Traction Installation Systems

Traction Installation Systems

Ongoing Activities

2 x 25 kV Traction System- Designand development thereofThe system was developed inassociation with JARTS &commissioned in Bina-Katni-Chirimiri section of IndianRailways in mid nineties.Inherent advantages are: Larger substationspacing Capacity to handle longhaul trains No EMI effects Balanced loading onutilities

Design of 7.5 meter high Overhead Equipmentfor Double stack container Developed design forOverhead Equipmenthaving contact wireheight at 7.5 meters Under construction atEast Coast Rly Trials will beconducted in May2008

Development of state-ofof-thethe-artprotection System microprocessor based numerical protectionmodules for feeder & transformer protection,reverse power flow relays, extensivecommunication & memory usage on allrelays, synchro-check relays and bus barprotection scheme apart from paralleloperation of TSS.

Special Design of OHE for tunnels• OHE developedcomprising twocomposite insulatorssupporting an FRProd, on which thecontact wire issuspended.CompositeInsulators• suitable for locationswith inadequateheadroom• adopted for tunnels inSouthern Railway.

Development of Vacuum Circuit Breakerwith permanent magnet actuation. RDSO has developed 25 kVCircuit Breaker with magneticactuator mechanism. only 40% of the component ascompared to conventionalmechanism, making it morereliable. 1,00,000 cycles, which is 10times more than theconventional mechanism

Composite Insulators9-Tonne Bracket Stay Hydrophobicity•The first composite insulator of EPDM (Ethylene Propylene DieneMonomer ) and EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate) material developed in1999 but discontinued in 2005 due to poor performance.•Subsequently, silicon rubber composite insulators with injection mouldingdeveloped in 2004 having:•Excellent hydrophobic properties & light in weight.•Less maintenance

Development of composite cantilever assembly Developed a fullyinsulated FRP (FibreReinforced Plastic)cantilever assembly for critical locationswhere electricalclearances arerestricted. Takes care of shortcircuiting by birds,monkeys & snakes

Forged FittingsMCI fittings manufactured by Sand Casting processare prone to flaws like blow holes, shrinkage,cavities. etc. whereas forged fittings produced by hotdrop forging process are free from these defects.Forged steel made of IS-2004 Cl-2 provides betterMechanical properties compared to MCI made of IS2108 Gr. BM 340.Mech Properties Forged steel MCITensile strength 44 kgf/mm2 35 kgf/mm2Elongation 24% 12%

Motorized Isolators In the existing scheme, to open anisolator a person has to gophysically to the isolator locationwhich is generally more than 500meters from Rly Stations. For quicker isolation in case offaults & also to have flexibility inoperation for loading/unloading insidings, these isolators needmotorization. RDSO is developing this item forwhich the specification has beenprepared and issued.

Modular Cantilever System The advantages are: Modular system All kinds of support For both high load andlight weight support Compatibility withexisting products

Areas where RDSO can participate Condition monitoring of Insulators 1.7 million porcelain insulators spread over 44000electrified track kms. These insulators fail due to flashovers, mechanicalbreakage, vandalism affecting traffic.70% failures areon account of mechanical breakage. To ascertain condition of insulators, a non disruptivemethodology is required to assess the residual life andcriteria for replacement of insulators.

Unified Power quality monitoringrequirement on 25kV traction powersupply system On Indian Railways we need to developsuitable techniques for power qualitycorrection system for controllingharmonics and sag & swell in the voltage atthe point of common coupling with thesupply utilities.

High Speed Contact Lines. Indian Railways is exploring the idea ofsetting up High Speed Rail Corridors(HSRC) for passenger trains. Present Design is suitable for 160 kmph Development is envisaged in two stages: Upgradation of existing lines to 225 kmph New design suitable for 300 kmph DedicatedPassenger Corridors.


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