June 1-4, 2008 - Shutdowns - Turnarounds - Outages - STO ...

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June 1-4, 2008 - Shutdowns - Turnarounds - Outages - STO ...

CONFERENCE LOCATIONSTO 2008 featuresSTO 2008 is dedicated to providing thought provoking insight for improvingshutdown/turnaround/outage efficiency and effectiveness by usinginnovative and forward thinking solutions and technology.Dozens of industry leaders will be on hand to clearly illustrate the stepsrequired to drive real cost savings to your bottom line for your nextshutdown, turnaround or outage.Key event features:The Westin IndianapolisIndianapolis, IndianaCall 914-509-5354 to receivethe special conference rate.The Westin Indianapolis promises to be a brilliantvenue for the second annual STO conference. With39,000 square feet of elegant meeting space andan unbeatable location in the heart of the city,attendees will be provided with an outstandingarena to engage, network, educate and inspire.This beautiful downtown Indianapolis hotel isconnected by a covered sky-bridge to the IndianaConvention Center, RCA Dome and Circle CenterMall; and is only a short walk from area attractionslike the Conseco Field House, Victory Field and theNCAA Hall of Champions. Bring your family and stayan extra day or two!Eventure Events has arranged a special conferencehotel rate of $179 + tax per night. Attendees wishingto come earlier or stay later (3 days prior to June 1and/or 3 days after June 4) may be able to takeadvantage of this special rate by booking early(based on availability).Reservations:To receive the special conference rate of $179 + taxper night, you must make accommodationsthrough the Eventure Events office.Call us today to book your hotel reservation:877-411-4675 OR 914-509-5354The special conference rate is only availableuntil May 9, 2008.Hotel Information:50 South Capitol Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204For information regarding travel, visit:www.STOconference.comNorth America’s most comprehensive program for organizations thatconduct shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages3 tracks per day with over 25 presenters offering in-depth contentKey case studies that show first-hand how shutdown solutions havebeen implemented at asset-intensive organizations like yoursComplimentary copies of all presentationsBrainstorming and open discussionsExhibitors specializing in best practices for shutdown, turnaround andoutage servicesOne optional full day of intensive, subject-specific workshopsExtensive networking with hundreds of other people in the shutdown,turnaround, and outage arenaWhat you'll take away:Strategies to control scope and achieve business goalsA logical understanding of efficient STO planning andscheduling proceduresBest practices for contractor managementExecution tactics to create a reliable, high performance STOwork environmentEffective STO communication strategiesForward thinking management and technical solutions forSTO implementationsExpertise from renowned STO thought leaders and subject matter expertsWho should attendSTO 2008 targets organizations from asset-intensive industries that plan,schedule and run shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages. These businessesspan across such industries as Utilities, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Nuclear, Food &Beverage, Automotive, Mining, Milling, Aerospace & Defense, Manufacturing,Pharmaceuticals, and Pulp & Paper.STO 2008 is designed for leaders, managers and directors of:OperationsMaintenanceFinanceReliabilityHuman ResourcesFacilitiesEngineeringTechnologywww.STOconference.com3

Conference ScheduleSee pages 6-9 for session details.Sunday, June 1 — Arrival Day 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm Registration, Welcome Reception & ExhibitionTRACK 1 TRACK 2 TRACK 37:30 - 8:30 BreakfastMonday, June 2 — Conference Day 18:30 - 8:458:45 - 9:45Opening AddressKeynote Presentation: Driving Bottom Line Performance with Effective Shutdown Management, Drew Troyer, Reliable Plant Magazine9:45 - 10:10 Morning Refreshment Break and Exhibition10:10 - 11:1011:20 - 12:20Are We There Yet? Tools & Techniques to Assess yourPlant’s Shutdown Readiness.Dan Sawyer & Dan Norrad, Ontario Power GenerationOutage Performance — There is no Silver Bullet.Dick Miller, Bechtel Power Corporation12:20 - 1:20 Lunch and Exhibition1:20 - 2:202:30 - 3:30Turnaround Scope Development & Control.Ron Kooy, Valero Energy Corporation .& Gregory Alvarado, The Equity Engineering GroupTurnaround Work Package Development.Don Turner, Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.3:30 - 3:50 Afternoon Refreshment Break and ExhibitionSTO Planning/Organization/Best Practices.James Walton, BASF CorporationShutdown Safety — What’s the Big Deal?.Vaughn Bend, TransAltaContracting Strategies to Overcome Craft Shortagesand Maximize Field Productivity.Bobby Singh, Project AssuranceOutage and Turnaround Work Control andResource Strategies.Irvin Moore, PacifiCorp3:50 - 4:50 Special Guest Presentation: The Power of Attitude, Fred Delahunty, ABB New ZealandIEIIBIIBPractical Project ControlsDick Albaugh, CITGO Petroleum .& Kevin Budack, CostPoint ManagementStreamlining SAP/Primavera Interoperability.Dean Edmundson, Primavera.& Gus McIntosh, Vesta PartnersProcess Safety Management Considerations .in Capital Projects and at HandoverDavid Drerup, Process Safety & Reliability GroupA Mining Case Study / Shutdown Management ProcessDave Traverso & Brian Heinsius, .Rio Tinto Energy AmericaBIIB/I5:00 - 7:30 Networking ReceptionTuesday, June 3 — Conference Day 27:30 - 8:30 Breakfast8:30 - 8:458:45 - 9:45Opening AddressKeynote Presentation: Dynamic Scheduling — A Team Approach to Increase Worker Performance & Reduce the Risk of Cost and Schedule Over-runs,E.J. (Ted) Lister, CPM Solutions Ltd.9:45 - 10:10 Morning Refreshment Break and Exhibition10:10 - 11:1011:20 - 12:20Readiness Assessments.Jerry Hickman, Air Liquide AmericaManaging Risk in the Plant Shutdown Decision Process.Drew Troyer, Reliable Plant MagazineI12:20 - 1:20 Lunch and Exhibition1:20 - 2:202:30 - 3:30Success through Cooperation — Owners & Contractors.Ben Mays, Luminant Power,Comanche Peak Nuclear Power PlantMeasuring to Manage Reliability.Cliff Williams, Kraft Canada3:30 - 3:50 Afternoon Refreshment Break and ExhibitionShutdown Coordination in a Commercially LicensedBiopharmaceutical Plant.Feras Zubaidy & Chris Webb, .Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Strategies for Success.Kevin Cadieux, Alberta Envirofuels Inc.Planning for T/A Success.Tom Fields, ConocoPhillipsManaging Costs by using a Contracting Strategy.Ian Griffiths, Faithful+Gould3:50 - 4:50 Keynote Presentation: Revenue vs. Expense – Balancing Your STO Strategies, Terry Wireman, Vesta Partners4:50 - 5:15 Track Chair Panel Discussion & Closing AddressIIIIIIIDown-Up Scheduling: Minimizing Down Timethrough Detailed SchedulingDelia Wangler & Joe Rodier, .Alberta Pacific Forest IndustriesWhat Skilled Labor Shortage?.Bob Harrell, Management Controls, Inc.Optimizing a Planned Shutdown.Vinay Nihalani, Meridium, Inc.Budget Reporting: Cost Analysis Made Easy .Jim Ryan, Lincoln Electric SystemEIIIWednesday, June 4 — Workshops 7:30 am - 4:00 pm Choose from four workshops — Includes Breakfast (7:30 am - 8:00 am), Break (10:00 am - 10:20 am), Lunch (12:00 pm - 1:15 pm)B Beginner I Intermediate E ExpertContent and speakers are subject to change. Please visit our website at www.STOconference.com for updates.www.STOconference.com5

Schedule Details Monday, June 2 — Conference Day 110:10 - 11:10 MondayTRACK 1Are We There Yet? Tools & Techniques to Assessyour Plant’s Shutdown ReadinessPresenters: Dan Sawyer & Dan Norrad,Ontario Power GenerationIntermediatePlanning for a shutdown requires much time and effort. But how do you knowif you’re ready? Will your best be good enough? Are there ways of getting anobjective overview of your state of readiness rather than relying on bold assurancesfrom those who always see the glass as ‘half-full’? This presentation willprovide you with practical techniques that are currently being used in someof best performing utilities of North America. You will learn how to developa shutdown assessment plan that provides solid feedback on deficiencies,strengths and recommendations to allow your site to develop the necessaryactions, owners and timelines to address issues before they become problems.Lessons:• Eight key components to all successful projects• Building blocks that make a strong foundation• Tricks of the trade to match scope, cost and duration• Manage your project from start to finish - pre-outage performance indicators• Planning for failure, not success• Taking full advantage of lessons learned• Proven methods for determining schedule readinessand thermography scans confirming potential equipment problems. Operationsshould provide a comprehensive list of all confirmed process unit shutdowntypebacklog work orders. This presentation will also discuss tools and methodologiesused to control scope growth prior to the turnaround start date.Lessons:• Scope development• Scope control• Scope timelines2:30 - 3:30 MondayTurnaround Work Package DevelopmentPresenter: Don Turner, Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.IntermediateIn reviewing over 300 turnarounds, each with different results from verysuccessful to not so successful and even including disastrous turnarounds, itwas found that the level of planning and work package preparation directlycorrelated to the level of success. From this presentation you will developan understanding of the turnaround activity and work package essentialsrequired for successfully executing turnarounds. How to track and report workpackage development will be discussed and an example tracking method willbe explained. Join Don to learn how building a turnaround master schedulebased on crews and assembling the activities and tasks into comprehensiveturnaround execution plans, assures success.Lessons:• Turnaround activity and work package essentials• Tracking work package status• Assembling supervisor execution plans11:20 - 12:20 MondayOutage Performance — There is no Silver BulletPresenter: Dick Miller, Bechtel Power CorporationExpertThis presentation will focus on many of the tools and methods that differentorganizations use to plan and execute their shutdowns and outages. Thepoint will be made that there is no single plan, there is no single process, thereis no single group of people, nor is there a single silver bullet that will ensuresuccessful outage performance. To the contrary, this presentation will illustratethat acceptable outage performance begins with detailed planning anddevelopment of crystal clear organizational responsibilities. Various methodsfor establishing outage expectations and goals will be covered, along with thevalue of teamwork and clear communications. Successful methods for scheduledevelopment, action item list development, and risk mitigation will bepresented. This presentation will cover the roles and responsibilities of ownersand contractors, along with a process to identify and engage outage stakeholders.Above all else, this presentation will make it apparent that there cannever be too much detail when an outage is planned and executed.Lessons:• Good outage performance requires dedicated outage personnel• Several tools not universally used in outage planning willbe demonstrated1:20 - 2:20 MondayTurnaround Scope Development & ControlPresenters: Ron Kooy, Valero Energy Corporation& Gregory Alvarado, The Equity Engineering GroupIntermediateThis presentation will cover the timeline, development and control ofcomprehensive turnaround work scopes with emphasis on a total team approach.Ron will review a standard Milestone Chart with suggested timelines associatedwith month-out requirements to meet planning and scheduling goals. Developmentof work scopes include the review and relevance of American PetroleumInstitute requirement API 510, equipment history and various InspectionDepartment surveys which drive the mechanical integrity side of the workscope. The other side of work scope development involves receiving informationfrom the Process Engineering and Operation Departments. Information requiredfrom Process should include heat transfer coefficient charts, single-gauge surveys10:10 - 11:10 MondaySTO Planning/Organization/Best PracticesPresenter: James Walton, BASF CorporationBeginnerDetails coming soon.11:20 - 12:20 MondayShutdown Safety — What’s the Big Deal?Presenter: Vaughn Bend, TransAltaIntermediateShutdown safety: is it a big deal or not? In a period of ever increasing stringentregulations, cost, schedule and labor pressures lining up to make yourshutdown a near impossible mission, how do you accurately evaluate yoursafety risk and plan your way to executing a safe shutdown. Excellent safetyprograms and performance virtually ensure that you will meet all yourshutdown targets and more importantly send everybody home healthy andhappy!! During this presentation, Vaughn will detail how TransAlta hasdeveloped a proactive shutdown safety program over the last 3 years.Lessons:Learn how the following elements are critical to ensuring safety successduring the shutdown:• Planning• Contractor management• Performance expectations• Hazard identification & mitigation• Orientation & training• Leadership & supervision• Lagging & leading indicators• Incident investigations & audits• Communication• Continuous improvementTRACK 26

Workshops1workshopWednesday, June 4 TIME: 7:30 am - 4:00 pm COST: $795Includes: Breakfast (7:30 am - 8:00 am), Break (10:00 am - 10:20 am), and Lunch (12:00 pm - 1:15 pm)Choose from these highly relevant conference workshops, available to conference attendeesonly. All workshops are optional and separately bookable. Space is limited, so book early!Using Maintenance Performance Indicators to Improve STO PerformancePresenter: Terry Wireman, Vesta PartnersThis workshop will discuss maintenance and reliability performance indicators and how they impact STO indicators. The focus willbe on improving the financial performance of the STO process. The workshop will examine two major areas: the proper utilizationof resources and the compression of the shutdown-turnaround activities to increase asset availability. The financial impact ofmaking improvements in these two aspects of shutdown-turnarounds will also be highlighted.This workshop begins with a review of the financial impact of maintenance and reliability strategies. It then reviewsfundamental maintenance processes that must be in place for conducting successful STO’s. It will also include basicperformance indicators for the STO and how they can be linked to existing performance indicators for asset utilization.2workshop3workshopThe Crane GamePresenters: Mike Gehloff & Ken Arthur, General Physics CorporationThe Crane Game is an exciting, interactive 8-hour simulation that provides participants opportunities to apply learned skills andknowledge and to experience the benefits of planning and scheduling firsthand. Teams compete against each other in planning forand executing an outage while facing many of the typical problems seen on any given day: safety hazards/environmental issues;addressing risk; incomplete work orders; work prioritization; scheduling conflicts; personnel issues; materials issues; work qualityissues; add-on work and deferred work. Each team is given identical work orders, spare parts and their own overhead crane. TheCrane Game is won by the team that safely completes the largest amount of work during their outage. Applying lessons learnedduring the educational portion make the teams more efficient and increases their chances of winning.Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to understand and apply best practices for managing an outage to include:• Identification and prioritization of work • Assessing risks and developing action plans• Allocation of resources• Managing and reacting to required schedule changes• Establishing an outage organization • Explain the process for planning and tracking complex down-day and outage eventsAvoid the Shutdown — A Holistic Approach to Managing Plant ReliabilityPresenter: Drew Troyer, Reliable Plant MagazineFor senior managers, the best shutdown is no shutdown. While completely eliminating the shutdown isn’t feasible, by employingprogressive reliability engineering and management techniques, we can significantly extend the time between and duration ofscheduled shutdowns and outages. Plant reliability is much more than maintenance. It requires a cross-functional effort from thedesign, operations and maintenance functions within the organization.In this workshop, you’ll learn:• How a holistic approach to managing plant reliability will drive bottom line performance, including return on net assets(RONA) and share price• Reliability engineering tools and techniques the plant engineer needs to know — without all the unnecessary complexity• How to quantify maintenance decisions in economic terms — including innovative ways to optimize shutdown decisions• How to manage design, operations and maintenance activities to reduce the effects of time on plant equipment assets4workshopSuccessfully Integrating Capital Projects with TurnaroundsPresenter: Bobby Singh, Project AssuranceRecent results from turnarounds that have been tied to capital projects have been less than encouraging. The turnarounds havesuffered with cost overruns and schedule slippages due to late engineered work scope packages, area conflicts and resource shortages.This workshop is designed to address chronic conflicts that have traditionally impaired turnaround performance. This hands-on fullday session will offer pragmatic solutions to bring these two conflicting groups together to jointly develop work scope target dates,high performance contracting approaches and integrated plans.In addition, Bobby will outline synergistic solutions that will create a productive work environment and lead to pacesetter resultsfor both capital projects and plant turnarounds.10

SponsorsNew Dimension Solutions (NDS) develops world-classsolutions for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) andReliability projects to drive benefit for system andbusiness process implementations. Professional servicesinclude business, system and application consulting,system or function-specific training, Reliability-Centered Maintenance(RCM) facilitation and services addressing the complete project lifecycle.www.nd-solutions.comManagement Controls, Inc. Track is ProcessIndustry’s most widely utilized platform that collects& manages contractor costs; automates compliance;eliminates error through SAP integration;thereby providing real time cost visibility to owners& contractors. www.tracksoftware.comVesta Partners, LLC is a professional services firm withdeep domain expertise in maintenance management. 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Syclo’s SMART Suite includes awardwinning SMART Task Tracker and is part of a full family ofsolutions that are rapidly deployed to help organizations worldwide speed STOcompletions. Built on Agentry platform technology, SMART products exchangedata with multiple applications to improve efficiencies. www.syclo.com/stoPrimavera is a software company whose clientsdepend on its project, resource, and portfoliomanagement solutions. For more informationvisit www.primavera.comGP provides an integrated solution to assess, initiate,im-plement & sustain excellence with best practicesfor Lean, Equipment Reliability, Maintenance/OperatorSkills Training & Training-Center Management.www.gpworldwide.comPipeline Software, the SAP Integration Experts, provides asuite of software solutions that integrate SAP EAM moduleswith third party applications ensuring seamless cross-applicationbusiness process flow. 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With 50+ yearsexperience, F+G maintains exemplary performancein time, budget & quality. www.fgould.comHSE Integrated Ltd.www.hseintegrated.comAmistco Separation Products Inc.www.amistco.comNational Heat Exchangewww.nationalheatexchange.comPlant Performance Services.www.p2sworld.comInterPlan Systems Inc.www.interplansystems.comSystem One.www.systemoneservices.comEST Group, Incwww.estgrp.comKepner – Tregoewww.kepner-tregoe.comCarver PA.www.carvercorporation.comThe Equity Engineering Group.www.equityeng.comBigge Crane & Rigging Co. .www.bigge.comNooter Construction.www.nooterconstruction.comMedia PartnersMaintenance Technology Magazine For overtwenty years Maintenance Technology Magazine hasserved as the independent voice on technical andbusiness information needs to those maintenance professionals responsible forkeeping their facilities operating at maximum efficiency. Presently MaintenanceTechnology is delivered to more than 52,000 BPA audited engineers, managers,and supervisors responsible for plant equipment reliability, maintenance, andasset management. We help our audience leverage their precious time withstate-of-the-art technologies and methodologies on the way to best practicesacross their operations. www.mt-online.comLubrication Management & Technology The magazinefor practical lubrication and machinery management,reaches over 22,000 BPA audited managers, supervisorsand engineers — each with verified authority to buy andspecify. Lubrication Management & Technology offers the most comprehensiveand unbiased editorial product to the lubrication marketplace: providing informationon management, technology, and applications. Lubrication Management &Technology offers complete coverage; providing key information to the personswho run systems through to those individuals who keep those systems running.Lubrication Management & Technology is a must read for professional lubricationspecialists. Visit our redesigned website at www.lmtinfo.comEnergy Central, established in1996, is the leading resourceconnecting professionals in the global power industry tonews, events, databases, insight and analysis. With six distinctwebsites, seven e-newsletters and both electronic and printpublications, top energy executives, managers, leaders andindustry influencers have relied on Energy Central to deliver the informationthey use every day. We also have the most used jobs website, EnergyCentral-Jobs.com, connecting job seekers and employers in the energy industry. www.energycentral.comEnergy Biz is a bimonthly business magazine for leadersin the new power industry. EnergyBiz reaches morethan 20,000 of the most influential buyers, includingmanagers, executives, legislators, regulators, lawyers and consultants who makebuying decisions in utilities, government, advisory firms and supplier companies.EnergyBiz target CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CTOs, VPs and their direct reports — qualityprospects available only through Energy Central. www.energycentral.com© 2008 by Eventure Events, LLC. All rights reserved. Eventure and STO 2008 logos are trademarks of Eventure Events, LLC. All other products and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies.www.STOconference.com11

Conference RegistrationJune 1-4, 2008 at The Westin Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IndianaPlease complete one form for every person registeringFirst Name*__________________________________________________________________________________Last Name*__________________________________________________________________________________Organization*________________________________________________________________________________5 ways to register:Online: www.STOconference.comPhone: 877-411-4675 or 914-509-5354FAX: 914-509-5374EMAIL: info@eventureevents.comMAIL COMPLETED FORM TO:Eventure Events, PO Box 96, Cazenovia, NY 13035*Required f ields. Please print clearly.Title*_____________________________________________________________Email*__________________________________________________________________________Address*_ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________City*_______________________________________________________ State*____________Zip*______________ Country*___________________________________________Phone*________________________________________ Mobile Phone__________________________________________ Fax_________________________________________Special Dietary Requests___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Approving Manager: First Name*_______________________________________________ Last Name*_ ______________________________________________________Title*_____________________________________________________________Email*__________________________________________________________________________Address (if different)*_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________City*_______________________________________________________ State*____________Zip*______________ Country*___________________________________________How did you hear about this conference?Received brochure Received postcard Email Internet From a colleague Advertisement Other____________________________Booking your accommodations:Our special conference rate is $179 + tax per night. To receive the discounted rate you mustmake accommodations through the Eventure Events office. This rate is valid until May 9, 2008.Do you require accommodations: Yes NoArrival Date_______________________________ Departure Date___________________________________Room Requirements________________________________________________________________________Room Type: King Double Guests per room__________________________________________Please use the credit card details provided to secure my hotel accommodations: Yes NoConference Payment OptionsPayment is required prior to the event.Onsite registration is available, but not recommended.Mastercard Visa Amex DiscoverCard NumberCONFERENCE REGISTRATION**Fee per delegate# ofAttendees1-4 participants from the same organization $1,695* x = $SubtotalExpiration Date5 or more participants from the same organization $1,595* x = $WORKSHOP REGISTRATION Workshops are optional and separately bookable — Available to conference attendees onlyWednesday workshop***Choose a workshop: 1 2 3 4$795* x = $Name of CardholderSignature* All costs are $USD** Includes entry into the conference and exhibition, conference documentation, breakfast,lunch, refreshments, and networking functions.*** Includes workshop documentation, breakfast, lunch, and refreshments.Eventure Events, PO Box 96, Cazenovia, NY 13035Total Amount Due $Bill my companyPlease provide POORCancellations: Cancellations received before April 23, 2008, will receive a refund,less $50 processing fee. Cancellations received on or after April 23, 2008 and beforeMay 7, 2008, will receive a 50% refund. Regrettably, NO REFUNDS will be given oncancellations received on or after May 7, 2008.If any circumstance or event beyond the control of Eventure Events, LLC causescancellation of all or any portion of the event, Eventure Events agrees to refund anyportion of the registration fee for which Eventure Events is reimbursed by insurance ora third party and shall not be liable for any other refund or payment arising from thecancellation or for other liability or damages arising from the event.Substitutions: There is no fee for name change substitutions. Please e-mailsubstitution requests to info@eventureevents.com by May 23, 2008. Written substitutionrequests on company letterhead will also be accepted onsite.Registration will close on May 23, 2008 at midnight EST. Beyond that,registration can only be completed onsite at a cost of $1895 per person.www.STOconference.com

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