11 - EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation


11 - EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation

NEWSLETTER OCTOBER 2005/4 VOL 3The EU-Japan an Centrefor Industrial Cooperationis a joint venture co-financed bythe European Commission andthe Japanese Ministry ofEconomy, Trade and Industry(METI). Its aim is to foster thedevelopment of industrial cooperationbetween companies fromboth regions through training programmesfor business people, forEU and Japanese students andresearchers, and through informationservices and an industrialdialogue.This occasional newsletter isproduced by the Europeanoffice of the EU-JapanCentre, and is primarilyintended to provideEU/Japan-related news.If you want to submitEU/Japan-related informationto be published in the nextissue, please send details to:michelson@eujapan.com .Japan Head OfficeNikko Ichibancho Bldg. 4F,13-3 Ichibancho, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 102-0082, JapanTel: +81 (0)3 3221 6161Fax: +81 (0)3 3221 6226Email: eujapan@eu-japan.gr.jphttp://www.eu-japan.gr.jpEuropean OfficeRue Marie de Bourgogne 52,B-1000 Brussels, BelgiumTel: +32 (0)2 282 0040Fax: +32 (0)2 282 0045Email: office@eujapan.comhttp://www.eujapan.comIn this issue (among other topics):• Managerial training courses in Japan• Workshop on Best Practice in Europe, Japan and USA• Centre’s new FDI publication• The Centre on TV!• WCM Pre-departure briefing at Volvo Plant• Japanese Component Buyers’ Exhibition in Poland• Conference/Workshop on Business, Technology and Competitive Intelligence• The EBC Report on the Japanese Business Environment• JETRO Investment Mission• Japanese delegation in DK• Sendai-Finland Wellbeing Center Project• Greek Business Mission to Japan• The DUJAT JAPAN UPDATE 2005• Innovative intercultural project• Poland-Japan Energy Conservation Technology Centre• Calendar of EU/Japan-related eventsCentre’s forthcoming activities and publicationManagerial training courses in JapanThe EU-Japan Centre is currently inviting applications for its forthcoming 2006managerial training programmes in Japan. DISTRIBUTION AND BUSINESS PRACTICES IN JAPAN course will focus on the Japanese way of achieving customer satisfaction; course participantswill acquire practical tools useful for building an effective marketing strategy for the Japanese/ Asian markets. Target: EU managers working in Retail and Fast Moving Consumer Goodscompanies.Course dates: from 6-13 March 2006Application deadline: 31 January 2006For more information: http://www.eujapan.com/europe/dbp.html CHALLENGE TOWARDS WORLD CLASS MANUFACTURING course is an intensive 1-week mission in Japan about improvement of productivity, assistingexecutives from EU manufacturing companies to acquire a better understanding of howJapanese companies continually eliminate costs from their manufacturing. In a nutshell, thiscourse brings you closer to WCM performance.Course dates: from 12-16 June 2006Application deadline: 29 March 2006For more information: http://www.eujapan.com/europe/wcm.htmlWorkshop on Best Practice in Europe, Japan and USAThis major international event on best practice sharing forcompetitiveness building, based on the success of the"Workshop on World Class Manufacturing in Europe:Sharing experiences between European managers;Adapting Japanese production principles along Europeanproduction lines", seeks to share understanding and learningbetween key business areas of the world.The event is organised under 4 themes: People - Operations - Marketing - Innovation, andtargets the sectors of Engineering, Food & Consumer Goods and ICT/Electronics-Software.Event dates: from 9 to 10 May 2006For more information: http://www.eujapan.com/europe/workshop.html

NEWSLETTER OCTOBER 2005/4 VOL 3Centre’s new FDI publicationThe first edition of "Japan's Prefectures' Support to FDI" is now available.This guide is intended to give access to comparable and verifiable data about various investment incentives offeredby Japanese prefectures to prospective foreign companies.As such, we expect this guide to be used as a starting point for drafting a competitive analysis, a risk assessmentfor future investments or a macroeconomic description of Japan. The guide also provides a list of relevant contactpoints in Japanese prefectures which potential investors can reach in order to follow up, when necessary.Interested in receiving a free copy (CD-ROM version)?Please complete the form online: http://www.eujapan.com/europe/fdi_guide.htmlWe hope you will find this first edition to be useful.The Centre on TV! participants appeared on TV!NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) "Kyo no Sekai" (Today's World) made a TV report on oneof the Centre's training programmes attended by Executives and Managers from EU MemberStates. The programme focused on current EU-Japan economic relations, gave viewers a goodpicture of how European companies are looking at the Japanese market now, and what kind ofefforts they are making. Among the various HRTP programme's activities, Joint Study and individualcompany visits in particular were featured.The programme went on air on 15 July with a live interview with Mr. Achim Reinhardt, formerHRTP34 participant, and Mr. Wolfgang Pape, General Manager of the EU-Japan Centre.Japanese Component BuyersExhibition in Poland23 November 2005The "Japanese Component BuyersExhibition" will be held on 23 November2005 in Wroclaw, Poland and is an eventwhere Japanese-affiliated companies manufacturingin Europe exhibit their parts andcomponents which they would like to procurefrom local suppliers.JETRO provides exhibitors and suppliersan opportunity for a business meetingwhen suppliers visit exhibiting companies’booths set up at the event venue.This year JETRO has already organised asimilar event in February in the CzechRepublic (Prague) and in March in Hungary(Budapest). In Prague there were 16exhibiting companies, whereas inBudapest there were 22. At each event,which resulted in many fruitful meetings,more than 150 local and foreign supplierstook part.More information, please contact:jetro@jetro.plConference/Workshop25-26 October 2005Tokyo, JapanThe 1st InternationalConference/Workshop onBusiness, Technology andCompetitive IntelligenceThe 5th International Conference onScience-to-Business MarketingTimely and reliable information and actionableintelligence addressing specific managerialchallenges are increasingly importantfor business competitiveness. Thisprocess involves examining the past aswell as the indeterminate and uncertainfuture, both deeply and broadly to understandstrategic and tactical implications.Based on this intelligence, companies mustbe willing to take risks by being both predictiveand inventive.In this conference there will be discussionsabout the interrelationships and latestknowledge related to intelligence, innovationand technology marketing in the contextof helping companies and universitiesdevelop strategies for tomorrow's marketplace.More information: http://www.gsb.nihonu.ac.jp/eng/closeup/workshop8th JAMA-CLEPABusiness ConferenceFollowing the overwhelming success of the7th edition, JAMA (Japanese AutomobileManufacturer Association) and CLEPA(European Association of AutomotiveSuppliers) will hold the next JAMA-CLEPABusiness Conference in the automotive cityof Torino from 7-10 November 2005.The Conference will take place at theLingotto Conference & Exhibition Centre,Torino, Italy and will offer suppliers aunique, economic and efficient opportunityto present their products and services todecision-makers from all Japanese vehiclemanufacturers at a single location.The increasingscale of Japaneseautomotive investmentin Europe -for both vehicleand engine production- presents a significant businessopportunity for European-based suppliersof components, technology and services.During the preparation phase of the forthcomingevent, Japanese vehicle manufacturershave particularly emphasised theirinterest to focus on Environmental andSafety issues as well.More information: http://www.jama-clepa.comWCM Pre-departure briefing at Volvo Europa TruckGent Plant - BelgiumOn 6 October Volvo Europa Truck hosted a pre-departure briefing for 18 EU managers who will participate in the Centre’s WorldClass Manufacturing programme to be held in Japan at the end of October.Testimonials and more information on: http://www.eujapan.com/europe/wcm_pdb.html

NEWSLETTER OCTOBER 2005/4 VOL 3Investment MissionThe Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) is currently inviting applications to the JETRO Investment Mission, a programmedesigned to encourage investment in Japan by foreign companies.This year the targeted sectors are:Robot technology (2-8 Dec. 2005);Information security (29 Jan.-3 Feb. 2006);Food service (21-24 Feb. 2006).The Investment Mission offers:Business and networking meetings with Japanese companies.Visits to offices, factories, R&D centres, etc., where participants can gather first-hand information to help them explore suitablelocations for their investment plans.Seminars on Japanese markets and industries, as well as advice on how to set up an office in Japan.Field trips to select regions of Japan to study the area's local investment environment and regional business incentives.Participation in this programme is free.JETRO will cover round-trip airfares, accommodation and expenses for programme-related travel within Japan.Please contact your nearest JETRO Office in Europe at: http://www.jetro.go.jp/en/jetro/network/europe/Japanese Business EnvironmentreportThe EBC Report on the JapaneseBusiness EnvironmentThe European Business Council (EBC) inJapan is the trade policy arm of 18European national Chambers ofCommerce and business organisationsrepresented in Japan. First established in1972, the EBC works to improve the tradeand investment environment for Europeancompanies in Japan. The EBC currentlyrepresents more than 3,000 localEuropean companies and individuals whoare members of their national Chambers ofCommerce. Morethan 350 companiesparticipatedirectly in theEBC’s 27 industrycommittees andsubcommittees,whose work aimsto improve thelocal businessenvironment in awide variety of economic sectors.The EBC is currently producing the 2005edition of its premier annual policy report,“The EBC Report on the JapaneseBusiness Environment 2005”. This is publishedannually in an attempt to identify theunresolved issues affecting trade andinvestment in Japan and to provide constructivesuggestions for improving theJapanese business environment for thebenefit of all concerned.The EBC’s report, which covers 29 keyareas, recommends a series of specificmeasures relating to product approval,regulatory burden, regulatory transparency,regulatory oversight, standardsharmonisation, accounting practices &financial supervision, procurement,government influence in the private sector,tariffs, taxation, border control, and thelegal environment.The report will be released in Japan on 24November 2005.More information: http://www.ebc-jp.comSendai-Finland Wellbeing CenterProjectThe Sendai-Finland Wellbeing CenterProject is an international collaborationbetween a Finnish national project andSendai City. In this project Finnish andJapanese companies and universities aredeveloping services and welfare equipmentto enable the elderly to lead independentlives. These Research &Development activities will be undertakenat the Sendai-Finland Wellbeing Centerlocated in Mizunomori, Sendai.More information on:http://sendai.fwbc.jp/e/about_project/index.htmInnovative intercultural projectRadio InterFMTokyo’s No. 1 music station, 76.1MHzInterFM, broadcasts in several languages,mainly English and Japanese.With its programming it entertainsJapanese and foreign residents of Tokyoalike. Against the background of the current“Doitsu Nen” (Germany Year in Japan) andnext year’s soccer World Cup in Germany,the radio station is devising a new programmeto inform Japanese and internationallisteners about German culture, givetravel advice and teach them some usefulGerman phrases. The means to realise thiswill be a promising new medium:Podcasting - an MP3 audio file subscriptionservice free of charge - which is presentlyone of the most exciting trends in themedia world.If you would like to participate in this innovativeintercultural project or receive moreinformation, contact Ms. Sonja Blaschke at:sonja@interfm.co.jp;http://www.interfm.co.jpOpening CeremonyOpening Ceremony of the Poland-JapanEnergy Conservation Technology CentreOn 20 June 2005 the opening ceremony of thePoland-Japan Energy Conservation TechnologyCentre (ECTC) took place in Warsaw, Poland.The main goals of the Poland-Japan ECTC areenhancing energy efficiency and renewable energysources use as well as activities towards sustainabledevelopment and environmental protection.This project results from long-term cooperationbetween the Polish National EnergyConservation Agency (KAPE) and the JapanInternational Cooperation Agency (JICA).The KAPE, Warsaw University of Technology andinterested factories will cooperate together withinthe created Poland-Japan ECTC to increaseenergy efficiency in industry leading to better competitivenessof Polish industry and to reduceindustrial impact on the environment in Poland.More information on:http://www.kape.gov.pl/EN/index.phtml« Un coin de Japon »A new French–Japanese cultural placeThis cultural place has been set up toassist in the insertion of youngsters in theVal d’Oise region by teaching them abouttheir own culture and Japanese culture. Italso proposes on a monthly basis someevenings about the two cultures duringwhich people can meet for discussion. Agroup registration is possible for companiesin order to teach Japanese to theiremployees.For more information please contact:jennifer.moulard@free.fr

NEWSLETTER OCTOBER 2005/4 VOL 3EE-JP CooperationEnterprise Estonia signs cooperationagreement with Japan Travel BureauThe Enterprise Estonia Foundation signeda cooperation agreement with the biggesttourist company in Japan, Japan TravelBureau (JTB).The aim of the agreement is to promotetourism between Estonia and Japan,Enterprise Estonia (http://www.eas.ee/)reported. Under the agreement EnterpriseEstonia will gain the opportunity to advertiseEstonia as an attractive tourist destinationvia JTB sales channels, and joint activityin bringing Japanese business tourists isalso being planned.Enterprise Estonia Board Chairman, TeaVarrak, said Estonia had a lot of room forgrowth in the number of Japanese tourists,as Estonia now receives about one tenththe number of Japanese visiting Finland,and thanks to the new cooperation agreementthe number of Japanese tourists visitingEstonia should double in 2006.In 2004 there were 7,362 Japanese touristsstaying in Estonian accommodation, while71,000 Japanese tourists visited Finlandduring the same period.JTB is the biggest Japanese tourist companywith 292 offices in Japan and 70 elsewherein the world. One of the main dutiesof Enterprise Estonia in the field of tourismis to increase information about Estoniaand increase the country's reputation as atourist destination.More information on: http://www.eas.ee/2005 EU-Japan Year of People-to-People ExchangesCalendar of eventsFor events held in the EU, please look at:http://www.mofa.go.jp/region/europe/eu/exchange2004-2.htmlJapanese delegationin DenmarkOn 19 & 20 September 2005, NorthDenmark's Life Sciences Project groupBioMed Community was fortunate to host aJapanese delegation from the Foundationfor Biomedical Research and Innovation inKobe, which included visits to the mostimportant players from North Denmark'sLife Sciences cluster, namely AalborgHospital, Aalborg University and privatelyownedLife Sciences companies.The objective was to uncover possible newbusiness collaboration opportunitiesbetween Kobe and the city of Aalborg(North Denmark) within Life Sciences: anarea in which North Denmark has developedits competences considerably. LifeSciences in North Denmark stems from theElectronics and Telecommunicationsindustries, which are another two wellestablishedclusters of the region. This hasgiven research and innovation in NorthDenmark a more technological profile thanwhat is the case elsewhere. NorthDenmark's immediate access to knowledgeand resources fromTelecommunications and Electronics isapplied within the Bio- & MedicalTechnology areas. North Denmark is henceactive in R&D within Telemedicine,Biosensors and Nanotechology, and hasrecently gained national repute for its Tele-Cardiology advances.More information:http://www.northdenmark.comand on BioMed Community:http://www.biomedcom.dkFor events held in Japan, please look at:http://jpn.cec.eu.int/relation/showpage_en_relations.programmes.people.calendar.phpIn BriefPublication - "AUSTRIA-JAPAN"The book "AUSTRIA-JAPAN" written byDr. Ernst Laschan and Prof.Peter Pantzer is now available(free of charge plusdelivery costs).The book was published inspring 2005.Further information:http://www.austriantrade.org/Greek Business Mission to JapanThe G.J.C.C. will be organising an officialBusiness Mission to Japan on 22-27October 2005, in collaboration with theGreek Embassy in Japan (CommercialSection) and the Athens Chamber ofSMEs, and the support of the JapanExternal Trade Organization (JETRO).The participating companies will comefrom the sectors of jewelry, knitting andfood & beverages.More information:http://www.gjcc.gr/en/events_2005.htm#11JMECJapan Market Expansion CompetitionJMEC is a practicalbusiness training programmesponsored by11 foreign Chambers ofCommerce in Japan and also supported bythe Delegation of the EuropeanCommission in Japan. The purpose of theJMEC programme is to foster the developmentof foreign businesses in Japan whilestrengthening the skills of young businessprofessionals working in Japan. It runs fromNovember through May and is designed togive participants practical experience in writingbusiness plans for client companies andto provide companies with business plansfor their Japan activities. Project applicationsare now invited. For more details, pleaselook at: http://www.jmec.gr.jpThe DUJAT JAPAN UPDATE 2005 SymposiumJapan is the world's second largest economic power, and Japanese companies play a major role in virtuallyevery industrial sector.Since the burst of the bubble Japan has had to face up to serious economic difficulties, resulting in what foreignershave seen as a decade of stagnation. In recent years, however, most Japanese companies haveundergone intensive restructuring leading to divestitures, mergers & acquisitions, lay-offs and re-focused businessactivities. Japanese companies are once again 'looking abroad', the Japanese market is regainingstrength, and only in 2004 over 170 Japanese companies went public.An update on Japan is therefore due, which is why Dujat is organising "The Dujat Japan Update 2005" in theSieboldHuis in Leiden on 26 October 2005.Invited to the symposium are Japan watchers from the US, Europe and Japan itself, who will be sharing theirviews on Japan's economy, its finances and on major changes such as the planned privatisation of Japan Post.For more information: http://www.dujat.nl/The European Office of the EU-Japan Centre alone is responsible for the information contained in its communications or publications.Neither the European Commission nor the Government of Japan is responsible for any use that may be made of the informationcontained therein. Editor: J. Michelson

NEWSLETTER OCTOBER 2005/4 VOL 3French Clusters presented at JETRO BIOLINK FORUMJapan is one of the target markets for French enterprises in the biotech sector, yet it misleadinglygives the impression of being a closed and demanding market, where only the bigindustrial groups or brands can succeed. Although some French SMEs have already donewell there, successful export and set-up initiatives in Japan are still too few and muchremains to be done.Related to this, Mr. Luc Rousseau - Director-General of the DG for Enterprises (FrenchGovernment) - made a speech during the JETRO BIOLINK FORUM held in Yokohama on7-9 September 2005 (see extracts below).Mr. Rousseau thanked particularly Mr. Osamu Watanabe, Chairman of JETRO andMr. Tsuyoshi Nakai, Chairman of JETRO Paris, for the opportunity to attend this very important Forum organised by JETRO and tointroduce the French biotech industry and the new measures implemented by the French Government in order to support high-techindustries, in particular biotech industries.2005 was a very busy year for the French Government, especially for the Directorate-General for Enterprises, with the creation of the ANR(National Research Agency) and the AII (Industrial Innovation Agency), and the decision on French competitiveness clusters.In the biotech sector the ANR funds research & development collaborative projects, including partnerships between large companies andsmaller ones and partnerships between private companies and public research agencies. These projects are selected within the contextof the Biotechnology Innovation Network, created in September 2004 during the meeting of the CSIC (Strategic Committee for HealthIndustries), a member of which is a top executive of the Japanese pharma company TAKEDA.One of the major events of 2005 has been the implementation of competitiveness clusters from a call for proposals launched at the end of2004. Indeed, this call for proposals was very successful, attracting 105 projects. In July the French Government announced that 67 wereselected as "competitiveness" clusters, of which 15 were identified as "global" clusters, based on their ability to act worldwide.More information on: http://www.industrie.gouv.frDate / Location17 - 21 Oct 2005Paris, FranceEvent14th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition:“Biomass for Energy, Industry and ClimateProtection”ContactETA - Renewable EnergiesE-mail: biomass.conf@etaflorence.itConference website:http://www.conference-biomass.com18 - 21 Oct 2005Tokyo, Japan“Bella Italia” Tokyo 2005 - Boutique ItaliaItalian Trade Commission (ICE)Tel: +81 (0)3 3475 1401 / Fax: +81 (0)3 3475 1440 /E-mail: tokyo@tokyo.ice.ithttp://www.ice.it/estero2/giapponehttp://www.ice-tokyo.or.jp19 Oct 2005Tokyo, JapanEU Johogen SeminarMr. Fabrizio Mura, Chief Information Officer“Intellectual Property (IP) Valuation - EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperationhow strategies of an “Innovation Driven Society” E-mail: seminar@eu-japan.gr.jpare implemented in the Management Fax: +81 (0)3 3221 6226of European Firms"19 - 20 Oct 2005Portorož, Slovenia20 - 26 Oct 2005Tokyo / Osaka, Japan25 Oct 2005Dortmund, GermanyOctober 2005Roma / Pescara, ItalyPort Management and Logistics Conference“Trade between the EU and Far East:South European ports as an alternativeto the North European ports”UBIFRANCE Symposium“Présentation du savoir-faire françaisdans le secteur des accessoires de mode”“Successful in Germany” Seminarco-organised by UK Trade & Investmentand the German-British Chamber of Industry& CommerceLifestyle, Art, CultureEurope - Japan Face to FaceMr. Luka Koper, Port and Logistic Systemhttp://www.luka-kp.siUBIFRANCE, Mrs. Marie-Christine ThumerelE-mail: marie-christine.thumerel@ubifrance.frTel: +33 (0)1 40733880Contact: Sven Riemann, Marketing Services,German-British Chamber of Industry & Commercehttp://www.ahk-london.co.uk/einladung_dortmund.pdfContact: http://www.eu-japan.netE-mail: benta.wiley@fastwebnet.it27 Oct 2005London, UKAPTN/SIMMONS & SIMMONS Seminar Simmons and Simmons, London"Japanese Electronics Companies in Europe: the http://www.aptn.org/51027a.htmlegal issues"

Date / Location28 OctRotterdam,The Netherlands31 Oct 2005Berlin, Germany31 Oct - 1 Nov 2005Yokohama, Japan1 Nov 2005Sheffield, UKEventBusiness opportunity of Life Sciencesin Osaka2 Conferences:Business Cycle and the Role of Governmentin Japan and GermanyJapanese Launch of the Global Wind EnergyCouncilUK - Japan Business Seminar -Nagoya Business SeminarNEWSLETTER OCTOBER 2005/4 VOL 3ContactNCH, Rotterdam Chamber of Commerce, IBO OSAKA,Osaka Prefectural Government Rotterdam Office,IBO Osaka Rotterdam OfficeE-mail: t.myose@ibo-osaka.nl /Tel: +31 (0)10 4149834/Fax: +31 (0)10 4123672JDZB (Japanisch-Deutsches Zentrum Berlin)Tel: +49 (0)30 839 07 186 / Fax: +49 (0)30 839 07 220 /E-mail: jdzb@jdzb.deMore information: http://www.gwec.netSouth Yorkshire International Trade CentreYoshimi McLeod, Tel: +44 (0)114 201 2575E-mail: ymcleod@syitc.comhttp://www.syitc.com/japan_link.htm1 - 6 Nov 2005Tokyo, JapanTokyo Designer's Week (Design, Interior,Construction material)Italian Trade Commission (ICE)Tel: +81 (0)3 3475 1401 / Fax: +81 (0)3 3475 1440E-mail: tokyo@tokyo.ice.ithttp://www.ice.it/estero2/giapponehttp://www.ice-tokyo.or.jp7 Nov 2005Tokyo, JapanIMEC Executive Seminar Japan Mrs. Olfa Marzouk, IMEC / Tel: +32 (0)16 28 15 52 /Fax: +32 (0)16 28 16 37/ Olfa.Marzouk@imec.behttp://www.imec.be/ovinter/static_general/seminarjapan.shtmll7 - 10 Nov 2005Torino, Italy9 Nov 2005Brussels, Belgium8th JAMA-CLEPA BusinessConference 20059th EU Policy SeminarEconomic situation in the EUJAMA - CLEPAhttp://www.jama-clepa.comEU-Japan Centre for Industrial CooperationTel: +32 (0)2 2823711 / Fax: +32 (0)2 2820045E-mail: seminar@eujapan.comhttp://www.eujapan.com/japan/home.html10 - 11 Nov 05Berlin, Germany“USA - Japan - Germany: Shared Responsibilityin the World” Symposium“Business Cycle and the Role of Governmentin Japan and Germany” ConferenceJDZB (Japanisch-Deutsches Zentrum Berlin)Tel: +49 (0)30 839 07 186 / Fax: +49 (0)30 839 07 220Dr. Rita Zobel / E-mail: rzobel@jdzb.deTatjana Wonneberg / E-mail: twonneberg@jdzb.de14 - 18 Nov 2005Tokyo / Kyoto, JapanSemiconductor Visit to JapanUK Trade & InvestmentE-mail: lisa.samuel@uktradeinvest.gov.ukhttp://www.uktradeinvest.gov.uk17 - 18 Nov 2005Kyoto, JapanWorkshop on “How to cooperate with the EU?”EU-Japan Centre for Industrial CooperationE-mail: seminar@eu-japan.gr.jpTel: +81 (0)3 3221 6161 / Fax: +81 (0)3 3221 6226http://www.eu-japan.gr.jp/seminars/nextooshu1.html18 Nov 2005Paris, FranceSeminar “Point sur les télécommunicationsau Japon”UBIFRANCEhttp://www.ubifrance.frhttp://www.missioneco.org/francejapon/programmation/dateresult.asp?Timer=1128677264102&Sens=122 Nov 2005Berlin, GermanyCulture made in Japan: “Subculture” -Reception and Effect in Europe SymposiumJDZB (Japanisch-Deutsches Zentrum Berlin)Tel: +49 (0)30 839 07 186 / Fax: +49 (0)30 839 07 220E-mail: jdzb@jdzb.de23 Nov 2005Wroclaw, PolandJapanese Component Buyers ExhibitionJETRO Warsaw OfficeMr. Takashi Tsuchiya or Mr. Krzysztof BienkiewiczE-mail: jetro@jetro.pl / Tel: +48 (0)22 630 8508 /Fax: +48 (0)22 630 8512

Date / Location26 Nov - 1 Dec 2005Japan / Korea7 Dec 2005Sheffield, UKEventFree-choice prospecting missionin Japan and/or KoreaUK - Japan Business SeminarDeveloping your creative & media businessin Japan with JETRO/UKTINEWSLETTER OCTOBER 2005/4 VOL 3ContactParis Chamber of Commerce, Mrs. Laurence VerdiereE-mail: lverdiere@ccip.fr / Tel: +33 (0)1 55653683Fax: +33 (0)1 55653677South Yorkshire International Trade CentreTel: +44 (0)114 201 2575 / E-mail: hguile@syitc.comhttp://www.syitc.com/japan_link.htm13 Dec 2005Tokyo, JapanDeregulation and Innovation in Japanand Europe ConferenceFujitsu Research InstituteTel: +81 (0)3 5401 839111 - 18 Jan 2006Seoul, Korea & Tokyo,JapanMobile and Wireless Trade Missionto Japan and South KoreaUK Trade & InvestmentE-mail: sanjay.shah@uktradeinvest.gov.ukhttp://www.uktradeinvest.gov.uk27 Jan 2006Sheffield, UKJapanese Cultural and Business Workshoporganised by Sheffield Chamber of Commerce& Industry and South Yorkshire InternationalTrade CentreSheffield Chamber of Commerce & IndustryE-mail: info@scci.org.uk31 Jan 2006Sheffield, UK28 Feb 2006Sheffield, UKUK - Japan Business SeminarChanging Face of a Japanese BusinessmanUK - Japan Business Seminar50 Years in Japanese BusinessSouth Yorkshire International Trade CentreTel: +44 (0)114 201 2575 / E-mail: gwatts@syitc.comhttp://www.syitc.com/japan_link.htmSouth Yorkshire International Trade CentreTel: +44 (0)114 201 2575 / E-mail: gwatts@syitc.comhttp://www.syitc.com/japan_link.htm10 - 14 Apr 2006Tokyo, Japan22 - 26 May 2006Tokyo, JapanEuropean Fashion Design Trade MissionEU-Gateway to JapanEnvironmental Technologies Trade FairEU-Gateway to Japanhttp://www.gatewaytojapan.org/Application deadline: 26 Oct 2005http://www.gatewaytojapan.org/Application deadline: 21 Nov 2005The European Office of the EU-Japan Centre alone is responsible for the information contained in its communications or publications.Neither the European Commission nor the Government of Japan is responsible for any use that may be made of the informationcontained therein. Editor: J. Michelson

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