PowerPoint Presentation INTERREG IVC


PowerPoint Presentation INTERREG IVC

EUROPEANREGIONALDEVELOPMENTFUNDINTERREG IVCOverview of Capitalisation26th November 2009Zornitsa Tsoneva, Communication & Project Adviser,Information Point East of INTERREG IVC1Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info Day

• Programme‟s main features, previous calls Rationale and objectives Priorities Co-financing Previous calls and running projects• What are Capitalisation projects? Background and objectives Key elements of Capitalisation projects• Third call for proposals How to apply? Events and assistanceAgenda2 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info Day

REGIONAL / NATIONALPROGRAMMESEU Cohesion and Regional PolicyObjective 1:Convergence€ 282.8 billionObjective 2:Regional Competitivenessand Employment€ 55 billioninfluenceObjective 3:European TerritorialCooperation(including INTERREG IVC)€ 8.7 billion3 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info Day

EU Cohesion and Regional Policy4 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info Day

Programme’s main featuresINTERREG IVCAll Member States,Norway andSwitzerlandERDF funding:• 15 million EURavailable for 3rd call~10 projectswill be approved5 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info Day

Programme’s main featuresOverall objective• Improve the effectiveness of regional developmentpolicies• Contribute to economic modernisation and increasedcompetitiveness of Europeby• Enabling exchange of experiences and knowledge• Ensuring transfer of good practices into regionalmainstream programmes• Matching less experienced regions with moreadvanced regions6 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info Day

Programme’s main featuresThe programme’s rationaleStrategic objective: improvement of regional policies• INTERREG IVC = ‘capitalisation’ programme• Interregional cooperation ≠ cross-border cooperation• Interregional cooperation ≠ transnational cooperationCapitalisation:the process of optimising the results achieved ina specific domain of regional policyActivities: collecting, analysing, disseminating andtransferring good practices in a certain policy area7 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info Day

Programme’s main featuresProgramme PrioritiesPriority 1: Innovation and Knowledge Economy• Innovation, Research & Technological Development• Entrepreneurship and SMEs• Information Society• Employment, Human Capital and Education8 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info Day

Programme’s main featuresProgramme PrioritiesPriority 2: Environment and Risk Prevention• Natural and technological risks, climate change• Water Management• Waste prevention and management• Biodiversity and preservation of natural heritage,air quality• Energy and Sustainable Transport• Cultural Heritage and Landscape9 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info Day

Programme’s main featuresCo-financing75% ERDF85% ERDFAustria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland,France, Germany, Ireland, Italy,Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain,Sweden, United KingdomBulgaria, the Czech Republic, Cyprus,Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia,Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal,Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia50% NO funding Norway10 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info Day

Programme’s main featuresRequirements for Capitalisation projectsMin number of countries represented: 6PartnershipDurationBudgetMax number of countries represented: 10At least 1 partner from each programme areaAt least 2 new Member States involved24 months (recommendation)Min ERDF: EUR 1 millionMax ERDF: EUR 2 million11 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info Day

Programme’s main featuresFast Track projects• Additional expertise from the European Commission• Contributing to the Regions for Economic Changeinitiative• Decision made by the European Commission• No specific application to Fast Track projects12 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info Day

13 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info DayWhat are Capitalisation projects?

What are Capitalisation projects?Objectives of capitalisation Exchange of experience to transfer good practices intoregional or national Operational ProgrammesRationale:to ensure that good practices arenot ‘lost’ but used “Managing Authorities in our country, in particular the ManagingAuthority of the Human Resources Development OperationalProgramme, are still lacking practical experience in setting-up,implementing and monitoring programmes and projects. Additionalcapacity building is required in these fields […] ESF6 CIA aims tosupport the exchange of working ideas and good practices, but also toestablish a network of contacts which will further enhance theperformance of the Managing Authority.” See also www.esf6cia.eu14 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info Day

What are Capitalisation projects?Essence of capitalisation projects• Starting point: pool of good practices• Core actors: policy makers (Managing Authorities)• Main activity: exchange of experience on transferringgood practices to regional Operational Programmes• Main result: developing an „Action Plan‟ for allparticipating regions‘Capitalisation’ to be understood as ‘transfer’15 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info Day

What are Capitalisation projects?Starting point: pool of good practices• A good practice is a successful policy experience atregional, local, national or European level16 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info Day• can also be a result of a previous project• PIKE project (pike-project.eu) builds on 4 good practices:• “Online Planning Services” (Ireland)• “Strategic Plan eLocal” (Spain)• “Integrated Aid System” (Spain)• “Wireless City” (UK)Their experience dates back to the INTERREG IIICproject BRISE (http://brise.ernact.net)

What are Capitalisation projects?Core actors: policy makers• Bodies monitoring regional Operational Programmes• Managing Authorities as the main „target group‟• Intermediate bodies carrying out some or all tasksof the Managing AuthoritiesIf not partners, a standard letter of support is required!• Other regional/national bodies responsible for policy making• Other best practice „owners‟:public authorities or bodies governed by public law17 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info Day

What are Capitalisation projects?Main activities and resultsFocus: transferring good practicesinto regional Operational ProgrammesDevelopment of Action Plans• Exchange of experience on how to transfer goodpractices to regional Operational Programmes:seminars, study visits, workshops, staff exchange, etc.• Dissemination activities• Management and coordination activities• Any implementation will be financed by the regionalmainstream programmes, not by INTERREG IVC18 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info Day

What are Capitalisation projects?Main result• Developing an ‘Action Plan’ for each participating region• An Action Plan includes detailed information about:• Good practice(s) to be transferred• Names and roles of stakeholders involved• Precise steps and actions to be undertaken• Relevant indicators for implementation• Details of funds for implementing the plan• The Action Plan should be signed by the respectiveManaging Authority and relevant stakeholders19 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info Day

What are Capitalisation projects?How does capitalisation work?It is up to the partners to find the best methodology!• Some examples in theCapitalisation brochure• Also examplesof best practices,partnership,project development,and transferringgood practices20 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info Day

21 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info DayPrevious calls

Previous callsStatistics of previous callsProjects Submitted Approved ERDF committedCapitalisationProjectsRegional InitiativeProjects39 13 € 20,603,353.52933 102 € 173,746,470.32TOTAL 972 115 € 194,349,823.84≈ 64% of available ERDF budget22 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info Day

Number of applications submitted / approvedInnovation,research & techdevelopmentEntrepreneurshipand SMEsthe InformationSocietyEmployment,human capital,educationNatural andtechnologicalrisksBiodiversity,natural heritageWastemanagementWatermanagementEnergy andsustainabletransportCultural heritageand landscapePrevious callsCapitalisation applications submitted / approved1 st & 2 nd call109876543210Sub-themes of Priority 1 Sub-themes of Priority 298743 322 2 2 2 2 20 0310 0 023 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info Day

Number of partnersDEDKEEFILTLVNOSEATBGCZHUPLROSISKCYELESITMTPTBECHFRIELUNLUKPrevious callsPartners in Capitalisation projects (1 st & 2 nd call)Lead PartnersPartners18161412North areaEast area South area West area108642024 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info Day

Approved Capitalisation projects with SlovenianparticipationPrevious callsC2CN – Waste managementSlovenian partner: Government Office for Development and EuropeanAffairs (altogether 10 partners)Thematic field: reducing raw materials‟ utilisation based on the „cradleto-cradle‟conceptBudget: under negotiation25 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info Day

26 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info DayThird call for proposals

Third call for proposalsThird call for proposalsOpen: 09 December 2009 – 05 March 2010Decisions on projects expected in Autumn 2010Application Pack will be published in December 2009on the www.interreg4c.eu website:• Terms of reference• Programme Manual• Application Form and co-financing statement• Letter of Support27 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info Day

Third call for proposalsSpecific requirements for the third callIf Managing Authority is not directly involved as a partner,a standard letter of support will be requested, stating:• MA (or IB) is informed about the preparation• Partner has full support for its roles and tasks• MA (or IB) will closely follow the project‟simplementation and elaboration of Action PlanLetter of Support standard template will be publishedwith the terms of reference.28 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info Day

Third call for proposalsKey elements of a good application1. Clearly describe your pool of good practices!2. Build a strategic partnership of bodiesmonitoring or implementing regional OperationalProgrammes, also include other stakeholders!3. Provide details on how you are going to developan Action Plan for each region!Pay attention to the eligibility criteria!“Regular” cooperation projects to apply in a later call!29 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info Day

Third call for proposalsAdditional InformationReference documents at www.interreg4c.eu• Capitalisation brochure• Programme Manual• FAQ sectionAssistance• Project Assistance Forms• Individual consultations• Project Idea Database• Advice by phone and e-mailOther• INTERREG IVC mailing list30 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info Day

Third call for proposalsUpcoming communication eventsCapitalisation conference & partner search opportunity• 9-10 December 2009 in Gothenburg, SwedenRegister at www.interreg4c2009.euLead Applicant Seminar, followed by individual consultations• 14-15 January 2010 in Barcelona, Spain• 20-21 January 2010 in Prague, the Czech RepublicIndividual consultation days• Will be announced soon!31 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info Day

Third call for proposalsFinal point of attention!Only EUR 15 million available for third call!• ~10 projects will be approved• Preparing a project requires a lot of time and effort• Apply only in case you are totally certain that yourproject idea is relevant to the programme!• Next call for Regional Initiative Projects will open inthe end of 2010!32 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info Day

Contact us!Contact us and share your interesting ideas!www.interreg4c.euIP-East@interreg4c.euINTERREG IVC, Information Point East15 Mickiewicza street40-951 KatowicePOLANDtel.: + 48 32 205 3230fax: + 48 32 205 323133 Slovenian INTERREG IVC Info Day

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