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Sub-Saharan Africa_ME_Report_English_2013

Sub-Saharan Africa_ME_Report_English_2013


MOBILE ECONOMYMobile Economy Sub-Saharan Africa 2013Sub-SaharanAfricaUnique Subscribers and SIM Connections253Million2007-1218%unique mobile subscribers JUNE 2013502Millionconnections JUNE 2013unique subscribeR growthCAGRGrowthHuge growth potential remains as average subscriber mobile penetrationis 31% across 40 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)UNIQUE SUBSCRIBERS TO GROW43% by 2017 *REACHING 346MSSA to remain fastest growing region2*Unique subscriber growth from 2012 to 2017

Mobile Economy Sub-Saharan Africa 2013Socio-economic impactHigh levels of mobileaccess compared toother basic servicesMobile already bringingenormous social andeconomic benefits to regionPotential in future to achievemuch more with asupportive regulatoryand policy environmentMobile ecosystem contribution to GDP in SSA2012US$60B8%2020US$119B GDPby 202020122020GDP US$60Bin 2012 growingto a forecast ofUS$119B - 8%of GDP by 2020Public FundingEmploymentUS$21BUS$42B3.3MDirect employment by the mobileecosystem to grow to 6.6M by 202020122020US$21B public funding contributionfrom MNOs including licence fees in2012 growing to US$42B by 20206.6M3

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