Field Trip Planner - National Constitution Center
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Field Trip Planner - National Constitution Center


Civic CalendarCelebrate Civic Holidays at the National Constitution CenterLooking for a great day to come to the Center? We offer the nation’s best civicholiday celebrations with fun, educational programs and activities for students!September 2012Su M Tu W Th F Sa12 3 4 5 6 7 89 10 11 12 13 14 1516 17 18 19 20 21 2223 24 25 26 27 28 2930October 2012Su M Tu W Th F Sa1 2 3 4 5 67 8 9 10 11 12 1314 15 16 17 18 19 2021 22 23 24 25 26 2728 29 30 31November 2012Su M Tu W Th F Sa1 2 34 5 6 7 8 9 1011 12 13 14 15 16 1718 19 20 21 22 23 2425 26 27 28 29 30December 2012Su M Tu W Th F Sa12 3 4 5 6 7 89 10 11 12 13 14 1516 17 18 19 20 21 2223 24 25 26 27 28 2930 31January 2013Su M Tu W Th F Sa1 2 3 4 56 7 8 9 10 11 1213 14 15 16 17 18 1920 21 22 23 24 25 2627 28 29 30 31February 2013African American History MonthSu M Tu W Th F Sa1 23 4 5 6 7 8 910 11 12 13 14 15 1617 18 19 20 21 22 2324 25 26 27 28March 2013Women’s History MonthSu M Tu W Th F Sa1 23 4 5 6 7 8 910 11 12 13 14 15 1617 18 19 20 21 22 2324 25 26 27 28 29 3031April 2013Su M Tu W Th F Sa1 2 3 4 5 67 8 9 10 11 12 1314 15 16 17 18 19 2021 22 23 24 25 26 2728 29 30May 2013Su M Tu W Th F Sa1 2 3 45 6 7 8 9 10 1112 13 14 15 16 17 1819 20 21 22 23 24 2526 27 28 29 30 31June 2013Su M Tu W Th F Sa12 3 4 5 6 7 89 10 11 12 13 14 1516 17 18 19 20 21 2223 24 25 26 27 28 2930July 2013Su M Tu W Th F Sa1 2 3 4 5 67 8 9 10 11 12 1314 15 16 17 18 19 2021 22 23 24 25 26 2728 29 30 31August 2013Su M Tu W Th F Sa1 2 34 5 6 7 8 9 1011 12 13 14 15 16 1718 19 20 21 22 23 2425 26 27 28 29 30 31call 215.409.6800 or

Constitution Day: 225th Anniversary CelebrationSeptember 17, 2012(Observed September 15 to 23, 2012)The U.S. Constitution is celebrating its milestone225th anniversary, and there’s no better place tohonor this historic event than the National ConstitutionCenter! Join us at the Center for festive programs andevents or in your classroom for engaging, interactivewebcasts and online activities.Election DayNovember 6, 2012Voting is one of our most important rights andresponsibilities as Americans. Visit the Center onElection Day to learn about America’s democracy andsee it in action during the presidential election.Veterans DayNovember 8, 2012: Student Programs and Career FairNovember 11, 2012: Wreath Laying andMemorial ObservancesHonor the men and women who have served ourcountry to provide for the common defense. TheCenter will host a wreath-laying ceremony, militarybands, readings, and many more events salutingour veterans.Thanksgiving WeekendNovember 23 to 25, 2012Did you know that Thanksgiving was first proclaimedby President George Washington, and later byPresident Abraham Lincoln? Visit the Center as weexplore the history of the Thanksgiving holiday andhost a cornucopia of fun fall activities.Bill of Rights DayDecember 15, 2012After the Constitution was ratified, the Bill of Rightswas added to ensure many of the liberties we enjoytoday. Join us to celebrate freedom of speech, religion,and other important rights provided to us by the first10 amendments.Inauguration DayJanuary 21, 2013Join us as we explore the history of presidentialinaugurations and watch the elected president takethe oath written in Article II: to preserve, protectand defend the Constitution.Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of ServiceJanuary 21, 2013Honor the legacy of one of America’s most celebratedcitizens by participating in service activities, includinga quilting project to benefit a local women’s shelter.Free admission sponsored byAfrican American History MonthFebruary 2013Join us at the Center all month long as we payhomage to the accomplishments of AfricanAmericans throughout our nation’s history.What is aCivic Holiday?Civic holidays are occasionsto commemorate America’shistory and celebrate ourrights and responsibilitiesas citizens.Presidents Day WeekendFebruary 16 to 18, 2013Get to know our country’s commanders in chiefand the important role of the executive branch.Women’s History MonthMarch 2013All month long, the Center is recognizing extraordinaryAmerican women throughout our history.Tax DayApril 15, 2013The Center can help you make sense of the nation’sdollars and cents as we examine the history andsignificance of taxation.Earth DayApril 22, 2013It’s the duty of every active citizen to help preservethe environment. As part of our Earth Day celebration,you’ll learn about green pioneers like PresidentTheodore Roosevelt and First Lady Claudia Alta“Lady Bird” Johnson.Memorial Day WeekendMay 25 to 27, 2013Honor those who gave their lives in service toour Constitution with flag-raising ceremoniesand patriotic programming.Flag DayJune 14, 2013Explore the heritage of the American flag, discoverthe proper way to handle it, and learn about someof the most famous flags in history.Independence Day CelebrationJuly 2 to 7, 2013There’s no better place to celebrate freedom thanHistoric Philadelphia, the birthplace of America’sdemocracy! The Center offers six days of Fourthof July programming for all ages, including are-created Revolutionary War encampment, crafts,and patriotic music.Can’t visit us? Celebrate a civic holiday inyour classroom! See page 5.For more information, visit

Freedom is calling.ANSWER IT AT THE MUSEUM OF “WE THE PEOPLE”Philadelphia’s Premier Field Trip DestinationWhy teachers and students love it here:An immersive, interactive museum experiencebrings the story of “We the People” to life forstudents of all agesHands-on exhibits, dynamic live performances,and innovative activities engage and educateExpert staff make it fun to learn about theConstitution, American history, and civicsWe present the best civic holiday celebrationsat the Center and in the classroomClassroom materials and lesson plans areavailable before, during, and after your visitStandards-based civic education programsconnect the Constitution with your curriculumAbout the National Constitution Center:The first and only nonprofit, nonpartisan museumand civic education headquarters devoted to theU.S. Constitution and its legacy of freedomLocated steps from the Liberty Bell andIndependence Hall in Historic PhiladelphiaA must-see attraction that has been visited bymany famous individuals including PresidentsBarack Obama, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clintoncall 215.409.6800 or

VOTE FOR IT. Election 2012Exhibits, programs, and activities that putstudents in the center of the election actionCELEBRATE IT. The Constitution’s225th AnniversaryFestive events and educational resources tohelp you meet your Constitution Day requirementsTUNE IN TO IT. Constitution Hall PassGet the schedule of our webcast and live chatseries that’s a hit with educators nationwideEXPLORE IT. The Main ExhibitionHands-on exhibits, stirring theatrical performances,and 42 bronze Founding Fathers—plus, all theways you can enhance your experienceDISCOVER IT. Feature ExhibitionsThe Center presents the world premiere of AmericanSpirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition and spotlightsan extraordinary year with The 1968 ExhibitDIVE INTO IT. Themed Museum PackagesGet an in-depth perspective on a specificconstitutional topic with our popular themed programsBRING IT. Traveling History and Civics ProgramLet us take our museum programs to your schoolPLEDGE TO IT. Scout Troop ScoopScout Day info and a special exhibition honoring100 years of Girl ScoutingTEACH IT. Educator ResourcesLearning opportunities and museumopen houses exclusively for educatorsANSWER IT. Booking BasicsMuseum hours, reservation details,chaperone policy and more useful infoBE A PART OF IT. Itineraries andPlanning WorksheetA helpful guide to planning your field tripFold out the frontcover for a handycivic holiday schedule!1

See the democratic process in action! Students canexplore the key issues of the 2012 election and learneverything that goes into a presidential campaign,from announcement to inauguration.AT THE CENTER5 New Ways to Engage Your StudentsFree with admission1. Election HQYour first stop to get informed on the candidates,featuring news updates, campaign commercials,gumball polls, and voter registration2. Election CentralNew voting booth exhibit, powered by ElectNext,features interactive technology that matches you withthe candidates who share your views on the issues3. The History of ElectionsLearn about past presidential elections throughtrivia games, political cartoons, and rare artifacts4. Election 2012 Exhibition GuidesPick up one of these great new guides, whichlead you through your experience with lots of funactivities along the way5. Address America: Your Six-Word Stump SpeechStep up to iPad stations in our main exhibition toshare your election priorities—in just six wordsIn collaboration with SMITH Magazine,home of the Six-Word Memoir® projectThis project was supported by theInternational Coalition of Sites of ConscienceNovember 6, 2012Celebrate this civic holidayall day long with engagingeducational programs andactivities!Themed Museum Program:Destination White HouseExplore the ins and outs of a presidential campaign,from building a platform to naming a candidate tocreating persuasive and memorable campaign ads.You also can bring Destination White House to yourschool through our Traveling History and CivicsProgram; see page 14.For pricing and information, contact 215.409.6800or groupsales@constitutioncenter.orgIN THE CLASSROOMConstitution Hall Pass: The PresidencyWebcast with live chat: September 10-23live chat on weekdays only7 a.m. to 6 p.m. ESTTune in to the NEW Constitution Day episode of theNational Constitution Center’s free webcast andlive chat that’s a hit with students and teachersnationwide. All you need is an internet connectionto participate! Just in time for the 2012 election,this engaging, interactive lesson traces thehistory of the American presidency and features aspecial introduction by ABC News anchor GeorgeStephanopoulos—former adviser and communicationsdirector for President Bill Clinton. Join constitutionalexperts and the Center’s education staff to explorewhy it was important for our young nation to have anexecutive branch, and why nevertheless some peoplewere worried about giving it too much power. We’llalso take a trip to a very special location in America’spresidential history. We’ll be hailing to the chief as wering in the Constitution’s 225th anniversary!Visit America: Your Six-Word Stump SpeechOur online activities and lesson plans willinspire students to learn about election stumpspeeches throughout history—and try their handat writing their own!Visit addressamerica.constitutioncenter.orgcall 215.409.6800 or emailgroupsales@constitutioncenter.org2 CONSTITUTIONCENTER.ORG

Constitution Day 2012AT THE CENTERCelebrate the 225th Anniversary ofAmerica’s Founding Document!In 2012, the National Constitution Center is serving asthe national headquarters of the Constitution’s 225thanniversary. The commemoration culminates with ourbest Constitution Day celebration to date.There’s no better place to mark this milestoneoccasion while you fulfill your Constitution Dayeducation requirements.Free festivities on Constitution Day,September 17, 2012:Join in a public reading of the Constitution withPresidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln,and Theodore RooseveltWelcome new citizens at a naturalization ceremonyHonor a distinguished American who will beinducted into our American National Tree exhibitParticipate in printing and craft activities as wellas live, interactive educational programsCelebrate with a slice of 225th anniversary cakeSign our giant anniversary Constitution andmuch more!Additional programs from September 10 to 23IN THE CLASSROOMConstitution DaySeptember 17, 2012Constitution Hall Pass: The PresidencyWebcast with live chat:September 10 to 23, 20127 a.m. to 6 p.m. ESTlive chat on weekdays onlyConstitution Day Civic Education KitTeach your students about America’sfounding document. Our kit includes:Activities designed for elementary,middle, and high school studentsThe “To Sign or Not to Sign” lessonon the importance of taking a standA 31" x 55" laminated ConstitutionConstitution Hall Pass educational DVDVisit is the presenting sponsor of the National ConstitutionCenter’s Constitution Day activities, educational materials andfree admission to the general public on September 17, 2012,in celebration of the 225th Anniversary of the 215.409.6800 or emailgroupsales@constitutioncenter.org4 CONSTITUTIONCENTER.ORG

Constitution Hall Pass bringsConstitution Day to your classroomNew episode: Constitution Hall Pass: The PresidencyWebcast with live chat: September 10 to 23, 20127 a.m. to 6 p.m. ESTlive chat on weekdays onlyMeet your Constitution Day education requirementby tuning in to our popular webcast ConstitutionHall Pass—viewed by over two million studentson Constitution Day last year!You won’t want to miss this year’s NEW episode,Constitution Hall Pass: The Presidency, featuringa special introduction by ABC News anchor GeorgeStephanopoulos. Just in time for Election 2012,we’ll journey through the history of the Americanpresidency. Learn why it was important for our youngnation to have an executive branch and why somecitizens were worried about giving the president toomuch power. We’ll be hailing to the chief as we ringin the Constitution’s 225th anniversary.WHAT ISProduced by the National ConstitutionCenter, Constitution Hall Pass is a free,fun, and fascinating webcast and live chatseries. Give your students a “hall pass”to explore America’s civic holidays andconstitutional history! All you need is aninternet connection to participate.For information and to view,visit!History of ThanksgivingLive chat: November 12 to 21, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. ESTlive chat on weekdays onlyDiscover the real story of the first Thanksgivingand how the day became a national holiday duringthe Civil War.Bill of RightsLive chat: December 10 to 14, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. ESTExplore the compelling story of our Constitution’s firstten amendments, from James Madison’s efforts tocompile a list of essential freedoms, through the yearswhen the document’s provisions were seldom applied,to present-day court cases that impact all Americans.Prohibition and the Amendment ProcessLive chat: January 16, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. ESTIn conjunction with our world-premiere exhibitionAmerican Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition, thisnew episode reveals the twists and turns it took tocreate (and eventually repeal) the 18th Amendment.Dollars and SenseLive chat: April 15, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. ESTLearn how the Constitution was amended to allowthe federal government to impose an income tax,and learn where those tax dollars go today.NEW!NEW!Missed an episode? Don’t worry; archived episodesof Constitution Hall Pass are always available’s Gone Green: The Story of Earth DayLive chat: April 22, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. ESTIn this popular episode, we explore the history of theenvironmental movement in the United States and theorigins of the holiday we know as Earth Day.Constitution Day 2013: The Legislative BranchLive chat: Sept. 9 to 20, 2013, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. ESTCelebrate Constitution Day and fulfill your constitutionaleducation requirement – with Constitution Hall Pass!The Center’s interactive webcast returns with a look athow laws are made in the United States. Join our hoston a journey through lawmaking bodies of the past andpresent and visit historic sites that bring the story ofthe legislative branch to life!Want more? Even moreepisodes are availableon our website.5

Freedom RisingSigners’ HallThe Story of We the People6 CONSTITUTIONCENTER.ORG

NEW!Our 3 signature attractions bring the story of“We the People” to life for your students througha fully immersive, interactive experience.Freedom RisingIn the Kimmel TheaterYou’ll start your visit with this inspiring, 17-minutejourney from America’s founding to the present day.Freedom Rising is a multimedia theatrical productionwith 360-degree projection, dynamic sound andlighting, and an engaging live actor who narratesthe American quest for freedom.Freedom Rising is underwritten in part through agenerous grant from the F. M. Kirby Foundation.Signers’ HallOne of the Center’s most iconic attractions, Signers’Hall invites your students to sign the Constitutionalongside 42 life-size, bronze statues of the FoundingFathers present on September 17, 1787.The Story of We the PeopleIn the Richard and Helen DeVos Exhibit HallThrough hands-on, cutting-edge exhibits and a rotatingcollection of rare artifacts, The Story of We the Peopleguides students through milestones in our nation’shistory and reveals how the U.S. Constitution is asimportant today as it was 225 years ago. What’s more,students can take part in free, engaging activities ledby our education staff.Highlights:Powered by ElectNext, our new voting boothexhibit features innovative technology thatmatches you with candidates who shareyour views on the issuesView a rare copy of the EmancipationProclamationWatch yourself on a projection screen asyou recite the Presidential Oath of OfficeTake a seat in a genuine, 20th-century jury boxCheck out Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’sSupreme Court robe and weigh in onfamous casesLearn about 100 citizens who have shapedconstitutional history at our American NationalTree exhibit, featuring interactive touch screensExperience the Living News theatrical performance,which brings today’s headlines from the page tothe stage and encourages student dialoguePlease note: artifacts are rotated and subject to changeSCHOOL GROUP PRICINGStudents: $7.50One free chaperone for every 10 studentsAdditional chaperones: $7.50View our rare first public printing ofthe Constitution in The PennsylvaniaPacket—the newspaper “We thePeople” read to learn about ournew form of government!Main Exhibition ActivitiesPresented by our education staff, these fun, freeprograms deepen your students’ understanding ofAmerican history, government, and the Constitution.POLITICAL CARTOONS 101BALANCE OF POWERSHAIL TO THE CHIEF: PRESIDENTIAL TRIVIADECODING THE DOCUMENTCIVIL WAR ARTIFACT CARTFor program descriptions, please 215.409.6800 or emailgroupsales@constitutioncenter.org7

Freedom is calling.EXPLORE IT IN OUR MAIN EXHIBITION.Living NewsIn the Bank of America Family TheaterFree with general admissionGrades: 7-12Fall schedule: M-F, October 8 to December 21, 2012Spring schedule: M-F, March 11 to June 21, 2013Today’s headlines are brought to life in a dynamic,25-minute performance incorporating video,contemporary music, and current news broadcasts.Featuring three engaging actors who play multipleroles, this live theatrical performance introducescontroversial constitutional issues and encouragesstudents to explore their own points of view. Followingthe performance, students engage in dialogue aboutthese timely issues along with teachers, classmates,and the Center’s education staff.Topics presented include:Freedom of ReligionFreedom of SpeechSame-Sex MarriageCapital PunishmentProtection Against UnreasonableSearch and SeizureSegregationRight to Keep and Bear ArmsPlease note: Topics are changed regularlyto ensure the most up-to-date ask Group Sales aboutLiving News Lesson Plans!Visit for video clips,educator resources, and information about the script,cast, and crew.Generously supported byWith additional support provided by theConnelly FoundationYOUNG CITIZENS SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMThe National Constitution Center provides alimited number of scholarships to school groupsdemonstrating financial need. For information,call 215.409.6800 or email apply, visit Young Citizens Scholarship Program is supportedby the ACE Group; AlliedBarton; the ARAMARKCharitable Fund; Dunn’s Foundation; Morgan, Lewis& Bockius LLP; Shire Pharmaceuticals; Subaru; theSunoco Foundation; the Wells Fargo Foundation; andthe Whitehead Foundation.AUDIO TOURS$3 per person plus general admissionA self-guided iPod audio tour is a unique and studentfriendlycomplement to your visit. A former president,famous authors, and voices from history give yourstudents special insight into the history and relevanceof the U.S. Constitution. All audio tours are subject toavailability and run approximately 45 minutes.Signers’ Hall TourThe 42 bronze statues in Signers’ Hall come to lifeduring this popular tour, which will transport yourgroup to September 17, 1787, when the Constitutionwas signed. With a special introduction by PresidentGeorge H.W. Bush, the tour offers an exciting wayto explore America’s past and the issues that stillchallenge us today.We the People TourExperience the Center’s exhibition The Story of We thePeople through the eyes of distinguished historiansand curators. Learn more about our artifacts andhear fascinating stories about the struggles andtriumphs of Americans throughout our history.Mission: The Oval Office TourGrades: 5-8Using iPods as a secret agent’s gadget, studentsscour the Center’s text panels, artifacts, andinteractive displays to learn about the presidency.Students are guided by an avatar with the voiceof WXPN’s popular Kids Corner radio host,Kathy O’Connell.Audio tours produced with the generous assistance ofthe Drexel University School of Education. Supported bythe Kent Foundation.GUIDED TOURS & PROGRAMSStudent: $14One free chaperone for every 10 studentsAdditional chaperones: $14Includes general admissionGet an in-depth look at our exhibitions on a privatetour with our expert guides.We the People TourGrades: K-12Our education staff brings the story of theConstitution to life through our main exhibition’srare artifacts and dynamic displays.History Detectives Workshop:Artifacts from the 1800s and 1900sGrades: K-12Students use the Center’s artifacts and historicdocuments as primary sources to learn about lifein America during the 1800s and 1900s.Decoding the Document:The Emancipation ProclamationGrades: 9-12Students take a close look at the Center’s rareprinting of the Emancipation Proclamation to learnabout its history, the Civil War, and the backgroundof the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments.8 CONSTITUTIONCENTER.ORG

GALLERY TALKS AND STUDENT GUIDESFree with admissionJoin our education staff for an overview of the main exhibitionand the artifacts, interactive displays, and activities awaitingyour students. You’ll get copies of our Student Guide, The Pathto Responsible Citizenship, which provides an engaging way forstudents to experience the exhibition. Guides are available forelementary, middle, and high school students.Student Guides are generously funded by9

Feature ExhibitionsCourtesy of Library of CongressPrints and Photographs DivisionStudents: $10.50One free chaperone forevery 10 studentsAdditional chaperones: $10.50Includes general admissionOctober 19, 2012 to April 28, 2013World-premiere exhibition!Step back in time to an era of flappers and suffragists,bootleggers and temperance workers, and real-lifelegends like Al Capone and Carry Nation. Created bythe National Constitution Center, American Spirits: TheRise and Fall of Prohibition is the first comprehensiveexhibition about America’s most colorful and complexconstitutional hiccup. Spanning from the dawn ofthe temperance movement, through the Roaring’20s, to the unprecedented repeal of a constitutionalamendment, this world-premiere exhibition brings thewhole story of Prohibition vividly to life.Your students can explore the Prohibition era through:Over 100 rare artifacts including flapper dresses,temperance propaganda, and original ratificationcopies of the 18th and 21st AmendmentsFilms, music, photos, and multimedia exhibitsincluding the dazzling Wayne Wheeler’s AmazingAmendment MachineA custom-built video game where you serve asa federal agent tracking down rumrunnersFree Student GuidesAudio tour featuring curator Daniel Okrentand filmmaker Ken BurnsAmerican Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition iscurated by Daniel Okrent, Pulitzer Prize finalist andauthor of Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition.American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibitionhas been made possible in part by a major grantfrom the National Endowment for the Humanities:Exploring the human 215.409.6800 or emailgroupsales@constitutioncenter.org10 CONSTITUTIONCENTER.ORGPictured: Carry NationCourtesy of the John Binderphoto collection

COMINGSOONPictured: “Earthrise” from Apollo 8Courtesy National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationJune 14 to September 2, 2013An extraordinary year. An unforgettable exhibit.The social forces that swirled through the turbulent 1960scrested in 1968. It was a turning point for a generation comingof age and a nation at war. The 1968 Exhibit is a state-of-the-art,multimedia exhibition that brings this unprecedented historicalmoment to life and raises timely questions about our role ascitizens in shaping America.Call for pricing and additional informationThis exhibition is organized by the Minnesota History Center inassociation with the Atlanta History Center, the Chicago HistoryMuseum and the Oakland Museum of California, and is fundedby the National Endowment for the Humanities.Courtesy of Library of Congress Prints and Photographs DivisionCOMINGSOONCAPTURE THE MOMENT:THE PULITZER PRIZEPHOTOGRAPHSOctober 11, 2013 to January 12, 201411

Explore a specific constitutional topic during yourvisit! The Center offers a variety of themed museumpackages for different grade levels, aligned withnational and state standards. Our staff will engageand entertain your group using exhibits, artifacts, andeducational resources.Packages last 2 to 3 hours and include:An interactive, high-energy activity about aconstitutional topicA hands-on workshop or guided tour of ourexhibitionsOur main exhibition: Freedom Rising, Signers’ Hall,and The Story of We the PeopleDestination White House: Presidential ElectionsDuring this action-packed program, your group willexplore the ins and outs of a presidential campaign,from building a platform and naming a candidate tocreating unforgettable campaign ads. Finally, they electa classmate to be our next commander in chief.We the JuryGrades 4-8:The Wicked Witch and the Stolen Property LawsuitGrades 9-12:Three Little Pigs and the Case of Double HomicideIn this popular program about our judicial system,courts, and the rule of law, students act as both judgeand jury in mock trials based on well-known fairytales. Students make opening and closing arguments,question witnesses, and provide a verdict.Separation of PowersThis engaging show teaches your students howour Constitution separated power among threebranches of government—a revolutionary idea!NEW!Growing Up, American StyleStudents participate in a costume “runway show”featuring traditional dress from historical periodsand discover what life was like during those times—including how often kids bathed, how they spent theirdays, and what freedoms they had.History of Weather in Partnership with Fox 29The Fox 29 Weather Authority and the NationalConstitution Center team up to talk about the Historyof Weather. Explore the role of weather in major eventsin American history, such as the Revolutionary War,D-Day, and the Chicago Heat Wave of 1995.GRADE LEVELS K-3 4-8 9-12Destination White House:Presidential ElectionsWe the JurySeparation of PowersGrowing Up,American StyleHistory of Weather inPartnership with Fox 29Speak to Group Sales about additional themedpackages including:Pass the Citizenship TestFree to Be You (The First Amendment)Being an Active CitizenBill of Rights ShowFourth of July ShowBreaking Barriers (African American History)Women of PowerStudents: $14One free chaperone forevery 10 studentsAdditional chaperones: $14Includes general admissioncall 215.409.6800 or emailgroupsales@constitutioncenter.org12 CONSTITUTIONCENTER.ORG

to ask about our lessonplans, games and activities tosupport classroom learning.13

Bring the National Constitution Centerto your school!Experience the Center’s innovative, interactive civiceducation programs in your classroom. Using historicalartifacts, costumes, and engaging activities, our experteducation staff brings American history, government,and civics to life.TRAVELING HISTORY AND CIVICS PROGRAMS:Destination White House: Presidential ElectionsPass the Citizenship TestBeing an Active CitizenBill of Rights ShowSeparation of PowersGrowing Up, American StyleFourth of July ShowBreaking Barriers (African American History)Free to Be You (The First Amendment)Women of PowerLiving News Show and WorkshopOTHER TRAVELING PROGRAMS INCLUDE:Signing on with the SignersHistory Detectives Workshop:Artifacts from the 1800s and 1900sDecoding the Document:The Emancipation ProclamationPricing for shows ranges from $250 to $1,000.Additional fees will be applied for schools outsideof Philadelphia.Ask Group Sales for complete program descriptionsand visit for this program is provided in part byGlaxoSmithKline, the Thomas Skelton HarrisonFoundation, and the Christian R. and Mary F.Lindback Foundation and US Airways.our lesson plans, gamesand activities to supportclassroom 215.409.6800 or emailgroupsales@constitutioncenter.org14 CONSTITUTIONCENTER.ORG

Boy Scout Days9 a.m. – 3 p.m.November 3, 2012March 9, 2013May 5, 2013Girl Scout Days9 a.m. – 3 p.m.November 10, 2012March 16, 2013May 11, 2013Enjoy a fun-filled day learning about our country whilemeeting requirements or working toward badgesand patches! Scout Days feature activity tables,workshops, and shows just for Scout Troops. Explorethe entire museum to earn a commemorative NationalConstitution Center Fun Day Patch. Scout leaders andparents receive a Scout packet and agenda to leadthem through the day’s activities and events.Please Note: On Boy Scout Days, Merit BadgeCounselors are available on a limited basis. If youwould like to meet with a counselor, please be awarethat there may be an extensive wait.Visit for badgeand patch requirements covered during the event.ON MY HONOR:100 YEARS OF GIRL SCOUTINGOn view through December 31, 2012FREE with general admissionIn 2012, the Girl Scouts celebrate 100 years ofdeveloping girls’ courage, confidence, and character.On My Honor: 100 Years of Girl Scouting—anexhibition created by the National ConstitutionCenter in partnership with the Girl Scouts of EasternPennsylvania—highlights the history, contributions,and traditions of Girl Scouting. View badges anduniforms from the past century, nature study journalsfrom the early 1900s, and an original copy of the firstGirl Scout Handbook. Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes,and Senior Girl Scouts who visit can work towardsrequirements for the Girl Scout Way Legacy Badge.Scouts: $14One free Scout leader for every 10 ScoutsAdditional adults: $12Includes general admissionOn My Honor: 100 Years of GirlScouting is sponsored by the PennMutual Life Insurance Company.15

The National Constitution Center provides a widevariety of standards-based teaching materials foruse in your classroom and at the museum. Yourgroup’s appreciation for the U.S. Constitution canstart well before your visit here, and it doesn’t haveto end once you leave the Center.Visit to:Join our educators’ email list for monthlyupdates and educator specialsDownload lessons and interactive gamesDiscover how you can participate inteacher workshopsKeep your students up-to-date with currentevents related to the ConstitutionLearn about our exclusive educators’ membershipStudent GuidesAvailable at the Center, these guides are filledwith information to help your students get themost out of our exhibitions.Underwritten byTeacher Training and ProfessionalDevelopment WorkshopsOn your next in-service day, come to theCenter for a one-day Teacher Training Workshopincluding a special guided tour of our exhibits anda workshop on methodology. While workshopsusually focus on civic learning, we also canaccommodate individual requests.For additional professional development opportunities,visit Hall PassBring the National Constitution Center to yourclassroom with Constitution Hall Pass, our freewebcast and live chat series. These engagingepisodes highlight American history and civic holidays.All you need is an internet connection to participate!Visit and see page 5for the schedule.Constitution DailyRead our blog, Constitution Daily, for smart, timelyconversation about the Constitution by politicians,scholars, and Center staff. Look for Teacher’s Cornercall-outs for ideas on exploring constitutional topics inthe classroom. Visit blog.constitutioncenter.orgEducator Open HousesJoin us for these fun, informative, and free evenings.Participants will receive materials and resourcesfor the classroom, admission to the Center’s mainexhibition, previews of our feature exhibitions, anda sneak peek of the Center’s innovative educationalprograms. Teachers also can enter to win a freeclass trip! Reservations are encouraged by calling215.409.6700.Wednesday, October 17, 20124 p.m. – 7 p.m.Includes a preview of the world premiere exhibitionAmerican Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition.Download the National ConstitutionCenter app to have the Constitutionhandy on your smartphone.Visit constitutioncenter.org16 CONSTITUTIONCENTER.ORG

ReservationsAdvance reservations are required for allgroup visits.We recommend allowing around 90 minutes toenjoy the Center’s main exhibition.To ensure your preferred choices of dates andtimes, please book well in advance.Payment Policy and ProcedureA 25% non-refundable deposit is due 10 days afterreservations are made.Purchase Orders (P.O.) are an acceptable methodof payment. The P.O. must be received 10 daysprior to the group visit. They will not be acceptedon the day of visit.Final count and balance are due 7 days prior tothe visit. Group count cannot be decreased onthe day of visit.Groups booking within 7 days of a visit willbe required to sign the Group Sales Contractand provide full payment via credit card uponmaking reservation.Failure to make payment may result in thecancellation of your group’s reservation.Chaperone PolicyOne chaperone is required for every 10students. School and youth groups receive onecomplimentary chaperone ticket for every 10student/youth tickets purchased.Chaperones must be at least 21 years of age.All chaperones must be briefed on the policy andprocedures of the National Constitution Centerprior to the visit.Cancellation PolicyPlease notify the Group Sales department 72hours in advance if your group must cancel.All payments are non-refundable but will beapplied to a future visit.Lunchroom and Delegates’ CafeAdvance reservations are required ($15 nonrefundablefee per group) for student/youthgroups choosing to bring bagged lunches andreserve space in our Lunchroom for a half hour.Delegates’ Cafe serves lunch and light snacks.Reservations are not required for the Cafe, butseating is very limited and available on a firstcome,first-served basis.Please notify Group Sales if you plan to eat in ourDelegates’ Cafe.Boxed lunch options are available and must beordered at least 10 days in advance of your visit.Contact Brûlée Catering at 215.409.6600 x6962for menus and pricing.AccessibilityPlease indicate any special needs for membersof your group when making your reservation.The Center provides access for people withdisabilities through a wide variety of museumservices. For information, please call 215.409.6800.Museum StoreThe National Constitution Center Museum Store isopen to visitors during regular museum hours andoffers an extensive selection of patriotic merchandise.The National Constitution Centerwelcomes visitors seven days a week(except Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day).Monday – FridaySaturdaySunday9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.9:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.Noon – 5:00 p.m.Groups will be admitted as early as 9:15 a.m.from Monday to Saturday and 11:45 a.m. onSundays. Hours subject to change.Call 215.409.6800 or emailgroupsales@constitutioncenter.org17

LET US HELP YOU PLAN YOUR DAY ATTHE NATIONAL CONSTITUTION CENTER2 HOURS3 HOURS4 HOURSIf you have 2 hoursExperience the Freedom Rising performance, explore TheStory of We the People exhibition, visit Signers’ Hall, andenjoy lunch at the CenterExperience the Freedom Rising performance, explore TheStory of We the People exhibition, view the Living News*performance, and visit Signers’ HallExperience the Freedom Rising performance, explore TheStory of We the People exhibition, visit Signers’ Hall andtour our feature exhibitionIf you have 3 hoursExperience the Freedom Rising performance, explore TheStory of We the People exhibition, visit Signers’ Hall, tourthe feature exhibition, and enjoy lunch at the CenterExperience the Freedom Rising performance, explore TheStory of We the People exhibition, visit Signers’ Hall, experiencea Themed Museum Package, and enjoy lunch at the CenterExperience the Freedom Rising performance, explore TheStory of We the People exhibition with a Guided Tour and onyour own, visit Signers’ Hall, and enjoy lunch at the CenterExperience the Freedom Rising performance, explore TheStory of We the People exhibition, visit Signers’ Hall, viewthe Living News performance, and enjoy lunch at the CenterIf you have 4 hoursExperience the Freedom Rising performance, hear a GalleryTalk and explore The Story of We the People exhibition, visitSigners’ Hall, tour the feature exhibition, experience aThemed Museum Package, and enjoy lunch at the CenterExperience the Freedom Rising performance, hear a GalleryTalk and explore The Story of We the People exhibition, visitSigners’ Hall, view the Living News performance, tour thefeature exhibition, and enjoy lunch at the Center*Living News runs seasonally. For the schedule, see page 8.18 CONSTITUTIONCENTER.ORG

Please use this worksheet as a guide when planning your field trip to the National Constitution Center.A Group Sales representative will ask for the following information.Preferred Visit Dates1st Choice: 2nd Choice: 3rd Choice:Preferred time of arrival (Freedom Rising shows begin at 9:30 a.m. and run every half hour):General AdmissionPriceMain Exhibition $7.50The Story of We the People, Freedom Rising, Signers’ HallLiving News performanceFeature ExhibitionsFreeAmerican Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition Add $3.00(October 19, 2012 – April 28, 2013)The 1968 Exhibit(June 14 – September 2, 2013) Add Call for group pricingTours and ProgramsWe the People Tour Add $6.50Feature Exhibition Tour Add $6.50History Detectives Workshop Add $6.50Decoding the Document: Emancipation Proclamation Add $6.50PackagesThemed Museum Packages Add $6.50iPod Audio Tours - get them all for one low price! Add $3.00Signers’ Hall Audio TourWe the People Audio TourFeature Exhibition Audio TourMission: The Oval Office TourWill you need to reserve space in our Lunchroom?$15.00 (flat fee)Will you be purchasing lunch through our boxed lunch program? Call Brûlée Catering at 215.409.6600 x6962call 215.409.6800 or emailgroupsales@constitutioncenter.org19

ace streetfeature exhibitiongalleryfreedom risingkimmeltheaterfreedomclassroomelevatorsto parkinggaragegrand halllobbybox office6th streetannenberg center foreducation & outreachannenberglobbycoat roomstairs to2 nd floorgrand halllobbymuseum storeinformationmain entranceschool lunchroom/delegates’cafe1stfloorstars and stripes gallery/school lunchroomstars and stripes gallery/school lunchroomarch street20 CONSTITUTIONCENTER.ORG

ace streetlivingnewschronology wallTHE STORY OF WE THE PEOPLE EXHIBITIONkimmel theaterfreedom risingthe richard and helen devosexhibit hallposterityhallgrand hall overlookflags of the united statessigners’hallfirst public printingof the constitution6th streetf.m. kirbyauditoriumgrand hall overlookterrace foroutdoor seating2ndfloorarch street

Race StreetIndependence Mall | 525 Arch StreetPhiladelphia, PA 19106Non-Profit Org.U.S. PostagePAIDPermit No. 6072Philadelphia, PA6th Street★NATIONALCONSTITUTIONCENTERArch Street5th StreetINDEPENDENCEVISITORCENTERMarket StreetIndependence Mall WestLIBERTYBELLCENTERIndependence Mall EastChestnut StreetINDEPENDENCEHALLINDEPENDENCESQUAREWalnut Street

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