ASC 09 Dortmund GFOS Cup 2013 - Hombrucher SV 09/72 eV
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ASC 09 Dortmund GFOS Cup 2013 - Hombrucher SV 09/72 eV

Am, denBeginn: 13:00 Uhr Spielzeit: 1 x 12:00 min Pause: 02:00 minI. Teilnehmende MannschaftenGruppe AGruppe B1. ASC 09 11. VfR Sölde 22. SV Brackel 06 2 2. Wambeler SV 23. SuS Kaiserau 2 3. Hombrucher SV 44. SC Husen Kurl 4. SV Berghofen5. SC Dorstfeld 095. Hasper SV 1Gruppe C1. ASC 09 22. Hörder SC 23. SuS Kaiserau 44. TuSpo Richrath5. Lüner SVII. Spielplan VorrundeNr.1234567891011121314151617181920ASC 09 Dortmund GFOS Cup 20131212121212121212121 1 C22223 1 DFußball Kleinfeldturnier für D-Junioren-Mannschaften- SV Brackel 06 2:- SuS Kaiserau 2:- Wambeler SV 2:- Hombrucher SV 4:- Hörder SC 2:- SuS Kaiserau 4:13:42 VfR Sölde 1 - VfB Lünen 08 2:Geisecker SV - Hombrucher SV 1:13:56 SC Dorstfeld 09 - ASC 09 1:13:56 SV Brackel 06 2 - SC Husen Kurl:14:10 Hasper SV 1 - VfR Sölde 2:B 14:10 Wambeler SV 2 - SV Berghofen:C 14:24 Lüner SV - ASC 09 2:14:24 Hörder SC 2 - TuSpo Richrath:D 14:38 Hasper SV 2 - VfR Sölde 1:14:38 VfB Lünen 08 2 - Geisecker SV:A 14:52 SuS Kaiserau 2 - SC Dorstfeld 09:A 14:52 SC Husen Kurl - ASC 09 1:24 2 D 15:3415:06 Hombrucher SV 4 - Hasper SV 1:- VfR Sölde 2:15:20 SuS Kaiserau 4 - Lüner SV:15:20SonntagASC 09 1TuSpo Richrath15:34 Hombrucher SV 1Geisecker SV23.06.2013im Aplerbecker Waldstadion an der Schwerter Strasse 238Platz212Grp.AABBCCDDAABCDBCBeginn13:0013:0013:1413:1413:2813:2813:42SC Husen KurlVfR Sölde 2SV BerghofenASC 09 2TuSpo RichrathB 15:06 SV BerghofenGruppe D1. VfR Sölde 12. VfB Lünen 08 23. Hombrucher SV 14. Geisecker SV5. Hasper SV 2SpielpaarungErgebnis- ASC 09 2:- Hasper SV 2:- VfR Sölde 13-06-23-GFOS-D-Junioren 1&4 Turnierspielplan.xls 1 von 3

New Code of ConductIt was confirmed that the new Code of Conduct had now been adopted.Police Liaison ReportMr McCraith asked how the Police Neighbourhood Panel meeting had gone. MrBarnes, who had attended the event, said that it appeared from the meeting thatFoxton suffered less than other panel villages from crime. However, since themeeting there had been several burglaries in West Hill Road, and these had all beenreported to the police: patio doors had been the main means of entry and all theburglaries had taken place when the owners were asleep upstairs.Mr Barnes confirmed that he would be attending the South Cambs Crime andDisorder Partnership Community Safety event to be held on 25 th September.PARISH PLAN REPORTMr Allars reported as follows:An application form for a Parish and Towns Plan Grant had been prepared: copieswere distributed and the responses checked.An article had been printed in “The Laurentian” inviting parishioners to take part inthe project, with only one response. However, Tessa Howell had given Mr Allarssome useful contacts. It was hoped to send off the application form some time in thenext two weeks. Unfortunately, until there was a response to the application, nofurther action could be taken.The next major step would be the production of a questionnaire and Mr Lawrence hadbeen approached about printing these. Mr Allars mentioned that the Meldrethquestionnaire for its Parish Plan had run to 22 pages. The target date for completionof the project was March 2009.Mr McCraith asked whether there would be a public meeting and Mr Allars confirmedthat one would be held.The clerk asked how much time volunteers for the project would need to spend on it.Mr Allars said that in the early stages, when the questionnaire was being dealt with, itwas likely to be about 4-5 hours per month. He said that it was hoped that theresponses to the questionnaire would be collected in July/August 2008.The clerk agreed to pass a copy of the Cambridgeshire ACRE Housing Needs surveyto Mr Allars. Mr McCraith confirmed that he would be happy to support the project.Dr Oakley thanked Mr Allars for his report.--------------------Before moving to the next agenda item, Dr Oakley told councillors that he had beenadvised by CALC that, if the committees were replaced by working parties, thesecould include members of the public and there would be no need to advertise themeetings as open to the public. All councillors agreed that this would be moreconvenient and that the committees would now be known as Working Parties. It wasagreed that if important issues arose the public would be invited to attend a meeting44

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