Minutes Music Seminar - Lions Clubs International - MD 112 Belgium

Minutes Music Seminar - Lions Clubs International - MD 112 Belgium

Minutes Music Seminar - Lions Clubs International - MD 112 Belgium


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<strong>Minutes</strong> of the Meeting<strong>Music</strong>al competition 1.13 Participants 18Chairperson:Secretary:Lion Jean SomersLion Jos Roosemont<strong>Minutes</strong> of the meeting Thursday 6 SEPTEMBER 2012At the MIM (<strong>Music</strong> Instruments Museum) BRUSSELS, rue Montagne de la Cour 21. Welcome and Introduction by Jean Somers2. Introduction Participants of the Meeting2012 - <strong>MD</strong> <strong>112</strong> <strong>Belgium</strong> EF Brussels Jos Roosemont2013 – <strong>MD</strong> 118 Turkey EF Istanbul Osman Gormez2014 – <strong>MD</strong> 105 Brit.Isles and Ireland EF Birmingham Bryan Riley<strong>MD</strong> 102 Switzerland and Liechtenstein Manuela Eichenberger<strong>MD</strong> 103 France Claude Lamarque<strong>MD</strong> 105 British Islands and Ireland Jeff Byers<strong>MD</strong> 107 Finland Maarit Knikka<strong>MD</strong> 108 Italy Luciano Bruni<strong>MD</strong> 111 Germany Ingo Brookman<strong>MD</strong> 113 Luxemburg Jean-Marie Gieres<strong>MD</strong> 116 Spain José Castro Tendilla<strong>MD</strong> 120 Estonia Matti Klaar<strong>MD</strong> 123 Russia Olga Simon<strong>MD</strong> 128 Israel Eliezer Ezrachi<strong>MD</strong> 131 Lithuania Arunas Uleckas3. EF 2012 Brussels LEMC cello.Details of Competition 2012 - CelloScheduleThursdayIn the afternoonFirst part of the competition Compulsory Piece - from 14:00 h till 18:30 hJury : Marie Hallynck : (Chairperson), Justus Grimm, Olsi Leka, Luc Tooten

FridayIn the morning - 1st Piece of their choice – from 10:00 h till 14:00 hIn the afternoon - Competition with the “The six best” - from 16:00 h till 18:00 hGet togetherAt night “Get together “ from 19:00 hARCADI CAFÉ rue d’ Arenberg 1bMaster ClassOn Saturday Master class from 10:00 h till 13.00 h given by 3 members of the JuryClosing ceremonySaturday - Closing ceremony from 16:30 hThe 1 st , 2 nd and 3 th prize winners become their prize and the 1 st prize winner plays with the orchestra“les Symphonistes Européens” the “Andante Cantabile” in B flat major by P. Tchaikovsky.4. EF 2013 Istanbul LEMC piano.Compulsory piece and repertoire list sent by Osman Gormez to the CC LEMCCon 7 th of July 2012 (see list in attachment). Details concerning the competition will be sent afterwards.5. EF 2014 Birmingham LEMC for French horn (cor – Waldhorn - corno). The organization has onlybeen started up yet.6. There are two candidates for the mandate of Chairman <strong>Lions</strong> European <strong>Music</strong>al Competition ofthe 2013 Committee: Jeff Byers (<strong>MD</strong> 105 British Islands and Ireland) and Ingo Brookman (<strong>MD</strong>111 Germany).Ingo Brookman has been elected by a majority of votes.The committee proposes the election of Ingo Brookmann (<strong>MD</strong> 111 Germany) as chairperson ofthe committee as the successor of Jean Somers (<strong>MD</strong> <strong>112</strong> <strong>Belgium</strong>) as from the end of this EF for aterm of 3 years.7. Evolution in the organisation of the competition on your national level in each <strong>MD</strong> or D.Explanation by all the responsible participants. The most important problems are the lack offinance, the lack of interest for classical music and the timing. Smaller countries have sometimesproblems to get a candidate of high level.For your information:Results of the <strong>Music</strong>al Competition Thomas Kuti 20121 st PRIZE : Dorukhan DORUK <strong>MD</strong> 118 TURKEY2 nd PRIZE: Chiara ENDERLE <strong>MD</strong> 102 SWITZERLAND and LIECHTENSTEIN3 rd PRIZE: Honorine SCHAEFFER <strong>MD</strong> 103 FRANCE

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