Parent Information Booklet - The Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals ...

Parent Information Booklet - The Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals ...

Neonatal UnitParent InformationBooklet

WelcomeYou have been given this information leaflet because your babymay need to be admitted to the neonatal unit. The leaflet will giveyou an overview of the unit and its facilities.We accept premature and sick newborns from our hospital andother maternity units in the Midlands and sometimes from furthera field. Our unit is also part of a Newborn Network. The unit has7 intensive care cots, 7 high dependency cots, 12 special care cotsand 2 flats for parents. There are around 450 admissions per year,of which approximately half will be premature babies and halfwill be babies with other problems such as infection or low birthweight.What is a Newborn Network?A network consists of a number of hospitals in a local area withdifferent types of neonatal units. The aim of the network is tomake sure mothers and babies receive care as close to home aspossible. Each neonatal unit provides different levels of care.Some units provide special care only (level 1), most providehigh dependency in addition to special care (level 2) and someprovide the full range, including intensive care (level 3). There isa possibility that your baby may be moved around the network tofacilitate the best care for all babies.Our unit is part of a Newborn Network called the Staffordshire,Shropshire and Black Country Newborn Network.1


AddressNew Cross Hospital,Wednesfield Road,Wolverhampton,WV10 OQPWebsite: www.royalwolverhamptonhospitals.nhs.ukHospital Telephone number 01902 307999Bluebell, Tulip, Daisy and Buttercup rooms 01902 694030Poppy room 01902 695779Sunflower room 01902 694039Reception 01902 694032New Cross Hospital is within easy reach of Wolverhampton citycentre. The site is serviced by a regular bus timetable. There is atram line (Metro) from Birmingham, West Bromwich, Wednesbury,and Bilston to Wolverhampton. Wolverhampton also has a trainstation that has rail links from most cities and towns around thecountry.For more information please go to will I be able to park?Parking is available directly outside the maternity block, and otherdesignated areas around the hospital for visitors. Car parkingpasses can be obtained per week at a reduced rate from theparking office, opposite the Medical Institute. See map of hospitalon the last pages of this booklet.How do I get to the unit?The neonatal unit is located in the maternity block, south of thehospital. Once you have arrived in the maternityblock (Zone D) head towards all departments.Here you will find a choice of stairs or lifts to theneonatal unit (D6) on the first floor.3

How do I access the neonatal unit?For safety reasons the front door of the unit is kept locked at alltimes. Access is via the intercom during the day and night. Pleasepress the intercom button for reception during the day. During theevening / night use the intercom button for the area where yourbaby is being nursed. A receptionist or another member of staffwill check who you are and who you have come to see, beforeletting you in.Please note staff may not be able to answer immediately as theymay be caring for babies’, so please be patient. On entering andleaving the unit please make sure that no-one follows you in andthe door shuts behind you. In the day time you will be greeted byour receptionists who will give you a parent sticker. The stickeridentifies you as a parent to the rest of the staff on the unit.When are the visiting times?For parents, access is 24 hour. Baby’s own siblings can visitaccompanied by you, no other children are allowed. Grandparentscan visit daily at designated times and must be accompanied by aparent. Visiting times for grandparents are:14.30-16.3019.30-20.30There should be no more than two people at the cot / incubatorat any one time, and one must be a parent due to health andsafety. Special requests must be discussed with the nurse in charge.The Trust operates a non violent and aggressive environment.Anyone not adhering to this request you will be removed from thepremises.How can I help prevent infections?On the unit we have infection prevention measures to protect allpremature and sick babies. On entering the unit coat hooks areavailable in the Parent Sitting room. Please hang any outdoorclothing on the designated hooks. It is essential that all staff,parents and visitors wash their hands with soap and water onentering the unit and before and after handling a baby.4

There is also hand gel available at each cot space. It is ok to ask ifstaff have cleaned their hands before touching your baby. If youor a member of your family are suffering from colds, diarrhoeaor vomiting please call the neonatal unit to seek advice beforevisiting.Who are the members of the neonatal team?There are a range of staff working on the unit. The nursing team onthe unit and in the community consists of senior and junior sisters,staff nurses, support workers, student nurses and student midwives.The medical team consists of consultants, senior and junior doctorsand advanced nurse practitioners. The ward manager is availableMonday to Friday between the hours of 08.30am to 16.30pm forinformation or to help with any concerns you may have. We havea screening nurse who manages the screening programmes of allnewborn babies. A team of breast feeding advisors are available toprovide support and information. To support you and your familythrough your neonatal journey we have parent support volunteers.The volunteers are parents who have had a premature baby on theunit. They hold a coffee morning once a week on the unit. Finally tocomplete the team we have receptionists, housekeepers, domesticsand procurement staff.5

When do the ward rounds take place?Each day there are three ward rounds:09.00 am (10.00am on a doctors teaching day’s),17.00 pm and 21.30 pmWard rounds are conducted by the medical staff, and the nurselooking after your baby to assess their progress and treatment.There are a number of neonatal consultants currently working onthe neonatal unit. You are welcome to attend and ask questionsregarding your baby’s condition and care. We ask you to leave theroom while the consultant sees the other babies to avoid breachesin confidentiality.When does nurse handover take place?Nurse Handover times are at:07.00 am13.00 pm19.00 pm20.45pmAt these times parents are asked not to be present to maintainpatient confidentiality. Parents can wait in the parents’ sittingroom next to reception.This is when your baby’s information is shared with the nursecaring for your baby.What is quiet time?Quiet time is 13.00-14.00 and 17.00-18.00. This is when the lightsare dimmed, noise is kept to a minimum, and no procedures takeplace to allow the babies to rest. However these times may varydepending on the needs of the babies.What will I need for my baby?We ask you to provide cotton wool balls and nappies for yourbaby’s stay on the neonatal unit. Most large supermarkets andchemists stock premature nappies. You are welcome to bringclothes in for your baby. These must be labelled with your baby’sname and taken home to wash.6

However we have a stock of baby clothes available on the unit,which we wash on the unit.What are the parent information boxes?We provide parents with an information box. This consists of a boxwith your baby’s photo in and various information leaflets. Wealso place keepsakes in there, for example your baby’s name band.The box also includes a comfort blanket.If you hold a blanket close to your body you can transfer yourunique scent to the blanket. Your baby will then be comfortedwhen this blanket is placed next to him/her. After some time yourbaby’s scent will be transferred to the blanket too.You can then hold the blanket whilst expressing your milk and thescent of your baby may help increase your milk flow.What parent facilities are there on the unit?Flats – There are two flats available to assist parents. These consistof a bedroom, shared bathroom and toilet. The nurse lookingafter your baby will book this for you when available. The flats areavailable if your baby is very sick, you are not living in the localarea and in preparation for taking your baby home. The use ofthe flats are reviewed every three days, you may beable to stay on or be asked to vacate to make wayfor other parents in need. Please do not smoke inthe rooms or anywhere else in the hospital. Thisservice is provided free of charge.7

Kitchen - The kitchen is located by the flats where tea / coffee isprovided for parents only. Strictly no children are allowed in thisarea. There is a microwave and fridge provided for your use.Once you and your baby are resident in the flat, you have theoption of having meals provided for you by the post-natal ward.Mums who are staying during the day to breast feed can also havemeals.Parent Information Board – A parent board is provided on theunit with details of daily information, for example, which memberof staff is in charge of the unit for that day, when the breastfeeding advisor and parent support volunteers are available. This issituated on the wall by reception.Parent lockers – Parent lockers are situated in the parents’ sittingroom. They are for your personal use whilst visiting please ask atreception for a key.Parents’ sitting room – There is a waiting room available forparents to sit and relax. This room can be used to eat and drink.One area of the room is used as a play room for baby’s siblings.Please do not leave children unattended and ensure the room iskept tidy. On the wall there are additional parent informationleaflets, support groups and information on other services thehospital provides. Grandparents are able to use this facility onlyduring grandparent visiting times.8

Starlight Room - The starlight room is available for parentsproving a peaceful place for quiet thought, private conversations,reflection and prayer. There is also a chaplaincy department withinthe hospital who provide religious support and a member of theirteam will visit the unit from time to time but also at your request.Breast feeding room and breast pump loan systems – We advocateyou express your milk beside your baby’s cot side. This will aim toimprove your milk flow and give you quiet time with your baby.Each space has its own breast pump and screens are providedfor privacy. There is a breast feeding room available if this is notsuitable for your needs. Breast pumps are available for loan fromthe unit if your care was booked in Wolverhampton.You will be asked for a returnable deposit payable to generaloffice before you are loaned a pump. If your baby’s care wasbooked at another hospital a hand pump will be issued to youor we can arrange for you to borrow a pump from your localhospital.What other facilities are available?Payphone - The pay phone is situated in maternity reception onthe ground floor. You can use your mobile phones in the parentsitting room and flats only.Cash Point – There is a cash point available in the main hospitalbuilding near to Gregg’s bakery.Dining Facilities – On the hospital site there area number of eating and drinking facilities. Inthe maternity block there is a shop and vendingmachines that sell snacks, sweets and drinks. In themain hospital there is a Gregg’s bakery and9

other café areas. See map at the back of this leaflet for locations.Opposite the hospital site there is a leisure complex with a numberof fast food outlets, restaurants and retail outlets. Please ask stafffor directions.How will I care for my baby?Care in the unit is family-centred. Our philosophy is to helpparents care for their own baby, however sick or small they maybe. Support and information is provided so that parents canachieve this goal. You can ring any time of the day or night. Thenurse looking after your baby will update you on their progresswhen you telephone.Information about your baby’s daily nursing care will be recordedat the bedside. You are free to read these at all times.However small or sick your baby is, you, the parent(s) are the mostimportant people in your baby’s life. Staff will involve you in thecare of your baby as soon as you are ready. You may feel a littleapprehensive about touching your baby at first, but staff will helpyou to gain confidence. It is veryimportant that you have contactwith your baby, using touch,voice and smell. At first it maybe a touch or holding their handthrough the incubator.Comfort holding is one of manyways for you and your baby toget to know each other. It allowsyou and your baby to experienceloving touch. As soon as yourbaby’s condition allows you will beable to have a cuddle and perhapshave some skin to skin contactsometimes called kangaroo care.This is beneficial for mom and dadas well as your baby. The staff willguide you on what is appropriatefor your baby.10

What happens when my baby is ready forhome?When your baby is getting ready to go home, the community teamwill introduce themselves. They will provide written informationand support you in making the change from caring for yourbaby in hospital to looking after them at home. There is also anopportunity to stay in the flat with your baby prior to dischargehome. After discharge the team will visit you at home for furthersupport.Further InformationAll staff will be happy to answer anyfurther questions and there is a BlissFamily Handbook in your parentinformation box that will support thisinformation leaflet. Here are a fewuseful contacts for future - premature baby - Newborn - - – antenatal support and breast feeding – breastfeeding - breastfeeding – helping parents care for their - A baby born before 37 weeksgestation.Procurement – A process of purchasing goods andservices.11

Levels of CareLevel 1 - Special CareLevel 2 - High Dependency CareLevel 3 - Intensive CareContact detailsUnit ManagerNeonatal UnitMaternity BlockNew Cross HospitalWednesfield roadWolverhamptonWV10 OQPTel: 01902 69403212

Entrance 2(Prestwood Road)Building 4Building 3Building 2Building 1Building 5Building 6Building 8 Building 9P2B1B2 - B15B16ZONE BB17 - B24Building 11Building 12Building 10EmergencyDepartmentP1A26ZONE AA27A28A29A38A33 A37A34A36C31A2A30A31ZONE DD1 - D17D18ZONE CC30C40C29C28C35P4C27P3KEYEmergency DepartmentMain EntrancesCorridorsBuildingsRoads & Traffic FlowCar ParksBlue Badge ParkingP5Bus StopBuilding 14Coin operated wheel chairsCafe / RestaurantMain Entrance(Wolverhampton Road)mi 18381213

www.nhsdirect.nhs.ukDial 0845 46 47Whenever you need health advice and informationDesigned & Produced by the Department of Medical Illustration,New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton, WV10 0QP Tel: 01902 695377.Review Date 04.15 Date Produced 04.12 Mi 138412 11.12.12 V 2

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