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Download - The Scottish Renal Registry

SRR BP Audit 2010Vishal Dey, , Bruce Mackinnon.

SRR BP Audit• Increasing controversy as toappropriate target pre-HD BP• Pre-HD target 160mmHg)

SRR BP Audit• Data from the May 2010 census• Contributed to by all Scottish RenalUnits• Pre-HD BP data available for in-centre,satellite and home HD patients(93.2%)

Data returns by parent unit100% of Patientswith bp data95908580RHSCGDGRIRAIGQMHDXHMONKNINEARIWIGRIEGRIParent HD Unit% Missing% Data

140120100Frequency80604020050150Pre SBP250BP data arenormallydistributed in theHD population.Frequency20010000100Pre DBP200

Unit n SBPDBPRHSC 4 106 74XH 143 132 63QMHD 122 135 71RIE 255 136 75WIG 226 139 74Mean 139 72GRI 319 140 67NINE 162 142 65ARI 203 143 74RAIG 88 143 75DGRI 51 144 69MONK 165 147 80

Mean Pre-HD Systolic Blood Pressure in Each Unit160BP (mmHg)150140130120DGRIMONKRAIGNINEQMHDXHARIWIGRIEGRICentres+3sd+2sdMean-2sd-3sd110100RHSC0 100 200 300 400Number of Patients

Mean Pre-HD Diastolic Blood Pressure in Each Unit90BP (mmHg)807060RHSCRAIGDGRIQMHDXHMONKARININEWIGRIEGRICentres+3sd+2sdMean-2sd-3sd500 100 200 300Number of Patients

Mean BP for all HD Patients in Scotland 2006-2009180160140Mean Pre-HB BP12010080SBPDBP60402006 2007 2008 2009 2010Census Year

Summary• Near complete dataset• Most units still within 3SDs of meanfor SBP & DBP• Slight rise in mean achieved bpcompared to 2009

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