MT500D Brochure - Challenger
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MT500D Brochure - Challenger

cab & Tractor management centerPGs 10/11CABS CRAFTEDTO KEEP A LONG DAY FROMFEELING LIKE ONEThe redesigned Challenger MT500D Series cab is perhaps the largest, roomiest,quietest and most technologically evolved cab on the planet. With three cab packageoptions to choose from, you get the ultimate in versatility, operator comfort and easeof operation. So you stay comfortable and alert from sun-up to sundown.Classic – Equipped with the AutoPower VI partial power-shift transmission only,Classic models are economical and full-featured, with comfortable and familiarcontrol layout.Deluxe – With either Techstar CVT or AutoPower VI transmission, Deluxe modelsoffer the ultimate in versatility and an ergonomic, seat-mounted control armrest.Premium – For the ultimate in technology, with all the bells and whistles, Premiummodels come with the new Multipad armrest with Multipad joystick, featuring thumband fingertip controls for major tractor functions.So Quiet, So ComfortableOur roomy cab offers more headroom, automatic air conditioning and a commanding360° picture window view, as well as an unparalleled sound-pressure level. Settle backin the fully adjustable, air-ride swivel seat or choose the added comfort of the optionalextra-wide seat with added cushioning.three CONSOLES availableFamiliar layout ergonomically places T-handle transmissionlevel and hydraulic controls within easy reach on ride-sideconsole alongside PTO and three-point hitch controls.Short control armrest features T-handle transmission andfingertip-controls for hydraulic remotes, three-point hitch,engine speed and headland, throttle and power management.classicdeluxeBeyond smooth. Beyond comfortable.Beyond expectation.The redesigned, seat-mounted control arm organizes all controls by function whileplacing them at your fingertips. The control arm also includes an advanced ISOBUSbasedTractor Management Center with video capability and integrated control of anyISOBUS-compliant equipment.Multipad armrest with Multipad joystick for thumb andfingertip control of forward/reverse shuttling, PTO,programmable hydraulic function, engine and cruise speeds.premium

Deluxe cab shown


controlsPGS 12/13This is about smart performance. About having exactly what you need at your fingertips, withclearly marked controls and switches that are ergonomically arranged by form and function. Fromthe hand throttle and hydraulic controls, to the three-point hitch depth control, to the engagementswitch for the power front axle.With everything incorporated into thearmrest - even the TechStar CVT speedcontrol - whatever you reach for becomesan extension of you.Power Up to Fit Your OwnSpecific ChallengeThe MT500D Series tractor is readilycustomizable to fit the high-tech way youfarm. The innovative Tractor ManagementCenter (TMC) works in tandem with thestandard equipment travel speed sensingradar. It offers an extensive array of highvaluemonitoring, control and comparativefunctions, including wheel slip, fuel/hour,distance, cost/hour and area worked.The Headland Management System (HMS)activates at the push of a button.• Program up to 35 tractor andimplement actions• Program hydraulic remotes to extendor retract, raise the three-point hitch,downshift, throttle back, disengage orre-engage the PTO and/or disengage theAWD and differential lockOur ProMAX Implement ResponseControl comes standard.• Senses wheel slip in excess ofpreset levels• Automatically adjusts the working depthof hitch-mounted implementsThe unique Trailed Implement automaticallycontrols wheel slippage• Automatically adjusts the working depthof sensor-equipped trailed implements• Keeps field travel speed and engineperformance at peak levels at all timesSequence Memory forPre-programmingThe unique Power Performance III systemallows you to pre-program and save aHeadland Management Sequence for useby someone else.Easy Data Recall• Input memory functions for up to sixcomplete sets of data using keys androtary dial on the TMC terminal• Name fields, operators or implementsfor easy recall when changing drivers orequipmentISOBUS-Compatibility withFingertip ControlMonitor the performance of both the tractorand trailing implements through a commonISOBUS communication system thateliminates the need for a separate monitor/control box in the cab for every differentimplement.Auto-Guide Gives NewMeaning to Productivity,Efficiency and Ease.The intuitive Auto-Guide satellite navigationsystem trades fatigue and exhaustion forincreased operation speeds — particularlyat night and in low-visibility conditions. Italso reduces skips and overlaps, as well asseed and chemical waste.

technologyPGS 14/15PRECISE DATA FOR ONE MACHINE ORYOUR ENTIRE FLEETPrecision farming, machine control and machine management technology allowyou to work smarter than ever before.Convenient USB PortQuick and simple fortransferring field dataand reports.Complete Steering SolutionThe AGI-3 Positioning System can beupgraded to Omnistar or RTK performancewith 900 mHz radio, GSM option. TheAGI-3 is also compatible with Topcon basestations, GSM and CORS networks.Topcon’s unique Paradigm G3 TripleConstellation Technology can receive GPS,Glonass and Galileo (when available) andfeatures state-of-the-art inertial sensorsand steering control with superior lineacquisition and holding capabilities.The AGCO System 150 Precision AutoSteeringTechnology, an industry leader in performance,is a complete automatic steering system,featuring flexible accuracy options.The Strongest Partnershipin the IndustryAGCO and Topcon Positioning Systemshave teamed up to usher in a new era ofprecision agriculture. This partnership wasformed with a commitment to provide themost sophisticated and accurate satelliteguidedpositioning systems on the market.Multiple Viewing OptionsThe moving map display can be set tosee the field in Bird’s Eye, North Up orHorizon views.Visual IndicatorsEasily identify area applied, speed, rownumber and satellites.Automatic Coverage MappingFeatures easy-to-read maps for trackingareas covered or missed, and boundarymapping for planning applicationand coverage.Direct Interface Steering• Automated steering system calibration• Designed for a wide range of guidancereadyequipmentThe Challenger DifferenceEvery AGCO System 150 comes standardwith sub-meter and decimeter accuracy.Easily upgrade to centimeter accuracy witha Snap-In Module that also allows the useof Internet-based correction signals. Simplycall OmniSTAR to subscribe to one of theirsignals (VBS, XP or HP) and start driving. Oruse WAAS for a no-cost sub-meter system.

AGCO’s AGCOMMAND system is aleading-edge data recording tool that helpsusers optimize fleet performance, monitoroperating costs and generate reports.How Agcommand WorksThe AGCOMMAND system collects GNSS(Global Navigation Satellite System) satellitelocation and machine performance dataevery 60 seconds in the Standard Pluspackage and every 10 seconds in theAdvanced package. This allows users to seewhere machines are, where they have beenand the data collected at each interval.Data CollectionMachine performance data is collectedfrom the vehicle’s CAN Bus. This datais then transferred via a GPRS cellularmodem. Access to the stored data isobtained by logging into a secure andeasy-to-use website.Benefits Of AGCOMMANDUtilizing this information will help managersanalyze vehicle efficiency, maximizeproductivity and increase profitability.The Universal Installation Kit allowsAGCOMMAND to be fitted to any piece ofmachinery in a fleet, regardless of brand.Optimum performanceAGCOMMAND organizes information anddevelops detailed reports that track enginehours, fuel consumption, operator efficiencyand field-specific machine information. Bycollecting and summarizing this information,the system promotes accountability to helpoptimize performance.MaintenanceAGCOMMAND makes maintenance easierto plan and track. Service alerts can be setto signal maintenance intervals. Alerts canalso be set to notify your dealer for fasterservice response time.Geo-fencing and logisticsGeo-fences, or virtual GPS boundaries, canbe created to track when machines enteror exit designated areas. Tracking logisticsenables the user to anticipate routine taskslike refueling. To help reduce downtime, thesystem plots a machine’s exact position onthe map so it can be quickly located.Internal MemoryIf a machine leaves a GPRS coveragearea, the onboard module will record itslocation and performance data for up to 50hours and transfer the information once themachine reenters a coverage area.EfficiencyManagers using AGCOMMAND can monitormultiple fleets from off-site locations. Operationsthat have numerous locations and projectscan utilize logistics to minimize downtimeby having instant tractor performance data.


Other AmenitiesPGS 18/19MADE FOR WORKDAYS THAT DON’T ENDWHEN THE DAYLIGHT DOESPre-dawn and post-dusk work is noproblem with the full bank of hi/lohalogen work lights you’ll find on theMT500D Series. Standard equipmentincludes two headlamps, two front andtwo rear double-element work lights.The convenient touchpad makes it easyto select the optimum exterior lightingcombination for any job or condition.Other features include taillights,flashing amber warning lights and turnsignals. One or two rotating beaconsare also available as an option.For even more nighttime flexibility, optfor Challenger’s Nightbreaker HIDlighting package, with HID Xenon lightsfor more pure white light and up to30% greater nighttime visibility.A Panoramic View AnyTime of DayWith 61 sq. ft. (5.6 m 2 ) of usable glassarea, a contoured, sloping hood, twolarge, telescoping side mirrors and aninside mirror, there’s nothing you can’tsee in front of you, at your side orbehind you.For more convenience, choose theoptional side mirrors with electricalin-cab adjustment and electric de-icing.Maintenance is EasyThe smooth, curved lines of thestreamlined, one-piece hood givethe MT500D Series a powerful anddynamic look. More important, it givesoperators easy lift-up access to theengine and cooling system.• No side panels• Easy-to-reach batteries, out ofharm’s way• Hydraulic and transmission oil levelsight gauges positioned for checkingat a glance• Fuel tank filler location designedto let you fill up while standing onthe ground• Convenient outside access lets youremove cab air filter from cab steps.Innovative Air Cleaner/Cooling PackageA new cooling package, used inconjunction with the Tier 4i engine,provides greater surface area for bettercooling capacity, better sealing fromoutside dust and easier maintenance.• Fixed-mounted intercooler, oilcoolers, air conditioning condenserand radiator, allow for completeaccess and easy cleaning• Redesigned engine air cleanerpositioned at the front for simpleaccess• Cassette-type air filter for high-speedmaintenance

service & SupportPGS 20/21WE DIDN’T BUILD THE WORLD’S BEST TRACTORTO DROP THE BALL ON SUPPORTWhen you buy a Challenger tractor, you’re buying more than a piece of farm equipment. You’rebuying the peace of mind that comes from a job well done, and a machine well built.Take a closer look at the MT500DSeries at your local Challengerdealership, and you’ll see that – downto the smallest detail – it’s built to thehighest standards.Dealers and Service:Above and BeyondFor 365 days a year, day and night,under the most adverse conditions, ourdealer network keeps North America’sagribusiness in motion. Our dealers aresecond to none in on-location service.And their factory-trained technicianswork as hard at preventing problemsas they do repairing them. With moremobile service trucks loaded withmore diagnostic equipment than mostrepair shops, it’s little wonder the armyof Challenger loyalists continues togrow. Combine this quality service withAGCO’s 24-hour-a-day parts networkand you get the gold standard indealer support.Challenger FinancingWe know financing is as much a part ofyour purchase decision as the featuresand benefits of the machine. So weoffer flexible payment schedules,flexible terms, quality service,competitive rates, comprehensivefinancing and leasing options andvirtually unlimited resources. All areavailable under one roof, at yourauthorized Challenger dealer.Maximum WarrantyCoverageAs a Challenger tractor owner, you getfull warranty protection for two years or2,000 hours, whichever comes first. AnExtended Service Plan is also available,assuring you of additional support fromyour Challenger dealer.Higher Resale ValueQuality equipment demands a premiumprice, particularly when there’s nocompetition. Fortunately, the newMT500D Series tractors are extremelycost-competitive, considering theiradvanced innovation. Plus you canbe confident the technology built intothese tractors, along with our long-termdealer support, will do nothing but helpretain their value long into the future.When you combine seriously evolvedmachinery with seriously dedicateddealers, you get long-lasting value.

Models mt555D mt565D mt575D mt585DEngine Performance (CVT & AUTOPowER VI)PTO HP @ 2,100-rated engine rpm (kW) 140 (104) 150 (112) 165 (123) 180 (134)ISO engine HP @ 2,100-rated engine rpm (kW) 170 (127) 185 (138) 200 (149) 220 (164)Maximum ISO engine HP @ 1,950 engine rpm (kW) 185 (138) 200 (149) 215 (160) 235 (175)EngineRated speed (rpm) 2,100Maximum torque rise 35%Maximum power bulge15 hpTypeAGCO Power with e3 clean air technologyModel 66 CTA 66 CTA 66 CTA 74 CTA(TechStar)74 CTA(AutoPower VI)Number of cylinders 6AspirationTurbocharged with air/air intercoolerDisplacement liters (CID) 6.6 (402) 6.6 (402) 6.6 (402) / 7.4 (452)7.4 (452)Compression Ratio6.6 = 17.4:17.4 = 17.8:1Fuel Injection SystemBosch High Pressure Common-Rail, Electronic; Injectors withVariable Injection Timing and DurationFuelDieselFuel FilterReplaceable Filter - 30μ Prefilter - 5μ Main FilterLubrification SystemGear Pump at Bottom of Timing GearOil FilterSingle, Spin OnStarting AidThermostartAll Modelselectrical systemBattery12V (X2)Alternator175 AmpsISO BUS Connector50 Amps (ISOBUS not offered on Classic)Transmission – Techstar cvt (continuously variable transmission)ClutchesNoneField Speed Range – mph (km/h)0.02 - 17 (0.03 - 28 ) Forward / 0.02 - 10 (0.03 - 16) ReverseRoad speed range – mph (km/h)0.02 - 25 (0.03 - 40 ) Forward / 0.02 - 24 (0.03 - 38) ReverseOptional road speed range – mph (km/h)0.02 - 31 (0.03 - 50 ) Forward / 0.02 - 24 (0.03 - 38) ReverseForward SpeedsInfiniteCruise Control Speeds 2Transmission – autopower vi (partial powershift)Clutches5 discsRanges4 Ranges / 6 PowershiftsRoad speed range – mph (km/h) 25 (40) - 31 (50)Forward Speeds24 Forward / 24 ReverseCruise Control Speeds 2all modelsbrakes and final drivesType of Final DrivesInboard PlanetaryType of BrakesWet DiscBrake ActuationHydraulicPneumatic Trailer Brakes psi (bar) - Optional 94 – 116 (6.5 – 8)Hydraulic Trailer Brakes psi (bar) - Optional 0 – 2,175 (0 – 150)HydraulicsSystem typeClosed Center Load Sensing (CCLS)Total flow rate - US standard gallon (L) 29 (110); optional – 39 (150)Maximum pressure PSI (bar) 2,900 (200)Available flow rate per spool valves gpm (L/min) 24.3 GPM (92 LPM)RemotesClassic – standard1-2-3 MechanicalClassic – optional4th mechanicalDeluxe – standard1-2 electric fingertips (joystick optional), 3-4 mechanicalPremium – standard 1-2-3-4 electric, all fingertips (joystick optional on 1-2)Premium – optional5th electric valve option on Premium AutoPower VI model only,1-2 electric joystickHydraulic CouplersDecompression Couplers with Connect/Disconnect UnderPressure FunctionCoupler Size ISO 1/2”steering wheelSteering WheelTilt and TelescopicTru TrakStandard on Deluxe and Premium versionsRear AxleAutoPower VI (MT555D and MT565D)95 mm bar axleLong Bar – 2847 mm, Short Bar – 2144 mmAutoPower VI (MT575D)95 mm bar axleLong Bar – 2847 mm, Short Bar – 2138 mmAutoPower VI (MT585D)110 mm bar axleLong Bar – 2202 mm, Short Bar – 3002 mmCVT95 mm bar axleLong Bar – 2869 mm, Short Bar – 2277 mmDifferential Lock - Full-locking, Electro-hydraulic StandardFront Axle2-wheel driveN/A4-wheel drive differential lockFull-locking, electrohydraulic standard4-wheel drive maximum steering angle 55°Quadlink front axle suspensionStandard on Deluxe and Premium versionsQuadlink differential lockFull-locking, electrohydraulicThree-Point Hitch - RearCategory 3 With Fixed Ball End Links with Cat 3 Quick Hitch StandardCategory 3 With Fixed Ball End Links without Quick Hitch OptionalStabilizersRub Block on AutoPower VI, Variable Telescoping on TechStar CVTLift Capacity 24" back of the pin12,500 for AutoPower VI models, 11,650 for all TechStar CVT models

DrawbarPTOCategory 2 with ClevisSpeeds - standard rpmEngagement540e/1000e/1000Shaft Diameter in (mm)PTO Optionsall modelsStandardClassic base - 540/1000, Deluxe and Premium Base -540/1000/540EElectro-hydraulicOptional on Deluxe & Premium AutoPower VI versions1.375 in (35mm) shaft, 6 & 21 spline540/540e/1000 (all)540/1000 (Classic AutoPower VI only)540e/1000e/1000 (Deluxe/Premium AutoPower VI only)PTO – Engine SpeedAutoPower VI540 – 1890540e – 15241000 – 20001000e – 1595CVT540 – 1932540e – 14881000 – 19031000e – NAOperator AreaCab volume – ft 3 (m 3 ) 100.9 (2.86)Cab glass area – ft² (m²) 63 (5.86)Noise level dB(A) 70OptiRide Plus hydraulic suspended cabStandard on Deluxe and Premium versionsOperator seat - air suspensionStandardOperator Seat – DeluxeOptionalSears Deluxe SeatOptionalTransmission Control(s)Right Console/ArmrestForward Control(s)Left-hand ControlCab Doors (2)StandardTMC DisplayStandard on Deluxe and Premium versionsGuidance SystemAuto-Steering Ready with Topdock Included andTractor Management Center (TMC)Standard on Premium Models, Optional on Deluxe ModelsDigital Instrument Panel, No TMC DisplayStandard on Classic, Optional on DeluxeAuto-Steering Ready without Topdock withTractor Management Center (TMC)Standard on Deluxe models, Optional on Premium modelsCapacityFuel tank capacity US gallon (L) with e3 technology 114 (431 L)DEF (AdBlue) usable tank capacity US gallon (L) (optional) 11 (40 L)Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity Gallon (L) 26.4 (100)Dimensions & Weight*Wheelbase in (mm) 117.8 (2,993) [MT585D = 117.0 (2,972)]Overall Length in (mm) 200.2 (5,084)Maximum Height Over Cab in (mm)With 480/80R42 (Base on MT555D, MT565D &MT575D), 120.8 (3068)With 480/80R46 (Base on MT585D), 122.8” (3,118)Add 6.6” (167mm) if Topdock is installedApprox. Shipping Weight lbs (kg) 17,000 (7,700)Max. Allowable Weight lbs (kg) 27,560 (12,500)* All dimensions measured with Dual 480/80R46 and 420/90R30 front tiresspecificationsPGS 22/23

AGCO financeAGCO Finance understands that financing is as much a part of your purchase decision as the features and benefits ofthe product. So we’re committed to providing the best means of acquiring the equipment you need, while allowing you topreserve other credit lines of operating capital.Work with your local AGCO Dealer to find the equipment and financing program that best matches your operating andcash flow needs. You can also contact AGCO Finance directly at 888-989-8525 or AGCOfinance.comSee your authorized Challenger dealer for:• competitive rates• comprehensive financing• flexible payment schedules• flexible terms• quality service• leasing options• virtually unlimited resourcesABOUT AGCOAGCO, Your Agriculture Company, is a premier manufacturer of agricultural equipment, providing high-tech solutions forprofessional farmers feeding the world. The company is dedicated to delivering superior customer service, innovationand quality. AGCO products are distributed in more than 140 countries worldwide.At AGCO, customer care isn’t just a department. It’s a commitment. Contact us with your questions. We’ll do our best toanswer them promptly or put you in touch with someone who can.Challenger is a worldwide brand of© 2011 AGCO Corporation. AGCO is a registered trademark of AGCO. Challenger is a registered trademark of Caterpillar Inc. and used under license by AGCO.AGCO has a corporate policy of continuous product improvement and development; therefore, specifications are subject to change without any advancenotice. All rights reserved. AGCO Corporation, 4205 River Green Parkway, Duluth, GA 30096 CH11B003DS (01-2012) 05 PD

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