOTION and SINUMERIK controlsystems.CommunicationDepending on the particular application, the optimumvariable frequency drive can be selected and integratedinto the automation concept. This is the reason that thedrives are transparently classified according to variousapplication types. Depending on the particular drive,a wide range of communication protocols is available:■PROFINET ■■PROFIBUS ■■AS-Interface■■USS ■■CANopen ■■Modbus ■ RTU■BacNet ■ MS/TPManagement levelCompany HQ: SIMATIC IT / COS...Integrated for SINAMICS:Supervisory levelControl room/process controlsystem:SIMATIC PCS7/WINCCEngineering with SIZERParameterizing with STARTEROperatorcontrolDiagnosticsCommunicationTools:SIMATIC PLCSINUMERIKNumerical ControlSIMOTIONMotion ControlControl levelAutomation systems/HMI:SIMATIC/SIMOTION/SINUMERIKSIMATIC STEP 7PROFINETAS-InterfacePROFIBUSSIMOTION SCOUTSINUMERIK SinuCom NCSINAMICS is part ofTotally Integrated AutomationSINAMICSSIZERSINAMICS GSINAMICS G/S SINAMICS G/S SINAMICS SSTARTERInduction motors Geared motors SynchronousmotorsPumping/ventilating/compressing Moving ProcessingMachiningSINAMICS is part of TIA, and in conjunction with the SIMATIC, SINUMERIK and SIMOTIONautomation systems, ensures that the performance of your plant or system is increased —from the field devices, through the controllers up to the management level.13

The drive to optimize yourenergy efficiencyElectric drives use about two-thirds of all of the industrialpower consumed. Variable frequency drives offerone of the single largest opportunities for you to reduceyour facility’s energy consumption. Consequently,installing drives greatly increases plant up-timewhile providing you with optimum process reliability.SINAMICS drives from Siemens offer you energyefficientsolutions with which you can significantlyreduce your energy costs.Slash your energy usage by up to 70% with variablespeedoperationWith SINAMICS, considerable cost-saving potential can betapped into by controlling the motor speed. There is anespecially huge energy saving potential for pumps, fansand compressors that are operated with mechanical throttlesand valves. Here, the conversion to variable frequencydrives offers enormous economic benefits: Contrary tomechanical controls, the power drawn in the partial loadoperating range is always immediately adapted to theactual demand. As a consequence, energy is no longersimply wasted, which allows cost savings of up to 60% tobe achieved, and in extreme cases, even up to 70%.When compared to mechanical controls, variable-speeddrives offer some significant service and maintenance advantages.Torque and current surges are greatly reducedwhen using drives, providing stability for your facility’spower grid. Additionally, pressure surges in piping systemsthat cause damaging cavitation and vibration arevirtually eliminated with the soft starting and stoppingfeatures of drives. This all results in a significantly longerservice life of the complete drive train.Energy recovery when brakingIn conventional drive systems, the braking energy is simplydissipated in the braking resistors. The SINAMICS Gand S drives are capable of energy recovery and do notrequire any braking resistors — they feed the brakingenergy back into the line supply. For example, in hoistingapplications, this means that energy usage can be slashedby up to 60% — energy that you can use at another locationwithin your plant or system. Consequently, this reducedpower loss simplifies system cooling and facilitatesa more compact design.Interpret and define potentialIdentifyEnergy efficiency consultingDecide and realizeEnergy management processEfficient energy management consultingservices identify the energy flows, determinethe cost-saving potential and realizethis by applying specific measures.14

Energy equalization in the DC linkBy using inverters, e.g. SINAMICS S120, for coupleddrives, energy is exchanged along the common DC linkbus. This direct energy exchange from inverter to inverterminimizes the power loss in the overall system, so thatthe power rating and/or size of the infeed can be dimensioneda lot smaller than the total power of the connectedinverters.Storing excess energyDynamic power peaks — caused by reversing operationsfor example — can be covered, and flicker can be avoidedby using additional capacitors in the DC link. As a result,regenerative energy is stored rather than wasted in theform of heat.Energy transparency in all engineering phasesAlready in the engineering phase, the SIZER engineeringsoftware provides you with information about your specificenergy demand. The energy consumption in the completedrive train is visualized and compared with differentplant and system concepts.SINAMICS in combination with energy-saving motorsThe standard engineering extends beyond the SINAMICSdrive family to the higher-level automation system as wellas to a broad range of energy-efficient motors with thewidest range of power classes. These motors, when comparedto previous motors, have an efficiency that is up to10% higher.Determining the energy-saving potentialwith SinaSaveUsing SinaSave, you can determine the cost-saving potentialwhen using SINAMICS over the complete life cycle.This intelligent software takes into account all of thenecessary plant-specific parameters as well as the valuesrequired for the process. Based on the number of workdays, operating shifts and the pumping profile, SinaSaveselects the optimum drive system for you. Not only this.It calculates the price of the drive system and comparesits energy consumption with all of the other alternativeconcepts that could be considered. In addition to the specificenergy-saving potential as a result of energy-efficientdrive solutions based on SINAMICS, SinaSave also providesyou with the payback time of the corresponding units —which is frequently just a few months.You can now use SinaSave online — free of charge.Visit potentialWhen compared to mechanicalflow controls, variable frequencydrives such as SINAMICS cansignificantly reduceenergy consumption.Energy consumptionMechanical flow controlEnergy savingsOutside the typicaloperating rangeFlow control withvariable frequency drivesFlow rate15

It is safe to say thatSINAMICS Safety Integratedresponds more quicklyThere is an increased risk of injury wherever rotatingunits such as saws, rollers and spindles are used, butalso where handling axes and machine slides are oftenmoved with a high linear velocity. Safety Integratedfor SINAMICS reliably masters specific hazardous situations.It has a significantly faster response time anda higher degree of functionality with generally unchangedand occasionally even increased productivity.Lower costs, increased safetyWhile conventional safety technology always requires additionalcontactors, safety relays and interlocking circuits,for the integrated safety technology from Siemens, all ofthese additional electromechanical components are eliminatedfrom the very start.However, there is more to come: as the safety-relevantsignals can be transferred via standard fieldbuses, thecomplexity and therefore wiring costs are reduced. As aconsequence, the high requirements of the safety standardscan be far more simply implemented. And not onlythis, as a result of the lower number of components, machineavailability is increased.Safety Integrated for SINAMICSAlmost all members of the SINAMICS family have safetyfunctions integrated in the drive — and in many instances,an encoder is not required. These are certified accordingto IEC 61508/SIL 2, EN ISO 13849-1 Cat. 3 and PL d.Conventional safety technologyIntegrated safety technologyEvaluateRespondSafety technologyAutomationControlConventional busDistributedI/OEvaluateSafety technology integrated in the automationFail-safe controlFail-safe fieldbusDistributed I/O withF modulesContactorsDriveRespondSINAMICS drive withintegrated safetyEncoderG_PM21_DE_00109G_PM21_DE_00110Integrated safety technology reduces the number components and wiring costs16

“Avoiding accidents should not be considered asa legal obligation, but as a human responsibilityand economic common sense.”Werner von Siemens, 1880For SINAMICS, the safety functions integrated in thedrive can be roughly sub-divided into two classes:Functions to safely stop the drive without the necessityof disconnecting the power connection to theline supply:Safe Torque Off (STO)“Safe Torque Off” ensures that torque is no longer outputat the motor shaft.Safe Stop (SS1) with/without encoder“Safe Stop 1” safely brakes drives with a high kineticenergy before STO is activated.Safe Stop (SS2) with encoder“Safe Stop 2” safely brakes drives with a high kineticenergy and activates SOS.Safe Operating Stop (SOS) with encoder“Safe operating stop” (as alternative to STO) brings thedrive into closed-loop position control, maintains itsposition and monitors standstill.Safe Brake Control (SBC)After STO, “Safe Brake Control” activates a holding brakeso that the drives can no longer move, e.g. as a resultof gravity.Functions to safely monitor the speed of a drive:Safely Limited Speed (SLS) with/without encoder“Safely Limited Speed” prevents specified maximumspeeds from being exceeded.Safe Direction (SDI) with/without encoder“Safe Direction Monitoring” ensures that the selecteddirection of rotation is maintained.Safe Speed Monitor (SSM) with/without encoder“Safe Speed Monitor” signals when a specified speedis fallen below.DriveCurrently available integrated safety functionsSINAMICS G120CSINAMICS G120SINAMICS G120DSINAMICS G130/150SINAMICS S110SINAMICS S120 Booksize and BlocksizeSINAMICS S120 Chassis and Cabinet ModulesSINAMICS S150SINAMICS SM150STOSTO, SS1, SLS, SDI, SSMSTO, SS1, SLSSTO, SS1STO, SS1, SS2, SOS, SBC, SLS, SDI, SSMSTO, SS1, SS2, SOS, SBC, SLS, SDI, SSMSTO, SS1, SS2, SOS, SLS, SSMSTO, SS1, SS2, SOS, SLS, SSMSTO17

Low-voltage drivesSINAMICS G110The versatile single-motor drive forlow power ratingsThe compact variable frequency drive forcentrifugal pumps, radial/axial fans andcompressors as well as conveyor belts,roller and chain conveyors with onlythree frame sizes and freely parameterizabledigital inputs offers the highest possibledegree of flexibility.■Power ■ range: 0.12–3 kW■Simple ■ installation and mounting■Fast ■ and straightforward commissioningusing an optional operator panel orsoftware engineering tool■For ■ variable-speed drives (V/f) connectedto single-phase 200 V to 240 Vline supplies■Ideal ■ for use with LOGO! and SIMATICS7-200 control systemsSINAMICS G110DThe distributed single-motor drive forbasic solutionsThis low-profile solution with degree ofprotection IP65 for basic drive tasks inconveyor technology combines theControl Unit (CU) and Power Module(PM) function units.■Continuous ■speed control of threephaseinduction motors■Fulfills ■ all of the requirements of conveyor-relatedapplications withfrequency control■Distributed ■topology — ideal for applicationsdispersed over wide areas■Integrated ■ into TIA via AS-Interface■Wide ■ power range from0.75–7.5 kWSINAMICS G120PThe specialist for pumps, fansand compressorsThe easy-to-use standard drive that issimple to commission is especially used inbuilding technology, the water industryand process industry for heating, ventilationand air-conditioning.■SB ■ interface, IOP operator unit■Energy-efficient ■through minimum apparentpower losses, automatic adaptationof the motor current to the actualload relationships using the ECO mode■Automatic ■ changeover to line operationat rated speed■Hibernation ■(sleep mode) depending onthe setpoint, auto-ramping function forcurrent limiting■Communication: ■USS, Modbus RTU,BacNet MS/TP, PROFIBUS DP, CANopenSINAMICS G120DThe distributed single drive forhigh-performance solutionsThe distributed, interchangeable variablefrequency drive in a high degreeof protection (IP65) has a low profile, iscompact and thanks to its metal housing,extremely rugged; ideal for demandingconveyor-related applications in the industrialenvironment.■Power ■ range from 0.75–7.5 kW■High ■ efficiency thanks to energyrecovery and low line harmonics■Safety ■ Integrated: STO, SS1 andSLS encoderless■As ■ a result of the modularity, lowstocking costs of electronics■Interchangeable ■memory card MMC■Communication ■via PROFIBUS,PROFINET, PROFIsafe■Part ■ of Totally Integrated Automation18

SINAMICS G120CThe compact, single-motor drivewith small power rating andsuitable functionalityThe rugged standard drive defines newstandards in its class regarding small size,fast commissioning times, extremelysimple operator control, high degree ofservice-friendliness and integrated functionality.For example, for belt conveyors,mixers, extruders, pumps, fans, compressorsand simple handling machines.■Compact ■ device■Highest ■ power density of its class■Power ■ range: 0.55–18.5 kW■Simple ■ commissioning and maintenance■With ■ BOP-2 or IOP operator panel■Safety ■ Integrated: STO■Communication ■options: DP,CANopen, USS, Modbus RTUSINAMICS G120The modular single-motor drive forsmall up to medium power ratingsThe rugged standard drive for universalapplications in the industrial environmentcan even be used under extreme environmentalconditions thanks to its clevercooling concept. Power modules capableof energy recovery and Control Units canbe freely combined.■Power ■ range: 0.37–250 kW■Safety ■ Integrated: STO, SS1, SLS and SBC(without encoder) up to SIL2 accordingto IEC 61508 and up to Category 3 accordingto EN 954-1; in compliance withIEC 61800-5-2■Communication ■via PROFIBUS,PROFINET, RS 485, USS, Modbus RTU,CANopen■Energy-efficient ■thanks to energyrecovery and low harmonics■Parameter ■ copy function forseries commissioningSINAMICS G130 / G150The universal variable frequency drivefor high-rating single-motor drivesThe quiet and compact drive for singlemotorapplications, which do not requireenergy recovery, e.g. pumps, fans, compressors,extruders, mixers and crushers.■V/f ■ control and vector control with or withoutencoder■Power ■ range from 75 up to 2700 kW■Simple ■ commissioning and operator control■Available ■ as standard cabinet or aschassis modules■Service-friendly ■thanks to easilyaccessible device modules■Communication ■via PROFIBUS,PROFINET and other interfaces■Energy-efficient ■throughvariable-speed operation■Safety ■ Integrated■100% ■ line supply voltage at the motorwithout any secondary effects■When ■ required, with integrated lineharmonics filter and dv/dt filterSINAMICS S110The specialist for basicpositioning tasksThe AC/AC unit for basic positioningof single axes with synchronous orinduction motors.■Servo ■ control■Power ■ ratings from 0.12–90 kW■Safety ■ Integrated■Integrated ■ positioning functions■Simple ■ system connection to higherlevelcontrols (e.g. PLCs)with PROFIBUS, PROFINET, CANopen19

SINAMICS S120The flexible, modular drive systemfor sophisticated tasksThe modular drive system in differentformats for high-performance and motioncontrol applications in single- and multiaxisconfigurations for synchronous andinduction motors.■Power ■ range: 0.12–4500 kW■Servo/vector ■control, V/f control■Integrated ■ safety and positioning functions■Freely ■ configurable logic and closedloopcontrol functions■Additional ■ motion control functionsin conjunction with SIMOTIONor SINUMERIK■High ■ degree of scalability, flexibility,combinability■Energy-efficient ■as a result of energyrecovery or DC link■PROFIBUS/PROFINET/CANopen■interface■Different ■ cooling types: air, liquid,cold plate cooling■SINAMICS ■ S120 AC drives for high-performance single-axis applications:■Blocksize ■ format (0.12–90 kW)■Chassis ■ format (110–250 kW)■From ■ 18.5 kW also in a liquid-cooled version■Can ■ be combined as required with other formats■SINAMICS ■ S120 DC/AC units for high-performance multi-axis applications■In ■ the Booksize Compact format (0.9–9.7 kW)■In ■ the Booksize format (1.6–107 kW)■In ■ chassis format (75–1200 kW)■Also ■ in a liquid-cooled version■Highly ■ compact using double-axis modules■SINAMICS ■ S120 Cabinet Modules as preconfigured cabinet elements, specifically for multiaxisapplications in plant construction (power ratings up to 4500 kW)SINAMICS S150The drive solution for sophisticatedhigh-rating single-motor drivesThe ready-to-connect drive cabinet forapplications requiring energy recovery,e.g. test stands, elevators, cranes, conveyorbelts, presses, cable winches, centrifuges,crosscutters and shears.■4Q ■ operation with energy recovery asstandard■Power ■ range: 75–1200 kW■Significant ■ energy saving, especially forfrequent braking cycles■V/f ■ control and vector control with orwithout encoder■Rugged ■ with respect to line voltagefluctuations, reactive power can becompensated■Communication ■via PROFIBUS,PROFINET as well as additional interfaces■Integrated ■ safety functionsSINAMICS DCMThe scalable DC drive for basicand demanding applicationsSuitable for DC applications in all sectors,for instance, rolling mills, wire-drawingmachines, extruders and kneaders, cablerailways and elevators as well as teststands.■Highest ■ degree of scalability by being able toselect between a Standard Control Unit and anAdvanced Control Unit or a combination of both■Power ■ range: 6 kW–30 MW■Maximum ■ degree of flexibility for specificplant and system requirements■Compatible ■to the predecessor product■High ■ plant availability through maximumreliability, service-friendly design andredundant concepts■Simple ■ and fast commissioning■Communication ■via PROFIBUS,optionally PROFINET■As ■ ready-to-connect drive unit or ControlModules for retrofit projects20

Medium-voltage drivesSINAMICS GL150Rugged single-motor drive for highratingsynchronous motors in themedium-voltage rangeThe single-motor drive that has an extremelyhigh operational reliability is almostmaintenance-free in a compact designwith high power density for pumps,fans, compressors, extruders and kneadersin the double-digit Megawatt range.■Minimized ■ number of componentsthrough the thyristor-based design■Power ■ range: 2.8–120 MW■Communication ■via PROFIBUS,optionally PROFINET■Simple ■ installation, integration andoperator controlSINAMICS GM150The universal drive solution formedium-voltage single drivesFor single-motor high-rating drives thatdo not require energy recovery, e.g.pumps, fans, compressors, extruders,mixers, crushers and main ship’s drives.■V/f ■ control and vector control with orwithout encoder■Power ■ range: 820 kW–17 MW■Simple ■ integration and installation■Straightforward ■operator control■Communication ■via PROFIBUS,optionally PROFINET■Intelligent ■ maintenance functionsSINAMICS SM150The sophisticated medium-voltagedrive solution for single- andmulti-motor drivesFor single- and multi-motor drives with ahigh dynamic performance especially inrolling mills and in mining, which mustbe capable of energy recovery.■4Q ■ operation with energy recovery asstandard■Power ■ range: 2.8–31.5 MW■Ideal ■ for power exchange between regeneratingand motoring applications■High ■ drive quality and availability■Simple ■ integration and installation■Straightforward ■operator control■Communication ■via PROFIBUS,optionally PROFINET■Intelligent ■ maintenance functionsSINAMICS SL150The medium-voltage cycloconverter forslow-running synchronous and inductionmotors with a high torqueFor rolling mills, mine hoists, ore crushersand cement mills as well as open-castmining excavators.■4Q ■ operation with energy recovery asstandard■Power ■ range 3–36 MW■Simple ■ design with three-phase thyristorbridges permits a high efficiency andhigh reliability■Communication ■via PROFIBUS■High ■ short-time overload capability21

The ideal motor forevery applicationA wide range of energy-efficient, low-voltage, geared, explosion-protected and high-voltage motorsis available for use with SINAMICS drives.Low-voltage motorsInductionSynchronousLow dynamic performance Average up to high dynamic performance Avg. up to very high dyn. performanceInduction motors for line anddrive operationInduction/synchronous; servo andmain motorsPermanent magnet direct drives forrotary axes/linear axesMaximum speed Drive operation: up to 12,000 rpm Up to 20,000 rpm Up to 1700 rpm; up to 836 m/minRated powerIEC: 0.09 ... 4000 kW0.05 … 1340 kW 3.1 ... 2150 kWNEMA: 1 ... 400 HP(4.22 ... 2924 HP)Rated torque,rated forceDegree of protectionEX protectionIEC: 0.61 ... 38,000 NmNEMA: 1.5 ... 1772 lb-ftIEC: IP55, IP56 (non-heavy sea),IP65, IP67, IP68NEMA: IP54, NEMA: IP55Optional:IEC: Ex nAII T3 (Zone 2) or dust-Ex (Zone21,22)Zone 1: IEC: Ex e II, Ex de IIC, Ex d IIC,Ex de I, Ex d I, Ex p II and double protectionEx d plus Ex eNEMA: Class I, Group D, Class II, GroupsF&G, Division 1, Class I, GroupsC&D, Division 1SINAMICS SINAMICS G110, G120, S110, S120, G130,G150, S150Typical applicationsPumps, fans, compressors, conveyor technologywith special requirements regardinglow weight and the highest possibleefficiency, marine applications, offshore,mixers, crushers, extruders, rolling withspecial requirements on the ruggednessespecially in the chemical and petrochemicalindustry0.08 ... 12,415 Nm 100 ... 42,000 NmIP23, IP55, IP64, IP65, IP67, IP68Optional:Zone 2,22IEC: (E) Exn (Zone 2) ordust-Ex (Zone 22)SINAMICS G120 1) , G130 2) , G150 2) , S110,S120, S150High up to the highest dynamic applicationsand applications with higher powerratings demanding a high-dynamic performanceand compact design, e.g. printingmachines, extruders, main spindle drives inmachine tools, robots and handling systems,wood, glass, ceramic and stone processing,packaging, plastics and textile machinesand in the machine tool areaIP23 , IP54, IP55, IP65–SINAMICS S120, G130 2) , G150 2) , S150Extruders, swiveling axes, rotary and rotaryindexing tables, tool magazines, revolverand drum indexing, rotary spindles,rolling drives with highrequirements on the dynamic performanceand precision for linear motion,e.g. machining centers, turning, grinding,laser machining, handling and inthe machine tool areaIndustry sector-specific motors, e. g.– Spindles/spindle drives for machine tools (turning, milling, grinding)– Special drives for the textile industry– Special motors for oil and gas, chemical/petrochemical,marine, mining, steel industryApplication-specific motors, e.g.– High-speed motors with up to 21,000 rpm– Motors for high- and low-temperature applications– Distributed drives with integrated converters– Smoke extraction motors, submersible motors, stepping induction motors2)Synchronous motors only without encoder

SINAMICS can be combined with a wide rangeof energy-efficient synchronous or inductionmotors. No matter where you want to go or whatyou are trying to achieve, you’ll always reachyour objective with an ideal, integrated solutionfrom Siemens.Geared motors DC motors High-voltage motorsInduction Synchronous Induction/synchronousLow dynamic performance High dynamic performance Medium dynamic Dynamic performance levelsperformanceGeared motors for line andconverter operationGeared servomotors withcoaxial planetary gearDC motors forvariable-speedoperationHigh-voltage induction/synchronous motors forline and converter operationUp to 1088 rpm Up to 1500 rpm Converter operation: up to 15,000 rpm0.09 ... 200 kW0.3 ... 57 kWUp to 1610 kW 200 kW ... 100 MW(0.12 ... 272 HP)(0.41 ... 77.52 HP)(2189.6 HP)40 ... 360.000 Nm 2 ... 3400 Nm Up to 44,500 Nm Up to 600,000 NmIP55, IP56, IP65 IP64, IP65 IP23, IP54 IP23, IP55, IP56, IP67, IP68Optional: Zone 1, 2, 21, 22 - - Ex n AII (Zone 2)or dust-Ex,Zone 1: IEC: Ex e II, Ex de IIC, Ex d IIC, Ex de I,Ex d I, Ex p II and double protection Ex d plus Ex eNEMA: Class I, Group D, Class II, Groups F&G,Division 1, Class I, Groups C&D, Division 1SINAMICS G110, G120, S110, S120 SINAMICS S110, S120, SINAMICS DCM SINAMICS GM150, SM150, SL150, GL150Simple positioning tasks and continuously running auxiliary drives with servo quality(production machines, high bay racking units, filling plants, transport conveyors,positioning tasks in machine tools, production machines, robots and handling systems,auxiliary axes, conveyor technology, cooling tower drives, agitators, pumpsand mixers, crane systems, washing lines, food industry, solar technology, elevators,escalators, theater drives, presses, heavy load applications e.g. in the area ofsteelworks and power stationsMotors for standarddrive applications inall industry sectorsand in the infrastructure,especiallyrolling mill drives,wire-drawing machines,extrudersand kneaders, cablerailways and lifts,test stand drivesMedium- and high-voltage drive applications, especiallypumps, compressors, blowers, extruders, mixers,crushers, conveyor belt systems, ship’s propulsionsystems, compressors, blast furnace blowers,refinersCustomer-specific motors and drive solutions —Together with customers, we design individual motors up to integrated mechatronic drive solutions that go far beyondthe range shown here23

TechnicaldataDesignation SINAMICS G110 SINAMICS G110D SINAMICS G120PUseContinuous motionPumping, ventilating, compressing Basic MediumMoving Basic BasicProcessingMachiningDiscontinuous motionPumping, ventilating, compressingMovingProcessingMachiningFrequency converter forvariable-speed drives in thelower power rangeDistributed drive for basic single-axisapplications in the lower power rangeVersatile single-motor inverter for pumps, fansand compressorsType of construction Blocksize unit Blocksize unit Blocksize unitDrive typeAC/AC unit ready to be connectedAC/AC unit ready to be connected up AC/AC unit, modularupDegree of protection IP20 IP65 • With operator unit: IP54/UL Type 12• With blanking cover: IP55/UL Type 12Line voltage Vline /power ranges1AC 200 ... 240 V 0.12 ... 3 kW – –3AC 380 ... 480 V – 0.75 ... 7.5 kW ±10 % 0.37 ... 90 kW ±10 %3AC 500 ... 600 V – – –3AC 500 ... 690 V – – –3AC 660 ... 690 V – – –1AC 85 ... 3AC 950 V –3AC 2.3 ... 36 kV motor voltage 1.5 ... 13.4 kV – – –Current infeed Uncontrolled Uncontrolled UncontrolledEnergy recovery No No NoOutput frequency 0 ... 650 Hz 0 ... 200 Hz (U/f) 0 ... 200 Hz (U/f)Closed-loop control modeV/f control Yes Yes YesVector control with / without encoder – – YesServo control with / without encoder – – –Closed-loop speed/torque control Yes – YesMotors Induction motors Yes Yes YesSynchronous motors – – –Torque motors – – –Linear motors – – –Control dynamic performanceVector control(SINAMICS DCM:V/I control)Rise time, speed control – – –Rise time, torque control – – –Servo control Rise time, speed control – – –Rise time torque control – – –Technological functionsFlying restart, automaticrestart, compound braking(2- or 3-wire control),DC brakingFlying restart, automatic restart,BICO technology, technologycontroller, free function blocks,compound braking, DC braking,dynamic brakingSafety functions – – –Automatic restart, energy-saving mode, hibernation,flying restart, motor staging, 4 PIDtechnology controllers, logical and arithmeticfunctions, extended emergency service operation,multi-zone controller, bypassCommunication profiles RS 485 RS 232, AS-Interface USS, Modbus RTU, BacNet MS/TP, PROFIBUS DP,CANopenCatalog D11.1 D11.1 D11.1241) Being prepared 2) For 4 kHz pulse frequency 3) For 2 kHz pulse frequency (others on request) 4) Max. output voltage in individual cases depends on the m

Low voltageSINAMICS G120D SINAMICS G120C SINAMICS G120 SINAMICS G130 SINAMICS G150 SINAMICS S110Basic/medium Medium Basic/medium Basic/mediumMedium Basic/medium Medium Basic/medium Basic/mediumBasic/medium Medium Basic/medium Basic/mediumBasic/mediumBasic/mediumBasic/mediumBasic/mediumBasic/mediumDistributed drives for complexsingle-axis/multi-axis applicationsCompact single drive formachinery constructionModular frequency converter forvariable-speed single drivesFrequency converter for variable-speed single drivesSingle-axis positioningdriveBlocksize unit Blocksize unit Blocksize unit Chassis unit Converter cabinet unit Blocksize unitAC/AC unit, modular AC/AC unit, compact AC/AC unit, modular AC/AC unit, modular AC/AC unit ready to be AC/AC unit, modularconnected upIP65 IP20 IP20 IP00/IP20 IP20 (IP21/IP23/IP43/IP54)IP20– – – – – 0.12 ... 0.75 kW0.75 ... 7.5 kW 0.55 ... 18.5 kW 0.37 ... 250 kW 110 ... 560 kW 110 ... 900 kW 0.37 ... 90 kW– – – 110 ... 560 kW 110 ... 1000 kW –– – – – – –– – 11 ... 55 kW 75 ... 800 kW 75 ... 2700 kW –– – – – – –Uncontrolled Uncontrolled Uncontrolled Uncontrolled UncontrolledYes No optional No No0 ... 650 Hz 0 ... 650 Hz 0 ... 650 Hz (V/f) 0 ... 300 Hz 0 ... 300 HzYes Yes Yes Yes YesYes – Yes Yes –– – – – YesYes Yes Yes Yes YesYes Yes Yes Yes Yes– – – Yes, encoderless Yes– – – Yes, encoderless –– – – – –35 ... 40 ms – 35 ... 40 ms 11 ... 15 ms 11 ... 15 ms –approx. 3 ms – approx. 3 ms 2 ... 3 ms 2 ... 3 ms –– – – – – 5 ... 7 ms 3– – – – – 1 ... 2 ms 3Flying restart, automatic restart, kinetic buffering,BICO technology, technology controller, free function blocks, compound braking, DC braking,dynamic brakingFlying restart, automatic restart, kinetic buffering,BICO technology, technology controller,Drive Control ChartBasic positioner, BICOtechnology, technologycontroller, controlleroptimization usingauto-tuningSTO, SS1, SLS STO STO, SS1, SLS, SDI, SSM SBC STO, SS1 STO, SOS, SBC, SS1,SS2, SLS, SDI, SSMPROFIBUS and PROFINET,also with PROFIdrive profile 4with PROFIsafePROFIBUS DP, CAN, USS,Modbus RTURS 232, RS 485, PROFIBUS andPROFINET, also with PROFIdrive profile4 with NAMUR, with PROFIsafe;Modbus RTU, CANopenRS 232, RS 485, PROFIBUS DP, CANopen, PROFINET(PROFIdrive profile 4 with NAMUR), PROFIsafePROFIBUS DP,PROFINET 1 , CANopen,pulse/direction interface,USS protocolD11.1 D11.1 D11.1 D11 PM22otor type, motor power and dynamic performance5) In conjunction with SINUMERIK up to 1300 Hz

SINAMICS S120SINAMICS S150Medium/highMedium/highMedium/highMedium/highMedium/highMedium/highMedium/highMedium/highMedium/highModular drive system for demanding single-axis/multi-axis applicationsFrequency converter for demanding variable-speedsingle drivesBlocksize unit Chassis unit Booksize unit Chassis unit Cabinet Modules Converter cabinet unitAC/AC unit, modular AC/AC unit, modular DC/AC unit, modular AC/AC unit ready to be connected upIP20 IP20, optional: IP43 IP20 IP00/IP20,optional: IP43IP20 (IP21/IP23/IP43/IP54)IP20 (IP21/IP23/IP43/IP54)0.12 ... 0.75 kW – – – – –0.37 ... 90 kW 110 ... 250 kW 1.6 ... 107 kW 110 ... 3000 kW 1.6 ... 3000 kW 110 ... 800 kW– – – – – –– – – 75 ... 4500 kW 75 ... 4500 kW 75 ... 1200 kW– – – – – –– – – – – –Uncontrolled Optional, uncontrolled or controlled ControlledNo Yes, depending on the infeed YesV/f control: 0 ... 400 Hz 2 200 Hz 30 ... 400 Hz 2 0 ... 200 Hz 30 ... 300 HzServo control: 0 ... 650 Hz 2 300 Hz 3 0 ... 650 Hz 2, 5 0 ... 300 Hz 3Vector control: 0 ... 300 Hz 2 160 Hz 30 ... 300 Hz 2 0 ... 160 Hz 3YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes –8 ... 10 ms 2 11 ... 15 ms 3 8 ... 10 ms 2 11 ... 15 ms 3 11 ... 15 ms 3 11 ... 15 ms1 ... 2 ms 2 2 ... 3 ms 3 1 ... 2 ms 2 2 ... 3 ms 3 2 ... 3 ms 3 2 ... 3 ms2 ... 3 ms 2 5 ... 7 ms 3 2 ... 3 ms 2 5 ... 7 ms 3 5 ... 7 ms 3 5 ... 7 ms 30.5 ... 1 ms 2 1 ... 2 ms 3 0,5 ... 1 ms 2 1 ... 2 ms 3 1 ... 2 ms 3 1 ... 2 ms 3Flying restart, automatic restart, kinetic buffering, basic positioner, BICO technology,technology controller, control optimization using auto tuningFlying restart, automatic restart, kinetic buffering,technology controller, Drive Control Chart,BICO technologySTO, SOS, SBC, SS1,SS2, SLS, SDI, SSMSTO, SS1, SS2,SOS, SLS, SSMSTO, SOS, SBC, SS1,SS2, SLS, SDI, SSMSTO, SOS, SS1, SS2,SLS, SSM,STO, SOS SS1, SS2,SLS, SSM,STO, SS1, SS2, SLS, SSM, SOSRS 232, RS 485, PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET, PROFIsafe, CANopen (in conjunction with CU320)PM21 PM21, D21.3 PM21 PM21, D21.3 D21.3 D21.3STO: Safe Torque Off SOS: Safe Operating Stop SBC: Safe Brake Control SS1: Safe Stop 1 (safe stopping process, Cat. 1) SS2: Safe Stop 2 (safe stopping process, Cat. 2) SL

DCMedium voltageSINAMICS DCM SINAMICS GL150 SINAMICS GM150 SINAMICS SM150 SINAMICS SL150Basic/mediumBasic/mediumMedium/high Medium Basic/medium/high Medium/high HighMedium/high Medium Basic/mediumMedium/highHighHigh High HighScalable DC converter forbasic and demandingapplicationsFrequency converter forsynchronous motors withthe highest power ratingFrequency converter formedium-voltage variablespeeddrivesFrequency converter for demandingsingle- and multi-axis applications inthe medium-voltage rangeCycloconverter for slow-speedsynchronous and induction motorswith a high torqueDC converter unit Converter cabinet unit Converter cabinet unit Converter cabinet unit Converter cabinet unitAC/DC unit, compactAC/AC unit ready to be AC/AC units are ready to beconnected upconnected upIP00/IP20Air-cooled IP20(opt. IP42), liquid-cooledIP41 (opt. IP54)Air-cooled IP22 (opt. IP42)Liquid-cooled IP43 (opt. IP54)AC/AC unit, ready to connect up, DCbus system for several motors connectedto a common DC busIP43 (opt. IP54)AC/AC unit ready to be connectedupControl section: IP20Power unit: IP41, optional IP54– – – – –– – – – –– – – – –– – – – –– – – – –6 ... 2508 kW (parallelconnection up to 30 MW)– 2.8 ... 120 MW 820 ... 17,000 kW2800 ... 31,500 kW 3000 ... 36,000 kW(for induction motors)– Controlled Uncontrolled Controlled ControlledYes, with the appropriate Yes No Yes Yesversion0 ... 125 Hz 0 ... 250 Hz 0 ... 30 Hz– – Yes –– Yes Yes Yes– – – –Yes Yes Yes YesDC motors – Yes YesYes Yes Yes– – –– – –40 ms 100 ... 2000 ms 15 ... 35 ms 15 ... 20 ms –6 ... 9 ms 40 ... 100 ms 5 ... 10 ms 5 ms –– – – – –– – – – –BICO technology, technologycontroller, free functionblocks,automatic restart,Drive Control ChartFlying restart, automatic restart, kinetic buffering,Drive Control Chart, BICO technology– – – STOFlying restart, automatic restart,Drive Control Chart,BICO technologyRS 232, RS 485, PROFIBUS DP,PROFINETPROFIBUS DP, PROFINET RS 232, RS 485, PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET PROFIBUS DPD23.1 – D12 –S: Safely Limited Speed SSM: Safe Speed Monitor 27

For more a partner in your will find additional information, brochures and technical descriptions on ourwebsite under the navigation point Support.Siemens AGIndustry SectorDrive TechnologiesP.O. Box 484890026 NUREMBERGGERMANYSubject to change without prior notice 03/11Order No.: E20001-A200-M112-X-7600DISPO 21510GM.XXXSI.52101 WS 031112.0Printed in Germany© Siemens AG 2011The information in this product catalog contains only generaldescriptions and performance features. In actual applicationsthey may not be exactly as described here, or may bechanged due to the further development of the products.The desired performance features are only binding if they areagreed explicitly upon completion of contract.All product designations could be trademarks or productnames of Siemens AG or other companies, which, if used bythird parties could infringe the rights of their owners.

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