Tishomingo Cemetery


Tishomingo Cemetery

Bickerstaff, Donald Bratton 10/09/1911to 03/27/1986Bickerstaff, Gladys Morgan12/03/1907 to 08/07/1993 andBickerstaff, Thomas T. 01/26/1898 to12/13/1967Bickerstaff, Lawton C. 08/02/1906 to08/08/1983Pvt. US Army WWIIBlack, Clara Jane Kennedy b.03/15/1918 and;Black, Woodrow 07/12/1915 to06/29/1986Blunt, Eufra Owens 06/13/1907 to01/28/1993Boggs, Effie Cagle 1898 to 1969Bolton, Annie Mae 06/28/1912 to05/24/1991 and;Bolton, Claude O. 12/13/1908 to07/05/1952Bolton, Gladys 01/28/1915 to01/31/1993 and;Bolton, Odas A. 01/25/1913Borden, Austin P. 08/03/1899 to07/19/1978 and;Borden, Mary J. 02/24/1909 to05/14/1985Borden, Noonan 07/21/1932 to05/07/1961MS Pvt. 8 Med Ambulance CoBraudaway, Blanche G. 09/15/1906 to04/12/1972 and;Braudaway, William A. (Bill) b.11/06/1907*Brazil, Forrest C. 03/23/1886 to07/18/1957MS Pvt. 3BN REPL TNG and;Brazil, Freddie S. b. 08/30/1908Browning, Henry F. 01/07/1892 to07/17/1971 and;Browning, Mary E. 10/04/1897 to01/03/1975Burns, Ben F. 11/10/1889 to 08/21/1942and;Burns, Mary Jaco 10/06/1890 to01/20/1994Burns, Edward Fay 03/11/1892 to12/11/1978 and;Burns, Eva Finch 09/07/1899 to04/08/1982Burns, Mary Janette 07/13/1933 to09/27/1939Butler, Carlton R. 05/10/1933 to01/27/1974Butler, Elmer B. 01/27/1912 to03/29/1992 and;Butler, Ruby Q. 10/03/1914 to06/12/1967Butler, Henry Lloyd 09/21/1931 to02/01/1996Butler, J. Thomas 05/08/1905 to11/02/1982 and;Butler, Ora Mae 10/09/1907Byram, Morris Everett 1930 to 1971Byram, Thomas Alan 10/22/1961 to09/03/1992Byram, William Lenard 10/17/1902 to09/23/1975

CCagle, Dora L. 11/11/1914 and;Cagle, Johnnie L. 07/08/1918 to07/01/1991Caldwell, Halbert 05/03/1912 to07/09/1979 and;Caldwell, Ruby 1919 to 1984Caldwell, Jimmy 1943 to 1994Campbell, Catherine N. 05/02/1934and;Campbell, John Dortch Jr. 08/05/1913to 08/01/1989Campbell, John Dortch III 07/11/1960to 06/18/1982Carr, B. Gene 06/02/1938 to09/05/1991Carr, Curtis 04/05/1913 to 03/19/1964Carr, Emmett 03/28/1943 and;Carr, Gaye Roden 06/11/1947 to01/10/1980Carr, Margaret Rachell 07/31/1967Carter, Blanche O. 02/17/1902 to07/20/1982 and;Carter, Luther C. 11/24/1898 to02/21/1973Carter, Vaudrey 08/28/1926 to01/18/1988Casper, Lee S. 09/03/1901 to10/17/1983 and;Casper, Mae G. Butler b. 09/19/1908Chambers, Annie L. 04/01/1898 to07/10/1954 and;Chambers, Yancy 03/13/1895 to11/21/1970Champion, Lela (Wush) 07/22/1905 to05/13/1982Clark, J. Garlon 12/27/1916 and;Clark, Maudie Lorene 01/24/1920 to08/16/1989Clark, Julius Edwin 08/18/1898 to06/26/1970 and;Clark, Lela B. Timbes 01/22/194* to08/09/1994Married 12/24/1927Clark, Lester C. 05/30/1908 and;Clark, Lavern O. 07/09/1928 to04/12/1974Clifton, James H. 05/04/1908 to04/08/1986 and;Clifton, Mary L. 10/18/1907 to04/27/1993Coke, Elwa Chestine 11/30/1924 to04/30/1952Cole, George R. 03/19/1918 to09/30/1988S1 USN WWII and;Cole, Zera B. Browning 12/22/1914Cornelius, Fannie G. 02/26/1894 to02/23/1968 and;Cornelius, George E. 11/25/1893 to04/17/1954MS Pvt. Co G 23 rd Inf. WWICornelius, Thomas W. (Web) 1913 to1960 and;Cornelius, Zelma I. (Babe) b. 1915

Crane, Clevis M. 10/09/1912 to07/12/1987TSgt US Army WWII and;Crane, Charline W. 07/08/1930Crane, Delila G. 10/15/1909 to12/31/1982 and;Crane, Victor L. 09/30/1905 to01/04/1983Crane, J. Chambers 04/12/1873 to09/06/1953Crane, L. Viola 03/20/1875 to02/16/1961Crawley, Birdie J. 12/28/1898 to02/20/1969 and;Crawley, Loyd E. 07/29/1893 to03/23/1974MS Pvt. US Army WWIICrow, Claude A. 09/26/1897 to02/23/1983Crow, Doris b. 03/20/1928Crow, Gladys Nash 09/21/1904 to01/31/1966Crow, Hazel H. 06/07/1915 to03/16/1979 and;Crow, William L. 12/21/1918 to03/04/1976Crow, Sidney Myres 01/24/1931 to01/29/1968OK ME 2 US Navy KoreaCrow, Thomas Sidney 02/05/1890 to07/24/1985 and;Crow, Ada May 04/11/1898 to03/08/1971Crowell, Vivian Malcolm 06/28/1908 to01/10/1988DDaniel, Ettie Burns 01/11/1898 to07/25/1951 and;Daniel, Roe 09/20/1890 to 05/08/1977Pvt. US Army WWIDawson, Fannie Pounders 03/11/1903to06/11/1991 and;Dawson, William Leonard 07/02/1906to 05/14/1978Dawson, Fay F. 07/17/1929 and;Dawson, Marilla J. Walker 03/21/1932Dawson, George Wendell 07/13/1935 to11/17/1971 and;Dawson, Peggy Joyce 07/24/1937Dean, Aaron W. 08/03/1914 to06/27/1995US Army WWII and;Dean, Varada C. 05/20/1919Dean, Ange L. 05/26/1876 to11/30/1964 and;Dean, Jim D. 07/14/1874 to 08/27/1957Dean, Dayton H. 11/20/1909 to05/08/1994 and;Dean, Edith M. 01/16/1917 to03/25/1994Dean, Edna 1905 to 1972 and;Dean, Olen E. 1906 to 1992Dean, Frank J. 01/06/1900 to05/21/1992 and:Dean, Leetra W. 08/12/1896 to12/28/1984

Dean, Mary Louverdie 07/31/1899 to01/11/1957Dean, Robert Calvin 02/22/1908 to08/27/1993Dean, Tulon V. 12/14/1919 to11/30/1950MS Sgt Btry B 90 th FA NB WWII &KoreaDean, Verlie Morine 05/05/1914Deaton, Erskin 03/11/1901 to11/27/1973 and;Deaton, Hassie 11/06/1904 to0821/1984Decker, Donald T. No datesDecker, Eva C. No datesDefoors, Aunt Martha 02/09/1876 to03/15/1959Defoors, Uncle Doc 12/25/1874 to06/07/1966Dingler, Diane D. 09/03/1944 and;Dingler Donald R. 07/14/1944 to08/26/1991Dingler, Roy Wallace 07/19/1938 to01/04/1987Dingler, Weatha May Flannigan01/24/1955 to 12/17/1995Durham, Barbara McRae 05/18/1937and;Durham, Charles Ray 08/21/1930 to06/08/1987Durham, Eddie Lee 04/30/1904 and;Durham, Ethel Mae 02/19/1905 to08/30/1993Durham, Noonan R.C. 05/25/1922 to07/01/1978Pvt US Army WWII and;Durham, Edna Ruth 01/25/1925Durham, R.C. 05/25/1922 to07/01/1978*EEaton, Lucy 12/13/1906 to 01/29/1978Died in Battle Creek MichiganEdmondson, Virgil Otha 08/14/1914 to03/19/1992 and;Edmondson, Mattie Fay 08/06/1918Married 07/12/1936Epps, Darline 04/08/1894 to 06/28/1973and;Epps, Omer 01/05/1901 to 11/25/1974FFarris, Albert Washington 07/18/1892to 05/16/1986 and;Farris, Martha Lee Luttrell 08/04/1897to 12/17/1966Farris, Harbon L. 02/21/1916 to08/03/1972 and;Farris, Jewel T. 02/04/1923Farris, Sallie Lee 04/19/1947 and;Farris, Wilmer Ray Jr. 08/09/1943 to08/18/1984Ferrell, Bertha M. 09/12/1913 to01/23/1983 and;Ferrell, Lewis A. 10/02/1909 to03/11/1986

Finch, Cerda 1890 to 1958*Finch, H.G. 1891 to 1967 and;Finch, Verda 1890 to 1958Finch, James Vernon 01/13/1915 to11/17/1921Finch, Maxine 06/23/1918 to07/31/1996 and;Finch, Talmadge E. 10/01/1918 to03/26/1980SSgt. US Army WWIIFloyd, Marie Miller 03/20/1912 and;Floyd, Richard Clarence 12/21/1907 to12/07/1986Flurry, Durward W. 07/09/1918Flurry, Lillian 07/30/1920 to01/25/1982Flurry, Ollie 1900 to 1979 and;Flurry, Wallace 1895 to 1977Fortune, Ella Mae 12/18/1897 to06/28/1993 and;Fortune, Ernest C. 01/17/1888 to11/02/19595Fortune, N.V. 09/05/1861 to06/03/1938Frederck, Cora No dates (Frederick?)Frederick, Ida L. 08/14/1901 to09/15/1987 and;Frederick, Jesse P. 11/12/1900 to01/08/1965Frederick, Kyllie 1921 to 1968 and;Frederick, Sam 1910 to 1995Fugitt, Flora B. 1898 to 1959 and;Fugitt, Roscoe 1890 to 1971Fugitt, Robert C. 07/13/1901 and;Fugitt, Rosa Ella 10/07/1907 to05/19/1966Fuller, Cleo McClung 01/01/1907 to11/28/1994GGardner, A.C. 10/11/1870 to09/18/1952Gardner, Lula Jane 08/26/1872 to05/14/1951Gardner, Orion E. 03/07/1898 to01/05/1936Gardner, R. Clarence 05/17/1919 to02/10/1952 and;Gardner, Vonie Jerden 02/14/1903 to12/31/1946Gardner, Reba Elizabeth 10/14/1900 to05/21/1959Gattis, Christine 1/07/1927 and;Gattis, Wilmer, 04/14/1920 to01/05/1994Gilley, Annie C. 12/28/1898 to05/29/1995Gilley, Ernestine MS Pfc. CO. E 39 thINF. WWIGist, Joseph L. 1887 to 1968 and;Gist, Myrtle T. 1893 to 1973Glasgow, Lou Vertie Owens 03/21/1882to 11/16/1958 and;Glasgow, Word M. 12/01/1878 to10/11/1963

Gober, Elder EB 03/26/1889 to01/28/1977Gober, Harriett 10/25/1889 to08/06/1962Gray, Alvis Odell 04/04/1899 to12/16/1958Gray, Hubert A. 01/08/1912 to10/02/1985 and;Gray, Mary Lee Finch 11/05/1916Gray, Leona Rose 02/15/1900 to08/30/1970Gray, Marshal S. 08/29/1893 to03/03/1961MS Pvt Med. Dept WWI and;Gray, Mary V. 1900 to 1985Greene, Altie B. 06/22/1897 to07/12/1989 and;Greene, O. Bruce 09/18/1895 to09/17/1965Greene, Bloom M. 11/18/1900 to12/23/1972 and;Greene, Ethel P. 11/03/1901 to03/30/1987Greene, Edith b. 02/18/1921 and;Greene, Noonan Weldon 12/10/1921 to08/01/1982Pfc. US Army WWIIHall, John P. 11/04/1919 to 02/02/1985Pfc. US Army WWII and;Hall, Nolene Parker 08/15/1925HHall, Larry 10/05/1942 and;Hall, Polly 04/19/1944Hamilton, John Henry 01/09/1922 to04/29/1961MS S1 USNR WWII and;Hamilton, Juanita 01/29/1926Hamilton, Louise Dawson 05/23/1930to 06/30/1990Hamilton, Sallie 02/17/1887 to10/30/1978 and;Hamilton, Rev. W.C. 06/05/1887 to08/06/1963Hardin, Granvil Lee 08/11/1919 to09/12/1992US Army WWII and;Hardin, Louise G. b. 09/10/1915Married 10/06/1931Hardy, Cleo S. 10/23/1901 to10/14/1968 and;Hardy, Grover A. 08/15/1897 to10/01/1971Henry, Arthur A. 05/29/1892 to07/05/1971 and;Henry, Ella W. 01/17/1899 to02/03/1988Henry, Billie J. 10/18/1929 and;Henry, Howard E. 04/30/1921 to06/22/1995Pfc. US Army WWIIHester, Joseph R. 01/29/1898 to10/20/1979 and;Hester, Ruth I. 12/13/1908 to10/26/1988Hester, Linnie 1896 to 1992 and;Hester, Will 1891 to 1992Hill, Alma C. 1905 to 1975 and;Hill, Herbert A. 1900 to 1984

Hill, Curtis W. 04/07/1908 to07/28/1979 and;Hill, Etta M. 03/09/1915Hill, Herbert JR. 09/05/1931 to01/01/1970 and;Hill, Zora Lee Monroe 08/06/1930Hinkle, Beulah S. 1887 to 1982 and;Hinkle, Billie 1885 to 1979Hinton, Charles 08/26/1953 to08/05/1993Hodgin, Cleborn H. 10/04/1908t o01/14/1983 and;Hodgin, Bernice F. 11/12/1912 to12/18/1991Hodgin, Marget 02/25/1899 to06/06/1974 and;Hodgin, William F. 02/14/1902 to03/01/1983Holley, Era Joe 09/05/126 to 06/08/1927Holley, Jack Homer 04/20/1886 to01/22/1971 and;Holley, Rosie Pearl 01/29/1897 to04/12/1934Holley, Jack Jr. 10/14/1924 to06/28/1925Holley, Malcolm 11/03/1909 and;Holley, Virginia Kennedy 07/22/1913Holman, Hilda Gay Page 11/03/1936 to09/12/1975 and;Holman, Travis Norman 10/18/1929 to12/07/1995Hooper, Mamie F. Bickerstaff09/09/1905 to 11/19/1984 and;Hooper, William Earl 06/20/1909 to12/27/1981Hooper, William Terry 11/21/1939 to11/25/1994House, Audie L. 01/30/1923 to03/14/1982 and;House, Connie J. 04/30/1930Hughes, Ernest C. 09/12/1917 to12/17/1992 and;Hughes, Vetress 06/03/1925Hughes, J.C. 07/04/1925 to 03/12/1978Pfc. US Army WWII and;Hughes, Jane 05/15/1921 to 04/04/1981Hughes, M. Elizabeth 09/23/1898 to11/07/1989Hughes, R. Oscar 09/11/1893 to12/09/1981Hunt, Adrian W. 05/01/1914 to01/22/1985 and;Hunt, Opal M. 07/09/1916 to06/13/1986Hunt, Rosa N. 08/29/1912 and;Hunt, William C. (Dooley) 12/24/1910to 02/18/1992Pvt. US Army Air Corps WWIIIIngram, Charles M. 1891 to 1976 and;Ingram, Doshie L. 1894 to 1986JJohns, Joe Seaph 07/10/1902 to04/17/1969 and;Johns, Kramer L. 08/28/1910 to01/20/1979

KKennedy, Annie Paden 08/07/1894 to09/12/1979 and;Kennedy, Thomas W. 08/16/1893 to11/29/1974Kennedy, Ollie Laverne Rushing09/06/1930 to 06/08/1996King, Juanita Hill No date and;King, William Russell 1917 to 1989King, L. Marvin 11/23/1907 to01/06/1981QMC Co G 6 th Regt. WWII and;King, Merror C. 12/30/1907LLong, Edna Inez 12/03/1913 to01/16/1988Looney, Hester Dean 08/04/1897 to08/06/1952Looney, J.O. 11/26/1855 to 09/26/1918Looney, Mildred B. 06/01/1906 to05/16/1987Looney, Virginia Dean 02/09/1864 to06/02/1953Loveless, Ali B. 10/08/1900 to04/02/1982 and;Loveless, Frank M. 10/11/1891 to01/12/1973Pvt. US Army WWI 1MMarlar, Lela Green 01/01/1915 to06/25/1984 and;Marlar, William H. 03/04/1894 to05/15/1970MS Pvt. Med Dept. WWIIMartin, Altha Palmer 07/09/1912 and;Martin, Robert Cleston 01/10/1911Martin, Doyce L. 05/03/1934 to09/01/1994 and;Martin, Maxine Massengill 10/31/1933Martin, Thomas David 08/02/1957 to04/05/1980McAlister, James A. 03/04/1896 to09/23/1987US Army WWII and;McAlister, Thelma I. 1911 to 1968McClung, Easter 08/19/1912 to12/13/1995 and;McClung, Finis 07/20/1910 to10/13/1989McClung, Eva Dean 06/19/1881 to02/01/1958McClung, J.C. 07/30/1926 to04/13/1968MS Pvt. Co B 82 nd Airborne Div. WWIIMcClung, Joseph N. 08/07/1915 to03/08/1992 and;McClung, Lela Medley 05/18/1924McClung, Luther 07/18/1878 to08/26/1965McClung, May 1905 and;McClung, Tommy D. 1902 to 1959

McClung, Shirley L. 05/13/1923 to08/23/1975 andMcClung, W.S. (Bill) 07/09/1918 to11/18/1980McDougal, Algie M. 10/29/1889 to11/05/1977 and;McDougal, John A. 09/18/1869 to02/05/1953McDougal, Earl 02/02/1925 to09/20/1978Pfc. US Army WWII and;McDougal, Ishbel Medley 10/12/1929McDougal, Loyd C. Sr. 12/13/1885 to01/02/1968McDougal, Ruth T. 07/11/1892 to05/08/1980McDougal, Vera Mae White04/10/1935McGill, Barbara Ann 05/07/1947 to09/04/1986McKinney, E. Gladys 02/10/1915 and;McKinney, Jessie Haskel 09/09/1917 to10/02/1984Pfc. US Army WWIIMcLain, Leo V. Jr. 10/13/1960 to03/31/1961McLain, Leo V. Sr. 1909 to 1979 and;McLain, Vera E. 1917McNatt, Frances R. 12/26/1932 and;McNatt, H.H. (Bill) 05/12/1928McRae, Dayton W. 10/21/1910 to01/10/1996 and;McRae, Margaret Terry 04/24/1917 to09/27/1985McRae, Jewell Mann 06/04/1916 to08/23/1974 and;McRae, Kendall T. 08/30/1916 to05/29/1975Meeks, Homer No dates and;Meeks, Millie No datesMeeks, Isaac A. 08/10/1887 to06/05/1974 and;Meeks, Verdie B. 04/04/1891 to01/02/1972Morgan, David Deaton 03/05/1960 to03/06/1960Morgan, Jesse 02/28/1877 to07/28/1953 and;Morgan, Nella 06/09/1879 to07/16/1970NNagle, Millard Patrick 05/30/1887 to09/10/1977 and;Nagle, Sally Emily 06/26/1883 to11/20/1963Nash, Beulah M. 1887 to 1963Nash, James W. 1875 to 1952Nash, Julia S. 1880 to 1968Nash, Roy O. 07/01/1907 to 11/26/1984Nash, Willis N. 1887 to 1965Nettles, Lizzie Young 11/23/1895 to01/31/1981 and;Nettles, W.R. 05/17/1884 to 10/05/1962Nixon, James Fred Sr. 03/31/1874 to09/09/1954 and;

Nixon, Pearl Jourdan 08/11/1884 to10/17/1975Nixon, Oscar L. 07/20/1887 to06/21/1962Norris, Ericka Lee 11/22/1979 to02/13/1980Wooden MarkerNorton, George Herman 09/17/1920 to10/30/1976 and;Norton, George Thomas 11/03/1955 to03/26/1959Nunley, Carlee 03/01/1926 and;Nunley, Treman 08/28/1924 to02/25/1994US Navy WWIINunley, Lester L. 09/01/1909 and;Nunley, Dora Turner 09/20/1909 to09/23/1921Nunley, Elmon 03/19/1906 to09/02/1988 and;Nunley, Jessie H. 03/19/1906 to09/02/1988Nunley, Francis Olean 03/15/19035 to11/21/1990Nunley, Thomas J. 07/20/1958 to06/04/1991OO`Neal, J.D. (Dock) 02/11/1900 and;O`Neal, Grace (Polly) 07/28/1914 to03/07/1975Orick, Ed 12/02/1903 to 09/18/1983and;Orick, Eva B. 05/18/1915 to 02/01/1993Orick, Penny Ann 08/19/1959 to06/20/1971Ozbirn, Lillie 1896 to 1958 and;Osbirn, Maronia 1892 to 1966Owens, Arden 1879 to 1955 and;Owens, Mattie 1879 to 1956Owens, Arkie J. 1908 and;Owens, Auburn E. 1904 to 1957Owens, Bessie Burns 08/23/1894 to03/27/1985 and;Owens, Luther 12/06/1891 to02/25/1970Owens, Cleo 03/29/1913 to 07/13/1991Owens, Oliver Elsworth 03/31/1877 to06/07/1961 and;Owens, Rausie Lee 05/25/1883 to04/10/1975PPace, Ira G. 03/31/1895 to 12/14/1974and;Pace, Minnie B. 08/07/1896 to01/20/1969Paden, Clarence N. 09/23/1907 to01/14/1956 and;Paden, Nellie M. 04/11/1908Paden, Cleo 10/11/1907 to 07/30/1987and;Paden, Herman 07/29/1905 to12/05/1957Paden, Colus 05/14/1904 to 06/19/1977and;Paden, Mae 02/13/1909

Page, Harold Junior 03/25/1926 to03/28/1963MS S1 USNR WWIIParker, Audry 03/23/1906 to02/23/1987 and;Parker, Ester 04/22/1899 to 05/10/1971Parker, Tilman 11/22/1928 to02/26/1979Parrish, Fred L. 1900 to 1969Patterson, Justin B. 04/04/1918 to10/19/1984 and;Patterson, Minnie Lee McClung03/14/1924Payne, Frankie Maxine No dates and;Payne, Jameson Harold 02/20/1923 to08/18/1987Phillips, Lorena Nash 03/29/1912 to03/09/1987Phillips, William Hoyt (Bill) 01/20/1969to 10/27/1991Son of Jim & Susie PhillipsPippin, Eulous 01/30/1911 to04/13/1979 and;Pippin, Gladys Tucker 09/21/1912 to08/20/1973Pruitt, Arebell 01/31/1926 and;Pruitt, Velon V. 02/03/19212 to12/04/1985Pvt. 1 st Class US Army WWIIRReno, Mildred A. 02/23/1920 to10/27/1984 and;Reno, Willard D. 03/22/1917Reno, W.L. 02/03/1894 to 08/04/1991and;Reno, Willie E. 09/07/1893 to11/26/1976Reno, Willard Tom 08/08/1935 to02/01/1988Reynolds, Fannie W. 07/28/1887 to08/13/1979 and;Reynolds, W. Ned 04/01/1883 to09/21/1972Rhodes, Franklin B. 09/28/1907 to05/22/1959 and;Rhodes, Thelma Reynolds 09/28/1907to 05/22/1959Riddle, Bessie K. 04/04/1911 to02/10/1973 and;Riddle, Roy E. 09/06/1911 to04/01/1980Rosser, Steven Joseph 06/01/1972 to11/11/1972Rushing, Esther B. 1902 to 1995 and;Rushing, Lee W. (Wister) 01/08/1895 to09/14/1971MS Pfc. Med. Dept. WWIRushing, Leonard H. 01/17/1906 to02/04/1982 and;Rushing, Liza Q. b. 08/14/1911Married 01/17/1927Rust, James H. b. 07/05/1915 and;Rust, Shelby J. b. 03/14/1941SSappington, Ada 08/11/1893 to10/11/1972 and;Sappington, James Oscar 02/02/1889 to10/09/1980

Sappington, Colie G. 01/04/1901 to09/22/1982 and;Sappington, Reba E. 08/07/1920 to09/27/1978Sappington, Lois Pat 06/19/1919 to11/16/1994Pvt. US ArmySavage, Jim 1873 to 1958 and;Savage, Maude 1882 to 1961Seaph, Joe 07/10/1902 to 04/17/1969and;Seaph, Kramer L. 08/28/1910Shook, Johnny B. 02/18/1919 to11/11/1963Short, Havis Owens 07/04/1910 to01/22/1988 and;Short, William Clayton 10/15/1909 to03/01/1995Sipes, Freida Eaton 10/03/1930 and;Sipes, James H. 12/28/1925Slack, Glen Chlims 10/10/1915 to10/09/1964MS Pvt. US Army WWIISlack, John W. 04/18/1888 to09/24/1963 and;Slack, Pearl P. 10/14/1892 to08/29/1970Married 11/08/1912Slack, Oma 12/22/1911 and;Slack, Thomas Calvin 04/27/1905 to12/07/1979Smith, Clovis Allen 08/18/1904 to05/27/1989 and;Smith, Zelma May 12/28/1909 to05/29/1993Smith, Emma L. 04/15/1897 to05/16/1976 and;Smith, Henry B. 01/18/1892 to08/08/1976Smith, Harold 05/22/1921 and;Smith, Quay L. 10/05/1929 to09/21/1960Smith, William W. 03/27/1919 to02/10/1952MS TSgt 204 th Ord. Bomb Disp. Sq.WWII BMS PHSouth, Charles Melvin 01/09/1915 to01/24/1982 and;South, Vera Mae 05/22/1916 to09/23/1992Southward, Dulsie L. Bickerstaff10/17/1890 to 10/05/1966 and;Southward, John O. Sr. 09/21/1888 to11/04/1952Southward, Herbert O. 02/20/1909 to03/10/1985 and;Southward, Ora P. 02/20/1907 to05/28/1990Southward, Pearl 1890 to 1976 and;Southward, Tom 1882 to 1963Spence, A. Grover 09/24/1914 and;Spence, Emma Hardy 10/09/1919 to10/29/1984Stephens, Alvis 01/08/1918 to10/04/1973Stephens, Bea 09/17/1915Stephens, Cloe (Toni) 06/30/1935 and;Stephens, Leland D. 11/05/1924

Stephens, Coleman 02/27/1915 to07/26/1967Stephens, W. Scott 04/09/1911Storment, Altie E. 06/02/1903 to11/06/1982 and;Storment, Craig 1884 to 1970Storment, Charles D. 06/06/1942 to02/20/1995Storment, Esther 1885 to 1957Storment, Ezekiel C. 10/31/1900 to11/11/1959Storment, Rufus L. 10/07/1932 to10/29/1980Strickland, E.W. (PRO) 06/30/1927 to09/02/1983 and;Strickland, Joy Neal 01/27/1931Strickland, Neutrne Deaton 10/31/1925and;Strickland, R.C. 11/22/1922 to04/02/1992Cpl US Marines Corps WWIISweat, Buster 1918 and;Sweat, Earlene 1922 to 1956TTaylor, Amye Gray 03/15/1910 to09/04/1968 and;Taylor, Gilly 07/06/1907 to 02/11/1977Taylor, Billie Ray 06/17/1929 to07/30/1970MS TSgt. US Army KoreaTaylor, Thomas E. 09/09/1905 to01/22/1975 and;Taylor, Vera O. 02/18/1907 to12/21/1980Tennyson, Mary 11/24/1920 to04/24/1995Throne, Hoyt L. 09/11/1948Thorne, Joe L. 02/20/1953Thorne, Percy Lee 02/27/1909 to04/20/1989 and;Thorne, Reba Nunley 10/18/1914Timbes, Amos A. 02/04/1924 to01/21/1984Timbes, Audrey G. 01/13/1898 to11/04/1988Timbes, Columbus A. 04/21/1872 to03/14/1957 and;Timbes, Lura Nixon 03/03/1877 to07/29/1965Timbes, Douglas 08/30/1922 and;Timbes, Effie F. 12/19/1922Married 07/28/1973Timbes, Harmon Odell 09/29/1898 to09/24/1973 and;Timbes, Artie Grimes 09/06/1901Married 03/11/1923Timbes, John 09/22/1895 to 09/15/1960Tribble, Ivan 11/15/1888 to 08/15/1955and;Tribble, Rosie 03/04/1904 to08/01/1965Trimm, Charles L. 11/27/1896 to12/01/1961 and;Trimm, Annie J. 04/14/1897 to02/12/1988

Trimm, James Clytus 01/12/1907 to01/18/1966Trimm, John R. 08/19/1900 to02/14/1989 and;Trimm, Sadie 03/14/1902 to 01/23/1953and;Trimm, Ila Tucker 12/02/1917Tucker, C. Gladys 08/19/1907 to12/31/1987 and;Tucker, James L. 08/22/1903 to04/28/1984Tucker, George Lovell 01/03/1916 to06/09/1992Pvt. US Army WWII and;Tucker, Martha Evelyn Enlow11/08/1917Tucker, George W. 12/24/1885 to12/14/1964 and;Tucker, Mary A. 01/27/1891 to03/25/1964Turner, Maston R. 1907 to1987 and;Turner, Violet E. 1910 to 1967UUnderwood, Arch Blunt 05/17/1924 to06/01/1994US NavyUnderwood, Ercell Blunt 11/05/1900 to01/15/1985 and;Underwood, John Oren Sr. 11/26/1894to 08/22/1974Cpl US ArmyUnderwood, John Oren Jr. 02/14/1920to 05/03/1972TSgt US Air Force WWIIVVickers, Leo Cobb 07/25/1915 to07/12/1958 and;Vickers, Lucille Nash 09/24/1918 to05/20/1980WWaddell, Ethel Hinkle 08/08/1925 and;Waddle, William T. 08/03/1920 to08/21/1995Waldrep, Noonan Cayce (DR)12/21/1876 to 08/19/1957 and;Waldrep, Carrie Burns 02/23/1886 to02/09/1951Walker, Earl Dean 04/10/1927 to12/12/1970Walker, Gilbert S. 02/12/1887 to12/16/1973Pvt. US ArmyWalker, Harold Odell 08/19/1922 to04/27/1996Walls, Ruby D. 05/24/1919 to01/26/1994Ward, Andy F. 03/20/1897 to09/07/1983 and;Ward, Sally Flurry 01/05/1898 to12/26/1978Ward, Bevin O. 10/21/1917 to01/20/1994Cpl US Army WWII and;Ward, Lettress Crow 04/10/1920Watkins, Nathan Jeffery 11/14/1983 to11/14/1983

Weathers, Minnie Jane 01/02/1903 to07/03/1986Weathers, Wilfred Paul 08/07/1904 to08/23/1986Weaver, John Roberts 09/30/1896 to05/27/1984Pvt. US Army WWII and;Weaver, Emma S. 08/01/1901 to11/15/1994Married 06/1919Welch, Rhonda Gayle 11/16/1954 to11/10/1995West, Billie C. 09/04/1925 to 1/10/1996West, Eliga B. 1901 to 1963West, Hazel L. 1908Whitehead, Lonzo 06/15/1902 to05/04/1971 and;Whitehead, Hester 05/27/1902 to10/25/1984Whitehead, Ray (Max) 01/05/1934 and;Whitehead, Betty Ann 09/09/1936 to08/28/1993Whitlock, Kimberly Brook 08/09/1975to 11/04/1984Daughter of Paul & Phyllis WhitlockWildes, Amy Cellyn 11/07/1977 to06/22/1995Daughter of Margaret UnderwwodWiley, Rilla Ruth Trimm 01/04/1933and;Wiley, Robert L. 03/12/1931 to01/12/1980Williams, Bonnie Sue 11/29/1930 and;Williams, Clarence A. 01/27/1928Woodruff, William b. 05/10/1925 and;Woodruff, Vilene b. 07/19/1927Married 01/26/1946YYarbrough, Ermie West 10/09/1910and;Yarbrough, Lucian R. 01/31/1905 to12/03/1992Young, Betty S. 10/28/1935 and;Young, Harold W. 10/22/1937 to07/18/1990Young, D.J. 02/28/120 to 11/10/1990and;Young, Lester F. 06/21/1922 to12/07/1985Young, Emma **/11/1894 to01/18/1977 and;Young, Frank 03/04/1889 to 11/04/1962*Cited from Biggs & Barnes CemeteryBook1. Footnote reads 10/08/1891 to01/10/1973Wilemon, M. Elton 02/07/1902 to11/12/1981 and;Wilemon, Mary L. 08/12/1909 to04/02/1996

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