Folie 1 - Munich Climate-Insurance Initiative
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Folie 1 - Munich Climate-Insurance Initiative

Adaptation in the context of theInternational Climate InitiativeMCII side event at Bonn Climate ChangeConference“Loss and Damage: Comprehensive Climate RiskManagement from an Insurance Perspective”June 7, 2013Annelie JanzFederal Environment Ministry, GermanyAdvisor, Division E III 7, International Climate Finance,International Climate Initiative

Climate Finance on the GroundInsurance Projects within theFramework of the ICI• The International Climate Initiative (ICI) is financing climateprotection projects inter alia in developing countries since 2008• Adaptation to climate change is one focus of the ICI portfolioand within this focus, insurance solution projects are onepossibility to foster adaptation• Adaptation to Climate Change needs different approaches andmeasures coming together in an overall adaptation strategy,insurance solutions may be one appropriate tool• Move from strategies to viable insurance solutionsimplemented as part of adaptation strategies10.06.20132

Climate Finance on the GroundInsurance Projects within theFramework of the ICI• Innovative insurance approaches with foci on differentaspects such as capacity development, data collectioninfrastructure, and product development needed• Enable access to these products for vulnerable communities• Provide incentives for preventive measures and, thus,trigger adaptation• Offer products to be picked up by the market and engagethe private sector in scaling-up• Goal of these projects: Develop pilots that support thedevelopment of insurance solutions as part of integratedadaptation strategies10.06.20133

General remarks - BMU context• public funds are limited, a strategic allocation of funds isnecessary• Demand in partner countries has to be identified, productsmust fit into the specific framework• behavioural changes need to be achieved – how doinsurance projects support these changes?• Involvement of the Private Sector necessary – what canpublic funds do to enhance private sector engagement?10.06.20134

Insurance and ICI• Currently: Implementation of 6 projects within the ICI in theCaribbean, China, Ghana, Kenya, Peru, and Vietnam by variousimplementing agencies (SNV, MCII, GIZ)• First products sold (China, Ghana, Caribbean)• Capacity Development for policy frameworks are ongoing• Cooperation with the private sector is initiated• Lessons learned are being compiled and will be fed back to thenegotiations process10.06.2013 5

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