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Noise Protection 08:Layout 1.qxd - Puretone

Applications For Noise ProtectionEar Plug AttenuationThe different types of noiseprotection available fromPuretone are suitable formany users and applications.-Filtered noise plugs areespecially useful for racingdrivers, mechanics and aircraftcrew due to the constant highdecibel noises they areexposed to. The same is alsotrue for pilots and night clubemployees, who need to hearnaturally, but want to protecttheir hearing.Spectators at sports and musicevents can also benefit fromnoise protection, as thedecibel level can rise to a highlevel. Filtered noiseprotection would bring thislevel down, while still allowingthe true sounds of the eventto be heard.Shooters can benefit fromelectronic noise plugs,designed to silence the loudnoise of a gunshot instantly.This type of ear plug alsoamplifies ambient sounds,giving a truly natural hearingexperience as well ascomprehensive protection foryour ears.A flat response attenuator must have a frequency response that follows theshape of the natural frequency response of the open ear, but at a reducedlevel. The ER-15 uses a diaphragm, similar to a passive speaker cone, toachieve the desired response curve. The ER-25 uses a tuned resonator andacoustic resistor. To reduce the occlusion affect, a deep seal of the plug inthe second bend of the ear canal is necessary.In general, the ER-15 attenuators are designed for environments where theA-weighted sound pressure level is 105dB or less. The attenuation shownin the graph below is for an average ear; at least 10dB of protection for theER-15, and at least 15dB of protection for the ER-25 are achieved in almostany ear with these attenuators properly in place.Real Ear Attenuation (dB)010203040500.125 0.25 0.5 1 2 4 8Available From:Frequency (KHz)ER-15ER-20ER-25PROTECThearFoam PlugsCustom-Made & GenericNoise

Applications For Noise ProtectionThose who are exposed to 85dB+ sound levels for varioustime periods:MusiciansDentistsTradersPilots & air crewSound engineersIndustrial workersMachinistsRestaurant employeesNight club employeesLive music listenersPlus many moreThose whose hearing may not be at risk, but whoprefer to hear without discomfort:Frequent flyers and car passengersSpectators at sporting eventsTinnitus sufferersPeople with high frequency hearing lossPeople with high sensitivity to loud soundsLevels of Common SoundsHi-Fi system at full volume: 115dBNoisy office: 95dBAverage street traffic: 80dBNormal conversation: 60dBWhispering: 35dBOur Range of Noise ProtectionSolid Noise Plugs:These solid, in-the-ear noiseplugs are custom-made fromsoft Microflex silicone andare available in a number ofcolours. They provideapproximately 30dB ofattenuation, and are alsousable as swim plugs. SolidNoise Plugs are available in 13silicone colour finishes.Solid Noise Plug Colours:ER Filtered Noise Plugs:General purpose - maximum protectionRed Orange Mauve Blue Azure BlueGreen Kiwi Green Beige Pink Hot PinkSolid SiliconeCustom-Made Noise PlugsYellowBlackCalibrated flat response for musiciansER noise plugs feature anindividually calibrated filter(9, 15 or 25dB), designed toattenuate all frequencies atthe same level. Unlike solidnoise plugs which attenuateall frequencies differently,these filtered ear plugs give aflat attenuation across thefrequency range. This means ER noise plugs let you hearsounds accurately but at a safe and comfortablelevel for your environment.WhiteER Musicians’EarplugsER noise plugs are ideal for musicians who want to beprotected from loud music exposure, but still hear the truesound and frequency range of the music or their instrument.ER noise plugs are custom made from an exact impressionof the users’ ear, and fit deep into the ear canal to give thebest comfort and attenuation.30dB9-25dBFLATOur Range of Noise ProtectionER-20 Filtered Noise Plugs:ER-20’s provide a inexpensive and effective solution to noiseprotection. Made from softsilicone, these generic noisesuppressors fit any ear andprovide an attenuation of20dB, while still allowing thenatural sound of theenvironment to be heard.PROTECThear:These custom-made soft silicone earpieces are designed togive effective noiseprotection whilst still beingcomfortable to wear for longperiods. They are availablein two types, full in-the-earand in-the-canal.PROTECThear ear plugs usea passive acoustic filter toattenuate loud noises whilestill allowing the user to hearspeech. PROTECThear ear plugs are CE marked and testedto EN 352-2: 1993.CENS digital:Generic flat response ear plugsCustom-made for maximum comfortElectronic ear plugs designed for shooters20dBFLAT29dBCENS digital are customdigitalelectronic noise suppressors, CENSCustom Electronic Noise Suppressorsideal for use by shooters.They feature digital circuitrythat instantly suppressesloud noises, such as gunshots, while also amplifyingambient sounds to give a natural hearing experience.CENS digital are custom-made to the user’s ears, to providemaximum attenuation and comfort. CENS digital 2 featuretwo user-selectable programs; game and clay shooting,allowing the user to adjust the device for the specificenvironment. For more info visit censdigital.com30dB

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