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Sub-Saharan Africa_ME_Report_English_2013

Sub-Saharan Africa_ME_Report_English_2013

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Mobile Economy Sub-Saharan Africa 2013CONTENTSExecutive Summary 41. MOBILE’S TRANSFORMING IMPACT ON SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA 101.1 Significant untapped potential Remains 141.2 A diverse region: with differing opportunities and challenges 161.3 Mobile broadband: on the cusp of the next wave of development 24in Sub-Saharan Africa1.3.1 Higher speed network Deployments 281.4 Realising the growth potential of mobile in SSA 301.4.1 Increasing affordability of mobile services 311.4.2 Increasing coverage in rural and remote areas 341.4.3 Realising the potential of mobile broadband 381.5 Role of 2G and feature phones key in SSA 391.6 Encouraging investment 401.6.1. Moving to sustainable market structures 412. Role of mobile in socio-economic development 442.1 Mobile services already address social challenges across SSA 442.2 Economic contribution of the mobile industry 462.2.1 Digital Dividend spectrum can drive substantial 51further economic benefits2.3 Mobile as an innovation enabler 542.4 Growth of new services and applications 562.4.1 M2M services 572.4.2 mHealth 582.4.3 mEducation 602.4.4 mAgriculture 612.4.5 Mobile Money 622.4.5.1 Better mobile money regulatory policies for greater financial inclusion 642.4.6 Driving growth of local content 652.5 Social Responsibility of Mobile 673. Supportive Regulatory Policies Spur Investment and Growth 723.1 Managing spectrum for the long-term future 733.1.1 Fairness and Predictability in Spectrum Licensing Regimes 733.1.2 Harmonised Spectrum for Mobile Broadband 743.1.3 Allocate the Digital Dividend Bands to Mobile 753.1.4 Coordinate and Accelerate the Digital Switchover 753.1.5 Harmonise Band Plans and Regulatory Conditions for 77700 MHz and 800 MHz Bands3.2 Reducing the taxation burden 793.2.1 Sector-specific taxes on mobile services is impeding 80mobile development3.2.1.1. Taxes and fees on operators 823.2.1.2. Universal Service Fund levy 833.2.1.3 Surcharges on international call termination 843.3 Reasonable Approach to Roaming Regulation 85

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