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Design Optimization Model for a Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope ME ...

Design Optimization Model for a Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope ME ...

Chapter 1AbstractThe

Chapter 1AbstractThe goal of this project is to create a medium-sized multidisciplinary design optimizationmodel that displays strong interactions in-between design variables. Thismodel will be inputted into an automated coordination composition method that willshow the tradeoffs of decomposing the problem in different arrangements.A telescope product is used for the model. The telescope model chosen for thisapplication is a consumer telescope consisting of two mirrors and a lens that anamateur astronomer could build.The telescope model includes several different disciplines. First, the optics disciplineis represented through a ray-tracing program which takes the system componentsand predicts the first-order and third-order optics. Next, a thermal subsystemrepresents the thermal displacement of several telescope parts as they are exposedto different thermal environments. Then, the performance of the system with manufacturingtolerances of several parts is examined with a cost model of the materialsand manufacturing tolerances were developed to help show the ’price’ for using morematerials or tighter manufacturing tolerances. Finally, the tripod structure holdingthe telescope is modeled. The tripod is designed not to buckle, be tipped over easily,or easily clamp the telescope in position.In conclusion the model has many different disciplines which should be able to bedecomposed in different arrangements, thus showing the advantages of the optimaldecomposition method.1

Chapter 2NomenclatureVariable Description Unitst tube Thickness of the tube mD legs Diameter of the tripod legs mL legs Length of the tripod legs mD sch Diameter of Schmidt corrector and primary stop mD 1 Inner Diameter of tube and primary mirror mD 3 Diameter of secondary mirror mα tripod Tripod angle with ground radZ sch Length of outside edge of schmidt corrector to primary mirror mɛ 1ɛ 2Eccentricity of primary mirrorEccentricity of secondary mirrorZ mirrors Location of secondary mirror mR 1 Radius of curvature of the vertex of primary mirror mR 2 Radius of curvature of the vertex of secondary mirror mv Vertex of Back Focus mZ pivot Location of the pivot from primary mirror mh Baffle optimization free parameter m2

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