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Trends in research for energy,health, mobility and urbanenvironmentDr. Rick HarwigTU/e, DirectorStrategic Research Area EnergyEindhoven April 21 s t 2011Harwig Innovation Services

Expected Life Time at birth in the Netherlands9080Expectedlife timeat birth7060504030201001820 1851 1882 1910 1941 1971 2002YearSource: MaddisonMarch 2011page 2

Healthcare improvements in the 19th century• Sewer systems• Clean drinkingwater• Hygiene inHospitalsSemmelweis in the HospsitalMarch 2011page 3

Demographics in the Netherlands,age profile1970Age2010Age2030AgeMen * 1000 Women * 1000 Men * 1000 Women * 1000 Men * 1000 Women * 1000March 2011page 4

Cost of Care and Quality of Lifedrive Home Healthcare100%HOME CAREHealthy ,Independent LivingCommunity ClinicQualityof lifeGronic,Disease managementDoctor’sOfficeRESIDENTIAL CAREAssisted livingSkilledNursing FacilityACUTE CARESpeciality ClinicCommunity Hospital0%ICU€1 € 10100 € 1,000 € 10,000COST of CARE/DAYMarch 2011 page 5

Quality of Life and Cost of Caredrive Our Innovations100%Qualityof lifeTreatmentHOME CAREDiagnosisHealthy ,Independent LivingManagementSmartEnvironmentGronic,Disease managementScreeningPreventionSurveillanceCommunity ClinicDoctor’sOfficeRESIDENTIAL CAREAssisted livingSkilledNursing FacilityACUTE CARESpeciality ClinicCommunity Hospital0%ICU€1 € 10100 € 1,000 € 10,000COST of CARE/DAYMarch 2011 page 6

Smart InterventionSmart interventions are effective, 100% first time right,painless and very swift:“A hospital without Beds”• Molecular, Cell and Tissue Engineering(Regenerative Medicine)• Image Guided Minimal and Non-Invasive Interventions• Plasma Medicine• Virtual Physiological Human (VPH)March 2011page 7

March 2011page 8

Brainport with creative and manufacturing industriesin a sea of animal farming with significant health risksDiseases can be caused by e.g.infection• MRSA• H5N1, H1N1 virus• Q feverDistribution of cattle related (t011 + t108 +t899 + t034) spa types MRSA, RIVM 2009cowspigshensotherMarch 2011page 9

Brainport with creative and manufacturing industries in asea of animal farming with significant health risksAnimal farm distributionQ fever patients 2008 N = 998cowspigshensotherMarch 2011page 10

Energy & Climate:CO2 footprint versus HumanDevelopment across the world

Green Innovation Directions,towards a Sustainable global LifestyleUPEnable development withAffordable Clean TechDOWNSwitch to SustainableConsumption by CleanTech replacementEcologicalFootprint(no of planets)Developed economies15%6543210 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.8 0.9HumanDevelopmentIndexDeveloping economies41% of world populationDesired situation: high HDI &low ecological footprint( 2011 page 121

Energy 2050:a global transformation rather than a transition20% of time left, 80% ofthe work still to be done5x improvement in energy& materials efficiency, andhuman development indexRural SocietySolar/ Bio BasedEconomyMarch 2011page 13

UN global population scenariosMarch 2011page 14

The world population is increasingly urban andglobal economic power is shiftingBetween now and 2050 the global populationis expected to increase from 6.9 billion to morethan 9 billion, with 98% of this growthhappening in cities and in the developingand emerging worldMost of the economic growth willhappen in developing or emergingeconomiesMarch 2011page 15

2030: growth with 800 million middleincome people16March 2011page 16

Significant construction is requiredBuilding100 x“Shanghai”March 2011page 17

Four categories of Cities with differentattributes and prospectsBrown(e.g. London,Seoul)Red(e.g. Mumbai,Soweto)Green(e.g. Masdar,Dongtang)Blue(e.g. Dhaka,New Orleans)March 2011page 18

China, Green Tianjin City eco area• Annual City GDP growth of 30%• Eco Area with 350,000 inhabitants• 10 minutes commute from business centre by light rail transit• Sunpowered solar scapesMarch 2011page 19

China, Wuhan University New Energy Centre,Grontmij and Soeters Van Eldonk architects• Wuhan• on the Yangtze Kiangriver• capital of Hubei province• Construction end of 2010• In its own shade• Cooling chimney• Solar panel roofMarch 2011page 20

European transformation is happening, less than 10%new installed capacity from Coal, Nuclear, and Fuel OilNew installed capacity per year – 1995 to 2009March 2011page 21

Bowling alley strategy, start in the first most promisingmarket with maximum long term impact & follow upIdeationPre-SeedSeedAlphaBetaMarketCalibrationExpand/Capturethe ValueGatesPRODUCT/SERVICEBusiness PlanDeliveryMarketingMARKETProduct/ServiceSalesVenture PlatformControlManagementPRODUCT/TeamSERVICEBusiness PlanDeliveryMarketingMARKETSource: Bell - MasonFINANCEFinancingCashVenture BoardProduct/ServicePEOPLESalesVenture PlatformManagementControlTeamPRODUCT/SERVICEDeliveryBusiness PlanMarketingMARKETFinancingVenture BoardProduct/ServiceSalesFINANCECashPEOPLEVenture PlatformManagementControlPRODUCT/TeamSERVICEDeliveryBusiness PlanMarketingMARKETFinancingVenture BoardProduct/ServiceSalesFINANCECashPEOPLEVenture PlatformControlManagementPRODUCT/SERVICETeamBusiness PlanDeliveryMarketingMARKETRequired: intellectual effortto build a business rationalefor the first potential marketFINANCEFinancingCashProduct/ServiceVenture BoardPEOPLEVenture PlatformControlFinancingFINANCECashSalesManagementTeamVenture BoardPEOPLEMarch 2011page 22

Towards TU/e Campus 2020 and 2040Open Innovation at the TU/e campus,where innovation startsMarch 2011page 23

Open Innovation at the TU/e campus,where innovation startsMarch 2011page 24

University of Technology Eindoven,Research Area EnergyFuture FuelsBuiltEnvironmentFusionEnergyConversionMarch 2011page 25

University of Technology Eindoven,Research Area Energy, 4 lines of thoughtFuture Fuels,Reuse ofinfrastructure& solutionsBuiltEnvironment,RenewableEnergyintegrationFusion,Long termsolutionSolar andPhotochemicalEnergyMarch Conversion2011 page 26

Eindhoven Energy Institute and Innovation inEuropean KIC context: InnoEnergyEITMarch02/12/20092011 pagemfhs27

Energy Education with impactUndergraduate:• Minor Entrepreneurship in Sustainable EnergyAnitha Sarkar, alumnaSustainable EnergyTechnology at EindhovenUniversity of Technology(TU/e) has won the 2009Shell Master Prize for herresearch on solar cellsGraduate Programme• Master Sustainable Energy Technology• Erasmus Mundus master SELECT (EnvironomicalPathways for Sustainable Energy Systems)• Master Sustainable Energy in Buildings and Cities• Interdisciplinary Master (AP, ME, EE) Science and Technology ofNuclear Fusion• PDEng SAI Smart Buildings, Energy and Cities• Graduate and PhD projects with industry and partnersMarch 2011page 28

Only solar energy meets the 20 TW challengeSolar 100,000 TW at Earth surface10,000 TW technical valueWind14 TWBiomass6 TWSources:Hydroelectric1 TWTide/Ocean1 TWGeothermal2 TWArthur Nozik, NRELEicke Weber, Fraunhofer InstituteFirst Wafer generation basedSecondThingenerationfilmsStorage and networks are part of theterawatt challenge!March 2011page 29

World PV market in 2009:Europe, especially Germany leading in installed capacityAddedin2009March 2011page 30

Evolution PV electricity generation by end use sector,strong exponential growth and decentralizationOverall utillity based generation share from >80% to < 20%, leading to very differentinvestment and business modelsMarch 2011page 31

Built environmentUser centered innovation andEnergy systems

From minimal dissatisfaction to a healthy, sustainable,energy generating built environment• Buildings today:− consume ~ 37% world energy− exploit ~ 40% of world resources− produce ~ 40% of world waste• 2050: Indoor environmental quality optimized for health, comfortand/or productivity, while considering ecological/ climaticrequirements and economics− multiscale/ multiphysics and transdisciplinary approach− address technological solutions for energy generation, storage,distribution and conservation− integrate and optimize in design, construction and operation ofnew and existing buildingsMarch 2011page 33

Area with zero net energy, zero CO 2 emissionPart of PV-project City of the Sun• Heerhugowaard, 2.45 MW ,• Also Alkmaar en Langedijk, 1.25 MW• Heerhugowaard is largest partner SunCities• Energy neutral neighbourhood with ISO++houses• 3 windturbines, 6.5 MW• Energy neutral municipality by 2030• European targets: reduction through PVsystems• Project partners England and Germany• Finished March 2008March 2011page 34

Different focus in different countriesGround basedBIPVBAPV%Germany Italy France SpainSource EUPD, 2009March 2011page 35

2010: Germany continues to be the largestphotovoltaic market globally• Nearly doubled installations in 2010 with over 17 GWpinstalled, around half of all installed solar capacityworldwide• Electricity feed-in tariff to be reduced mid 2011, closer togrid parity, with lower solar system prices• Annual turnover of EUR 10 billion and employing morethan 133,000 workers.• Experienced workforce and an outstanding infrastructureof equipment suppliers, component manufacturers,developers, banks and installers.• Germany also provides direct access to world’s largestPV markets and top R&D institutesMarch 2011page 36

Integrated energy flows in densely populated areas• Densely-populated areas aredependent on several energy carriers• Loads are shifting toward active,flexible demand and supply with bidirectionalflows• Development of intelligent energy concepts• Large-scale demonstration projects across theNetherlands relating to smart grids• Around 5,000 private and small business end-usersMarch 2011page 37

Micro Combined Heat and Power,by MTT @ TU/e Campus• MTT is developing a low cost 3kW electrical / 15 kW thermalmicro CHP system• Top-end domestic and SMEmarkets• MTT micro CHP system willreduce the consumers’ energybill by 20 - 25%• It reduces the CO2 emissionswith 3-6 tonnes per household /year.March 2011page 38

TU/e Lupo EL, 2011• picture + specsdonor vehicle: VW Lupo 3Lvehicle mass: 1060 kgbattery capacity: 27 kWhtop speed: 130 km/h0 – 100 km/h: 12 sec.4 seatsMarch 2011page 39

Smart E-Mobility system research• Performance analysis, range estimation , battery sizing• Efficient heating of the vehicle interior• Component testing and modelling, e.g. battery efficiency• Analysis of regenerative braking strategies• Full vehicle modelling using multi-body software tools• Investigation of the benefits of in-wheel motors• Vehicle control software development• Development of a user interface• Electric power steeringMarch 2011page 40

Artemis Driving cyclevelocity [km/h]• model calculations160140120100806040Artemis driving cyclesurbanmotorway 130range• urban: 215 km• motorway: 135 km• At 10 - 50 km/h circa75% higher range• 2 level crossings incities !2000 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20time [min.]• Autonomous driving !March 2011page 41

Under the Yan’an Elevated Highway Shanghai,concrete surface floating on a blue lightMarch 2011page 42

Trends in research for energy,health, mobility and urbanenvironmentDr. Rick HarwigTU/e, DirectorStrategic Research Area EnergyEindhoven April 21 s t 2011

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