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4The Spanish CornerBy Ilse ReissnerSome exciting news that we would like to share with you is –As announced previously, Extensión Contemplativa has two fundraising events coming upin the near future: two contemplative pilgrimages (our pilgrimages are quite different from any othertour you may have been part of, and those that have joined us in the past know this very well!) Thefirst will be a very intense 13 days in the Holy Land, visiting as many significant places in the life of Jesusas possible and ending with a half-day retreat. It is mostly intended for those of you that understandSpanish, as both our guide and our priest will be Spanish-speaking. Date: It was originally plannedfor May, but now postponed until November 3rd. Our airline will be ALITALIA, giving us a chanceto offer a post-extension of four days in Italy, visiting Rome and Assisi. Cost: $2,402 for the basicpart (from Miami or New York) and $643 for the Italy extension. (Air/land, hotels, breakfast,dinner and all expenses are included, except airport taxes, tips, and visas.)The second 11 or 18-day contemplative pilgrimage will depart on April 26, 2002, and willfollow the footprints of Peter and Paul. Our guide will be our old-time friend Samir, who has beenwith us in the past, and our spiritual director, Fr. William Meninger, who spent three years in this areaas a Biblical scholar. We will spend one week in Israel, focusing and reliving events in the lives of Peterand Jesus, fly to Athens/Thessaloniki in Greece to join those not going to Israel, and, for six days followPaul’s steps in Greece in our comfortable motorcoach, and then embark for a three-day cruise tovisit the Greek islands and Ephesus in Turkey. Cost: for Greece only, $2,675, for Israel andGreece, $3,795 from New York on Olympic Airways. (Air/land, hotels, shore excursions,breakfast, dinner, and all expenses included except airport taxes, tips and visas.)If you are interested, please contact us at (407) 767-7567, or Fax (407) 767-6414 and we’llsend you a brochure.Growth - When our Board met in January, we decided that each one of our memberswould be serving the needs of those places where a Spanish-speaking representative ofContemplative Outreach is required. Adalberto Henriquez will travel to El Salvador andNicaragua in Central America, and two local people will be his support contacts. A visit toArgentina in April is being planned by Dr. Hugo Mejía or Ricardo López, again with two localpeople serving as their support contacts (one of them is moving from Miami to Argentina, whereshe is originally from, and the other participated in our Formation Program in July in Orlando).Isabel de Marion-Landais was in Puerto Rico for a weekend workshop on Lectio Divina, willreturn within the next couple of months; and, due to geographical location, will be following upwith Carmen Sánchez. A visit to Venezuela is being planned next. Meanwhile, Carmen Sánchezis going to offer our first seven-day retreat in Spanish in Miami on October 18th to 24 th (costis $400, phone number to call for registration is (305) 661-6966, Fax (305) 666-2075). And,another Formation for Service is being planned for next year.Our second bi-annual international meeting will be held in Orlando the weekendof July 20 - 22. We ask our readers who feel they can make a contribution to the Spanish nationaland international effort to let us know if they would like to attend, as the space is very limitedat the San Pedro Retreat Center. We would also like to have your ideas and suggestions forthis meeting. Donations for Extensión Contemplativa can be sent to Contemplative Outreach,indicating on your check that your donation be used for the Spanish Ministry. Thank you…Adiós, amigos – hasta la próxima – que Dios los bendiga a todos…!A Moment With the LordBy Joanne O’Rourke, NYCI asked the Lord for favorsAnd thought he never heard,His message was be silentAnd say your sacred word.I asked he give me knowledgeSo I could better pray,You learn my will by being stillWas what he seemed to say.I asked him for the gift of faithSo I could spread his word,He said, be free, just trust in MeFor I’ll decide who’s heard.I beckoned then for wisdomSo I could change the lands,He did request I learn to restAnd leave things in His hands.I told him from his gentlenessMy spirit would renew,He said let go and let Me growFor I created you.There’s a spirit deep within youIn my likeness which is true,With all life’s pain, it’s now turned feignIt’s time to make it new.If you won’t sit in silenceYou’ll never hear my voice,You only know one way to goAnd you always make the choice.And so I rest in silenceWondering if I’m heard,The thoughts do flow, I let them goAnd say my sacred word.Connect on the Web!Visit our web site at for:• Weekly articles by Fr. Thomas Keating, OSCO• Information about local events• Locations of Centering Prayer groups• Information about Centering Prayer resources: Books, TapesContacts/Coordinators:To list information about local events and groups, contact the International Officeemail:, Voice: 973-838-3384 Fax: 973-492-5795

6Resources Available from Contemplative Outreach, LtdPlease send me the following books:by Fr. Thomas Keating__ Fruits and Gifts of the Spirit $12.00__ St. Therese of Lisieux: $10.00__ The Kingdom of God is Like: $14.95__ Open Mind, Open Heart: $12.95__ The Mystery of Christ: $12.95__ Intimacy with God: $16.95__ Awakenings: $12.95__ Reawakenings: $12.95__ Invitation to Love: $12.95__ Crisis of Faith, Crisis of Love: $10.95__ Active Meditations for ContemplativePrayer: $12.95 (HC)__ Heart of the World: $9.95__ The Human Condition: $5.95__ The Better Part $14.95edited by Gus Reininger__ Centering Prayer in Life & Ministry: $11.95by Sr. Thelma Hall__ Too Deep for Words: $8.95by Sr. Mary Margaret Funk__ Thoughts Matter: $12.95by Father William Meninger__ Loving Search for God: $11.95__ Process of Forgiveness: $13.95by Fr. Carl Arico— A Taste of Silence: $14.95by Robert J. Hope__ From the Center: $12.95 *NEWLibros Traducidos al Espanolby Fr. Thomas Keating__ Misterio de Cristo: $12.95__ Invitacion A Amar: $12.95by Sr. Mary Margaret Funk__ Reino De Dios Es Como: $10.95__ El Corazon en Paz: $14.95 *NEW__ Intimidad Con Dios: $13.95Audio/CD/Video Order Formby Nan Merrill— Psalms for Praying: $16.95by Elizabeth Smith and Joseph Chalmers— A Deeper Love: $10.95by Fr. Basil Pennington— Lectio Divina: $14.95Spiritual Journey Handbooks:— Volume I: $14.95— Volume II: $14.95— Volume III: $14.95— Volume IV: $14.95 (Replaces Guidebook)by Fr. Thomas Keating__ Journey to Contemplation: (8 tapes)$35.00__ Divine Therapy: (4 tapes) $27.50__ The Gift of Contemplation and the SpiritualJourney: (6 tapes) $32.50__ The Kingdom of God is Like: (4 tapes) $23.00__ The Contemplative Journey Vol. I andII: (24 tapes with Study Guide) (FormerlyThe Spiritual Journey): $168.00Or—The Contemplative Journey Vol. 1, Tapes1-12 with Study Guide (formerly The SpiritualJourney Parts 1 & II): $99.95__The Contemplative Journey, Vol. II, Tapes13-24 with Study Guide (formerly TheSpiritual Journey Parts III & IV) $99.95by Fr. Carl Arico— The Power of Silence: (3 tapes): $18.00by Mary Mrozowski— Beyond Centering Prayer: (6 tapes) $31.00CD__ 3 track Meditation Timer/Cello ContemporaryContemplative Music for CenteringPrayer: $12.00__ Cantico de Jerusalén (Spanish) chantingwith 20 and 40 minutes of silences: $10.00Videoby Thomas Keating__ Fruits of the Holy Spirit (single tape)$24.99__ Fruits of the Holy Spirit/Questions andAnswers (2 tape set): $35.00For the first item include $4.00 for postage and handling. For each additional item include an additional $0.50. All ordersshould be accompanied by payment in full or credit card information. Make checks payable to: ContemplativeOutreach, Ltd.$________ TotalName ______________________________________________Check or money order enclosedStreet ______________________________________________Charge to my credit card (minimum charge $10)City ___________________State ________Zip________Phone __________________________Resources on this page are available from Contemplative OutreachLtd. Please do not use this order form to order tapes distributed byAmerican Magnetic.Credit Card No. __________________Exp. Date_______Signature______________________________________Contemplative Outreach, Ltd.P.O. Box 737Butler, NJ 07405

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8Updates(Editor’s Note: Because of limited space, we aren’t able to includeone-day activities and workshops in the Calendar of Events. TheUpdates section is a great place to let the readers know of the onedayopportunities that your chapter has to offer.)Alta, WYThe Alta Retreat Center is growing along with ContemplativeOutreach. Our newly formed Board of Trustees now includesSr. Catherine Bazaar, Fr. Martin O’Loghlen and Rev. EugeneSutton. We look forward to expanding our contemplativeprayer programs, and are thrilled with the enthusiastic responsesto our 30-Day Retreat coming up this summer. It’s hard for usto be impartial about this spectacular place we call home, TetonValley. We hope and pray that you will choose to come see foryourself to experience the solitude and sabbath our quietmountain retreat offers. Peace in Christ, Rev. Sandy Casey-Martus, ARC Director (307) 353-8100.Denver, CO (Contemplative Outreach of Colorado)Record enrollment in classes and special events at our Center forContemplative Living reflects the growing number of people whodesire a spiritual presence in their busy lives. In January, 56 peopleattended the Basic Introductory Workshop and 40+ peopleattended the Basic Centering Prayer Course. Fr. Thomas Keatingwill be the keynote speaker for our 8 th Annual ContemplativeConference on March 24. Fr. Vince Hovley, SJ and Sr. EleanorSheehan, CSJ of Sacred Heart Retreat House, and Kathy Hendricks,Interim Parish Director of Pax Christi, will host conferenceworkshops on aspects of developing a spiritual outlook on life.Spring 2001 marks the beginning of our “two-tier” approach tomeeting the needs of those beginning a Centering Prayer practiceas well as those of the more seasoned practitioner. In addition tothe Spiritual Journey Series, our curriculum includes a “False SelfFilm Festival”, workshops on the Welcoming Practice and Prayerof Forgiveness, and a Centering Prayer immersion experience. InApril, David Frenette, a former Chrysalis House staff member, willpresent a five-day retreat with a three-week follow-up course onthe Christian Heritage. The second session of the Nine-MonthCourse will finish in May and plans for the Fall group are in themaking. Our activities continue into the summer with our St. MaloWeekend Intensive Retreat in June. July 15-21, local leaders andI will present Formation and Training of Presenters for theIntroduction Workshop on Centering Prayer. As we nearmaximum use of our facility and volunteer staff, we are evermindful of our vision and our common search for spirituality in the21 st century. Sr. Bernadette Teasdale, (303) 698-7729.Long Island/Queens, NYIn response to the question, “What are we doing next year?” fromparticipants at the closing of The Living Flame II Program, grew ourEnrichment Program – a series of four monthly presentationsincluding the Welcoming Prayer, Lectio Divina, the ForgivenessPrayer and the Power of Silence. Introductory Workshops arescheduled in Suffolk County, a newly developing Centering Prayerarea for Long Island. In the Fall of 2001, we will be offering theFormation for Contemplative Outreach Service using the modelthat was so successful in New York City – meeting one Sunday amonth for six months. Coming to Long Island in the Fall of 2002is the “on the road” team of Cathy McCarthy and Joanne O’Neillto present the Nine-Month Course: The Practice of ContemplativeLiving at Our Lady of Grace Center in Manhasset. The LongIsland/Queens Chapter has made its pledge to the ContemplativeOutreach Fundraising Campaign in addition to tithing twice a yearto the International Office. Long Island Steering CommitteeBarbara Sullivan (516) 481-0472.Northwest (Contemplative Outreach Northwest)The relationship with God keeps stimulating Contemplative OutreachNorthwest to stretch ourselves with more workshops andmore kinds of workshops by our presenters (16 between Januaryand July) more people (1200) receiving the newsletter, and morepeople visiting our website ( Cynthia Bourgeaultwill give a five-day workshop in Seattle in July, and Bill Sheehan andSusan Komis are coming to give weekend or longer workshopsthis year. We have 30 Centering Prayer groups. Many share thework, giving the coordinator time to volunteer to MonroePenitentiary, co-teach a workshop for the assistants at the L’Archecommunity here, co-present Centering Prayer to clergy and laypeople at an organized Annual Ministry Resource Day in March,and give an 11 th Step workshop at a national 12-Step conventionin June. Thus the prayer feeds our lives. Barbara Huston (206)282-9076.Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC (ContemplativeOutreach of the Triangle)We are officially Contemplative Outreach of the Triangle, butoutside of our neighboring states, we are probably better knowngeographically by the three cities above. However you know us,we are experiencing wonderful growth in Centering Prayer. OurCore Team of Flo Hartye, Betty Stoddard, John Kelsey and I meetthe first Saturday of every month for administrative and planningpurposes. We have been doing that for over a year. We are intoour second year of Quarterly Days of Prayer – with dates set forJune, September and January, 2002. A different Church hosts eachQuarter. We expect to have Centering Prayer retreats andFormation Training in our area in 2002. There are currently 20Centering Prayer groups meeting on a regular basis. Theyrepresent Episcopal, Presbyterian, United Church of Christ, RomanCatholic (plus Newman Center), and Lutheran faith traditions.We are all greatly looking forward to Fr. Thomas’ appearancehere on Saturday, September 8. He will be speaking onTransformation and Centering Prayer – a topic already generatinga lot of interest. We have a separate Planning Team already inplace, doing an outstanding job. We anticipate a great turnout anda boost that will take our burgeoning activity and interest togreater heights...and depths. Jim Biggins (919) next page

9UpdatesTampa, FLGreetings from the Tampa Bay area! There has been a lotof resistance to writing a paragraph for the newsletter inthe past because of the assumption only those areas doing“great and wonderful” things would be of interest until thisthought came: There must be many other areas whereprogress is being made slowly in this great work with whichwe are charged. And so, the resistance was overcome inorder to encourage smaller groups. Thus, we are writingto let readers know our area is growing steadily and slowly.The number of prayer groups has grown to 10 over the lastseveral years. In addition to four or five IntroductoryWorkshops yearly, we sponsor the United in Prayer Dayeach March, and, for the first time, will have two sites – onein Crystal River and one in St. Petersburg. In the Fall weadded an “Uncovering Your Hidden Motivation” workshop,and in the last two winters, offered the “WelcomingPrayer Workshop”. Another highlight was a weekendretreat on Centering Prayer and Enneagram presented byFr. Bill Sheehan and Jean Jolly of Tampa. While in the area,Fr. Bill presented an evening for the community at large onLectio Divina that enriched us greatly. We seem to addevents as the needs arise. With both of us retired as of thesummer of 2000, it seems the pace is picking up a little…moreIntroductory Workshops, more events at which to presentthe Centering Prayer concept. Other leaders seem to beemerging, and that gives us hope for even more to beaccomplished as we slowly move forward – hopefully,always under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. John &Marge Rafftery, Co-Coordinators 727-345-7908.Walden, NY (Contemplative Outreach of OrangeCounty)In June St. Andrew’s Retreat House will be hosting the first21-Day Centering Prayer Immersion Retreat with Fr.Thomas Keating, Fr. Carl Arico and David Frenette. Theresponse from the last Newsletter was so overwhelmingthat we added one January 12-Feb 1 and June 1-21, 2002.We are presenting three One-Day Introductory Workshopsper Quarter, and now need to begin focusing onDays of Prayer, supporting Centering Prayer Groups andother one-day Workshops. The “Living the WelcomingPrayer in Daily Life” with David Frenette was incredible,and we have scheduled another this December. A newContemplative Living Community formed from the lastNine-Month Course and is meeting monthly at the Butler,NJ office. We tithe 2.5% of our gross income each monthto the Int’l Office, and have made our pledge for the nextfive years. We continue to be in awe of God’s greatgoodness and generosity in our ministry at St. Andrew’sand are especially grateful to Contemplative Outreach fortheir continued support. Cathy McCarthy 845-778-2102 or Email Calendar ofEventsJune 2001- March 2002Introduction to Centering Prayer Retreats/WorkshopsA contemporary presentation of the discipline of Centering Prayer as silentcommunion with God beyond concepts, words and images.Walden, NY Aug 10-12 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Andrew’sContact: Cathy McCarthyRetreat House (845) 778-2102San Salvador, Aug 23-24 Contemplative Outreach StaffEl SalvadorContact: Leila de MembrenoCasa Oracion (503) 263-3457Cullman, AL Aug 30-Sep 1 Contemplative Outreach StaffBenedictine CenterContact: Sr. Eleanor Harrison(256) 734-8302Melbourne, KY Oct 13-14 Contemplative Outreach StaffMoye SpiritualContact: Sr. Micki MartinLife Center (859) 441-0679Walden, NY Nov 2-4 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Andrew’sContact: Cathy McCarthyRetreat House (845) 778-2102Beech Grove, IN Dec 7-9 Contemplative Outreach StaffBenedict Inn RetreatContact: Sr. Antoinette Purcell& Conference Center (317) 788-7581Cullman, AL Jan 25-27 Contemplative Outreach StaffBenedictine CenterContact: Sr. Eleanor Harrison(256) 734-8302Introduction to Lectio Divina Retreats/WorkshopsConferences and practice introducing us to the most traditional way ofcultivating a friendship with Christ.Andover, MA Oct 5-7 Contemplative Outreach StaffFranciscan CenterContact: Sr. Lorraine Pianka(978) 858-0856The “Welcoming” Prayer WorkshopA spiritual practice of “Letting Go” of feelings, emotions, thoughts and bodysensations into the present moment during the ordinary routines of dailylife. Prior Centering Prayer experience necessary.Walden, NY Nov 30-Dec 2 David FrenetteSt. Andrew’s Living the Welcoming Contact: Cathy McCarthyRetreat House Prayer in Daily Life (845) 778-2102Centering Prayer and the 12 Steps (The 11 th Step)The purpose of this weekend is to introduce or expand the experience ofCentering Prayer as a part of a daily 12 Step Practice and to stimulate adesire and resolve to practice prayer and meditation on a daily basis. Thisweekend is also called The 11 th Step Retreat.St Louis, MO June 15-17 Contemplative Outreach StaffMarianistContact: Diane GuerraRetreat Center (314) 918-8288NEW Centering Prayer and the 12 Steps (The 11 th Step) – PART IIThis workshop will focus on the “Human Condition”, the roots of ourfourth step, and the “Psychology of the Spiritual Journey.” This workshopis recommended, but not limited to people who have made the firstContemplative Dimension of the 12 Steps workshop, are in a 12 StepProgram and have a regular Centering Prayer practice.Walden, NY Oct 26-28 Donald MastersSt. Andrew’sContact: Cathy McCarthyRetreat House (845) 778-2102continued next page

10Centering Prayer Weekend RetreatsIncludes conferences renewing the Method of Centering Prayer and amoderate amount of Centering Prayer in common.Richmond, VA June 1-2 Susan KomisRichmond Hill Retreat for Facilitators Contact: April Swofford(804) 783-7903Manchester, NH June 1-2 Contemplative Outreach StaffJoseph HouseContact: Sr. MaryAnne LaughlinContemplative Retreat Center (603) 627-9493Houston, TX June 1-2 Contemplative Outreach StaffRuah Center atContact: Janet TroyVilla De Matel Convent (713) 928-6053Seoul, Korea June 12-16 Contemplative Outreach StaffSang Ji 4 Day Contact: Sr. Marie DavidRetreat Center 011-822-923-3547Manchester, NH June 8-9 Contemplative Outreach StaffJoseph HouseContact: Sr. MaryAnne LaughlinContemplative Retreat Center (603) 627-9493Houston, TX June 13-14 Contemplative Outreach StaffRuah Center atContact: Janet TroyVilla De Matel Convent (713) 928-6055Washington, DC June 15-17 Contemplative Outreach StaffDayspring RetreatContact: Carol WilkensonCenter (301) 428-9348Manhasset, LI, NY June 22-24 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. IgnatiusContact: George GerardiRetreat House (516) 826-0552Waldoboro, ME June 28-Jul 1 Contemplative Outreach StaffWellspring 4 Day Contact: Adele Millette(207) 832-6263Houston, TX June 29-30 Contemplative Outreach StaffRuah Center atContact: Janet TroyVilla De Matel Convent (713) 928-6055Frenchville, PA July 12-15 Contemplative Outreach StaffBethany 4 Day Contact: Nicole FedderRetreat Center (814) 263-4855San Antonio, TX July 13-15 Fr. Thomas KeatingSt. Mary’sContact: Timothy KoockUniversity (210) 615-8291Belton, TX Aug 3-5 Contemplative Outreach StaffCedarbrakeContact: Barbara Cook(512) 347-9673Dickinson, TX Aug 17-19 Fr. Bill SheehanChristian RenewalContact: Retreat HouseCenter (281) 337-1312Houston, TX Aug 31-Sep 1 Contemplative Outreach StaffRuah Center atContact: Janet TroyVilla De Matel Convent (713) 928-6055Seattle, WA Sep 7-8 Fr. William SheehanRainbow LodgeContact: Fr. William O’Hallahan(206) 935-0358Walden, NY Sep 7-9 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Andrew’sContact: Cathy McCarthyRetreat House (845) 778-2102Temecula, CA Sep 21-24 Contemplative Outreach StaffVina De 4 Day Contact: Martha RodriguezLestonnac (619) 226-6000National Calendar of EventsContinued from page 9Albuquerque, NM Sep 26-28 Contemplative Outreach StaffSpiritualContact: Sr. Amata DawsonRenewal Center (505) 877-4211White Plains, NY Sep 27-30 Contemplative Outreach StaffFacilitator’s Contact: Tom SkinnerWorkshop (914) 328-0420St. Louis, MO Sep 28-30 Fr. Bill FickelMarianistContact: Diane GuerraRetreat Center (314) 918-8288Pacific City, OR Sep 30-Oct 1 Contemplative Outreach StaffNestueca SanctuaryContact: Gini Graham(503) 645-3448Houston, TX Oct 5-6 Contemplative Outreach StaffRuah Center atContact: Janet TroyVilla De Matel Convent (713) 928-6055Walden, NY Oct 5-7 Sr. Juanita MoralesSt. Andrew’sContact: Cathy McCarthyRetreat House (845) 778-2102St. Joseph, MN Oct 5-7 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Benedict’sContact: Sr. Helene MercierMonastery & Retreat Center (320) 363-7114Frenchville, PA Oct 5-7 Contemplative Outreach StaffBethanyContact: Nicole FedderRetreat Center (814) 263-4855Nonson, Korea Oct 10-14 Contemplative Outreach StaffSeton CenterContact: Sr. Sylvia Kimfor Spirituality 011-8241-733-2352New Baltimore, PA Oct 12-14 Fr. Mark BeglySt John the BaptistContact: Fr. Mark BeglyRetreat Center (814) 733-2210Winnipeg, MB Oct. 12-14 Contemplative Outreach StaffCanadaContact: Sr. Catherine LabinowichSt. Benedict’s Retreat House (204) 338-4601Pusan, Korea Oct 16-20 Contemplative Outreach StaffPusan Center 4 Day Contact: Fr. Pyofor Spirituality 011-8235-384-9690Albany, NY Oct 19-21 Fr. Carl AricoDominican Spiritual The Power of Silence Contact: Bruce GardinerLife Center (518) 325-5546Boston, MA Oct 25-28 Contemplative Outreach StaffContact: Theresa Kim(617) 277-7455Richmond, VA Oct 26-28 Fr. Bill SheehanRichmond HillContact: April Swofford(804) 783-7903Seattle, WA Oct 26-28 Susan KomisEpiscopal Facilitator’s Contact: Mike RegisDiocesan House Workshop (206) 328-2318Houston, TX Nov 2-3 Contemplative Outreach StaffRuah Center atContact: Janet TroyVilla De Matel Convent (713) 928-6055Encino, CA Nov 2-4 Contemplative Outreach StaffHoly SpiritContact: Sr. Linda SnowRetreat Center (818) 784-4515Brooklyn, MI Nov 9-11 Contemplative Outreach StaffDeSales CenterContact: Margaret(517) 592-8218

11Sewanee, TN Nov 11-13 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Mary’sContact: Carol WrayRetreat Center (615) 373-0613Frenchville, PA Nov 16-18 Contemplative Outreach StaffBethanyContact: Nicole FedderRetreat Center (814) 263-4855Shuyler, NE Nov 16-18 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. BenedictContact: Sharon AndersonRetreat Center (402) 346-8429Cullman, AL Nov 30-Dec 2 Contemplative Outreach StaffBenedictine CenterContact: Sr. Eleanor Harrison(256) 734-8302Houston, TX Nov 30-Dec 1 Contemplative Outreach StaffRuah Center atContact: Janet TroyVilla De Matel Convent (713) 928-6055St. Joseph, MN Nov 30- Dec 2 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Benedict’sContact: Sr. Helene MercierMonastery & Retreat Center (320) 363-7114Melbourne, KY Nov 30-Dec 2 Contemplative Outreach StaffMoye SpiritualContact: Sr. Micki MartinLife Center (859) 441-0679Houston, TX Dec 14-15 Contemplative Outreach StaffRuah Center atContact: Janet TroyVilla De Matel Convent (713) 928-6055Walden, NY Dec 14-16 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Andrew’s Advent Contact: Cathy McCarthyRetreat House (845) 778-2102Andover, MA Dec 14-16 Contemplative Outreach StaffFranciscan CenterContact: Sr. Lorraine Pianka(978) 858-0856Walden, NY Dec 29-Jan 1 Fr. Bill SheehanSt. Andrew’s New Year’s Retreat Contact: Cathy McCarthyRetreat House (845) 778-2102Frenchville, PA Jan 11-13 Contemplative Outreach StaffBethanyContact: Nicole FedderRetreat Center (814) 263-4855Rapid City, SD Jan 18-20 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. MartinContact: Sr. MarmionMonastery (605) 343-2688Venice, FL Jan 25-27 Fr. Carl AricoContact: Betty Zonia(941) 484-9543Frenchville, PA Feb 15-17 Contemplative Outreach StaffBethanyContact: Nicole FedderRetreat Center (814) 263-4855Andover, MA Feb 22-24 Contemplative Outreach StaffFranciscan CenterContact: Sr. Lorraine Pianka(978) 858-0856Birmingham, AL Feb 22-24 Fr. William MeningerContact: Caroline Humphreys(205) 979-1159Encino, CA Mar 1-3 Contemplative Outreach StaffHoly SpiritContact: Sr. Linda SnowRetreat Center (818) 784-4515St. Joseph, MN Mar 1-3 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Benedict’sContact: Sr. Helene MercierMonastery & Retreat Center (320) 363-7114Seattle, WA Mar 1-3 Fr. Thomas KeatingSt. Thomas ChurchContact: Barbara Huston(206) 282-9076Waldoboro, ME Mar 2-4 Contemplative Outreach StaffWellspringContact: Adele Millette(207) 832-6263Immaculata, PA Mar 8-10 Contemplative Outreach StaffVilla MariaContact: Sr. Margaret GradlSpirituality Center (610)644-1152 or 647-6630Holy Week RetreatWalden, NY March 27-31 Fr. Carl AricoSt. Andrew’sContact: Cathy McCarthyRetreat House (845) 778-2102NEW Centering Prayer Immersion RetreatWalden, NY June 2-22 Fr. Keating, Fr. Arico, David FrenetteSt. Andrew’s (21 Day) Contact: Cathy McCarthyRetreat House (845) 778-2102Walden, NY Jan 12-Feb 1 Fr. Keating, Gail F. HoplerSt. Andrew’s (21 Day) Contact: Cathy McCarthyRetreat House (845) 778-2102NEW 30 Day RetreatAlta, WY July 1-28 Fr. O’Loghlen, Fr. Nagy, MsDwyer & Rev. Casey-MartusAlta RetreatContact: Rev. Sandy Casey-MartusCenter (307) 353-8100Intensive Centering Prayer RetreatsProvides an opportunity to immerse participants in the practice of CenteringPrayer as taught by Contemplative Outreach. The 10 Day Intensivefeatures Parts I,II,III of the “Spiritual Journey” Videotape Series by Fr.Thomas Keating. May be modified from 5 to 10 days.5 Day Intensive RetreatsWichita, KS July 15-20 Contemplative Outreach StaffSpiritual LifeContact: Fr. Gerry PechtCenter (316) 744-0167New Baltimore, PA July 20-25 Fr. Mark BeglySt John the BaptistContact: Fr. Mark BeglyRetreat Center (814) 733-2210St. Paul, MN July 27-Aug 1 Contemplative Outreach StaffBenedictine CenterContact: Sr. Virginia Matter(651) 777-7251Waldoboro, ME Sept 1-5 Contemplative Outreach StaffWellspringContact: Adele Millette(207) 832-6263Waldoboro, ME Nov 1-5 Contemplative Outreach StaffWellspringContact: Adele Millette(207) 832-6263Rapid City, SD Jan 20-24 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. MartinContact: Sr. MarmionMonastery (605) 343-26886-7-8-9 Day Intensive RetreatsAlta, WY June 3-9 Contemplative Outreach StaffAlta Retreat 7 Day Contact: Rev. Sandra Casey-MartusCenter (307) 353-8100Villa Maria, PA June 10-17 Fr. Bill FickelVilla Maria 8 Day Contact: Kay PowersRetreat House (216) 932-8911Belton, TX June 15-21 Contemplative Outreach StaffCedarbrake 7 Day Contact: Marty(512) 347-9673Encino, CA June 17-24 Contemplative Outreach StaffHoly Spirit 8 Day Contact: Sr. Linda SnowRetreat Center (818) 784-4515continued next page

12National Calendar of EventsContinued from page 11Honolulu, HI June 18-25 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Anthony 8 Day Contact: Sr. Kathrine TheilerRetreat Center (808) 988-6540Immaculata, PA June 26-July 4 Contemplative Outreach StaffVilla Maria 8 Day Contact: Sr. Margaret GradlSpirituality Center (610) 644-1152 or 647-6630Winnipeg, MB July 6-13 Contemplative Outreach StaffCanada 8 Day Contact: Sr. Catherine LabinowichSt. Benedict’s (204) 338-4601Andover, MA Aug 11-17 Contemplative Outreach StaffFranciscan Center 7 Day Contact: Sr. Lorraine Pianka(978) 858-0856Alta, WY Aug 19-25 Contemplative Outreach StaffAlta Retreat 7 Day Contact: Rev. Sandra Casey-MartusCenter (307) 353-8100Holy Trinity, AL Aug 21-28 Fr. Bill FickelHoly Trinity Shrine 8 Day Contact: Sr. Gerry WhelanRetreat Center (334) 855-4474Alta, WY Sep 16-22 Contemplative Outreach StaffAlta Retreat 7 Day Contact: Rev. Sandra Casey-MartusCenter (307) 353-8100Alta, WY Oct 21-27 Contemplative Outreach StaffAlta Retreat 7 Day Contact: Rev. Sandra Casey-MartusCenter (307) 353-8100Sewanee, TN Jan 6-13 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Mary’s 8 Day Contact: Carol WrayRetreat Center (615) 373-0613Walden, NY Feb 19-24 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Andrew’s 6 Day Contact: Cathy McCarthyRetreat House (845) 778-210210 Day Intensive RetreatsSnowmass, CO June 12-21 Contemplative Outreach Staff(full: waiting list only)Contact: Pat JohnsonSt. Benedict’s Monastery (970) 963-3964Boynton Beach, FL June 15-24 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Vincent de PaulContact: Barbara ReitbergSeminary (305) 386-7507St. Joseph, MN June 22-July 1 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Benedict’sContact: Sr. Helene MercierMonastery & Retreat Center (320) 363-7114Immaculata, PA June 26-July 5 Fr. Carl AricoVilla MariaContact: Sr. Margaret GradlSpirituality Center (610) 644-1152 or 647-6630Cullman, AL July 2-11 Fr. Bill FickelBenedictine CenterContact: Sr. Mary McGehee(256) 736-5820Greensburg, PA July 3-12 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Emma’sContact: Pat JohnsonMonastery (970) 963-3964Ferdinand, IN July 6-15 Contemplative Outreach StaffKordes RetreatContact: Kristine HarpeneauCenter (800) 880-2777Frankfort, IL July 18-27 Contemplative Outreach StaffPortiunculaContact: Sr. Benita JasurdaCenter for Prayer (630) 969-7040St Louis, MO July 20-29 Fr. Bill SheehanIl RitiroContact: Diane GuerraRetreat Center (314) 918-8288Ponchatoula, LA July 27-Aug 5 Contemplative Outreach StaffSpirit LifeContact: Daniel DeMersCenter (504) 394-1795Richmond, VA Aug 10-19 Contemplative Outreach StaffRichmond HillContact: April Swofford(804) 783-7903Walden, NY Aug 24-Sep 2 Fr. Bill SheehanSt. Andrew’sContact: Cathy McCarthyRetreat House (845) 778-2102Snowmass, CO Oct 9-18 Contemplative Outreach Staff(full: waiting list only)Contact: Pat JohnsonSt. Benedict’s Monastery (970) 963-3964Snowmass, CO Jan 8-17 Contemplative Outreach Staff(Open)Contact: Pat JohnsonSt. Benedict’s Monastery (970) 963-3964Temecula, CA March 4-13 Contemplative Outreach StaffVina DeContact: Martha RodriguezLestonnac (619) 226-6000Advanced Centering Prayer RetreatsProvides an opportunity to deepen the practice of Centering Prayer in anAtmosphere of silence and community support. The Advanced Intensiveusually features Part IV of the “Spiritual Journey” Videotape series by Fr.Thomas Keating. Prior Centering Prayer Retreat experience required. Maybe 5, 8, 9 or 10 day.5, 8, 9, 10 Day Advanced RetreatsVilla Maria, PA June 10-17 Fr. Bill FickelVilla Maria 8 Day Contact: Kay PowersRetreat House (216) 932-8911Frenchville, PA June 23-Jul 1 Contemplative Outreach StaffBethany Retreat 9 Day Contact: Nicole FedderCenter (814) 263-4855Ferdinand, IN July 6-15 Contemplative Outreach StaffKordes Retreat 10 Day Contact: Kristine HarpenauCenter (800) 880-2777Belton, TX Sept 26-30 Contemplative Outreach StaffCedarbrake 5 Day Contact: Barbara CookLectio Divina (512) 347-9673Post Intensive Centering Prayer RetreatsProvides an opportunity for intensive Centering Prayer, Lectio Divina,solitude and silence in community. Prior Centering Prayer Retreat experiencenecessary. May be 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 day.5-6-7-8-9 Day Post IntensivesSewanee, TN June 10-17 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Mary’s 8 Day Contact: Carol WrayRetreat Center (615) 373-0613Belton, TX June 15-21 Contemplative Outreach StaffCedarbrake 7 Day Contact: Barbara Cook(512) 347-9673Alta, WY June 17-23 Contemplative Outreach StaffAlta 7 Day Contact: Rev. Sandra Casey-MartusRetreat Center (307) 353-8100Honolulu, HI July 31-Aug 7 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Anthony 8 Day Contact: Sr. Katherine TheilerRetreat Center (808) 988-6540

13Liverpool, UK Aug 9-17 Contemplative Outreach Staff9 Day Contact: Mrs. Elizabeth Smith011-44-1772-629520Snowmass, CO Nov 2-9 Contemplative Outreach Staff(full: waiting list only) 8 Day Contact: Pat JohnsonSt. Benedict’s Monastery (970) 963-3964Alta, WY Nov 11-17 Contemplative Outreach StaffAlta 7 Day Contact: Rev. Sandra Casey-MartusRetreat Center (307) 353-8100Walden, NY Feb 19-24 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Andrew’s 6 day Contact: Cathy McCarthyRetreat House (845) 778-2102l0 Day Post IntensivesBoynton Beach, FL June 15-24 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Vincent de PaulContact Barbara ReitbergSeminary (305) 386-7507Cullman, AL July 2-11 Fr. Bill FickelBenedictine CenterContact: Sr. Mary McGehee(256) 736-5820Ferdinand, IN July 6-15 Contemplative Outreach StaffKordes RetreatContact: Kristine HarpenanCenter (800) 880-2777St Louis, MO July 20-29 Fr. Bill SheehanIl RitiroContact: Diane GuerraRetreat Center (314) 918-8288Frenchville, PA July 28-Aug 7 Contemplative Outreach StaffBethany RetreatContact: Nicole FedderCenter (814) 263-4855Snowmass, CO Aug 7-16 Contemplative Outreach Staff(full: waiting list only)Contact: Pat JohnsonSt. Benedict’s Monastery (970) 963-3964Loyola Hall, Aug 9-18 Contemplative Outreach StaffMerseyside, EnglandContact: Mrs. S. Jones011-44-114-288-6885Richmond, VA Aug 10-19 Contemplative Outreach StaffRichmond HillContact: April Swofford(804) 783-7903New Windsor, NY Aug 10-19 Fr. Carl AricoPresentation CenterContact: Cathy McCarthy(845) 778-2102Brooklyn, MI Aug 20-29 Contemplative Outreach StaffDeSales CenterContact: Pat Johnson(970)963-3964Walden, NY Aug 24-Sept 2 Fr. Bill SheehanSt. Andrew’sContact: Cathy McCarthyRetreat House (845) 778-2102Snowmass, CO Sep 11-20 Contemplative Outreach Staff(full: waiting list only)Contact: Pat JohnsonSt. Benedict’s Monastery (970) 963-3964Snowmass, CO Dec 4-13 Contemplative Outreach Staff(full: waiting list only)Contact: Pat JohnsonSt. Benedict’s Monastery (970) 963-3964Amarillo, TX March 5-14 Contemplative Outreach StaffBishop DeFalcoContact: Pat JohnsonRetreat Center (970) 963-3964Formation for Contemplative Outreach ServiceProvides training and practice in interiorizing and communicating theessential elements of an Introductory Workshop on Centering Prayer, aswell as an opportunity to look at our own Centering Prayer practice in lightof the Essentials. Prerequisites are prior attendance at a 10 Day IntensiveRetreat and the daily practice of Centering Prayer. The Course includesCentering Prayer and presentations by the staff and participants.Seoul, Korea June 5-10 Contemplative Outreach StaffSang JiContact: Sr. Marie David ChoiRetreat Center 011-822-923-3547Richmond, VA June 25-July 1 Theresa SaulnierRichmond HillContact: April Swofford(804) 783-7903Alta, WY June 17-23 Contemplative Outreach FacultyAlta RetreatContact: Rev. Sandra Casey-MartusCenter (307) 353-8100Milwaukee, WI July 13-19 Contemplative Outreach FacultySt. FrancisContact: Madeline SooRetreat Center (414) 961-2610Pittsburgh, PA Sep 21-25 Contemplative Outreach FacultyTabor HouseContact: Jeane Kish(412) 279-9505Manhasset, LI, NY Oct 28-May 19 Contemplative Outreach FacultyOur Lady 6 monthly 1-day sessions Contact: Anne Mazzaof Grace Center (516) 794-8233Snowmass, CO Nov 13-20 Contemplative Outreach Faculty(full: waiting list only)Contact: Pat JohnsonSt. Benedict’s Monastery (970) 963-3964Parish Missions/Retreats -Fr. Carl AricoContact: International Office Butler, NJ (973) 838-3384Sep 29 - Oct 2 Parish Mission – Little Flower, Berkeley Heights, NJNov 3 - 6 Parish Mission – Holy Spirit Byzantine, Parma, OHDec 8 – 11 Parish Mission – IHM, Scotch Plains, NJNine Month Course: The Practice of Contemplative LivingAn ongoing process of formation enabling participants to create theirown unique contemplative lifestyle in the contemporary world. Commitmentis one weekend a month for nine months. Prayer, contemplativeliving and the integration of contemplation and activity are cultivated; theprocess is aided by the development of relational prayer throughcontemplative prayer practices. For information contact New York -Cathy McCarthy, 845-778-2102;South Florida – Barbara Rietberg, 305-386-7507Winter Park, Florida – Jacquie Brinkman, 888-321-5610Denver, Colorado – Rose Meyler, 303-863-0932The Living FlameA national program on contemplative issues, designed to heighten theawareness of the dynamic of Centering Prayer in the context of theSpiritual Journey, offering guidance and intelligibility needed to stayfaithful to the practice. It is an opportunity to receive and shareconceptual background at a deeper level, a well as experiential insight,thus building a faith community committed to the Centering Prayerpractice. Meets one Saturday a month during seven consecutive months.For information, contact Monica Freeman (504) 924-3812.Contemplative Outreach Ltd. Study Program In The ChristianContemplative Tradition - The twelve week course is divided intotwo parts and covers contemporary expressions of the Christian contemplativetradition and then reaches back, during the last six weeks to thebeginnings of the systematic practice of contemplative prayer among thedesert monks of Syria, Egypt and Palestine. Objectives of this courseinclude facilitating a deeper understanding of the depth and richness of theChristian contemplative tradition and the chance to engage the studymaterial beyond the intellectual level in order to find the living tradition aswe personally interact with it in our everyday lives. For more information,call Bonnie Shimizu (970) 927-3858 or email –

14C.O. Area/Regional ContactsUnited StatesAL Birmingham Aloysius Golden 205-592-3930AL Birmingham Caroline Humphreys 205-979-1159AL Cullman Sr. Mary McGehee 256-736-5820AR North Little Rock R. Scott Ogilby 501-835-2359AZ Scottsdale Denise Caldwell 480-970-6428AZ Tempe Jeane Lashinnske 480-423-1645AZ Tucson Frank Tuoti 520-749-3443CA Encino Sr. Linda Snow 818-784-4515CA Encino Carol Rome 818-386-9171CA Eureka Ken Meece 707-269-4245CA Hermosa Beach Tom Murdock 310-376-6616CA Hermosa Beach Rev. Paul Lawson 310-376-8989CA LaVerne Fr. Martin O’Loghlen 909-593-8494CA Long Beach Barbara Brown-Thompson 562 433-7901CA Los Angeles Sr. Catherine Bazar 323-222-5157CA Pleasanton Richard Wilder 415-462-7208CA Sacramento Liberty Kovacs 916-452-0483CA San Diego Fr. Justin Langille 619-226-6000CA San Francisco Mary English 415-282-8076CA San Francisco Mark Lodico 415-252-1667CA San Gabriel Rev. James Clark 626-282-5147CA San Jose Jean Ramacciotti 650-326-5256CO Breckenridge Jim Bernlohr 970-453-6003CO Boulder Barbara Hayden 303-494-2845CO Carbondale Patricia Johnson 970-963-3964CO Clifton Pat Becker 970-434-8650CO Colorado Springs David Salamon 719-475-7011CO Colorado Springs Sr. Michele Fischer 719-473-5226CO Denver Rev. David Morgan 303-832-7309CO Denver Sr. Bernadette Teasdale 303-698-7729CO Denver John Congdon 303-355-1731CO Fort Collins Laura Campbell 970-229-1508CO Fort Collins Rosemary Kisling 970-225-6359CO Montrose Nick Cole 970-249-7355CO Snowmass Bonnie Shimizu 970-927-3858CT Greenwich Pat Castellano 203-531-6528CT Weston Raymond Tucker 203-227-6186DC Washington Janet Aldrich 301-515-3858FL Anna Maria Robert Fasulo 941-778-3091FL Boynton Beach Mary Anne Wagner 561-642-1872FL Boynton Beach Zoila Diaz 561-732-4424FL Bradenton Janet Gallagher 941-795-3991FL Cocoa Adalberto Henriquez 321-631-8040FL Miami Barbara Rietberg 305-386-7507FL So.Miami (Hispanic) Carmen Sanchez 305-661-6966FL Mount Dora Helen Williamson 352-735-0958FL New Smyrna Beach Jacquie Brinkman 888-321-5610FL Orlando (Hispanic) Ilse Reissner 407-767-8271FL Orlando Basha Perez 407-869-0781FL Satellite Beach Rosemary Van Pelt 321-777-3389FL St Petersburg Marjorie & John Rafftery 727-345-7908FL Venice Mimi & Terry Reilly 941-484-9543GA Atlanta Hadley Morris 404-577-3501HI Honolulu Susan Thornett 808-262-7487HI Honolulu Dr.Cathie Jordan 808-988-7265IA Clarksville Rev. David Walters 563-278-4224IA Davenport Mary Jeanne Blough 563-344-0744IA Davenport Sr. Kathleen Eberdt 563-323-9466IA Davenport Marie Howard 563-289-4712IA Des Moines Rev Dan Krettek 515-282-4839IA Fairfield Rev Stephen Page 515-472-3179IA Iowa City Mary Merkel-Hess 319-338-9128IL Chicago (Southern) George Cairns 773-752-5757 x 235IL Chicago (NW Suburbs) Margie Tomlinson 847-391-0997IL Chicago Sr. Benita Jasurda 630-969-7040(Far Western Suburbs)IL Chicago (Central) Dr. Joan Monego 708-453-4007IL Chicago Joseph Sandman 847-486-1737(North Shore)IL Chicago Patrick Uhm 847-676-0200(Asian Communities)IL Chicago Rev. William Sheehan 773-493-3590IL Moline Sr. Audrey Cleary 319-333-6189IL Oak Park Fr. Joseph Ruiz 708-848-4417IL Peoria Sr. Catherine Cleary 309-693-7063IL Springfield Sr. Helen Horne 217-787-0481IN Beech Grove Sr. Carol Falkner 317-788-7581IN Beverly Shores George Cairns 219-878-9781(Northern IN)IN Ferdinand Sr. Kristine Harpenau 800-880-2777x290IN Greenwood Laurel Simon 317-887-0462KS Wichita Dan Rensel 316-744-2919KY Burlington Gina Linnemann 859-689-5859KY Louisville Dennis Skelton 502-897-7738KY Melbourne Sr. Micki Martin 859-441-0679KY New Haven Jean Johnson 502-549-3122LA Baton Rouge Monica Freeman 225-924-3812LA Houma Sr. Fionnuala Quinn 504-850-3444LA Lake Charles Barbara Tomme 337-855-4239LA New Orleans Daniel DeMers 504-394-1795MA Acton Frank Powaza 978-263-0639MA Amherst Connie Daniel 413-256-1369MA Andover Sr. Lorraine Pianka 978-458-5750MA Rockport Robert Hope 978-546-6044MA Taunton Ethel Fraga 508-822-2410MA West Chatham Kathleen Rhinesmith 508-945-5092MD Germantown Ronald Barnett 301-540-2693ME Waldoboro Adele Millette 207-832-6263MI Adrian Carol DiMarcello 989-263-0828MI Detroit Fr. Ken McKenna 989-592-8218MI Grosse Pt Bernadette Thibodeau 313-882-4824MI Haslett Bella Mody 989-339-1647MI Saginaw Nan Spence 989-791-7079MN Chasset Nicholas Eltgroth 218-328-6396MN Duluth Meridith Schifsky 218-525-9363MN Mendota Heights Yong Chin Denn 651-306-0348MN Staples Carol Weber 218-894-3631MN St Joseph Sr. Katherine Howard 320-363-7187MN St. Paul Sr. Virginia Matter 651-777-7251MO St. Louis Susan Komis 888-350-5088MO St. Louis Diane Guerra 314-918-8288MO St. Louis Renee Bennett 314-918-8288MS Jackson Sr. Therese Jacobs 601-981-3567MT Missoula Jean Woessner 406-721-3540NC Asheville Steve Rainey 828-689-2343NC Hendersonville Joe Lancaster 828-625-9753NC Cary John Kelsey 919-467-0045NC Chapel Hill Jim Biggins 919-969-9604NC Charlotte Barbara Rockett 704-540-2570NC Raleigh Flo Hartye 919-876-8935NC Winston-Salem Joan Ricci Thome 336-765-0865NE Gering Joe & Pat Masek 308-436-8215NE Omaha Sharon Anderson 402-346-8429NE Omaha Eleanore McNulty 402-333-3819NH Manchester Sr. Maryann Laughlin 603-627-9493NJ Bayonne Therese Saulnier 201-436-8256NJ Eatontown Marianne Daley 732-542-0264NJ Medford Doris Curley 609-654-3417NJ Rancocas Sr. Marcy Springer 609-877-0509NJ Teaneck Joanne O’Neill 201-837-5908

15NM Albuquerque Sr. Amata Dawson 505-877-4211NM Sante Fe Susan Rush 505-466-4527NY Albany Bruce Gardiner 518-325-5546NY Bayville Paula Hastings 516-628-3486NY Brooklyn Dr. William Fredrickson 718-499-7366NY Buffalo Sr. Dorothy Feltz 716-895-2591NY Buffalo Msgr. David Gallivan 716-847-6930NY East Meadow Anne Mazza 516-794-8233NY Franklin Square Barbara Sullivan 516-481-0472NY Hartsdale Thomas Skinner 914-328-0420NY Manhattan James Marsh 718-335-7056NY Manhattan Tony Russo 212-285-1296NY Mt. Tremper Ann Gallagher 845-338-1829NY New Rochelle Elena Green 914-235-0313NY Nyack Sr. Rose Vermette 914-358-4040NY Orchard Park Br. John Crocker 716-667-6311NY Port Chester Joseph Zepf 914-937-2168NY Walden Cathy McCarthy 845-778-2102NY Warwick Susan Supak 845-986-4975NY Whitestone Fr. Robert Cheesman 718-321-1096OH Cincinnati Susan Tew 513-871-8270OH Cleveland Kay Powers 216-932-8911OH Cleveland Fr. William Fickel 440-442-3411OH Waynesville Gerry McLaughlin 513-897-4012OR Ashland Rev Jack & Bev Gorsuch 541-552-1974OR Beaverton Virginia Graham 503-645-3448OR Mt. Angel Sr. Antoinette Traeger 503-845-2786PA Erie Mary Dwyer 814-838-6469PA Erie Sr. Rita Panciera 814-456-1802PA Frenchville Sr. Therese Dush 814-263-4855PA Lancaster Elise Kandel 717-290-7889PA New Baltimore Rev. Mark Begley 814-733-2210PA Philadelphia Sr. Margaret Gradl 610-644-1152PA Pittsburgh Jeane Kish 412-279-9505PA Pittsburgh Rev Francis Meenan 412-761-6651SC Greenville Judy Lineback 864-246-3973SD Rapid City Sr. Marmion Howe 605-343-2688TN Chattanooga Rev. Margaret Mullen 423-877-2428TN Knoxville Fr. Terry Ryan 423-523-7931TN Memphis Sr. Joann Mascari 901-374-0204TN Nashville Carol Wray 615-373-0613TN Pulaski Sr. Jean Tavin 931-363-5776TX Austin Tim & Barbara Cook 512-347-9673TX Dallas Area Sandra Guancial 972-771-0173TX Dickinson (Hispanic) Jose Castro 281-337-1312TX Fort Worth Rev. Timothy Thompson 817-284-4811TX Houston Fred Eckart Jr. 888-526-9186TX Houston Drue Pollan 713-218-9760TX San Antonio Rev. Homer Bain 210-616-0885UT Salt Lake City Theresa Brown Bell 801-596-8902VA Charlottesville Jody Blatz 804-973-9590VA Richmond April Swofford 804-648-7678VA Roanoke Rev. John Runkle 540-343-0159WA Sammamish Ruth Dundon 425-427-9290WA Seattle Barbara Huston 206-282-9076WA Spokane Gary & Lynnette Meisen-Vehrs 509-325-1909WI Milwaukee Sr. Kathryn Ann Kobelinski 414-282-7310WI Milwaukee Barbara Prendergast 414-964-1268WI Sister Bay Anne Egan 414-854-5755WY Alta Rev. Sandy Casey-Martus 307-353-8100WY Cheyenne Shelley Adams 307-634-4832WY Cheyenne Sr. Therese Steiner 307-778-8778C.O. Contacts Outside theUnited StatesAUSTRALIAClaremont Fr. Douglas Conlan 0119147381449Connolly Rev. Gerry Doyle 0116193003035Hilton Stephen & Mandy Skipper 0116193355541Rivervale Philip Carrier 0116194575493Trigg David & Christina Rushton 0116194472342BAHAMASNassau Sr. Annie Thompson 242-323-5517BRAZILBelo Horizonte- Jandira Soares Pimentel 011-55-31-3378-7624Minas GeraisCANADAToronto, Ontario Carolyn Gratton 416-922-6451Winnipeg Sr Catherine Labinowich 204-338-4601DOMINICAN REPUBLICSanto Domingo Isabel de Marion Landais 809-482-1710Santo Domingo Vicky Brache de Acra 809-562-2214EL SALVADORSan Salvador Leila de Membreno 11-50-326-33402ENGLANDIsle of Wight Ian Wilson 011-44-1983-529659Nr Preston Pat & Joe Finn 011-44-1772-813421Preston Mrs. Elizabeth Smith 011-44-1772-629520Sheffield Sylvia Jones 0-114-2886885W. Yorkshire Ann O’Donnell 011-44-113-226-1396GUAMDededo Sr. Bernadette 671-632-2384Marie Leon GuerreroIRELANDWexford Fr. Thomas Brennan 011-35-353-24368Wexford Fr. Tom Dalton 011-35-353-22055Wexford Sr. M. Dolores 011-35-354-66634Wexford Sr. Ita Miller 011-35-353-33580NORTHERN IRELANDStrabane, Co. Tyrone Fr. Declan Boland 011064828375MALAYSIAKuala Lumpur Lawrence Wong 6-03-2562549Kuala Lumpur George Chang 6-03-77854675MEXICOMetepec (Hispanic) Judith Bernal 011-52-7-271-1703NETHERLANDSAppingedam Sr. Ange van der Pers 011-31-59-662-3631Diemen Anneke Smit 011-31-20-416-0233Dwingeloo Ernst van Gulik 011-31-521-522103Heemstede Joan Heldring 011-31-23-528-8217Lelystad Kees Sybrandi 011-31-320-252416Stadskanaal Jorg Buller 011-31-118617804Tytsjerk Joke Van Doorn 011-31-511-432787Veendam Dick van Vliet 011-31-598-622731PHILIPPINESMakati Grace Padilla 011-632-8109573Makati Lita Salinas 011-632-468108825PUERTO RICOSan Juan Maria Luisa Ason 787-753-0758SINGAPOREPerindu Cecilia Ee 011-65-241-2663SOUTH AFRICACapetown Urs & Dawn Geiges 011-27-21-761-9337Grahamstown Wendy Sweetman 011-27-46-636-1002Johannesburg Pat Pearce 011-27-11-884-4136Pretoria Sr. Francis Grogan 011-27-12-343-0111Durban Denise Allen 011-27-31-702-9590Rivonia Maria McLoughlin 011-27-11-803-1831SOUTH KOREASeoul Sr. Marie David Choi 011-822-923-3547SWITZERLANDGeneva Charles Christophi 011-41-22-707-0830

Contemplative Outreach NewsA SEMI-ANNUAL NEWSLETTER FOR THE GROWING CONTEMPLATIVE OUTREACH COMMUNITY WORLD-WIDE.Contemplative Outreach Vision StatementContemplative Outreach is a spiritual network of individuals andsmall faith communities committed to living the contemplativedimension of the Gospel in everyday life through the practice ofCentering Prayer. The contemplative dimension of the Gospelmanifests itself in an ever-deepening union with the living Christand the practical caring for others that flows from that relationship.Our purpose is to share the method of Centering Prayer and itsimmediate conceptual background. We also encourage the practiceof Lectio Divina, particularly its movement into ContemplativePrayer, which a regular and established practice of CenteringPrayer facilitates.We identify with the Christian Contemplative Heritage. While we areformed by our respective denominations, we are united in ourcommon search for God and the experience of the living Christthrough Centering Prayer. We affirm our solidarity with the contemplativedimension of other religions and sacred traditions, with theneeds and rights of the whole human family, and with all creation.Networking, Resources, and WorkshopPresenters are available at theContemplative Outreach InternationalOffice. For more information contact:Contemplative Outreach Ltd.International OfficeP.O. Box 737 - 10 Park PlaceSuite 2BButler, New Jersey 07405Tel: 973-838-3384Fax: 973-492-5795Editor:Design/Layout:Susan SupakBeth GouldNONPROFIT ORG.U.S. PostagePAIDCincinnati, OHPermit No. 4742Contemplative Outreach Ltd.International OfficeP.O. Box 737 - 10 Park PlaceSuite 2BButler, New Jersey 07405Postmaster: Address Correction Requested

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