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january - Latvian Tourism Development Agency

Latvia’s Top 2012 Events GuideJANUARY01.12.201104.11.201116.11.201109.12.201115.01. Christmas TreeFestival12.01. 100th Birthday ofKārlis Padegs05.02. Re-novation.Exhibition ofLatvian DecorativeArts and Design29.01. The Dense Space.Works from GuntisBelēvičs’s collectionFestival of urban design objects by exhibitinginnovative solutions through the use of Christmastrees – a Christmas symbol, keeping the traditionalChristmas spirit and balancing traditions withnovelties. Rīga – the capital of the first decoratedChristmas tree.The exhibition to mark the centennial of KārlisPadegs (1911–1940). Padegs was a dedicatedfigurative painter, a very personal and highlysensitive artist, his works reflecting both traits ofexpressionism and the new application, and evensurrealism, as well as the “spirit” of the 19th centuryfin de siècle decadence rather unknown to thesociety of that time.The exhibition intended as a display of decorativearts and design reflecting the latest processes andphenomena in this field of art in Latvia. Thisexhibition shows artists engaged in the decorativearts and design and students of the Art Academy ofLatvia displaying their latest works created in 2011.Exhibition encompasses more than 120 works ofabout 80 artists analysing perception peculiarities ina room oversaturated with information. At the sametime, diversity of the content and form of artaffecting perception makes one think about politicalcontext and personal longing characteristic of thisperiod.09.01. 13.02. Winterfest Every year around this time, Herman BraunFoundation organises Winterfest, an internationalwinter music festival. Festival concerts arecharacterised by versatility of genres andRigaMainbuilding ofthe LatvianNationalMuseum ofArt. WhiteHallMuseum ofDecorativeArts andDesignArsenālsExhibitionHallRigawww.riga.lvwww.lnmm.lvwww.lnmm.lvwww.lnmm.lvwww.hbf.lv1

participation of legendary maestros, famous youngsoloists, chamber ensembles, as well as choirs,period music ensembles, jazz vocal groups andcross-over groups.20.01. Annual SymphonicMusic ConcertGreat concert of Latvian symphonic music is givenby the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra,Liepāja Symphony Orchestra, Latvian NationalOpera Orchestra and Sinfonietta Rīga StateChamber Orchestra.Great Guildwww.latvijaskoncerti.lv20.01. 22.01. Winter SwimmingWorldChampionships21.01. Kontinental HockeyLeague All-StarGame28.01. Premiere of“Mazepa” by PeterTschaikovskySwimming competition in an open pool cut in ice.Participants may swim a distance of 25 metres inbreaststroke or a distance of 25 or 50 metres infreestyle. Results will be evaluated according to 10age groups, the youngest group for participantsunder 20, but the oldest – for those aged 70 andover.Hockey fans from not only Latvia and Russia butalso from other European countries may take thisopportunity to watch the best Kontinental HockeyLeague players in action.Responding to an invitation from the CroatianNational Theatre, the Latvian National Opera willplease its visitors with a new production of PeterTschaikovsky’s opera “Mazepa” in 2011/2012season. The performance will be given by thebrightest Latvian soloists, while the scenery andcostumes will be provided by Zagreb theatre.Conductor – Modestas Pitrenas.Lielupe, nearthe bridgeover theRiverLielupe inJūrmalaArena RigaLatvianNationalOperawww.winterswimming2012.comwww.arenariga.comwww.opera.lvFEBRUARY07.02. 17.02. Viennese Classic Viennese Classic Festival popularises music Rīga www.vinesklasika.lv2

07.02. Rammstein. Made inGermany 1995–2011Greatest Hits Tour10.02. 12.02. 14th InternationalIce SculptureFestivalcomposed by Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven, threegreat composers representing the Viennese ClassicalSchool. Their music will be played by excellentmusicians and groups in concert halls in Rīga andother places in Latvia.Energy, explosion and a lot of special effects – theseare the things fans certainly expect fromRammstein. In Riga, the band will present itsgreatest hits and give the concert named “Made inGermany 1995–2011”.International Ice Sculpture Festival has beenpromoting ice art in Latvia for 13 years alreadyshowing this unique type of art to Latvian peopleand creating a place where Latvian artists mayexpress themselves professionally.10.02 12.02. Balttour 2012 19th International Travel Trade Fair. Balttour willpleasantly surprise both professionals and ordinarytravellers with versatile travel offers across Latvianregions, tastings and interesting souvenirs.10.02. 22.04. Latvian PhotographyAward 2011Exhibition18.02. 22.04. Ars Viva 2010/11 –Language ExhibitionNine nominations, three winners for each category.Latvian Photography Award 2011 Exhibition in theLarge Hall of Rīga Art Space. Curator – IlmārsZnotiņš. Event promoting contemporaryphotography.Ars Viva 2010/11, the prestige German prize forcontemporary art, draws attention to the languageand its different aspects in contemporary art. RīgaArt Space is one of the three partners organizingexhibition of winners’ works. Winners of Ars Viva2010/11 – Language are Jurgen Staack, PhilippGoldbach and Erik Bunger.Arena RigaJelgavaĶīpsalaInternationalExhibitionCentreRīga ArtSpaceRīga ArtSpacewww.bilesuserviss.lvwww.jelgava.lvwww.balttour.orgwww.artspace.riga.lvwww.artspace.riga.lv3

18.02. 04.03. Sigulda WinterFestivalWinter Festival is held under the slogan: “Moresports. More leisure. More art. More entertainment.”It will include folk skiing, tourism rally, snowsculpture championships, Sigulda Cup insnowboarding, downhill and distance skiing.Shrovetide festivity with Latvian songs, dances,rituals and dishes.Ski tracks,SvētkuSquare inSigulda,bobsleighand toboggantrackwww.sigulda.lvMARCH09.03. 18.03. 20th InternationalPiano Stars Festival10.03. 24.03. Latvian New MusicDaysInternational Piano Stars Festival is the mostprestigious music festival in terms ofprofessionalism and artistic value. In terms ofcontent, this Festival is unique in the entire BalticRegion. The special charm of Liepāja along with thecharisma of soloists and “amber sound” of LiepājaSymphony Orchestra attract thousands of musicdevotees every year not only from Latvia but alsofrom other countries.Festival focuses on innovations introducingaudience to the new music of different genreswritten by Latvian composers of differentgenerations, as well as on continuity of traditions.Festival concerts are given by the best Latvianmusicians and artists, including Sinfonietta RīgaState Chamber Orchestra, Latvian NationalSymphony Orchestra etc.LiepājaRigawww.lso.lvwww.komponisti.lv17.03. 18.03. Birthday Celebrationof LiepājaMarch is the birthday month of Liepāja whendifferent events like concerts, events and exhibitionstake place in the city organized by Liepāja residentsin order to entertain each other and visitors ofLiepājawww.liepajaskultura.lv4

Liepāja.20.03. 09.04. Windstream Windstream Spring Festival will take place alreadyfor the third time. Five concerts will be heldcovering the most significant spring festivities andremembrance days, i. e., Commemoration Day ofVictims of Communist Terror, April Fools’ Day andEaster. Festival is organized by the ProfessionalSymphonic Band Rīga.23.03. 20.05 Fabergé Exhibition The exhibition gives insight into the work of theHouse of Fabergé, the famous Saint Petersburg(since 1842) and Moscow (since 1887) jewelleryfirm.Unique items related to a certain event or a periodespecially important in the history of Fabergé orRussian Emperor’s family.RīgaArt Museum„RigaBourse”www.music.lv/rigawww.lnmm.lvAPRILAprilBirdwatching inĶemeri NationalParkĶemeri National Park is a perfect place to practicebirdwatching all year long, including winters,because of its ice-free places for resident waterbirds.The largest number of birds found here occursduring migration seasons of spring and autumn,when thousands of waterbirds can be observed at thesame time.Ķemeri,Jūrmalawww.daba.gov.lvwww.jurmala.lv04.04. 03.06. Hendrik Valk (theNetherlands).ExhibitionThe life of the Dutch artist Hendrik Valk isconnected with Latvia. The exhibition will introduceits visitors to the Dutch avant-garde art of the 20thcentury and reveal the development aspects of theartist's personal signature, as well as reflect itsArt Museum„RigaBourse”,Bosse’s Hallwww.lnmm.lv5

connection with De Stijl artistic movement.04.04. 27.05. Egons Spuris. SoloExhibition“Proletarian districts of Rīga in the 19th century andearly 20th century”, series of black-and-whitephotographs made by Egons Spuris has beenincluded in the Latvian Cultural Canon andrecognised as one of the best in the Latvianphotography art.06.04 09.04. Easter Families with children are especially welcome tothis Easter celebration. For several days they mayparticipate in creative activities and traditionalEaster rituals, as well as songs and games. DuringEaster different events and fairs take placethroughout Latvia following both Christian andpagan traditions.20.04. Premiere of “LaBayadère” byLudwig MinkusLudwig Minkus’s “La Bayadère” ballet will beperformed on the stage of the Latvian NationalOpera in Marius Petipa’s choreography for the firsttime. “La Bayadère” is the only big classical balletthat has not been staged in Riga yet. Almost entireballet troupe of the Latvian National Opera will takepart in the sophisticated performance.27.04. 28.05. Baltic Ballet Festival This annual ballet festival has already become a nicetradition offering versatile and rich ballet and danceprogrammes to audience that likes different dancestyles, bringing stars from all over the world andallowing dance enthusiasts to enjoy world-classperformances from classical to avant-garde.ArsenālsExhibitionHallThe wholeLatviaLatvianNationalOperaRīgawww.lnmm.lv/lv/arsenalswww.latvia.travelwww.opera.lvwww.ballet-festival.lv29.04. Premiere of“Twilight of theGods” by RichardWagner“Twilight of the Gods” is the last in RichardWagner’s cycle of four operas titled “The Ring ofthe Nibelung”. Musical director – CorneliusMeister, a well-known interpreter of Wagner’smusic, featuring internationally recognised singers.LatvianNationalOperawww.opera.lv6

MAY04.05. IndependenceDeclaration Day ofthe Republic ofLatviaOn 4 May 1990, the Supreme Soviet of the LatvianSSR adopted the Declaration on the Restoration ofIndependence of the Republic of Latvia. Traditionallyon 4 May, many different celebratory events takeplace throughout Latvia.The wholeLatviawww.latvia.travel11.05. Season ClosingConcert of theLatvian NationalSymphony OrchestraThe Orchestra under the guidance of its ChiefConductor Karel Mark Chichon will perform one ofthe most tragic and emotional Russian classicalpieces of music – Sergei Prokofiev’s “Romeo andJuliet”. Guy Braunstein, the 1st Concertmaster of theBerliner Philharmoniker, will make his debut in Rīgawith the Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto.Great Guildwww.lnso.lv19.05. Museum Night Latvian museums both in the capital city and theregions take part in this event. Museums are joinedby other institutions preserving and popularisingcultural heritage: theatres, concert halls, libraries,higher educational institutions. During MuseumNight no admission is charged.The wholeLatviawww.muzeju-nakts.lvwww.muzeji.lv19.05. Opening of JūrmalaSummer ResortSeasonTraditional Jomas Street procession from Majori toDzintari and a rich programme of cultural activitiesfor the whole day on Turaidas Street at the exit toDzintari beach.Jūrmalawww.jurmala.lv19.05. Mežotne HillfortFestivalMežotne Hillfort Festival has become an annualtradition bringing together local residents and otherenthusiasts from the whole Latvia. The Festival hasbeen widely supported by the public already from thebeginning.Bauskawww.pilskalns.lv7

20.05. Nordea RīgaMarathon24.05. Premiere of “Lucia diLammermoor” byGaetano DonizettiStart and finish area of the marathon is located on11th November Embankment (11. novembrakrastmala), but the course itself goes through the citycentre. Runners may chose among five distances –classical marathon, half-marathon, 10 km run, 5 kmrun, as well as the Solidarity kilometre distance,which is also available for people with special needs.The popular musical version of Walter Scott’s novel“The Bride of Lamermoor” returns to the LatvianNational Opera. Marina Rebeka, a brilliant Latvianopera star, will sing the title role in GaetanoDonizetti’s bel canto opera “Lucia di Lamermoor”.11thNovemberEmbankment(11.novembrakrastmala)LatvianNationalOperahttp://www.nordearigasmaratons.lv/lv/www.opera.lv24.05. 27.05. Jelgava City Festival The last week of May is the week of Jelgava CityFestival when whole families are welcome to takepart in different activities. This is one of the greatestevents in Jelgava encompassing all ethnical groupsliving in the city, thus showing that Jelgava is open todifferent cultural traditions.Jelgavawww.jelgava.lv26.05. 27.06. Stage of EuropeanAutocrossChampionshipBoth drivers and spectators from Latvia and otherEuropean countries approve of competitions in MūsaSports Complex. This will be the 22th EuropeanAutocross Championship hosted by Mūsa SportsComplex and involving participants from 13European countries. Thus it is the largest autocrossevent in the Baltic States.Bauskawww.musa.lv26.05. Cycling Day andNight in KuldīgaCycling Day and Night in Kuldīga is a noncommercialcycling event in Latvia having “Europe.Kuldīga. Think green!” as its slogan. The aim of theevent is to promote cycling culture and greenthinking. At the end of the event winners will receiveprizes and everyone is welcome to enjoy extensiveKuldīgawww.velokuldiga.lv8

entertainment programme.26.05. 27.05. Liv Village CraftFestivalThis Festival is one of the largest traditional cultureevents in Latvia combining etnomusic withtraditional culture, art and craft, as well as foodtastings. During the Festival visitors will have a greatopportunity to purchase art objects that are usuallynot for sale.Liepājawww.livasciems.lv26.05. 27.05. Livonian Festival inCēsisDuring the Festival Cēsis, Cēsis Castle and Āraiši arebrightened up by art, music, different skills, fashionand competitions. A special emphasis is put onknighthood and war, i. e., competitions, field battlesand battle reenacments. Visitors will have a greatopportunity to spend the night in Cēsis MedievalCastle garden.Cēsiswww.tourism.cesis.lv26.05. 30.08. Liepāja SummerFestivalThis Festival is the spiritual heir and continuation ofLiepāja Summer, a legendary summer symphonicmusic cycle. For decades, residents and visitors ofLiepāja with their families used to enjoy thesymphonic music concerts on the open air stage inSea Park during hot summer days.Liepājawww.liepajasvasara.lvJUNE01.06. 18.06. Rīga Music Festival Rīga Music Festival has invited symphonyorchestras and famous conductors that are wellknownin Europe to promote Rīga as a city ofsummer festival popularising academic symphonicmusic and chamber music.02.06. Sigulda Jazz 2012 2nd International Jazz Festival starts the open airmusic festival season in Latvia. This event will notbe devoted to academic and difficult music usuallyassociated with jazz but more appropriate for aRīgaSiguldaCastle ruinswww.latvijaskoncerti.lvwww.jazzfest.lvwww.youtube.com/Sigu9

concert hall. Up to midnight, Sigulda Castle ruinswill be filled by smooth jazz, funk un big band.ldaJazzwww.myspace.com/SiguldaJazzFestival02.06. 03.06. 42nd TraditionalApplied Arts Fair atthe LatvianEthnographic OpenAir MuseumThis will be the 42nd Fair at the LatvianEthnographic Open Air Museum bringing togetherseveral thousands of the best craftsmen from allLatvian regions, i. e., blacksmiths, wickerworkmasters, weavers, potters, tailors, wood carvers,leather craftsmen, knitters etc.LatvianEthnographicOpen AirMuseumwww.brivdabasmuzejs.lv05.06. 17.06. Rīga Opera Festival Since 1998, Rīga Opera Festival has been markingthe end of the Latvian National Opera’sperformance season with new productions, bestmoments of the previous year and some large-scalevocal and instrumental work performed by popularlocal soloists and bright foreign stars.08.06. 10.06. Daugavpils CityFestivalJune August “Music for Church”Concert Cycle at theHoly TrinityCathedral of Liepāja09.06. 10.06. Lilium VindaviensisKnight Tournamentat the LivonianOrder CastleThis year, Daugavpils City Festival is devoted tochildren and young people. Festival programmeincludes performances of popular artists in VienībasSquare and splendid fireworks near the RiverDaugava.All locals and guests of Liepāja will have anopportunity to listen to the famous organ of LiepājaHoly Trinity Cathedral in the afternoons of organmusic at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in summer,from June to August, on Saturdays at 5.00 pm.Knights from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia gatherat the Livonian Order Castle in Venstpils in order tocompete with each other demonstrating theirfighting skills and fighting spirit.LatvianNationalOperaDaugavpilsLiepājaVentspilswww.opera.lvwww.daugavpils.lvwww.liepajaskultura.lvwww.ventspils.lv/lat/svetki_ventspili/2012/14.06. 29.07. “Rogues. Artists – Exhibition is devoted to the bravest Latvian artists Arsenāls www.lnmm.lv/lv/arsena10

Challengers inSociety.” Exhibitionemploying forms unusual to the society of that timeor through challenging content trying to wakenpeople’s minds dozed off in narrow-mindedness.Art untouched by censorship from the second part ofthe 1980s to present.ExhibitionHallls15.06. 18.06. Time to DanceInternationalContemporaryDance FestivalThe largest contemporary dance event in Latviabrings together professionals, students and danceenthusiasts. Festival programme includesperformances, discussions, workshops and jamsessions. Moreover, dance devotees may obtain newideas and experience, find new internationalcontacts and attend master classes.Rīgawww.dance.lv16.06. 22.06. Preparing tocelebrate “Jāņi” inRīgaA week before midsummer residents and guests ofRīga are welcome to attend different events aimed atpreparing to celebrati Jāņi, including traditional Jāņiand Līgo rituals, concerts given by folklore groups,Jāņi bonfire and modern music concerts.21.06. Midsummer Festival During Midsummer Festival the old Midsummernight traditions are cherished with the help offolklore groups from Latvian regions. Wreathmaking workshops, cheese making outdoors, seeinga sunset, Latvian folk songs and old dances, fireritual, seeing a sunrise on Folksong Hill (Dainukalns).Rīga Centreand LatvianEthnographicOpen AirMuseumTuraidaMusemReserve, JāņiHillwww.brivdabasmuzejs.lvwww.liveriga.comwww.turaida-muzejs.lv22.06. Herbs and GrassMarketHerbs and Grass Market appeals both to eyes withlarge bunches of flowers and flower wreaths and totaste buds with smoked meat and fish. Skilful cooksfrom all Latvian regions offer the most deliciouscheeses. This means real preparation for celebrationand intensive selling and buying all day long.DomaSquarewww.LiveRiga.com23.06 24.06. “Līgo, Rīga!” Plays, different Latvian rituals, dances and songs. Embankment www.liveriga.com and11

Cheese and beer. This is the place to learn where tolook for the fern flower, taste frothy beer, cheese asyellow as the sun itself and great-smelling little pies.There will be music for everyone, both folkloregroups and ensembles and pop music singers fromrock’n’roll to schlager.www.latvia.travel28.06. 07.07. International BachChamber MusicFestivalFestival is focussed on the intimate, soulful,personal and introvert qualities manifestingproducers’ desire to reveal Bach masterpieces fromthe “quiet side”, thus proving that relatively fewsounds in a chamber music score can say just asmuch as Bach’s major vocal and symphoniccompositions in terms of fundamental ideas,thoughts and content.Rīga,JaunmokuPalacewww.music.lv/bachfestivalJULY01.07. Jomas Street Festival The whole Jomas Street buzzes with differentevents on four stages, largest of which is locatedin Majori parking place, the centre of Jūrmalapublic events, namely concerts and performances.The smallest participants may occupy Horn’sgarden. As every year, motorcycle parade will bean integral part of the Festival.01.07. 29.07. 25th InternationalOrgan MusicFestival “RīgaCathedral”Organ concert programmes are devoted tocommemoration of French composers Cesar Frankand Maurice Duruflé. Festival’s 13 concerts will begiven by leading organists from Latvia and othercountries, soloists and choirs.03.07. 08.07. Rīgas Ritmi Festival This international modern jazz and world musicfestival has become one of the most significant jazzJūrmalaRīgaCathedralRīgawww.jurmala.lvwww.doms.lvwww.rigasritmi.lv12

festivals in Europe. The Festival includes concertsand master classes, showcase and children’s festivalpleasing audiences three times a year – in winter,spring and summer – culmination – sessionconcerts.05.07. 09.07. IX KREMERATABALTICA FestivalThe concert will be given by the popular orchestraand soloists under the guidance of Gidon Kremer.Kremerata Baltica has been recognised as one of thebest orchestras in Europe and the world. The youngmusicians from the Baltic States – Estonia, Latviaand Lithuania – will offer a wide and versatilerepertoire.Concert HallBaltaisflīģelis inSiguldawww.baltaisfligelis.lv05.07. 09.07. Baltica InternationalFolklore FestivalThe largest, most popular and world-knowntraditional culture festival in the Baltic Statesoffering an insight into the brightest Latvian andforeign folk traditions and bringing in significanceof traditional culture within the current culturalcontext.Rīga, Ikšķile,Madona,MadonaRegion, ĒrgļiRegionwww.nkmva.gov.lv05.07. 07.07. Valmiera CityFestival06.07. 07.07. Summer SoundLiepāja InternationalMusic FestivalEvery year Valmiera City Festival attracts a largenumber of visitors and tourists. Festival programmeinvolves different sport and leisure events, creativeworkshops, a possibility to purchase differentsouvenirs in craftsmen’s fair, try various snacks andattend concerts.Each of the four stages located on Liepāja beach isdevoted to its own music theme. Quality and varietyof music are the main characteristics of the Festival.Rock, hip hop, ambient and electronic music, popmusic performed by legends of today’s modernworld and new emerging stars.ValmieraLiepājavisit.valmiera.lvwww.summersound.lv06.07. 07.07. Jēkabpils CityFestivalCity Festival programme includes large celebration Jēkabpilswww.jkp.lv13

involving art performances, concerts, competitionsand craftsmen’s fairs.07.07. Bat Night in ĶemeriNational Park09.07. 15.07. 3rd Music Festival “Music and Cinema”This event is free of charge. Its participants maytake part in creative workshops and games, attend alecture about bats and after the sunset go on batwatching excursion. Visitors are recommended towear comfortable clothing and footwear appropriatefor weather conditions, and take a pocket light andrefreshments with them.The basic idea of the Festival is unusual expressionof performances and abandonment of usual showorganization principles with combinations ofdifferent forms and genres and use of the mostprogressive elements of contemporary art.11.07. 14.07. Early Music Festival Festival provides an opportunity to sample the feelof Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods.Festival concerts are given in churches and concerthalls of Old Riga. The Festival traditionally reachesclimax with a performance in the most magnificentLatvian Baroque castle in Rundāle. Splendidcostumes of olden days, early instruments, authenticperformance and fireworks.13.07. 14.07. Bauska CountryMusic FestivalOne of the four international country music festivalsorganized in Europe on a regular basis. During theFestival visitors may live in a tent city, enjoysummer and scenic Bauska town and its environsnear the place where the Mūsa and the Mēmele flowinto the River Lielupe and visit the majestic BauskaCastle ruins.Ķemeri,JūrmalaDzintariConcert HallRīga,RundāleBauskawww.daba.gov.lvwww.jurmala.lvwww.dzk.lvwww.smf.lvhttp://www.countrymusic.lv/?l=lv&id=1&mid=78&mmid=013.07. 15.07. 6th InternationalSand SculptureFestival “SummerSigns”Every year, both local and foreign artists take part inthe Festival and sand sculpture contest. Not onlycontest works but also additional sand sculptures arecreated during the Festival and then displayed inJelgavawww.jelgava.lv14

Uzvaras Park in Jelgava.13.07. 15.07. International Meet ofBaltic Sea RegionBikers “KurlandBike Meet”Motorcycle Club Association of Latvia invitesmotorsports riders, youth and children’s federationsof small motorcycles, trick masters and motorcycleclubs from the Baltic States to participate in theevent. The Meet traditionally involves parade ridealong the streets of Ventspils.Ventspilswww.mca.lvhttp://www.tourism.ventspils.lv/14.07. 15.07. MX1 MotocrossWorldChampionship.Grand Prix LatviaMX2 World Championship competition will alsotake place within the framework of MX1 MotocrossGrand Prix Latvia. Organisers will decide onwomen race, veteran race or junior race (two-strokeclass).Ķegumswww.mx1latvia.lv14.07. Sea Festival Sea Festival in Liepāja is traditionally held nearships – on Liepāja Promenade. Ships with colourfulflags, Neptune and his retinue, songs and dancesabout the seas and related to it not only in Latvianbut also other languages daily heard in Liepājastreets, as well as dance steps.Liepāja,entireseashorewww.liepajaskultura.lv19.07. 22.07. Feast in Kuldīga –the town of romanceand loveA brilliant Feast opening, an extreme runningcompetition on the Alekšupīte and rivulet carnival,joyful water activities, egg throwing contest,craftsmen’s fair, Feast parade, dances, a classicalmusic concert in Town Square at the end of theFeast and a special surprise, which “only happens inKuldīga!”Kuldīgawww.kuldiga.lv19.07. 22.07. The Singing KivinHumour ShowThis will be the 17th time when Jūrmala welcomesthe funniest people from Russian Club of the Happyand Inventive. Teams compete with each other inone or more competitions whose genre and topicmay be selected in advance, and then judges decideDzintariConcert Hallwww.dzk.lv15

which team is the best.20.07. 21.07. Positivus Festival Positivus is the largest rock music, pop music andart festival. Its unique location on the coast of theBaltic Sea and the impressive list of artists makethis festival one of the best annual events in BalticStates.21.07. 12.08. Cēsis Art Festival Synthesis of different professional art forms. ThreeFestival weeks offer excellent professional artexhibitions, cinema and theatre, as well as differentconcerts taking place in both open air and indoorlocations. During Festival a conference will be heldas well.24.07. 30.07 New Wave Dzintari open air concert hall hosts this internationalcontest for young pop singers allowing the audienceto enjoy performance of not only emerging starsfrom Europe and other places in the world, but alsoimportant and popular artists from Russia and the26.07. 29.07. Ad LucemInternationalIntrovert Art andMusic Festivalworld.Festival creates a special atmosphere offering asanctuary from everyday rush and stress and drawsattention from the external to the internal leading tocreative transformation of a personality, as well ashelps to create a new understanding about thespiritual role of art.SalacgrīvaCēsisDzintariConcert HallRīga,Vecgulbenewww.positivusfestival.comwww.cesufestivals.lvwww.dzk.lvwww.adlucem.info26.07. 29.07. Samsung Wave KiteParty 2012Samsung Wave Kite Party 2012 is the largestgathering of kiteboarding enthusiasts andprofessionals in the Baltic States. Competitions,kiteboarding seminars for beginners, as well assummer beach parties allow everyone to enjoy thepositive atmosphere of the event.Ventspilswww.kiteparty.lvhttp://www.tourism.ventspils.lv/27.07. 28.07. 3rd Blues Festival This is a big blues event in its generally acceptedsense, i. e., under the open sky, with a large stage,SiguldaCastle ruinswww.bluesfest.lv16

and National BluesContestbeer and blues above it all. The Festival will takeplace for two days, and the sounds of blues musicwill fill the air of Sigulda Castle ruins on Friday andSaturday up to midnight.www.youtube.com/latblueswww.myspace.com/siguldabluesfestival27.07. 29.07. Ērgļi RegionalFestivalThe last week of July has been the week of ĒrgļiRegional Festival for 15 years already. TheRegional Festival is held under the slogan: “Festivalfor us, our people and our guests”. These are threedays bustling with sports activities and interestingevents.Ērgļiwww.ergli.lv27.07. 04.08. Bauska RegionalFestivalA week-long festival from the last Friday of July tothe first Saturday of August. Plein air workshops,concerts, little fairs and performance ofnonprofessional groups at the end of the Festivalallow visitors to feel welcome in this friendlyregion.Bauskawww.kultura.bauska.lvAUGUST03.08. 05.08. 20th InternationalSigulda Opera MusicFestivalThanks to the International Sigulda Opera MusicFestival, many opera singers famous in Europe andaround the world arrive to Latvia. The Festivalculminates in a unique original open air operaproduction specially adapted to Sigulda Castle ruins.SiguldaCastle ruinswww.opersvetki.lvwww.sigulda.lv03.08. 05.08. International BalticFlower CarpetVentspils International Flower Carpet Festival,which is now organized for the 12th time in a row,is an integral part of Ventspils City Festival. NotVentspilshttp://www.tourism.ventspils.lv/17

Festival andVentspils CityFestivalonly Latvian florists and flower lovers but alsoparticipants from other countries take part in theprocess of making flower carpets.06.08. 19.08. Opera SummerPerformances09.08 27.09. Concert Series toCelebrate the 40thbirthday of theProfessional BrassBand “Rīga”During summer season the Latvian National Operaoffers a special two-week series of performances forthe residents and guests of Rīga. It usually meansfour opera performances and four balletperformances that have been loved by audiences andcritics in the previous seasons.Mozart’s Requiem at Rīga Cathedral on 9 August,Orff’s “Carmina Burana” during Rīga Festival,“Let’s celebrate together” in Rīga Great Guildconcert hall on 6 September, Riga Jazz on 27September.10.08. 12.08. Fontaine Festival Every year Fontaine Festival brings like-mindedpeople together. Its organisers invite alternativemusic enthusiasts to Liepāja continuing previoustraditions. Four stages serve as a platform for localand foreign groups of musicians, as well as newbands.LatvianNationalOperaRīgaLiepājawww.opera.lvwww.music.lv/rigawww.fontaine.lv10.08. 12.08. Historical FilmShow in CēsisCastleHistorical film programme in a real, historicalenvironment, debates of professionals and historiansover connection between cinema and history.Medieval Heroes event is devoted to feature anddocumentary movies from different countries shownin their original languages. Programme also includescartoons for children.Cēsiswww.filmuskate.cesis.lv12.08. 17.08. International MusicFestivalSummertime – IneseGalante Invites YouDuring this one-week Festival opera and jazzmaestros, orchestras, folk groups and vocal groupsfrom all over the world gather in Dzintari Open AirConcert Hall, Jūrmala.Jūrmalawww.hbf.lv18

14.08. 15.08. Feast of theAssumption ofBlessed Virgin Maryinto HeavenThe largest annual Catholic feast. Aglona is a placeto which not only Catholics but also Christians fromother confessions and simple believers can go forreceiving blessing. Pursuant to the law, Aglona hasbeen recognised as a Latvian holy place ofinternational importance but the Feast of VirginMary – as a feast of national importance.17.08. 19.08. Rīga Festival Rīga Festival is a kaleidoscope of music, art, theatreand dance performances, sports activities anddifferent events entertaining its visitors andconveying new unforgettable impressions. Eventstake place in the streets and squares, on water and inthe air, in museums, concert halls and culturecentres.AglonaRīgawww.latvia.travelwww.rigassvetki.lv24.08. 25.08. Rally KurzemeSpeed FestivalAn attractive, interesting and surprising city speedstage, competition for non-professional drivers,powerboat racing in the city canal. Emotions duringaward ceremony on the large stage on thePromenade, dances and fun until the morning sun.Liepājarallykurzeme.lvwww.liepajaturisms.lv25.08. 12th Milk, Breadand Honey Festivaland 10th MilkCarton Regatta onthe River LielupeThis Festival is held in Duke Jacob’s Square,Jelgava and devoted to town residents and visitors,as well as all dairy processors and food producers inorder to popularise healthy lifestyle and organicfood made in Latvia.Jelgavawww.jelgava.lv28.08. 08.09. International SacredMusic FestivalThis Festival is organised by the State Choir“Latvia”, one of the most internationally demandedprofessional choirs in Latvia. Traditionally, theFestival programme includes a new work composedRīgawww.koris.lv19

y Latvian composers, arrival of world-knowncomposers as guests of honour and staging of alarge vocal and symphonic production.30.08. 02.09. Homo Alibi/recycledExperimentalTheatre FestivalFestival will focus on the recycling theme in theatreand offer a programme of performances, shows,discussions and creative workshops dominated bynot only recycled materials but also ideas, skills,words, movements and stories bringing togetherLatvian and foreign artists.Rīgawww.theatre.lvSEPTEMBER08.09. 9.09. White Night White Night offers its visitors to get acquainted withart, theatre, music, movement and other similarprojects. White Night is a part of White NightsEurope, an international project implemented byfive European capitals – Brussels, Madrid, Paris,Rīga and Rome.09.09. Baltic AutocrossChampionshipBoth drivers and spectators from Latvia and otherEuropean countries have always approved ofcompetitions in Mūsa Sports Complex. Apart frombasic classes, spectators will have an opportunity towatch Junior Beta Buggy competition and youth B-600 competition, VAZ Cup and Folkrace Cup.RīgaBauskawww.baltanakts.lvwww.musa.lv14.09. 25.09. Mark RothkoInternational PleinAirThe international plein air is organised inDaugavpils, a city of birth of the world famousartist. Plein air includes intensive creative work,experience exchange and discussions. On 25September, an exhibition of art works created duringthe plein air will be opened in the Exhibition Hall ofDaugavpilshttp://rothkoresidences.lv/index.php?lang=lv20

Daugavpils Regional and Art Museum.15.09. 08.10. Autumn ChamberMusic FestivalThe motto of the Autumn Chamber Music Festivalis tête-à-tête or ‘eye to eye’, emphasizing theintimate atmosphere of chamber music and thespecial dialogue that takes place between theaudience and musicians. For several years now theFestival has been held under the patronage of PēterisVasks, the world famous Latvian composer.Rīgawww.kamermuzika.lv13.09. 23.09. Baltic Pearl FilmFestivalBaltic Pearl is one of the oldest film festivals in theBaltic States introducing cinema professionals andenthusiasts to the films that have won awards in themost significant international film festivals,revealing names of young talents and demonstratingmasterpieces of classical films in a specialprogramme.Rīgawww.balticpearl.lv14.09. 23.09. ArsenālsInternational FilmForumThe aim of the Film Forum is to introduce theaudience to the latest news in cinema world byorganising workshops and lectures and informingabout film production in Latvia and Baltic States.Rīgawww.arsenals.lv24.09. 11th InternationalOrgan MusicFestival at the HolyTrinity Cathedral inLiepājaFestival will allow audiences to get acquainted withthe sounds of the historical organ of Liepāja HolyTrinity Cathedral, which is a national culturalmonument. This organ belongs to the family ofmechanical instruments and still attracts artists’attention and fascinates with saturated, rich andunique sound.Liepājawww.liepajaskultura.lv29.09. Rīga RussianTheatre SeasonOpeningThe new season opening of Mikhail Chekhov RīgaRussian Theatre.29.09. Michaelmas Fair Michaelmas is autumn solstice when the sun turns tothe winter and day and night becomes the sameRīga RussianTheatreRīgawww.trd.lvwww.liveriga.com21

length. It is an important point for a peasant,because major works have already been done andoutside activities have been stopped for a while.Michaelmas takes place during the richest andbrightest season, thus also being a harvest feast.30.09. 10.10. Golden MaskTheatre FestivalAnnual Russian theatre festival offering the bestperformances from all theatre genres. Golden Maskis the Russian National Theatre Award for season’sbest performance, best director, choreographer,conductor, designer and actors.Rīgawww.goldenmask.lvEnd ofSeptemberOctoberInternationalSculptureQuadrennial EventThis is one of the largest such art events in theNorthern Europe taking place every four years.Exhibition, conference and discussions willemphasise border zones, both contacts ofgeographic and political zones and culture andartists’ messages in which art directions and mediaflow into each other.Rīgawww.mmic.lvOCTOBER05.10. 13.10. Sound Forest This festival of untamed and experimental musicand movies reflects the latest in musicalexperimentation. Sound Forest is the meeting placefor artists predicting future of the music and homefor vast diversity of genres. Special atmosphere iscreated by sessions of handpicked untamed urbanand philosophical movies.Rīgawww.skanumezs.lvSecondhalf ofOctoberArena New MusicFestivalContemporary music festival and a forum includingperformances of the latest Latvian music,internationally recognised musicians playing thenew music and world famous composers.Rīgawww.arenafest.lv22

End ofOctoberNight of the JumpFreestyle MotocrossWorldChampionshipTraditional Freestyle Motocross Grand Prix bringstogether world famous motorsports stars fromdifferent countries giving spectators a magnificent,attractive and unforgettable show that can even becalled motocross diving including both sports andshow.Arena Rigawww.arenariga.comNOVEMBER01.11. 20.01.2013 Silver Age.Russian painting.07.11. 11.11. Porta World MusicFestival21.11. 13.02.2013 InternationalWinter MusicFestival“Winterfest”Cooperation project among Latvian, Estonian andLithuanian museums. A wide diversity of Russianworks of art, excellent paintings, sculptures andgraphic works from the middle of the 19th centuryto the early 20th century. Exhibition includes worksreflecting realism, academism as well as other artmovements of the early 20th century.The aim of the Festival is to educate the audienceand musicians, for world music includes manycreative impulses that can turn into surprisingsource of inspiration and information. Programmealso covers films about music created by differentpeople living all over the world, thus providingdeeper insight into diverse cultures.Every year around this time, Herman BraunFoundation organises Winterfest, an internationalwinter music festival. Festival concerts arecharacterised by versatility of genres andparticipation of legendary maestros, famous youngsoloists, chamber ensembles, as well as choirs,period music ensembles, jazz vocal groups andcross-over groups.November Candle Night The Christian Church associates Candle Night witha specific day, i. e., All Saints’ Day for Catholicsand Eternity Sunday for Lutherans. All Saints’ DayArt Museum„RigaBourse”RīgaRīgaThe wholeLatviawww.lnmm.lvwww.festivalporta.lvwww.hbf.lvwww.latvia.travel unwww.liveriga.com23

11.11.------------18.11.------------Remembrance Dayof War Heroes(Lāčplēša diena)Proclamation Dayof the Republic ofLatvia15.11. 18.11. “Staro Rīga”Festival of Lightsis celebrated at the beginning of November. EternitySunday is the Sunday before the First Advent.These are the days when people specificallycommemorate and honour the deceased.On Remembrance Day of War Heroes, people inLatvia light candles in memory of those who diedon 11 November 1919 fighting in the Latvian StateArmy against West Russian Volunteer Army or socalledBermont’s forces and gaining the victory. OnRemembrance Day of War Heroes, homage is paidto the Latvian freedom fighters and National ArmedForces parade is an integral part of theRemembrance Day.Different events take place in Latvia all day long. InRīga, celebration starts with a parade and flowerlayingceremony at the Freedom Monument.Traditionally, the President of the Republic ofLatvia and other senior State officials participate inthis parade. Celebration day in Rīga ends withsplendid fireworks above the River Daugava.Almost one hundred objects in the city will belighted up with the help of modern light and videotechnologies. Both buildings lighted up andmultimedia projections in parks, on multi-storeybuildings and monuments. Light dispels autumndullness and city landscape can be seen in otherdimension.The wholeLatviaThe wholeLatviaRīgawww.latvia.travel unwww.liveriga.comwww.latvia.travel unwww.liveriga.comwww.staroriga.lvDECEMBER07.12. 13.01.2013Christmas treeFestivalFestival of urban design objects by keeping thetraditional Christmas spirit and balancing traditionswith novelties. Rīga – the capital of the firstdecorated Christmas tree.Rīgawww.riga.lv24

02.12 30.12. European Christmas Throughout the December European ChristmasFestival will please the audiences with beautifulconcerts in concert halls and churches of Rīga andother Latvian cities upholding the old Christmasmusic traditions in Europe.14.12. 31.12. “Jarmarka” “Jarmarka” is a place where to see and purchaseunique works made by the students of the ArtAcademy of Latvia. About 300 students from alldepartments take part in “Jarmarka” displaying2.12. 10.01.2013Middle ofDecemberChristmas Market“The Nutcracker”by PeterTschaikovskyapproximately 10,000 new and unseen works of art.Christmas Market will bring pleasure to both oldand young visitors. The smell of mulled wine,roasted almonds, herbal tea and coffee, gingerbread.The peaceful Christmas time, Advent concerts invarious places of the city and cheering ChristmasMarket crowd.“The Nutcracker” is one of the most popularperformances staged in the Latvian National Operaand given both in Latvia and abroad. Set andcostumes have been designed by the famous artist ofRussian origin Alexander Vasilyev from France.The wholeLatviaArt Academyof LatviaOld RīgaLatvianNationalOperawww.eiropasziemassvetki.lvwww.lma.lvwww.LiveRiga.comwww.opera.lv31.12. New Year’s Eve inRīgaRīga dressed up for New Year’s Eve – a greatchoice for celebration! Concerts, markets, winter joyand splendid fireworks at the Freedom Monumenton New Year’s Eve.Rīgawww.liveriga.com25

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