to view Dr Shafick Adam's presentation - Water Research Commission

to view Dr Shafick Adam's presentation - Water Research Commission

ThrustsT1Water resourceassessment anddevelopmentFocuses on developing a scientificunderstanding of the hydrological cycle inorder to promote a systematic assessmentand variability of the quantity and qualityof water available for development.T2Impacts on WaterResourcesFocuses on developing appropriatequantitative understanding, tools andstrategies for managing the impacts ofclimate variability and change as well ashuman interventions on the hydrologicalcycle.

ThrustsT3Water ResourceProtectionFocuses on the generation of informationand understanding to improve waterquality management, with reference topoint and diffuse sources, and addressingchemical, microbial and biologicalpollution impacts on surface water andgroundwater.T4Policy andInstitutionalArrangementsFocuses on articulating the thinking for thenew roles and responsibilities of thevarious stakeholders based on catchmentand water management area boundaries.Supports research on tools andmethodologies for IWRM decisionsupport.

ApproachThe working approach for setting and overseeing thewater resource research agenda is based on:Effective alliance and participation of water resourceresearch stakeholdersSystematic, strategic and balanced agenda of both core andproblem-driven research priorities [long and shortterm]Coordination to reduce duplication and enhancecomplementary effortsMultidisciplinary and inter-disciplinary researchProactive researchAccountability to the public7

Broad OverviewThe research portfolio for 2009/10addresses someof the following pertinent issues:Improving water resources information systems and accessto data.Programmatic approach to address groundwater – surfacewater interaction.Building appropriate quantitative understanding, tools andadaptive strategies for managing impacts of extremeclimatic events.Broaden the scope of policy and institutional studies todeal holistically with the legal, economic, compliance andimplementation aspects.8

New Projects 2009/10 … only a peekThe preparation of a hydrologically improved digital elevationmodel for SA based on the SRTM data setReducing uncertainties of evapotranspiration and preferentialflow in the estimation of groundwater rechargeWater resources in rural communities in the Limpopo Province:Social, chemical and microbiological quality evaluations andinteractionsNutrient and organic carbon fluxes from small-scaleagricultureImplementation of a conceptual framework model for theregulation of water quality in an integrated, preventativemanagement approachReview of the Groundwater Resources Directed Measures

New Projects 2010/11Non-solicited proposals are currently under reviewSolicited projects ... All within Thrust 2All aimed at enhancing the climate change portfolio

Funding: New Projects76R Million5432009/102010/11210Thrust1 Thrust2 Thrust3 Thrust411

Potential research opportunities 2011/12Groundwater-surface water interactionWater resources assessment study to bridge the gapbetween unit runoff, unit groundwater potential and waterqualityEvaluation of the adequacy of current water resourcemonitoring networksDevelopment of tools to manage acid mine drainage thatpollute resourcesInnovative approaches to mainstream climate change intowater resource management12

How can you help?Serve as reviewers and on Reference GroupsIdentification of new research and propose through nonsolicitedcallsExpansion of research networks across institutions /disciplinesInnovative technologies and solutionsQuality research and proposalsPublishRegularly visit the WRC website13

Capacity Building200150100502007/082008/09IndividualInstitutionalSocietal0Students supportedWRC: 2008/2009633 students supported14


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