Beyond "Smart". It's Genius
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Beyond "Smart". It's Genius

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H19 Series Beyond "Smart". It's Genius.

H19 SeriesBeyond "Smart". It's Genius.The Opticon H19 PDA is a first of its kind advanced mobilephone with built in barcode scanner, featuring Microsoft ®Windows Mobile ®6 Professional. Built to last, the H19 canwithstand multiple drops to concrete from four feet as wellas adverse environmental conditions, with its IP54 compliantdesign. You can always keep in touch, using any of the H-19'scommunication options, Bluetooth ® , WiFi ® , or GSM/eGPRS/EDGE. We have even added integrated GPS, so you'll alwaysknow where you are! More than just a PDA, the H19 reveals itstrue Genius with an embedded barcode scanner, allowing youto collect barcode data, interact with your mobile softwaresolution (sold separately), and send your information to a centralERP system. One device - a world of opportunities!Extending the Desktop beyond the DeskWith this slim function PDA you can e-mail on the move or carryingout operations and maintain communication far away from theoffice. Microsoft ® Windows Mobile ® 6 Professional powers the H-19 andthis extension of the familiar desktop environment allows the userto be productive almost instantly. Your workforce will have ondemandaccess to well known applications as well as extensionsof custom enterprise applications regardless of physical location.Microsoft ® Windows Mobile ® 6 Professional features Direct Pushe-mail technology, Internet browsing, synchronization with Outlook®Mobile Calendar, Contacts and e-mail, and the ability to work onSignature Capture and Touch OperationThe H19 also features a 2.8-inch color LCD that can be usedfor touch-screen operations such as signature capture as wellas having the ability to instantly rotate the screen layout whenrequired for increased working area.applications in the Office ® Mobile suite such as Word ® , Excel andPowerPoint ® .

InteractInteract with an application using the barcodeThe Opticon H19 is all about interaction. Opticon started with the Microsoft ® WindowsMobile ® 6 Professional operating system as its core platform, and built up from there.The Windows platform supports Outlook ® Mobile using Direct Push Technology,Office ® Mobile, Media Player ® and Internet Explorer ® Mobile.Everything you need in one advanced PDA!Microsoft ® Office Outlook ® Mobile Microsoft ® Office ® MobileNeed a personal secretary? Outlook ® Mobile comes handy when you need to checkor update your up-to-date calender, contact information or tasks on the road. Enjoythe enhanced direct push e-mail technology while you are out of the office.Use Office ® Mobile to create or edit documents or givepresentation while you are off-site. Perform your bestwhen you are needed.Windows Live ® for Windows Mobile ®Internet Explorer ® MobileNeed to go back to your office for a quick brain storm?What about using Windows Live ® for Windows Mobile ®and save your time?Need to check the internet? Use Internet Explorer ®Mobile and get connected to the world.With Microsoft ® Windows Mobile ® 6 Professional, the H19 can now better protect not only datastored in itself, but also encrypt information stored on a removable memory card!

CommunicateSend information using cellular, WiFi ® or Bluetooth ® .With the Opticon H19, you will never be out of touch. Opticon has packed the H19 full of communication options.A Bluetooth ® radio allows you to wirelessly connect and communicate with any Bluetooth ® enabled peripheral.Opticon doesn't stop their though - the H19 also is WiFi ® ready supporting IEEE 802.11(b/g).The H-19 can easily log into any WiFi ® network, supporting Internet browsing and connection into your enterprise network.This WiFi ® connectivity allows your employees to travel from site to site and remain as productive as if they were sitting at their desk.Finally, the H19 is an advanced PDA, supporting GSM/eGPRS/EDGE cellular communication. Using cellular allows youremployees to take full advantage Internet, e-mail, voice and data anywhere in the world that they find themselves.Connection into your enterprise networkGPSNever lost. Always on time.E-MailWith the incorporated Global PositionSystem your workforce can easilyfind their destination. They can alsorecord the geographical location withtheir other registrations, like addingreal-world coordinates (X,Y) to thescanned data.The communication technologies allow to connect the H19 to many peripherals ofyour enterprise network, from an earphone, to a printer, to another computer ormobile device, by internet, by e-mail or voice.Easily find your destinationand record your location withthe integrated GPS.ScanScan a barcodeThe Opticon H19 incorporates robust barcode scanningand advanced mobile computing into a single multifunctional business tool.The H-19 features real barcode scanning from your choice of a laser barcode scanner or 2D imager.Enjoy the smooth scanning performance!H19AH19 BOpticon employs its industry leading laser scan engine thatbrings a powerful 100 scan per second laser reading barcodesof any quality and size in the H19A.The H19B uses Opticon's CMOS imager engine. This 1.3 megapixelmonochrome imager that reads all 2D and stackedbarcodes.

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