Exhibit booth ContraCt


Exhibit booth ContraCt

2014Exhibit boothContractOrlando, Florida – March 27-29, 2014To Exhibit• Please complete and returnthis contract to ITEEA with a$900 deposit (per 10’ x 10’booth) by September 1,2013 in order to be includedin the Preliminary Program.• All final payments are dueJanuary 15, 2014.• Booth space ordered afterDecember 15, 2013 requiresfull payment.Signed contract and deposit(or full payment) must bereceived before boothspace is assigned.Return to:ITEEA Marketing Director1914 Association DriveSuite 201Reston, VA 20191-1539Phone: 703-860-5028Fax: 703-860-0353Email: cmaggio@iteea.orgExhibitor DiscountsITEEA Corporate Membersand Sponsors are eligible toreceive exhibitor discounts. Fordetails, contact the ITEEA MarketingDirector. Please checkbox and enter your member IDif you are an ITEEA CorporateMember.q ITEEA Corporate Member#For More Informationabout Corporate Membership,visit www.iteea.org/Marketplace/corporatemembers.htm.Part 1: Exhibitor Contact and Product InformationExhibitor Contact Information (contact for all mailings and exhibitor kit):Company NameContact NameContact Phone Ext. FaxContact EmailCompany Information (type or print information exactly as it should appear in theConference Program and on the booth sign):Company NameAddressCity State ZipPhoneFaxEmail addressWebsiteDescription of Product/Company (for Conference Program – 25 words or less):ITEEA reserves the right to edit program copy.Information submitted after December 15, 2013 will not be included in the program.Part 2: Booth SelectionBooth Price (10x10 Corner) $1,775 Number of booths requestedBooth Price (10x20 2 Corners) $3,525 Number of booths requestedBooth Price (20x20 Island) $6,650 Number of booths requestedLocation:First ChoiceSubtotalLess Discount$$Second ChoiceLess Deposit ($900/10x10) $Third ChoiceTotal Amount Due $Number of Booths x rate1/15/14We (the contracting company) understand that applications for exhibit space are processedupon receipt when accompanied by the required deposit (or full payment). If our choice ofspace has already been allocated, we request that ITEEA assign the best available space.Vendor Raffleq I would like to donate a prize for the Vendor Raffle($75 minimum value)Please continue to page 2.

2014Exhibit boothContractOrlando, Florida – March 27-29, 2014Page 2For ITEEA use onlyTotal Due: $Less Corp. Disc. $Less Partner/SponsorDiscount $Less Deposit $Balance Due1/15/14 $This confirms acceptance of yourcontract by ITEEA and awardsthe following space assignment.ITEEA Member IDBooth(s)AssignedBooth Size(s)Part 3: Contract AgreementThe exhibitor agrees to abide by all exhibit terms, conditions, and regulations set forth onboth pages of this contract and in the Invitation to Exhibit.SignatureDateIf you do not have a digital signature, simply print this form, sign it, and either scan and email or fax it to Christine Maggio.q Check #Part 4: Payment Information(payable to ITEEA – U.S. funds drawn on U.S. bank)q Credit Card: q Mastercard q VISA q DiscoverCredit Card #Expiration DateName as it appears on cardSignatureIf you do not have a digital signature, simply print this form, sign it, and either scan and email or fax it to Christine Maggio.For More Informationabout Conference opportunities, please visitwww.iteea.org/marketplace/marketplace.htm.Please continue to page 3.

2014Exhibitor Terms,Conditions, and RulesAn application for exhibit space, when cosigned by a representative of ITEEAand a person representing a company, institution, agency, or organization,becomes a contract subject to the following terms and conditions:EXHIBITOR CONDUCTExhibits may not project beyond the space allotted, and aisles mustbe kept clear for traffic. Exhibits shall not obstruct the view or interferewith traffic to exhibits of others, and must be constructed incompliance with ITEEA Display Rules and Regulations. Distributionof pamphlets, brochures, or any advertising matter must beconfined to the exhibit space. Absolutely no advertising materialsof any nature are allowed in guest rooms, hallways of hotels, or receptions,without written approval from the ITEEA Executive Director.All promotional plans must be submitted to Exhibit Managementfor approval. Exhibit Management, in its sole and absolutediscretion, may withdraw its consent at any time, in which event theExhibitor shall terminate such activity immediately.DISPLAY RULES AND REGULATIONSStandard 10 x 10 Booth: These can be open to the aisle on one, twoor three sides, depending on location. Height of built-up displays islimited to 8 feet and should not project more than 4 feet from theback wall (if applicable).10x20 Exhibits: These can be open to the aisle on three or foursides, depending on location. Height of built-up displays is limitedto 8 feet and should not project more than 4 feet from the backwall (if applicable).Island Exhibits: These have four open sides. Height of built-updisplays is limited to 8 feet and should not project more than 4 feetfrom the back wall (if applicable). Special designs may be submittedto Exhibits Manager for approval.In general, exhibits should not be obtrusive or interfere with otherdisplays and line of sight to other booths.DEFAULT BY EXHIBITORExhibitor shall be in default if it fails to pay at predetermined datesthe required sums under this agreement or breaches any of the otherprovisions of this contract.FILM, SOUND DEVICES, AND LIGHTINGIf videos, loud speakers, or sound devices are used, the Exhibitoragrees to comply with union requirements for the operation of theequipment. Equipment will be permitted only if tuned to conversationallevel and if not objectionable to neighboring Exhibitors.Any music played by the Exhibitor during show hours will hold theExhibitor liable for all music licensing fees. Exhibit Managementreserves the right to restrict the use of glaring lights or objectionablelighting effects.FIRE AND SAFETY REGULATIONSAll local regulations may be strictly enforced. Exhibitors assumeall responsibility for compliance with such regulations. All exhibitsmust meet OSHA requirements pertaining to the safe use oftools, materials, and equipment with regard to the safety of theExhibitors and Attendees. All decorations and booth equipmentmust be fireproofed, and electrical wiring must meet the safetyrequirements of the official service contractor and the hotel. Affidavitsattesting to flameproof compliance with Fire Departmentregulations must be submitted when requested. No combustiblematerial may be stored in or around exhibit booths.AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACTExhibitor represents and warrants that its exhibit complies withADA to the extent applicable, and the Exhibitor will indemnifyshow management from any loss arising from failure to comply.FLOOR PLANAll dimensions and locations shown on the official floor plan arebelieved, but not warranted, to be accurate. ITEEA reserves theright to make modifications that may be necessary to meet theneeds of the Exhibitors and the exhibit program.REGISTRATIONEach exhibiting company is entitled to: four (4) complimentarybadges per 10x10 booth for bona fide exhibitor personnel. Exhibitorwill be preregistered by submitting a personnel attendee list 30days prior to the trade show. Exhibitors must check in at the ExhibitorRegistration Counter to pick up their identification badges. Exhibitorswho register on site must present valid proof that they areemployed with the exhibiting company. Firms and representativesof firms not assigned exhibit space are prohibited from solicitingbusiness in any form in the exhibition area. Violators of this prohibitionwill be promptly ejected from the exhibition area.EXHIBIT CONTRACTORFern Exposition and Event Services is the Official Decorator, DrayageContractor, and Labor Contractor, and shall have the exclusive right tosupply all equipment, furniture, carpeting, and decorating materials ona rental basis to individual exhibitors. Furniture, additional draping,accessories, signs, electrical outlets, and AV equipment are the sole responsibilityof the Exhibitor and should be ordered in advance from FernExposition and Event Services. A service information kit, with completeordering information, will be emailed to each Exhibitor after January 1,2014, once space has been assigned.CANCELLING AN EXHIBIT CONTRACTCancellation of Show: The performance of this agreement by eitherparty is subject to acts of God, war, government regulation, disaster,civil disorder, curtailment of transportation facilities, poweroutages, or other emergencies over which any party has no control,making it illegal or impossible to provide the facilities or to holdthe function; the Exhibitor does not have the right to request a refundbecause the facility does not provide a service (e.g., electricitygoes out and attendees cannot see exhibit).Cancellation by Exhibitor: In the unfortunate event the Exhibitornotifies ITEEA in writing of the Exhibitor’s intent to repudiate thecontract after acceptance, but prior to January 15, 2014, ITEEA ExhibitManagement shall be entitled to retain fifty percent (50%)of the full exhibit booth price as liquidated damages. If ITEEA receivessuch notice after January 15, 2014, the Association reservesthe right to retain the full exhibit booth price, not as a penalty, butas liquidated damages, and to resell or reassign the booth space.LIABILITYRestrictions in Operation and Exhibits: The Exhibitor agrees tocomply strictly with the applicable terms and conditions containedin the agreement between Grand Caribe Convention Center, andITEEA regarding the exhibition premises. Any part of the exhibitthat does not lend itself to an attractive appearance, such as unfinishedside or end panels, must be draped at the Exhibitor’s expense.ITEEA management reserves the right to have such finishingdone, billing the Exhibitor for charges incurred. ITEEA reservesthe right to restrict exhibits, which, because of noise, method ofoperation, materials, or any other reason, become objectionable,and also to prohibit or evict any exhibit which, in the opinion ofITEEA, may detract from the general character of the exhibitionas a whole. This reservation includes all persons, things, conduct,printed matter, or anything of a character that ITEEA determinesobjectionable to the exhibition or that does not conform to ITEEAstandards. In the event of such restriction or eviction, ITEEA is notliable for any refund or other exhibit expenses.Responsibilities of ITEEA and the Exhibit Facility: The Exhibitor assumesentire responsibility and hereby agrees to protect, indemnify,defend, and save ITEEA, Grand Caribe Convention Center, FernExposition & Event Services, and employees and agents harmlessagainst all claims, losses, and damages to persons or property,governmental charges or fines, and attorneys’ fees arising out orcaused by the Exhibitor’s installation or removal, maintenance,occupancy, or use of the exhibition premises or a part thereof, excludingany such liability caused by the sole negligence of ITEEA,Grand Caribe Convention Center, Fern Exposition & Event Services,and their employees and agents. In addition, the Exhibitoracknowledges that ITEEA, Grand Caribe Convention Center, andFern Exposition & Event Services do not maintain insurance coveringthe Exhibitor’s property, and that it is the sole responsibility ofthe Exhibitor to obtain business interruption and property damageinsurance covering such losses by the Exhibitor. Guards will befurnished, and the furnishing of such guards shall not be deemedto increase the liability of ITEEA, Grand Caribe Convention Center,and Fern Exposition & Event Services, their members, representatives,officers, or employees or to modify in any way the assumptionof risk and release provided for the above.ATTORNEY FEES AND COSTSShould any litigation arise out of this contract, the Exhibitor shallpay all costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees incurred by ITEEA, ExhibitManagement, and/or the cosponsoring Associations if ITEEAand/or the cosponsoring associations are the prevailing parties.This provision shall extend to the costs and attorneys’ fees incurredat both the trial and appellate level.GENERAL INFORMATIONThe Marketing Director will be available to assist Exhibitors before,during, and after the trade show. Questions may be referred to:ITEEA Marketing Director, 1914 Association Drive, Suite 201, Reston,VA 20191; 703-860-5028; cmaggio@iteea.org.

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