Summer 2010, Volume 44, No. 1 - Middle East Studies Association

Summer 2010, Volume 44, No. 1 - Middle East Studies Association

Table ofCONTENTSFrom the Editor 1ESSAYSVirginia Aksan 3MESA 2009 Presidential Address: How Do We “Know” the Middle East?Edmund Burke III 13“There is No Orient”: Hodgson and SaidARCHIVAL RESOURCESMichael J. Reimer 19The Mansuri Collection at the Library of Congress: AnUnderutilized Resource for the Study of Muslim Religious,Intellectual, and Social HistoryMohammad Reza Hamedi 33A Glance at Persian, European, and Russian Historical Sourceson the Manghit Dynasty in the 19 th CenturyFEATURED REVIEWSVolume 44 Number 1Summer 2010Mohamed Elshahed 48Italian Architecture in Colonial LibyaAnne Elise Thomas 51Art of the Early Egyptian Qanunİclal Çetin 54Middle Eastern Women Filmmakers of This CenturyBOOK REVIEWSShukri B. Abed. Focus on Contemporary Arabic (Conversations with 60Native Speakers) (Barbara Romaine)Samer Akkach. Letters of a Sufi Scholar: The Correspondence of 62‘Abd al-Ghanī al-Nābulusī (1641–1731) (Justin Stearns)

Mohammed Ayoob and Hasan Kosebalaban, editors. Religion and 64Politics in Saudi Arabia: Wahhabism and the State(Daniel E. Spector)Albert J. Bergesen, ed. The Sayyid Qutb Reader: Selected Writings 66on Politics, Religion, and Society (William Shepard)Stuart J. Borsch. The Black Death in Egypt and England: A 68Comparative Study (Warren C. Schultz)Jonathan A.C. Brown. Hadith: Muhammad’s Legacy in the Medieval and 69Modern World (Ayisha Y. Musa)Michaelle L. Browers. Political Ideology in the Arab World: 71Accommodation and Transformation (Frederic Volpi)Gary R. Bunt. iMuslims: Rewiring the House of Islam 73(Roxanne D. Marcotte)Frederick S. Colby. Narrating Muḥammad’s Night Journey: Tracing 75the Development of the Ibn ‘Abbās Ascension Discourse(Gabriel Said Reynolds)Paul Crawford, trans. The “Templar of Tyre”: Part III of the 77“The Deeds of the Cypriots” (Warren C. Schultz)Salma S. Damluji, ed. The Architecture of the United Arab Emirates 78(Mohammad Gharipour)Richard C. Foltz. Animals in Islamic Tradition and Muslim Cultures 80(Martyn Smith)Frank Griffel. Al-Ghazālī’s Philosophical Theology 82(Mohammad Hassan Khalil)Ayşe Gürsan-Salzmann. Exploring Iran: The Photography of 84Erich F. Schmidt, 1930-1940 (Geoffrey D. Summers)Wael B. Hallaq. An Introduction to Islamic Law (Mohammad H. Fadel) 86Esther Hertzog, Orit Abuhav, Harvey E. Goldberg, and 88Emanuel Marx, eds. Perspectives on Israeli Anthropology(Michael Fiege)Konrad Hirschler. Medieval Arabic Historiography: Authors as Actors 90(Eric Hanne)Roy Jackson. Fifty Key Figures in Islam (Mohamad Nasrin Nasir) 92

R. Kevin Jaques. Authority, Conflict, and the Transmission of Diversity 94in Medieval Islamic Law (Justin Stearns)P. K. Kumaraswamy, ed. Caught in Crossfire: Civilians in Conflicts in the 97Middle East (Hayat Alvi)Robert D. Lee. Religion and Politics in the Middle East: Identity, Ideology, 99Institutions, and Attitudes (Sean Foley)Ariel Lewin. The Archaeology of Ancient Judah and Palestine 101(Samuel M. Paley)Leonard Lewisohn and Christopher Shackle, eds. ‘Aṭṭār and the Persian 102Sufi Tradition: The Art of Spiritual Flight (Alireza Korangy)Shari L. Lowin. The Making of a Forefather: Abraham in Islamic and 104Jewish Exegetical Narratives (Michael Pregill)Muhammad Khalid Masud, Rudolph Peters and David S. Powers, Eds. 106Dispensing Justice in Islam: Qadis and their Judgments (Karen Kern)Kathryn A. Miller. Guardians of Islam: Religious Authority and Muslim 108Communities of Late Medieval Islam (Luis F. Bernabé Pons)Khaleel Mohammed and Andrew Rippin, eds. Coming to Terms with 111the Qur’an: A Volume in Honor of Professor Issa Boullata(Aisha Geissinger)Daniel Monterescu and Dan Rabinowitz, eds. Mixed Towns, Trapped 113Communities: Historical Narratives, Spatial Dynamics, Gender Relationsand Cultural Encounters in Palestinian-Israeli Towns(Rebecca L. Torstrick)Sheila Paine. Embroidery from Afghanistan (Sumru Belger Krody) 115David S. Powers. Muhammad Is Not the Father of Any of Your Men: 117The Making of the Last Prophet (Daniel M. Varisco)Uri Ram. The Globalization of Israel: McWorld in Tel Aviv, Jihad in 119Jerusalem (Ben Herzog)Nerina Rustomji. The Garden and the Fire: Heaven and Hell in Islamic 121Culture (Todd Lawson)Spencer D. Segalla. The Moroccan Soul: French Education, Colonial 123Ethnology, and Muslim Resistance, 1912-1956 (Julia Clancy-Smith)Azade Seyhan, Tales of Crossed Destinies: The Modern Turkish Novel in a 125Comparative Context (Robert P. Finn)

Nancy Um. The Merchant Houses of Mocha: Trade & Architecture in an 127Indian Ocean Port City (Molly Patterson)Richard Yeomans. The Art and Architecture of Islamic Cairo 129(Caroline Williams)CORRESPONDENCEA Response to MESA President Virginia Aksan’s 132Keynote Address (Mehran Kamrava)

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