Packaged Facts Essential Insights On Consumer Markets

Packaged Facts Essential Insights On Consumer Markets

Packaged FactsEssential Insights on Consumer Markets2011 Market Research Report CollectionWhat to expect in every report:• In-depth research from primary and secondary sources• Expert overviews and analysis of historical data plusmarket projections• Analysis of current and emerging market trends• Profiles of key market players• Knowledgeable and personalized client support fromexperienced team memberswww.packagedfacts.com800.298.5294240.747.3095 (Intl.)

Packaged Facts is your trusted source for market research. Our reports examine key industry trends and providemarket projections and in-depth analysis for the categories, markets and retail channels in which you compete.Packaged Facts analysts work closely with industry experts, associations and publications to provide accurate marketassessments, while personally examining retail and service provider venues to offer keen insights into retail andconsumer trends.Packaged Facts’ market studies enable you to:• Follow — and — lead key industry trends• Tap into the latest market opportunities• Benchmark your competition and understand their marketing strategies• Craft business plans using our forecasted sales data through 2015• Build business opportunities based on our proprietary research and expert market analyses• Uncover the shopping behaviors and attitudes of your prime customersPackaged Facts reports are written by analysts with years of experience as professionals working in theirrespective industries. This experience, combined with a time-intensive research methodology, results inauthoritative analysis that aids the decision-making process of our clients.

Exclusive Culinary Trend ResearchCross-Category Focus• Artisan and Heritage Foods• Specialty Food Trends• Extreme and Edgy FlavorsMealtime Trends• Snack Foods• Breakfast Trends• Sandwiches• Global Barbecue and GrillingThe Culinary Trend Mapping® Report is an indispensable tool to stay abreast of what’s hot - and whatwill be - in the food world. Published six times a year, each 75+ page journal is packed with trends, data,strategies and insights on the food industry that simply aren’t available anywhere else.Using the Center for Culinary Development’s signature Trend Mapping technique, a validated methodto identify which culinary trends are gaining traction and which are simply flashes in the pan, eachreport concentrates on a theme that is shaping the food industry, and then looks at the established andemerging cooking styles, meal items and ingredients along the Trend Map that are driving this theme.Subscriptions span seven key themes with current and upcoming individual issueslisted below.Health & Wellness• Focus on Health and Wellness• Emerging Global Health andWellness Trends• Wellness IngredientsCategory Focus• Hand-Held Foods• Beverage Trends• Confections and Desserts• Snack Foods• Fats and Oils• Baked Goods• Kids’ Food• Condiments and Sauces• Vegetables and SidesGlobal & Regional Cuisines• Close-up on Asian• Latino Foods: The Next Wave• Emerging Global Cuisines• New Old World CuisnesFoodservice Trends• Prepared Meal Solutions• Street FoodsTargeting Generations• How Gen Y Eats• Kids’ Food• Generational Comfort Food• Millennial Cooking TrendsOne Year Subscription (Six Issues) of the Culinary Trend Mapping® Report priced at $18,500 Global SiteLicense or $14,500 Single Site LicenseCall for purchase options - 800.298.5294

Consumer DemographicsLatino Shoppers: Demographic Patterns and Spending Trends amongHispanic AmericansTake an in-depth look at the shopping habits and spending patterns of Hispanic consumersnow and in the future inside this market study from Packaged Facts. As more acculturatedLatinos become an ever-larger share of the population, marketers may need to address thepotential for a significant change in the profile of the Latino consumer. This Packaged Factsreport provides important insights into the way acculturation may affect the shopping behaviorand buying decisions of Latinos in the years to come.Publication ID: LA2848314January 2011 • $3,995The U.S. Moms Market 2010,3rd EditionStep inside the mind of a motherin Packaged Facts’ latestmarket study and get a betterunderstanding of what worriesher and how that motivatesher purchasing behavior. Thismarket study highlights themacro and micro trends inthe U.S. influencing today’smom: Finances, Ethnicity, Eco-Awareness and Technology.The report is filled with specificinsights, implications andexamples of opportunities forbrands.Publication ID: LA2615899November 2010 • $3,995Millennials in the U.S.:Trends and OpportunitiesSurrounding Gen-Y AdultsThis market study assesses thetrends shaping the adult Millennialmarket and identifies opportunitiesavailable to marketers interestedin connecting with Gen-Yconsumers.The report continues witha forecast of the growth ofthe buying power of Gen-Yconsumers through 2015 and adetailed demographic profile ofthe Gen-Y population. Inside you’llalso find extensive analyses onhow Gen-Y consumers manageand spend money.Publication ID: LA2661911October 2010 • $3,995Healthy 50+ Americans:Trends and Opportunitiesin the Emerging WellnessMarketThis Packaged Facts reportfocuses on the market potentialof the 26 million “HealthyConsumers” who are 50 years oldand over and who are pursuinga wellness regime that includeshealthy eating and regularexercise.Anchored by boomers whofirmly believe that getting oldermeans getting better, PackagedFacts’ Healthy 50+ Americans:Trends and Opportunities in theEmerging Wellness Market offersmarketers a look into the future ofan America where 50+ consumerswill generate an increasingly largeshare of consumer spendingpower.The Gay and Lesbian Marketin the U.S., 6th EditionSurvey research shows that gayand lesbian consumers are moreoptimistic than other consumersabout the economy and personalfinances, indicating that gay andlesbian consumers are more likelyto amp up discretionary spendingon products and services in thewake of the recession.This completely new 6th edition ofPackaged Facts’ Gay and LesbianMarket in the U.S. providesmarketers with the analysis andinsights they need to help themsucceed in a consumer segmentwhose buying power is fastapproaching $800 billion.Publication ID: LA2690458July 2010 • $3,995Publication ID: LA6135736April 2011 • $3, 800.298.5294 240.747.3095 (Intl) © Copyright 2011. Packaged Facts. All rights reserved.

Consumer Goods and ServicesInfant, Toddler and Preschool Clothing Market in the U.S., 3rd EditionU.S. consumers are once again buying their beloved luxury goods - including premium clothingand footwear for their young children. What opportunities can marketers seize today to ensureloyal customer following in the years ahead?With this market study you will discover the latest birth, societal, and licensing trends that willdrive sales; learn the marketing strategies of top competitors; understand the ITP clothingand footwear consumer; craft business plans through 2015 based on our in-depth retail salesforecasts; learn new product trends and how you can take advantage of them.Publication ID: LA2848320April 2011 • $3,300Babycare Supplies in the U.S., 5th EditionValued at $7 billion at retail, the U.S. Babycare Supplies market’s sixcategories: disposable diapers;wipes; bodycare preparations; feedingaccessories; play & discovery toys; and pacifiers/teethers; hold richpotential for players with innovative wares and competitive savvy.This market study will help you:• Learn the shopping behaviors of the babycare suppliesconsumer.• Identify brand share directly from the checkout scanners in thethree main mass-market channels• Discover how babycare supplies are sold through retail stores viaPackaged Facts’ primary on-site research• Understand how societal and economic trends influence the salesprogress• Construct business plans based on detailed analyses of growthtrends and market drivers• Compare your company’s marketing strategy against thoseof California Baby, Hain-Celestial, Kimberly-Clark, Johnson &Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Seventh Generation, and othersPublication ID: LA2604910July 2010 • $3,300Infant, Toddler and Preschool Furnishings, Toys andAccessories in the U.S., 4th EditionAs the U.S. economy recovers all eyes are on young kids’ furnishings(cribs, highchairs, safety gates, etc.), accessories (baby monitors, carseats, strollers), and toys. Together, the three categories valued $18billion at retail in 2010.This market study will help you:• Identify the consumer shopping behaviors and characteristics thatcompile this market.• Highlight business opportunities, new product trends and factorspromoting future growth.• Size up major competitors: Crown Crafts, Dorel, Leapfrog,Maclaren, MGA Entertainment, Newell Rubbermaid/Graco, Phil &Teds/Mountain Buggy, and UPPAbaby.• Gain perspective into this market with our dollar forecast through2015 - the results of our own survey of nearly 2,000 consumers.• Understand how to use websites and social media to maximizecustomer loyalty and success.Publication ID: LA2707953November 2010 • $3, 800.298.5294 240.747.3095 (Intl) © Copyright 2011. Packaged Facts. All rights reserved.

Foodservice Market InsightsPackaged Facts’ foodservice studies will revitalize howyou respond to the evolutionary needs of your customers.Using exclusive consumer research and primary analyseseach foodservice market report arms you with the marketingand business intelligence for a solid growth platform.Trends in U.S. Hospital, Nursing Home and Residential Facility FoodserviceSocial Media and Technology in theU.S. Foodservice IndustryNew technology allows restaurant operatorsto interact with potential customers in realtime—affordingthem significant opportunitiesto influence consumer food choices as theyare being made.With this market study you will:Learn how you can effectively implementFacebook and Twitter restaurant quantificationmethodsLeverage our in-depth social media andtechnology case studies of Chipotle Mexican Grilland Starbucks, two restaurant brands leadingthe way into new marketing and promotionalterritoryHealthcare foodservice operators will welcome the revealing, expert analysis in this report.The market study will help you leverage new marketing opportunities; analyze the win-winproposition for hospital foodservice with a restaurant brand that forcefully plays the healthcard; asses “primary” with positive momentum: room service and individualized patient care;customer service; wellness and nutrition; variety and culinary exploration; sustainability andgreen initiatives; and the need for speed.Publication ID: LA6044306February 2011 • $3,995Trends in U.S. Corporate FoodserviceSignificant untapped opportunity exists in building greater synergy between corporatefoodservice and wellness programs; and in meeting employees’ foodservice needs byprofession and occupation in concert with demographics. With this market study you will useour market size data and forecast analyses to benefit your bottom line; leverage competitivefactors; Uncover new ROI opportunities through our comprehensive trend analysis; foreseemarket challenges using our proprietary metrics; gain strategic perspectives into thecorporate foodservice plans of national and regional managed services players.Publication ID: LA2848311March 2011 • $3,995Uncover the demographic profiles of the mobilerestaurant ordering user and the urban dinerLaunch new market initiatives using smartphonetechnology, applications, mobile payments andlocation-based servicesLearn how to leverage emerging multi-conceptordering platforms, online consumer reviewplatforms, and food blogging & photography sitesPublication ID: LA2848312March 2011 • $3,995Catering Trends in U.S. FoodservicePlan your catering and foodservice strategies with new market insights and analysis fromPackaged Facts. Key coverage includes: A market size and forecast for the cateringindustry; Key factors to catering growth; trended consumer catering expenditures bydemographic; catering trends within the institutional foodservice category, with a focus onhospitals and colleges and universities; catering macro-trend analysis; catering operationsanalysis of a mixture of restaurant, food retail, foodservice contractor, and caterercompanies.Publication ID: LA2848313January 2011 • $3,995© Copyright 2011. Packaged Facts. All rights reserved. 240.747.3095 (Intl) 800.298.5294 7

Foodservice Market InsightsFoodservice Market InsightsVia our proprietary research data, Packaged Facts analyzes restaurant brands that play a role in each daypart, whichare supported with a variety of information, including Food Lifestyle Segmentation and core demographic analysisfor low- and high-frequency brand users. We focus on recession–driven responses and menu strategies to help youmake educated strategic decisions.Breakfast Trends in the U.S.Foodservice MarketLunch Trends in the U.S.Foodservice MarketHelping restaurant operatorsposition their brands—and menus,this report provides uniqueinsights into consumers’ evolvingrelationship with the breakfastdaypart. Highlights of the studyinclude consumer behavioraland attitude analysis; proprietaryanalysis of average meal spend;in-depth spending patterns forthe breakfast daypart by region,income, and race/ethnicity; meal“pricing threshold” analysis;restaurant and menu selectionanalysis; and a thorough,investment grade macroeconomicanalysis that helps industryparticipants understand currentconsumer restaurant spendingbehavior.Publication ID: LA2718792August 2010 • $3,995This market examines proprietaryconsumer research and weavesconsultative insight with analysisof lunchtime limited-time offerand value trends; currentlunchtime guest check averages;planned restaurant spending; andguest traffic patterns at selectedbrands. This report shines a lighton leading lunchcentric brands,by outlining menu strategies andrelated innovations, and then tyingthem to demographic analysis ofthe brand users’ diet, health, andfood attitudes; and usagepatterns. The report trends lunchsales by demographics.Publication ID: LA2756365October 2010 • $3,995Dinner Trends in the U.S.Foodservice MarketThis report not only helpsfoodservice industry participantsaddress challenges uniqueto the dinner daypart but alsohelps participants contour theirstrategies to meet consumers’evolving needs. By providinginsight on the dinnergoer’sdecision-making process, thisreport provides direction on howand why the consumer decides ona specific restaurant.Coverage includes fast food/QSR,coffeehouse, smoothie shop, icecream shop, family restaurant,casual restaurant, and fine diningrestaurant segments; as wellas prepared foods segments atconvenience stores/gas stationsand grocery stores/supermarkets.Snack and Dessert Trends inthe U.S. Foodservice MarketWith proprietary consumerresearch laying the foundation,the report analyses consumerattitudes and behaviorsinfluencing foodservice snackingbehavior. Themes addressedinclude where and how snacksare eaten, how the snackingpurchase decision relates toconsumer activity and routine,and consumer hunger and healthpurchase motivations.The report includes a 5-yearsales analysis for the fast food/quick-service restaurant andfull-service restaurant segments,with forecasts through 2011 andguest traffic frequency analysis ofleading snack-centric restaurantbrands.Publication ID: LA2756366November 2010 • $3,995Publication ID: LA2756368October 2010 • $3, 800.298.5294 240.747.3095 (Intl) © Copyright 2011. Packaged Facts. All rights reserved.

Food and Beverage Market IntelligenceWhat’s For Dinner: Trends in Center of Plate ProteinsIn the face of multinational competitors smaller meat and poultry processors must focuson market niches. This market study’s proprietary survey data finds the key market driversand how you can take advantage of them. With this market study you will learn the latestcenter-plate trends; benchmark the top poultry, meat and seafood companies and brands;uncover the demographic profile of center-plate protein consumers; craft business planswith out forecasted sales data through 2015; chart the top package tags/claims for newproducts; respond to the latest market opportunities and marketing trends.Gluten-free Foods and Beverages inthe U.S.Packaged Facts’ exclusive online consumersurvey reveals the #1 motivation for buyinggluten-free food products. People believethat they are healthier than their conventionalcounterparts.This market study will help you:• Identify consumer trends shaping the glutenfreemarket, with a special look at medicalconditions relating this market segment to theconsumer.• Highlight business opportunities, new producttrends and factors promoting future growth.• Understand the benefits and drawbacks ofprincipal methods of gluten detection.• Gain insight into several types of marketersand their different strategies toward glutenfreefoods and beverages.• Analyze international market activity andregulation/labeling standards.Publication ID: LA2710664February 2011 • $3,300Publication ID: LA2806009March 2011 • $3,995The Future of Food Retailing in the U.S.Growing competition, emerging retail formats, price wars, more private labels, SKUrationalization, and experiments with online marketing are trends reshaping the foodretailing market.This detailed market study provides insightful macro and micro trend analyses for retailersand CPG marketers who seek merchandise, pricing, and marketing strategies for today’sfood retailing environment.Publication ID: LA2739666February 2011 • $3,995Food Flavors and Ingredients Outlook 2011, 8th EditionPackaged Facts analyses highlights predictions for the key drivers that will affect theU.S. food and beverage industry in 2011, including rising food prices, consumer desire totake control and remain tight-fisted, actual vs. perceived thrift, government and industrypressure for a healthier diet and more focus on pragmatic lifestyle choices to promotehappiness and well being.This report provides insight into major flavor and ingredient trends for 2011 including:Flavors From Around the Globe; Sustainability Trumps Local, Organic and Natural;Wellness Overhaul; Overcoming Obesity; Plethora of Produce; Flavor & IngredientCrossovers; Salty & Big: Wellness Be Damned; Bolstering Breakfast; Simply Savory;Satisfying Sweets.Publication ID: LA2706877January 2011 • $3,300© Copyright 2011. Packaged Facts. All rights reserved. 240.747.3095 (Intl) 800.298.5294 9

Financial ServicesRegulatory Changeand the New ConsumerBanking RelationshipThis market study is necessaryreading for industry participantsnavigating the effect that newregulations are having on theircredit card, debit card, giftcard and consumer bankingstrategies. In emphasizing atrend-forward philosophy, thereport also assists in viewing theimpact of these regulations into2011 and 2012.The report breaks down relevant regulations and their impact on themarket, in part by trending important industry metrics (such as interestrates, fees, and penalties) in detail.To help gauge the effect and future ramifications on the consumer,Packaged Facts conducts “Regulatory Impact and Trend Forecasting”on three groups significantly affected by the regulations: EchoBoomers, The Affluent, and The Debt-Burdened. “Regulatory Responseand Strategy Profiles” of the top 10 card issuers help gauge industryresponses and strategies.Publication ID: LA2749750December 2010 • $3,750Rewards Cards in the U.S., 3rd EditionTrying to navigate the new policies revolving the credit card industrytoday? Many marketers have asked us, “Which regulatory changes aremost relevant to rewards?” and “Does the current credit environmenteffect migration from credit to debit? Why? How?”.Packaged Facts’ market study, Rewards Cards in the U.S. answers yourspecific questions on the reengineered rewards card industry.This market study also analyzes the following questions:How does continued migration to electronic payments shape thefuture of rewards?Which regulatory changes are most relevant to rewards?Understanding the macroeconomic and credit factors that shape thepool of current and future credit card customers.Does the current credit environment effect migration from credit todebit? Why? How?Which fee structures are being implemented—or could beimplemented—to counteract regulatory change?Over the course of the recession, which consumers are active cardusers? Multiple card users? Transactors? Revolvers? How has thischanged over time?Publication ID: LA2716351September 2010 • $3,750© Copyright 2011. Packaged Facts. All rights reserved. 240.747.3095 (Intl) 800.298.5294 11

No one can pinpoint consumer markettrends like Packaged Facts.Our in-depth market research studieswill optimize any business or marketingplan, leveraging unparalleled insightinto key industry trends, marketprojections, and in-depth competitoranalysis.Each market study examinesdifferent segments supplies you withrelatable, easy to use information anddetailed analyses for application andimplentation.Never be without the research toolsyou need with Packaged Facts’ onlinesubscription service.Subscription Features:• Global Site License for all reports: can be used onany company computer• Hundreds of charts and tables present market data ina visually interesting and accessible way• Figures and tables can be cut and pasted intointernal memos, emails and reportsContact us for more details:www.packagedfacts.com800.298.5294 U.S. | +1.240.747.3095 800.298.5294 240.747.3095 (Intl) © Copyright 2011. Packaged Facts. All rights reserved.

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