March 17-30 . 2012 qnotes
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March 17-30 . 2012 qnotes

Not for Reproduction qnotes March 17-30 . 2012Not for Reproduction

insideNot for ReproductionMarch 17-30, 2012Vol 26 No 0239news & features6 News Notes: Regional Briefsa&e / life&style5 20 Questions9 One world, one tribe10 Adorning the human canvas11 On the Map12 Playing the Field12 Drag Rag16 Tell Trinity17 Out in the Stars18 Fabulance18 Jane’s World19 Q events calendar12opinions & views4 Editor’s Note4 General Gayety5 QPoll14 TalkBackonly onlineOn Being a Gay local news partner ofThe Charlotte up for our weekly emailnewsletter at this issueO’Neale Atkinson, Paige Braddock, RosendoBrown, Kevin Grooms/Miss Della, CharleneLichtenstein, Lainey Millen, Leslie Robinson, DavidStout, Trinity, Brett Webb-Mitchellfront pageGraphic Design by Lainey MillenPhoto Credit: Gil Croy Model: LeMond E. HartPride Publishing & Typesetting, Inc.P.O. Box 221841, Charlotte, NC 28222, ph 704.531.9988 fx 704.531.1361Publisher: Jim YarbroughSales: x207 adsales@goqnotes.comNat’l Sales: Rivendell Media, 212.242.6863Editor: O’Neale Atkinson, x202 editor@goqnotes.comAssoc. Ed.: David Stout, editor2@goqnotes.comProduction: Lainey Millen, x205 production@goqnotes.comPrinted on recycled paper.Material in qnotes is copyrighted by Pride Publishing & Typesetting © 2012 and may not be reproduced in any manner withoutwritten consent of the editor or publisher. Advertisers assume full responsibility — and therefore, all liability — for securingreprint permission for copyrighted text, photographs and illustrations or trademarks published in their ads. The sexual orientationof advertisers, photographers, writers, cartoonists we publish is neither inferred nor implied. The appearance of namesor photographs does not indicate the subject’s sexual orientation. qnotes nor its publisher assumes liability for typographicalerror or omission, beyond offering to run a correction. Official editorial positions are expressed in staff editorials and editorialnotations and are determined by editorial staff. The opinions of contributing writers and guest columnists do not necessarilyrepresent the opinions of qnotes or its staff. qnotes accepts unsolicited editorial, but cannot take responsibility for its return.Editor reserves the right to accept and reject material as well as edit for clarity, brevity.March 17-30 . 2012 qnotes Not for Reproduction

Not for ReproductionLIFE20 Questionsby David Stout :: david@goqnotes.comCarlos Capps aka Angela Lopez, CharlotteCarlos Capps, and his drag alter-egoAngela Lopez in particular, are glam fixtureson the Queen City club scene. Whether it’s abar show, a pageant or a circuit event, thisdynamic entertainer always turns it out. Hereat 20 Questions, we couldn’t help but wonderif the real person behind the larger than lifepersona matched our assumptions.Naturally, we fired over our worldfamous (is too!) one-of-a kind questionnaireto find out. Have a look atwhat we learned.How many live plants are in your home?None! I can’t keep a bamboo plant alive.What is your favorite musical group with afemale lead singer?En Vogue. Their harmonies were so smooth.Do you more often wash dishes by hand or ina dishwasher?I believe dishwashers are here for a reason,so my motto is “Rinse and load.”What one piece of jewelry do you wearmost?I always wear my ring with a stone thatreminds me of the ocean.How do these drag-themed films rankbased on the number of times you’veseen them: “The Adventures of Priscilla,Queen of the Desert,”“The Birdcage,”“ToWong Foo, Thanks for Everything! JulieNewmar,”“Victor Victoria”?Hmmm, I think it would have to be “To WongFoo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar,”followed by “The Birdcage,” then “TheAdventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert,”and “Victor Victoria” last.Have you ever received a card or letter from asecret admirer?Yes, and it was kind of creepy. It was left onmy windshield and it only said, “I have beenwatching you and I love you!” Call me…Who is your all-time favorite talk show host?Chelsea Handler. I love a woman with balls,no pun intended.What was your final trick-or-treating costume?I was a Spartan from “300.”How do you prefer your eggs cooked?Sunny side up,with butteredtoast.Can you jumprope doubledutch?I used to rule theplayground whenit came to doubledutch!Which of theanimated Disneyheroines landedthe best guy?Princess Jasmine. Who wouldn’t want aprince with a flying carpet and a monkey?!?Would you rather play a round of golf, a roundof miniature golf or a round of Wii golf?Wii golf, cause I don’t have to travel far and Ican have a cocktail.What three foods do you always eatwith butter?Pancakes, corn on the cob and biscuits,of course.Do you know for certain what coloraubergine is?I do now! It is a dark purplish color (eggplant).Which one of the “Friends” would make thebest friend?I didn’t really watch the show that much, butPhoebe seemed to be a good time.What exotic animal would you most like tohave as a pet?Growing up I had a spider monkey and I lovedit, so I would definitely have another one!Have you ever been stung by a bee, hornet orwasp?I’ve only been stung by a bee…and ithurt plenty.French fries, hushpuppies or onion rings?Hushpuppies with ketchup all the way.Which family would you rather be part of: TheFlintstones, The Jetsons or The Simpsons?Duh, the Jetsons! Flying cars, instant food anda robot maid!How long does it take to completely transformfrom Carlos to Angela?In total from shaving to completion, one hour.We want you to be the subject of a future“20 Questions.” If you’re interested, sendyour name, city and a few sentencesabout yourself to’ll be asked to supply a photo of yourselfsuitable for publication later in theprocess. If you’d like to see a particularperson featured here or have questionsfor us to use, drop us an email.qpollWould tattoos on a person be a ‘deal-breaker’ for youwhen considering a potential date?See the options and vote: 17-30 . 2012 qnotes Not for Reproduction

Not for ReproductionBRIEFSnews notes:from the carolinas, nation and worldcompiled by Lainey Millen :: | David Stout :: | O’Neale Atkinson :: oneale@goqnotes.comWahls heads to Queen CityCHARLOTTE — The Third Annual “Believein Youth Awareness Event,” a partnership betweenCampus Pride and Time Out Youth, willbe held on April 7, 5 p.m. at the Wells FargoAuditorium at Knight Theatre at Levine Centerfor the Arts, 430 S. Tryon St.National young adult leader and marriageequality advocate Zach Wahls will be theguest speaker. The YouTube “kid with twomoms” has testified before the Iowa GeneralAssembly about his opposition to an anti-LGBT constitutional amendment there on Jan.31, 2011, and continues to champion LGBTcauses in favor of marriage equality. He’sTar Heel State bound to share his views onemonth shy of the May 8 primary.The event is free and open to the public.Donations will be accepted for Campus Prideand Time Out Youth.Wahls is also scheduled to keynoteat Camp Pride, Campus Pride’s SummerLeadership Program slated for July 17-22at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn.,where he will receive Campus Pride’s honoraryNational Voice & Action Leadership Award.Pick up the next issue of qnotes to learnmore about Wahls and the upcoming CampPride event.For more information, visit or— L.M.CharlotteObserver wins awardsCHARLOTTE — The Charlotte Observernetted 36 N.C. Press Association awards in itsrecent competition.Among those who were honored wasPeter St. Onge who had written a columnabout gay marriage, as well as others. Thiswas in the Serious Column category with athird place position.St. Onge is an associate editor onthe Observer’s editorial board. He pensa Sunday column, along with appearingonline on “O-pinion.”The Observer and qnotes are in partnershipthrough the Charlotte News Alliance.— L.M. qnotes March 17-30 . 2012Last call for Foundation deadlineCHARLOTTE — The Wesley ManciniFoundation has announced a last call forsubmissions for the 2012 grant season, due nolater than April 2.Only federally-tax exempt organizationsor those with tax-qualified sponsors will beconsidered.Grants are awarded to fund specific projectsand are not awarded to cover generaloperating expenses.This year’s focus will be directed at raisingthe profile of the LGBT community during theDemocratic National Convention to be heldSept. 3-6. Applicants must also partner with atleast one non-LGBT organization to achievethe project’s aims.Interested parties who wish to receive agrant application should contact Bob Scheerat 704-335-5404, ext. 402, or by email— L.M.Outreach initiative marks successesCHARLOTTE — Time Out Youth’s SchoolOutreach Program has hit the ground runningin 2012 with a plethora of activity to mark itscontinued success.In February, Charlotte-MecklenburgSchools (CMS) Board Member Dr. JoyceWaddell attended a discussion group onanti-LGBT bullying in schools. Time Out Youthformed a new Education Advisory Board tohelp facilitate a stronger partnership withCMS. It is now working with 11 Gay/StraightAlliances (GSA) and Diversity Clubs in threeschool systems (CMS, Cabarrus CountySchools and Union County Schools) and willbe launching its first Skype group linkingGSAs across the region. Lastly, it is partneringwith GLSEN and Wells Fargo’s LGBT group toimplement Safe Zone programs in two CMShigh schools.In other news, Time Out Youth is seekingdonations to support the center. They are currentlyneeding bus passes for to use to get toand from group sessions; gift cards to grocerystores, CVS, Target or Walmart to assist youthin financial crisis; snacks, sodas or bottledwater for their lounge; and cleaning suppliesand trash bags.For more information, visit— L.M.TriadNot for ReproductionRunway designers soughtWINSTON-SALEM — AIDS Care Service(ACS) has announce the return of its “RedRibbon Runway” annual design competitionand fashion show. In the style of “ProjectRunway,” contestants are challenged to createa high quality, wearable garment using 100percent of the materials from three plain whiteT-shirts provided by sponsor, HanesBrands,Inc. Other materials used in the creation ofthe garment must be repurposed or recycled.A limited number of new items such as threadmay also be used. Several exciting changes tothe competition this year include the openingof the contest to group entries and the inclusionof men and children as models.The top 15 designs will be featured on therunway in a professionally produced fashionshow on April 21 at 8 p.m. at the SundancePlaza Hotel and Spa, 3050 University Pky.that focuses on HIV/AIDS awareness. BrentCampbell from Fox 8 WGHP will serve as theemcee for the evening. The winning designwill be selected by a panel of local celebrityjudges and will be judged on its design integrity,ingenuity and most importantly — inspiration!The contest winner will receive a $250cash prize and a gift basket.Red Ribbon Runway is currently open tothe first 40 professional and amateur designerswho are 15-years-old and above. Deadlineto enter is March 30. A $15 fee is required.Garments must be received by April 16.For tickets and more information,call Rivkah Meder at 336-777-0116, or— L.M.RegionalCarolinians oppose Amendment OneRALEIGH — A poll conducted by ElonUniversity and released on March 9 reportsthat a majority of North Carolinians opposeAmendment One, according to The Coalitionto Protect North Carolina Families (CPNCF).Revealed was that 54.2 percent surveyedeither oppose or strongly opposeAmendment One, while 37.8 percent were inany way supportive.CPNCF’s Jeremy Kennedy says that as“more people learn about this poorly writtenamendment and its unintended consequencesthe more the realize it will harm our children,their families, unmarried women and seniors.”Initiative organizers are raising money togo toward television advertising to counterthe amendment’s proponents, such as (headed by TamiFitzgerald and the North Carolina ValuesCoalition) and Tony Perkin’s Washington,D.C.-based Family Research Council (whichas been certified as a hate group by theSouthern Poverty Law Center) and others.They are seeking contributions of $25, $50,$100 or more.Additionally, the organization has openedup its online store so that supporters canobtain campaign materials. Orders can beplaced for yard signs, button, stickers, T-shirtsand bumper stickers. Visit learn more.A contribution of $18.99 or more givesrecipients an “I’m voting against AmendmentOne. Ask Me Why” T-shirt.For more information,— L.M.Coalition unveils videoRALEIGH — The Coalition to ProtectAll NC Families released a new video,“Momentum,” on March 1 detailing themomentum that the grassroots campaign hasbuilt up to this point.Along with the release of this video,the Coalition sent out a statement regardingthe work they have accomplished sinceAmendment One was placed on the ballotin September: 117 partners have joined thecoalition, including the NAACP, Southernerson New Ground, the Libertarian Party of NorthCarolina and numerous faith congregations;they have 30 staff and seven field officesacross the state; have raised more than$600,000, more than $150,000 of that has comein online, with more than $80,000 of that numbercoming in the last few weeks; they havemore than 2,000 donors who have given $92on average, the grassroots donors are withthis campaign (Monies have raised in $10, 100,250 and 1,000 chunks and they are ahead ofschedule with what they have raised from thatcategory.); they have more than 15,000 volunteersat this point and are making 20,000 votercalls per week; important validators such asSen. Kay Hagan, Lt. Governor Walter Dalton,the conservative Carolina Review, libertarianthinker Michael Munger, Myers Park Baptistand others have come out in opposition to theamendment in recent weeks; and Race to theBallot has held conversations in towns, largeand small, across the state which has generatedpositive news coverage and momentumaround the state.To view the video, visit— O.A.National/GlobalPolls find marriage supportLOS ANGELES, Calif. — A new Field Pollshows that support for same-sex marriagein California has increased dramatically with59 percent of residents favoring same-sexunions to 34 percent who do not. The pollshowed that the largest increase in approvalsince 2010 came from middle-aged voters,nonpartisans and Republicans. Other significantgains in support were from Catholics,Latinos and older voters.Jacobs’ view is supported by a newQuinnipiac Poll that reveals 57 percent of NewJersey voters now support allowing same-sexcouples to marry.— D.S.Harvard must right a wrongBOSTON, Mass. — Dozens of students,faculty, and staff from the Harvard communityrallied on campus Feb. 29 to call onthe university to award honorary degrees toseven students who were persecuted andexpelled in 1920. The students were victimizedby a university-sanctioned body known as the“Secret Court” that targeted students whowere gay or perceived to be gay.At the rally, which took place outside anevent hosted by Lady Gaga and Oprah Winfreyto launch the Born This Way Foundation, demonstratorspresented more than 5,000 petitionsignatures to Harvard President Drew GilpinFaust, urging her to award these expelledstudents honorary degrees.The “Secret Court” was initially exposedin 2002 after a reporter from Harvard’s studentnewspaper, The Crimson, found archived materialsabout the Court’s actions. Though theuniversity has apologized for the Court’s targetingof students who were gay or perceivedto be gay, none of the students persecutedor expelled have been awarded honorarydegrees, despite the fact that several werevery close to graduating.— D.S.Broadway stars, Bakker to be honoredNEW YORK, N.Y. — PFLAG National willhonor Broadway stars Audra McDonald (“TheGershwins,” “Porgy And Bess,” Naomi on the

TV drama “Private Practice”) and Will Swenson(“Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert,” “Hair”) withthe 2012 Straight for Equality in EntertainmentAward at the Fourth Annual Straight for EqualityAwards Gala. In addition, pastor Jay Bakkerwill receive the inaugural Straight for Equality inFaith Award at the April 2 event.McDonald and Swenson, who becameengaged on New Year’s Eve 2012, are longtimestraight allies of the LGBT community and bothsit on the advisory board of the pro-marriageequality organization Broadway Impact.Bakker has taken a public stand on theimportance of creating welcoming communitiesof faith for LGBT people and supportsmarriage equality. In his book, “Fall to Grace: ARevolution of God, Self and Society,” he talksabout his own family’s “fall from grace,” andhow it colored his personal understanding ofthe need for God to be available to all people.— D.S.Not for ReproductionHRC names strategist as new prezWASHINGTON, D.C. — Chad H. Griffin hasbeen named the next president of the HumanRights Campaign, the nation’s largest LGBT civilrights organization. He is a national communicationsand policy strategist who is widelycredited for being the mastermind behindthe federal lawsuit to overturn California’sProposition 8, which has now been ruledunconstitutional by two federal courts.Griffin will assume his new duties on June11. Current HRC President Joe Solmonesewill continue to lead the organization untilthat time.The founding partner of strategic communicationsand campaign firm, Griffin|Schein,Griffin has taken on entrenched, well-financedinterests like Big Tobacco, Big Oil and thefar right, and shaped national policy debatesaround equal rights, clean energy, universalhealth care, stem cell research and earlychildhood education.He is a founding board member of theAmerican Foundation for Equal Rights, the solesponsor of the Prop. 8 lawsuit. He is personallyresponsible for recruiting the legal dreamteam of Theodore Olson and David Boies tosuccessfully argue the case. Griffin will remainon the board of directors of AFER.— D.S.Queer encyclopedia launchedANN ARBOR, Mich. — WikiQueer, anon-profit, free-content online encyclopediaand resource project, has officially launched.WikiQueer is based on an openly editablemodel, specifically for and by the LGBT, questioningand ally communities.In a manner similar to Wikipedia,WikiQueer is written collaboratively byvolunteers. Anyone with internet access canwrite and make changes to WikiQueer articles— except in certain cases where editing isrestricted to prevent disruption or vandalism.However, unlike Wikipedia, contributors canalso include dynamic content from existingonline LGBT and wiki projects, content gearedtoward activism, and information on the LGBTcommunities that might not presently meetWikipedia’s notability standards.While development of the website datesback to 2010, WikiQueer has been in a softlaunch since July 25, 2011 preparing for theofficial launch. WikiQueer can be accessedonline at— Have news or other information? Sendyour press releases and updates for inclusionin our News Notes: for ReproductionMarch 17-30 . 2012 qnotes

Not for Reproduction qnotes March 17-30 . 2012Not for Reproduction

Not for ReproductionLIFEOne world, one tribeLocal artist using the human body as canvas to tell the human storyby O’Neale Atkinson :: oneale@goqnotes.comSince the start, The Human CanvasProject has grown both in size, as well as inits vision. One major shift has been that Croyis drawing upon the individual stories of themodels to help guide his hand in paintingthem and deciding on the locations for photoshoots.“I send all of my models a questionnaireto learn more about them and what they areinspired by before designing the shoot,” Croyexplains. “For example, I have a guy that I amusing in my next photo shoot and the conceptis based on his experiences. He was in anabusive relationship 10 years ago and hetook some severe physical damage and washospitalized. It was because of this relationshipthat he had developed problems with hisself-esteem and you have to see where he isnow, it is just amazing. He has such a greatpersonality, always smiling. After hearing hisstory, I designed this tribal phoenix design forhis photo shoot. It is more about him comingback from something that was very traumaticand rebuilding himself to greatness. He is50-years-old and you would think he is 30because of the way he takes care of himselfand his pride.”Croy says that he has learned a lotabout the LGBT community and people ingeneral through his work with this project.see Local on 18The use of tattooing and piercing has longbeen a means for cultures to representboth their individual and group identityoutwardly to others. These markings andbody modifications serve to tell the storyof an individual in a way that is meaningfulto them. Local artist Gil Croy has taken hisown spin on this concept and is creating anart movement within the community whichserves to tell the story of the LGBT community.What started out as a fundraisingevent for the 2011 AIDS Walk has blossomedinto a three-year initiative called The HumanCanvas Project which will include a host ofartists, models and ideas as Croy turns thehuman form into the ultimate canvas.Croy, a native of Montgomery Ala., studiedinterior design and stage design in Mississippiand Georgia before moving to Charlotte. Hebegan a career in visual design working forIvey’s department store in Charlotte and latermoving to New York to work with Macy’s andDillard’s designing large scale windows.While in New York, Croy began workingwith paint and entered several art shows. Itwas at this time that he discovered his passionfor the medium and continued to paintwhen he moved back to Charlotte. Croy hasdedicated much of his artistic energy workingwithin the LGBT community and using histalents to support organizations and fundraisingevents.In March 2011, Croy was working on anart project for the AIDS Walk. He painted plussigns along his body and modified the imagesinto colorful graphic photographs. Croybegan to consider doing more with the bodypainting following this project and continuedwith the concept for a photo shoot surroundingthe 2011 Pride Charlotte event. Croy createda “pride tribe,” a mix of people from allbackgrounds in the LGBT community paintedhead to toe in bright vibrant colors with tribaldesigns. During Pride Charlotte, he also hadseveral of his pride tribe walking around theevent fully painted.Not for ReproductionMarch 17-30 . 2012 qnotes

Not for ReproductionLIFEAdoring the human canvasI ink, therefore I amby David Stout :: david@goqnotes.comHumans have adorned their bodies sincethe earliest recorded times. In someancient cultures these embellishmentswere primarily temporary decorations, likethe use of make-up by the Egyptians (as earlyas 3500 B.C. according to archaeologicalevidence) or the art of mehndi, in which ahenna-derived ink is used to draw intricatedesigns on the skin, in India.For other societies, however, gilding thebody meant permanent modification of itsform. Examples of these alterations span fromthe widespread practices of tattooing andpiercing to more exotic customs such as neckstretching by the Kayan women of Burma,Chinese foot-binding for girls, cranial shapingwithin numerous Native American tribes andmuch more.Over the centuries the practice of bodymodification has endured — and in thecase of tattooing and piercing has proliferated— to become an increasingly commoncomponent of present-day American culture.However, the thinking that drives us to changeour bodies today is wholly distinct from thenotions that drove our forebears.Ancient peoples transformed themselvesto appeal to the socially imposed beautystandards of their time and place (e.g., havingan elongated neck, small feet or a conicallyshaped head) or as an outward sign ofspiritual observance (tongue piercings, forexample, originated from an Aztec ritual inwhich the tongue was pierced to draw bloodfor the gods).In contrast, the modern popularity of bodymodification is anchored in its cultural redefinitioninto a display of individual expression.This viewpoint shift is clearly the engine thatpowers its contemporaneous propagation.In a post-everything society that seemsincreasingly homogeneous and leaves moreand more people feeling nameless and faceless,it’s perfectly understandable that theidea of making one’s body unique from everyother person’s holds tremendous appeal.Even so, not everyone approves of thetrend, of course.Tattoo enthusiast Kevin Roussin, 34, wasreminded of this recently while riding in anelevator with an elderly woman. After takingnote that both of his arms are sleeves of ink,she remarked, “You won’t get into heaven withall those tattoos.” Surprised, but not thrown offhis game, he snarkily replied, “You’re not goingto get there any faster being a bitch.”The Fort Mill resident laughs about theincident and explains that it’s not the firsttime he’s faced disapproval due to his bodyart. His first boyfriend “hated it when I gotmy first tattoos. He was really upset.” Headds that the ink didn’t split them, “but itdefinitely didn’t help.”Nonetheless, an old busybody and anuptight ex notwithstanding, Roussin’s tatsare really a non-issue, he says.“My partner now is pretty tattooedhimself. When we met he already had severaland that sort of drew me to him. He’s workingon a sleeve now. They just have to color it in,all the outline and shading is done.”What’s more, Roussin says his parentsdon’t just tolerate his body art, they appreciateit. “As I’ve gotten more and more tattoos, theylike to see them. The last time I went home tovisit my parents they loved my pin-up girl tattoo.They just thought it was beautiful.”Kevin Roussin, 34, loves the art displayed on his human canvas — and his boyfried does too.The image of that 1950s sex kitten dominatesthe whole of Roussin’s right forearmwhile his upper arm sports a tribal design onthe outside and a Scooby-Doo tattoo tuckedon the inside. His left arm is draped with atwisting dragon up top and a tiger below thatspans from his elbow to his wrist.On Roussin’s stomach, his first nameis inked in large graffiti style lettering justabove his navel. On one side of that is hisname written with Japanese kanji, on theother side is a similar rendering of his 16-year-old son’s name.Embedded in the tribal tattoo is thePortuguese word for courage, while “OwnThe Day” is written across the back ofRoussin’s neck. He says these ensigns wereextremely important to him during a pastbattle with leukemia.“I was diagnosed the same week I met mycurrent partner,” he recalls. “Those tattoosgot me through cancer and I’ve been cancerfreefor three years now.”Because his body art has had such a definitiveimpact on his life, qnotes asks Roussinif he has any regrets about his ink.“Just one,” he replies. “The one thing I’vealways done is wait at least a year to makesure a potential tattoo is exactly what I want.After that long, if I still want it, I feel confidentit’s something I’ll always be happy with.“Saying that, the regret I have is that Iwent one time to an artist who…well, let’s say,wasn’t the greatest and the tattoo didn’t comeout like I wanted it to. Since then I’ve made it apoint to find exceptional artists to do my work.”Roussin makes an excellent point thateveryone should take into account whenthey’re thinking of getting inked or pierced.And, in addition to assessing the quality ofthe practitioner’s work, there are also healthconsiderations that must be settled. Needlesand equipment must be properly sterilized andcross-contamination guidelines must be strictlyobserved to avoid blood-borne pathogens.If you feel at all unsure about a particulartattoo artist or piercer, trust your instincts andlook elsewhere. There are too many goodones around for you to feel less than 100percent confident.In the end, always remember that it’s yourbody. Decorate it. Personalize it. Accessorizeit. Just don’t ever forget to love it. : :10 qnotes March 17-30 . 2012Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproductionon the mapnightlifeSundayBarbeque & Bloody Marys, Bar at 316free BBQ from 3-6 p.m.Super Sundays with Aiesha Paris, Nickel Barstarts at 8 p.m.House Cast Show, The Scorpiowith DJ 4Real. 11:30 p.m.Woodshed Sundays, The Woodshedfree dinner buffet served at 6:30 p.m.karaoke, 9 p.m.MondayMovie Night, Bar at 316starts at 9 p.m.Monday Madness, Chaserspool tournament at 11:30 p.m. $25 cash prizeand $25 bar tab.Boxing & Monday Night Football, SidelinesFree Pool, The Woodshedall day.TuesdayKaraoke with Metro Mike, Bar at 316starts at 9 p.m.Pool Tournament, Central StationTwisted Trivia, Chaserswith Tiffany Storm & Brooklyn Dior.Showtime at 12:30 a.m.Trivia Tuesdays, Marignyhosted by Roxxy C. Moorecox 7 p.m.Midwood Madness, Petra’shalf-price bottles of wineKaraoke, The Woodshedstarts at 9 p.m.WednesdayGame Night, Bar at 316Team Trivia and Line Dancing, Hartigan’sstarts at 8 p.m.’90s music night, Nickel BarKaraoke, Petra’shosted by Rachel Houdek. 9 p.m.Wicked and Wild Wednesdays, The Scorpiofeaturing Tiffany Storm with DJ 4Real. 11 p.m.Pool Tournament, The Woodshedstarts at 10:30 p.m.ThursdayThursday Night House Party, Bar at 316Pool Tournament, Central StationRockin’ Well Thursdays, Chaserswith Valerie Rockwell. Show starts at 12:30 a.m.Free HIV Testing, Connectionsthe 2nd Thursday of every month. 8-10 p.m.Karaoke Night, Hartigan’shosted by Roxxy C. Moorecox. 9 p.m.Team Boystown, Marignystarts at 10 p.m. $10 cover after 11 p.m.Drink-n-drown.Karaoke Night, The Rainbow Infree for members. $5 guests. $6 under 21.Underwear Night, The WoodshedFridayHouse DJ and Dancing, Bar at 316Free HIV Testing, Connectionsthe 4th Friday of every month. 8-10 p.m.A-List Fridays, Marignyhosted by SugaWalls Entertainment. 10 p.m.Live DJ, Nickel BarLive Performances, Petra’sRoxy’s Rainbow Review, The Rainbow Instarts at 11p.m.Life’s a Drag, The Scorpiowith Tiffany Storm. 11:30 p.m.SaturdayHouse DJ and Dancing, Bar at 316The Angela Lopez Show, Chasersshow starts at 12:30 a.m.Live DJ, Hartigan’sKrewe Saturdays, MarignySoul Music, Nickel BarLive Performances, Petra’sUrban Variety Show, The Scorpiowith Elaine Davis. Midnight showtime.CongregationsMCC CharlotteWorship service every Sunday, 10:45 a.m.Bible study every Tuesday and Wednesday,7 p.m.New Life MCCWorship service every Sunday, 7 p.m.Monthly covered dish dinner andcoffeehouse-style worship service on the firstSunday of every month, 6 p.m.Unity Fellowship Church of CharlotteWorship service every Sunday, 10:45 a.m.Bible 101: second and fourth Sunday of everymonth, 9 a.m.Wednesday night Bible study and discussion,7 p.m.CommunityThe LGBT Community Center of CharlottePromoting the diversity, acceptance andvisibility of the LGBT community throughprogramming and events.gaycharlotte.comWhite RabbitNorth Carolina’s LGBT everything store.Complete line of Pride merchandise, plusbooks, magazines, DVDs, T-shirts, underwearand Don’t see your bar listed here?Submit your regularly scheduled events toeditor@goqnotes.comMarch 17-30 . 2012 qnotes 11Not for Reproduction

Not for ReproductionLIFESports: Playing the fieldBalls outby Jon Hoppel :: qnotes contributor[Ed. Note: qnotes isproud to bring you ournew sports feature andwould like to introduce itscontributor, Jon Hoppel.Hoppel is an activemember of the sportscommunity. He serveson the Carolina Softball Alliance board andthe Charlotte Royals rugby team. Hoppel alsoplays on a traveling softball team based out ofKnoxville. We are excited to have Hoppel’s contributionto qnotes and look forward to bringingyou continuing LGBT sports coverage.]As spring quickly approaches, the sportsleagues and teams of the Carolinas start toprepare for their respective seasons. In thissection, we hope to bring you the recap ofgames, tournaments and league results, aswell as previews of upcoming events that arehappening in or around the Southeast.RugbyThe Charlotte Royals RugbyFootball team started their season offwith a tough loss at home on Feb. 25to Table Rock, 124-14. It was a hardfoughtgame and the Royals playedtough despite being down a man mostof the match. Royals President ThomasSoutherland had this to say after thematch: “Our first match of the seasonis always the roughest for new andreturning players. It usually serves asa crash course/refresher on the sportof rugby. Although we did some goodthings on the pitch, the match highlightedsome areas of improvement.”Earning Man of the Match honors wereDavid June for the backs, who scored one ofthe two tries for the Royals, and J.T. Wentz forthe forwards. The Royals look to bounce backwith two road games versus the ColumbusCoyotes on March 17 and against DavidsonCollege on March 24 before their rematchwith Table Rock on April 14. For more informationabout the team, practice and gamelocations check out their website by Playing on 15A&Edrag ragby miss dellaqnotes contributorSweeties, I took to the road and beheld royalty and stars galore!12 qnotes March 17-30 . 2012Hey everybody — here I am working on another late submissionof the Rag. Just as I promised before, we get a promo of Luscious, theonly Carolinian to win Miss Gay U.S.ofA. Too bad it’s 10 months intoher reign. Yes, I know I’m ruint. At least I can admit it. LOL! Luscious isattending her last prelims before her big give-up in Dallas on MemorialDay weekend. Hot times in the Big D. Literally!Two recent prelims took place here in the Queen City. First wasMiss East Coast which Atlanta’s Mya Ross Monroe won with RUMonica Lovett. Then Miss N.C. U.S.ofA.was recently held in Hickory at ClubCabaret and I, of all people, missed allnights of competition. That’s a first ina long time, but duties called. I did goup with two friends to see the formers/stars show on Saturday and damned if Ididn’t see a few stars. Of course, therewas the Lady of the Evening, Dy’MondCartier, as well as Miss S.C. U.S.ofA.Kristina DeeVine, Versage, CierraNicole, Brooklyn Dior and one of myall-time favorites, Kelly Raye. When I tellyou revival was brought to the house,it is no lie. Kids were standing on thesides of the stage cheering her on whenshe would start her “cutting up.” It’s sogood to see a queen really work theireyes and facial expressions. This queenis top notch, for sure. Kelly, we need acontestant for Miss NC America thisyear, or maybe for Continental Elite nextyear. You’d have hundreds behind you,including moi!February was a wonderful month, full of Continental-ness.LOL! Miss Alyson Thomas brought me down to judge her CarolinaContinental pageants, along with that crazy Leslie Lain, the Mouth ofS.C. Our first night there, we had the pleasure of doing dinner withAlexis Gabrielle Sherrington, the current Miss Continental, and DaeshaRichards, the reigning Miss Continental Elite (for about another month).The next afternoon, I attended an afternoon drag show at the WiltonBier Garden on the patio. Hosting was former Charlottean AmandaAustin of the Mythos days. Amanda has become quite the tea of “theDrive” as they called that strip there near the bars in Wilton Manors.Besides Amanda in the show, there was former Miss N.C. AmericaSharde Ross (who is steady preparing for a return to Miss Gay U.S.ofA.Classic), LaShawn Beyond of this season’s “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” andRuby Alexandria. Amanda is enjoying working with such local celebritiesas Noel Leon and Misty Eyez.That evening, many of us attended Miss and Mr. State of FloridaContinental in Davie, FL. I got a chance to visit with Mr. Flint who wasthere doing signings of his new book “The Boy from Peoria”(chock full of Chicago history (drag and otherwise), especiallyformer titleholders and stars of the Baton Show Lounge, hisillusion club that has been open since 1969). The pictures aloneare worth your time, and oh, the tales. I also got a chance tocatch up with Ginger Grant, Miss State of FL Continental EliteDiva, Samantha Perez, Franchesque Richards, hair-spinner “Q,”Scott Holland, Derbis Aguilera and, yes, the ever-popular MissTiffany Andretta Arieagus. OMG! Talk about old school stars,baby! Anyway, too much excitement — an exquisite FontasiaL’Amour from Cali won with RU Coco Chandelier. For the guys,Kyle Ean won with RU Khalil Valentino Litter.The next evening we had the Carolina Continental prelimsfor all divisions. I got to visit with Miss Continental Gabby andMiss PLUS, Chelsea Pearl, who had flown in earlier. What a joy— those girls have tortured each other as they’ve travelled andjust made all kinds of good memories. Chelsea was so paintedthat night you’d have thought she started beating at 7 and thatGabby has the clothes of death. Such good queens and goodrepresentatives. The winners that night for Miss were StashaSanchez with RU Missey Miyake LePaige, for the Mr., LewisNicholson, for PLUS, Jasmine Skiies and Elite, another oldLuscious of Charlotte, Miss Gay goddess who wrote the book, in my opinion — DanaPhoto Credit: The Studio, Orlando LLCDouglas. I stand in awe of her every time I see her, to think ofwhat I behold before me. A pure legend, plain and simple.That evening, I saw Florida pageantry celebs like Edward Nunez,Sasha Sommers, Miss Nikki Adams, Electra, former Miss UniverseKristina Grant, Gina DeAngelo, Erika Norell, Shanice Jackson, another“Drag Race” contestant from this season Latrice Royale and twonewer girls in the pageant who were stunning, Jennifer Grant andJustice Divine. What a trip! Talk about sensory overload. My thanks toAlyson for keeping me on as head judge after all these years! : :info: Drop me a line, OK? TheTeaMissD@yahoo.comNot for Reproduction

Not for ReproductionAsk Dr. C…HIV and healthcare adviceHelping to keep you in the know with up-to-date informationby Frederick Cruickshank ~ Medical DirectorAfter many installments of “Ask Dr.C,” thisis yet another opportunity to offer our readersinformation about HIV from basic questions toin-depth explanations. We are still receivingmany of your questions and are working hardto provide responses to as many questions aspossible to provide information for you andthe community. The questions have providedus a forum to debunk myths and removestigma from those living with HIV and AIDS.It is important to educate yourself, get tested,and protect yourself. We appreciate everyquestion we receive! Dr. C looks forward toresponding to as many emails as possible.I recently got tested for HIV and itcame back negative. I am in a seriousrelationship with my partner of 5years. Since my test came back negative,can I assume that my partner isHIV negative as well?— Stephen from HickoryStephen, I am glad to hear that your testcame back negative. However, you cannotassume that your partner’s test wouldalso yield a negative result even if you aresexually exclusive with each other. Whensomeone engages in sexual activity with anHIV-positive partner, the virus is not alwaystransmitted. Because you have been in arelationship for an extended period of time,you have had more chances to spread thevirus if one of you were positive. So, morethan likely your partner is also negative. But,the only way to know is to get tested! It isvery important to keep an open dialoguewith your partner about your HIV status andSTD status if you are sexually active. I wouldencourage you to talk to your partner aboutgetting tested and even make it an activity todo together.Is it possible to get HIV or other STDsfrom a public toilet seat?— Ann Marie from CharlotteAnn Marie, this is a good question. It isalways important to debunk the myth thatHIV/AIDS can be spread by everyday contactand/or living with someone who is HIV positive.You cannot get HIV/AIDS from sharing atoilet because the virus does not survive verylong outside of the body. Similarly, you cannotbecome infected with most STDs because theyalso do no live outside the body long enoughto be passed to another person via the toiletseat. I say “most STDs” because pubic licealso referred to as “crabs” can live on asurface for two days. If a person with pubiclice used the public toilet right before you,you could pick up the organisms. If you aregreatly concerned, most public restrooms doprovide paper seat covers to protect yourself.Are all STDs curable? And, if so, whyare they such a big deal if they canbe treated easily?— Nancy from KannapolisMany STDS can be effectively treated if foundearly enough. These include chlamydia, gonorrhea,syphilis, and trichomoniasis. Whilemost of these can be cleared up by a simpledosage of medication, it is important for peopleto take these diseases seriously. Withouttreatment, STDs like syphilis can lead tosevere effects on the body including blindness,paralysis, and death. In addition, there aresome STDs that are not “curable.” Herpes andgenital warts can lead to reoccurring flare-upsthroughout a person’s lifetime. Medicationcan be given to treat the symptoms, but thedisease remains present within the body. Also,to date there is no cure for HIV/AIDS which isalso sexually transmitted. It is important to gettested for both STDs and HIV regularly in orderto effectively manage your sexual health.It is also important to keep an open dialogueabout your HIV and STD status.Always remember that this is an advicecolumn based upon your questions and thebest possible knowledge out there. We needyour questions to help educate the community,so email them to andbe sure to include a first name and location.All respondents will remain anonymous. Wewill try to do our best to answer, educate andinform from your responses to this column.Don’t forget to visit our website and friend us onFacebook for community and clinicalupdates.— Sponsored Content —March 17-30 . 2012 qnotes 13Not for Reproduction

Not for ReproductionVIEWStalkback: Amendment OneContinuing with our theme of speaking out against Amendment One, this issue we have a letter from Ashlei Blue, Regional Field Director forThe Coalition to Protect All NC Families.On September 13, 2011, our North Carolina GeneralAssembly pushed Amendment One through the ranks and ontothe 2012 Primary ballots for you to voteagainst. It goes without saying how manytimes different versions of this bill havebeen drafted up and shot down over thepast 100 years. What is more of an issuefor Charlotteans, however, is what are wegoing to do to prevent it from passing onMay 8?The truth of the matter is, that forthe first time in over a century, NorthCarolina has decided to propose an amendment that takesaway your rights instead of guaranteeing and protecting them.The Charlotte City Council has remained silent on the issuewhile our Mayor Anthony Foxx has already come out staunchlyagainst it. It’s time to set fire to Amendment One in Charlotteand we have to start now.Everyday, my team of field organizers and interns wake upand we commit ourselves to 12-hour days with the hopes ofknocking the wind out of this amendment. Encouraging friendsand family to vote against the amendment is the first step indefeating Amendment One, but by no means is that all we’reasking of you. To stop hate, it’s going require more from eachof us.We’re asking you to climb outside of your comfort zoneand stand alongside of us as we take even bigger steps. Thatmeans reaching out to your neighbors and telling them aboutthe benefits your family will lose if they stay home instead ofgetting up and voting against this amendment. That meansreaching out to your church home and encouraging them toput their faith into action and stand behind righteousness. Thatmeans talking to students on one of the many campuses acrossthe Queen City and making sure they’re aware that the rights oftheir friends are being infringed upon.We are a coalition of supporters that have aligned with thepurpose of stopping discrimination in Mecklenburg Countydead in its tracks. It’s going take more than a yard sign in frontof your house, more than a bumper sticker on your car, morethan a T-shirt on your back. While all of those things are importantin spreading awareness, we have yet to see a yard signor bumper sticker have a valuable conversation. The Coalitionto Protect All NC Families has a goal to complete one millionconversations across the state of North Carolina. By the timeyou read this article, Mecklenburg County will have clocked inat over 1,500 conversations…how many of those conversationswere you a part of?You can find our office on the corner of 28th St. and North14 qnotes March 17-30 . 2012Not for Reproduction

Davidson at 617 East 28th St. We’re here,Monday through Friday, getting the jobdone. All we’re missing is you. Won’t youjoin us?!— Ashlei K. BlueRegional Field DirectorProtect NC FamiliesWhen I go into the ballot box inMay, I’m going to be voting againstAmendment One.— Mayor Anthony FoxxCharlotteAmendment One is a direct challengeto our ability to compete nationallyfor jobs and economic growth. Largecorporations hate this kind of controversy.They deal with diverse work populationsfor whom issues like this aren’tjust important in terms of where it is thatthey live, but are important indicatorsof the diversity and meritocracy of thecompanies where they want to work.Many of the industries, most thatare important to our future success,are also the industries most highlysensitive to the passage of amendmentslike Amendment One that significantlysignal that we are a backward lookingeconomy.Amendment One has the potential tohave a disastrous effect on our abillityto attract talent and keep talent in thestate of North Carolina. We know thatfor economic growth and prosperity, theability to keep talent here and to attractadditional talent, not only from otherparts of the United States, but globally,is critically important to fueling thatgrowth.What Amendment One does is makeit look like we are a state that ignoresboth the needs and the preferences ofthe next generation of America’s andthe world’s workforce. We have got toattract that generation. We have got tovote no on Amendment One.— Cathy BessantBank of AmericaNot for ReproductionPlaying the Fieldcontinued from page 12SoftballThe Carolina Softball Alliance is gearing up fortheir Spring 2012 season, which will begin Sunday,April 15. This will be the 16th season of the onlyLGBT slow-pitch softball league in the QueenCity with the “goal of providing a welcoming, butcompetitive atmosphere for the community,” saysPresident Ron Tessner.To get things started this season, two clinicswill be held on successive weekends, March 25and April 1 at Veteran’s Park, for those playerswanting to join the league. It is recommendedthat interested ball players attend one of thesetwo sessions in order to get a feel for the league,be rated and placed with an appropriate team ifyou do not have one already.Also, the league will be sending a D-levelteam to the Southern Shootout in Birmingham,Ala., on Easter weekend, April 6-8, and theBig Peach Softball tournament in Atlanta, Ga.,Memorial Day weekend. Tryouts for this teamwill be held at Ferguson Park in Gastonia, N.C.,on March 18 from 2-5 p.m. If you cannot attendthis tryout or either of the two clinics, but are stillinterested in joining CSA, the league asks thatyou contact them directly through email at or by visiting their website City Tennis Club is an organization herein Charlotte that promotes the game of tennis inthe LGBT community. They meet every Sundaystarting April 1, at Park Road Park (unless otherwisenoted on their website) from 10 a.m.-12 p.m.They welcome all ages and skill levels, so checkout their website if you are interested in learningmore at you have an LGBT-friendly sport or tournamentyou would like to have covered : :March 17-30 . 2012 qnotes 15Not for Reproduction

A&EHey Trinity,My best friend won’t talk to me anymore because I toldsomeone something about her that I swore I would never tell.Don’t you think it’s wrong to give up a longtime friendship justbecause someone slipped?No Big Deal, Nashville, TNHey No Big Deal,When Monica Lewinskislipped to Linda Tripp lookwhat happened! WhenVirginia Hill slipped to themob about her boyfriend,Bugsy Seigel, the next dayhe was shot in the head.Sweetie, when someonetells you something in secrecy,you suddenly becomeas important as a CIA agent.Nobody, and I mean nobody,wants to be friends withsomeone who can’t take asecret to their grave. If youcan’t keep a secret, let yourfriends know. There’s noshame in not being able tokeep a secret, but there is innot keeping one. Just say no!tell trinityby trinityqnotes contributorYour secret’s notsafe with meDear Trinity,After dating someone for two months, I told him that I wasn’tNot for Reproductioninterested anymore. Still, he constantly calls, comes by and isnow bothering my friends. I can’t shake him. Help?Stalker Troubles, Brooklyn, NYDear Stalker Troubles,Plan A, first, clearly tell him that you don’t want to see him.Second, insist that he stop calling, coming by or bothering yourfriends. “There is no two ways about it!” Third, be tough, sternand aggressive, even if it’s not your nature. Lastly, if all thisfails, then go to plan B. Plan B, first go to his work and publiclyembarrass him. Make a big scene. Second, call his friends andfamily and let them know what he’s doing, that they must stophim or you’ll see them all in court. Finally, if he’s really freakingyou out, it’s time for a little vacation. Waiting down south for aKey West martini, darling, is much healthier than waiting to bestalked. Give ‘em hell.Hello Trinity,I’m looking for a real man. Not someonewho’s pretentious or constantly worriedabout his looks. Not a party animal, buta passionate beast. A man who letshimself enjoy a relationship. Where canI find him?Looking, San Antonio, TXHello Looking,First, you have to look long and hard.Groups, ads, services and word-of-mouthwouldn’t hurt. As Kahlil Gibran says,“Before love finds you, you must be sifted,kneaded, grinded and threshed.” Soundsexciting to me! So, honey, allow yourselfto go on a journey rather than a drag race.But, if that’s too much work, then turn onan old WCW match, find the wrestler BillGoldberg and take a good long look at one man who is everythingone could ever dream of. Don’t touch, he’s mine! Even if it takesme a lifetime! Back to work. (I know how to figure out if a guy ismanly enough. Check out my cartoon for my thought process.)To Trinity,I want to be like you: a singer, a writer an artist, but I don’t knowhow to start. My life, job, friends, etc., are all set. How do I getmore creative?Artist In Waiting, Boston, MATo Artist In Waiting,Nearly everyone who wants to be an artist already is, but,pumpkin, before you sign up for that “artist within” retreat tryreading:Trinity’s Helpful Tips For FindingYour Creative Self1. Do something dangerous. Facing one fear destroys manyother fears.2. Deny yourself something you can’t. Stronger wills makestronger artists.3. Take different routes to work and other places. Challengewhat is constant.4. Forgive someone you can’t. Resentment promises stagnation.5. Visit new places. New environments bring new creativeideas.6. Deny yourself one of your senses for a day, expanding yourother senses.7. Invite unfamiliar or ridiculous conversations. Everyone isa teacher.8. Redecorate, even with the same furniture. Change yoursurroundings.9. Ask lots of questions. There are no stupid questions.10. Start acting like an artist. Fake it ‘til you make it! But, do it.Just get wet! : :— With a Masters of Divinity, Reverend Trinity washost of “Spiritually Speaking,” a weekly radio drama,and now performs . Trinity@telltrinity.comSponsored by: Provincetown Business Guild800-637-8696 . www.ptown.org16 qnotes March 17-30 . 2012Not for Reproduction

Not for ReproductionA&Eout in the starsby charlene lichtensteinqnotes contributorMarch 17 - 30If you believe that actions speak louder (andprouder) than words, imagine what happenswhen retrograde Mars opposes dizzy Neptune.Actions not only speak, they rant, rave and go offon wild tangents. They also set off minor nuclearchain reactions. Avoid after-shocks and falloutby keeping petty tantrums to yourself…for now.PISCES (02.20-03.20) There may be some nastycontratemps with partners now. If you’re readyto scuttle the Love Boat, you find an impetus andany excuse. But, if there is still a bit of spark betweenthe two of you, why not wait a short whilebefore you try anything or anyone new. Guppiesfeel the need to meet and greet, but will do sowith two left feet. Show ‘em how to dance later.ARIES (03.21-04.20) Proud Rams may overdo it inthe exercise department. Why not relax and bea bit lazy? You never know when your tail will getcaught in the treadmill or an arm gets hookedin the weight rack. Exertion is not in the stars— and that goes for the job too. Don’t expendany extra energy wondering what you can do toget ahead at work. Ah, so what else is new?TAURUS (04.21-05.21) This time period providesperky queer Bulls with far too much of a goodthing…or, so it will seem. Fun, creative endeavorsand even a possible romance can shift intooverdrive if you fail to pace and brace. However,with all this delusional energy abounding, you mayfancy yourself to be quite the bon vivant in certainselect circles. Or, is that among certain squares?GEMINI (05.22-06.21) Pink Twins are inspired todo a little sprucing up at home. But, take it onescrub at a time and don’t paint the house or teardown a wall now. Commotion around the housewill conflict with career obligations and will notprogress smoothly. Why not just invite a few compadresover for a nice evening? Keep the guestlist small and very intimate.CANCER (06.22-07.23) Gay Crabs practically bellowtheir opinions. If you enjoy creating a ruckusthat can run amok, the possibilities are endless.Your rants are broadcast internationally. Preparefor an incident; the mouthy anvil that you tosstoday can crush your toes (or worse) tomorrow.Sometimes it’s better to keep your pettydemands chez nous. So, nuh?LEO (07.24-08.23) Prepare to dive into a deep poolof pennies from heaven. But, it’s not for keeps,so keep prying hands off and expectations incheck. Financial investment strategies should beshelved if possible. Anything you covet probablybelongs to someone else and will cost far morethan expected with less value in the long run. Iknow that proud Lions don’t like it that way.VIRGO (08.24-09.23) Your unprincipled energy resultsin a lurid public display if you’re not careful.Queer Virgins should not rush into center stageat this time. Your cargo pants will drop and yourunderwear may be…ahem…drafty. No matter;as long as you stay behind the scenes, no oneneed see your shortcomings. Check for spinachin your teeth before you meet anyone new.LIBRA (09.24-10.23) Intuition is not generally yourstrong suit, but so what? Just avoid acting onany vague mental rumblings if at all possible. Inyour attempt to dislodge hidden enemies, youmay miscalculate and open up your Achilles heelto a swift kick. Ouch! Poor gay Libras should sitthis battle out and console themselves with apleasant, stress-reducing pastime. Oh, do tell!SCORPIO (10.24-11.22) Don’t take on more tangosthan you can easily fit on your dance card.Queer Scorps who take too much on sociallywill more than likely need extra time to recuperate.Friends may become especially needy now.You’ll do them a better service if you remain onthe sidelines. Let them make their own mistakeswhile you provide the tea and sympathy.SAGITTARIUS (11.23-12.22) Even politicallyastute gay Archers may inadvertently mouth offto the head honcho. Professional aspirationsmay be jolted and set off course, so play anycorporate cards close to the vest and don’t takeany extreme action if you can avoid it. Of course,there is something nice about sleeping latebefore you pick up your unemployment check.CAPRICORN (12.23-01.20) Pink Caps hanker forfar horizons, but it is tight for a bit right now. Travelmay become too difficult or too unwieldy or youmay find that exotic locales are too much troubleto navigate. Also, avoid pushing the envelope onlawsuits or any legal issues. Your words run amokand can make mincemeat out of any carefullyplanned attack. Take a short recess.AQUARIUS(01.21-02.19) Aqueerians are too hot tohandle and too darn heady to care. Your embersare poked into a raging fire that can soon burnout of control. Before you singe your best assetson a faulty match, take a good look at the objectof your desire and measure their true worth.There is a good chance that you will spend ona dreamboat and be left with only a leaky dingy.Live and learn. : :© 2012 Madam Lichtenstein, LLC. All RightsReserved. Visit fore-greetings, horoscopes and Pride jewelry. Mybook “HerScopes: A Guide To Astrology ForLesbians” from Simon & Schuster isavailable at bookstores and major booksites.Not for ReproductionMarch 17-30 . 2012 qnotes 17

Local artist using human body as canvascontinued from page 9“It has been fascinating to discover thatwe all have the same issues” says Croy.“No matter who we are, what we look like,where we came from, our socio-economicstatus, we all face the same human issues.A lot of LGBT people have the same issues,especially in my generation and older,especially when looking at the fact that wehad to wait so much longer before we couldcome out. Today’s youth are breaking downthe barrier and coming out and being whothey are at a younger age and I believe theyare carrying this movement forward.”Being a part of the project has had animpact on the models and artists involved,as well. “I can take a group of people thathave never met one another, paint them andwitness the comradery that happens betweenthem. Black, White, Asian, Latino, we aretaking any nationality and there is a reasonfor that” explains Croy. “Once you put thatpaint on and you make the human form intoa sculpture of these bright colors, they reallycome alive. There is this thing that clicks intopeople’s mind and it is so much fun to see, it islike watching them become a kid again. But,at the same time, it is eliminating any barriersbecause you have eliminated anything physicallythat normally we would relate to.”“People look at themselves in the mirrorafter I paint them and say ‘this is so cool’ and Itell them ‘it’s you.’ It is coming from within andnow even more since I am interviewing andlearning more about the models and interpretingtheir story” says Croy.Croy believes that the vision of the projectwill evolve even more as it moves closerto the halfway point of its three-year timespan.He explains that “the last year and ahalf of the project will be the point where Ican say ‘this is why I am doing this for thecommunity.’”When asked about his goal for theculmination of the project, Croy states thathe would love to see all of the participantsin the individual shoots come back togetherNot for Reproductionfor one large photo shoot to possibly serveas a fundraiser for the community; the entirehuman canvas tribe together as one.Croy is also currently designing a muralthat will wrap around the White Rabbitbuilding once approved by the city. Giventhe location of the LGBT store, the muralwould be seen by all as they enter intoPlaza Midwood, an area of Charlotte knownfor its LGBT friendly businesses and nightlife.“I believe the moment we start workingon this mural it will help to pull the communitytogether” states Croy. “We, as a community,have nothing here that really pullsus together. I am hoping that this muralwill help to break down the barriers withinour own community and help build unityamongst LGBT people here in Charlotte. Weneed something that is uniquely ours andI think this mural will bring attention to ourcommunity in a positive light.”For more information about Gil Croyand The Human Canvas Project, : :18 qnotes March 17-30 . 2012Not for Reproduction

Qqnotes entertainment. news. views.4th AnnualGayCharlotteFilm FestivalscheduleMarch 21-25 • CharlotteThe GayCharlotte Film Festivalbrings over 1,000 moviegoers tovarious venues in Charlotte towatch LGBT films from all overthe world. The GayCharlotte FilmFestival is a project of The LGBTCommunity Center of, March 21Mint Museum Uptown• ‘Circumstance’ (107 minutes)7-8:50 p.m.(Drama) This explosive dramadepicts a wealthy Iranian familystruggling to contain their lesbiandaughter living life in the fast laneand their dangerous, religiouslyfanatical son.Thursday, March 22Wells Fargo Auditoriumat the Knight Theater• ‘Spin the Bible’(22 minutes)World Premiere!7-7:22 p.m.(Comedy) A hot,hilarious lesbianromance depictingthe dangers of politicians persuadingpreachers to promoteanti-gay political agendas.• ‘Leading Ladies’ (100 minutes)7:25-9 p.m.(Musical Comedy) A zany, warmheartedmusical comedy abouttwo sisters, their gay best friend,and their over-zealous stagemom mixes Broadway musical“Gypsy” with TV hit “GLEE.”Friday, March 23Mint Museum Uptown• ‘Hollywood To Dollywood’ (81minutes)7-8:25 p.m. (post-movie: “Meetthe Lane Twins”)(Documentary) Charlotte’sfavorite gay twins from Goldsbororeturn to tell their storyof moving to Hollywood,writing a screenplayfor Dolly Parton, rentinga van called “Jolene,”and taking a road tripfrom Hollywood toDollywood.• ‘Longhorns’ (75 minutes)8:30-9:45 p.m.(Comedy) For Mature Audiences:Nudity! Beers, steers…and awhole lot of queers!Saturday, March 24Mint Museum Uptown• ‘Spin The Bible’ (23 minutes)1:30-1:55 p.m.See description from March 22.•ub2 (5 minutes)1:55-2 p.m.(Short) Compelling short movieabout the impact of pejorativelanguage on HIV+ men.• ‘The Grove’ (62 minutes)2-3:05 p.m.(Documentary) Poignant documentary,which premiered inNovember 2011, about NationalAIDS Memorial Grove Act, a naturalrefuge for many grief-strickensurvivors of HIV/AIDS and thepicketers who oppress them.• ‘Wish Me Away’ (120 minutes)3:30-5:30 p.m.(Documentary) Country musicstar Chely Wright tells hercompelling story of hiding in thecloset before ultimately becomingthe first commercial countrymusic singer to out herself.• ‘Children Of God’ (104 minutes)6-7:45 p.m.(Drama) Gorgeous Bahamabeaches serve as the backdropfor this tender, romantic dramaabout a pair of start-crossedlovers.• ‘Mississippi Damned’ (120minutes)8-10 p.m.(Drama) A gut-wrenching andall-familiar story of African-American lesbians and theirfamilies facing multiple sets ofbigotry in the racist, homophobicSouth.Sunday, March 25UNC Charlotte Uptown Campus• ‘Gun Hill Road’ (120 minutes)6-8 p.m.(Drama) Coming-of-age scorcher.March 17 • CharlotteMen of Petra’s — Season 3 FinaleIt’s time for the Finale! The Final Four areBuster Chairee, Tasha Salade, MadasonMarx and Shofonda Cox. One of thesecontestants will win the $500 cash prizedecided by your votes! Hosted by RachaelHoudek. Brought to you by Stephen SeayProductions. 10 p.m. Petra’s Piano Bar. 1919Commonwealth 18 • RaleighCrape Myrtle Drag BrunchThis Drag Brunch is set to be one of our bestyet with a tribute to iconic performers featuringthe theatrical talents of Amaya, Eunyce Raye,Dorae Saunders, Stephanie Scott and NationTyre. Hosted by Ebony Summers. Doors openat noon. Show starts at 12:30 p.m. $10 admission(does not include buffet/drinks). The Mintrestaurant, 219 Fayetteville St. 919-821-0011for 20 • DurhamSpeaker Series IVPanel discussion on personal perspectivesby those affected by Amendment One. 6:30p.m. Pilgrim United Church of Christ, 2011Academy Rd. Child care will be provided.919-489-1381.March 20 • CharlotteCharlotte Business Guild DinnerJoin the Charlotte Business Guild for dinnerand a meeting with local economic expertFrank Warren. Cocktails at 5:30 p.m. Dinnerand program at 6:30 p.m. Wet Willie’s,900 N.C. Music Factory Blvd. (formerlySeaboard St.). 25 • Winston-SalemTea Dance/Winston-SalemA portion of the drink proceeds benefitsEquality Winston-Salem. No cover. Free food.Music by DJ Cash. Encore, 411 W. 4th St. 5-8p.m. 27 • DurhamSpeaker Series VWhat People of Faith Can Do to OpposeAmendment One. Ryan Rowe, Director of FaithOutreach for the Coalition to Protect AllNorthCarolina Families and Rev. Rollin Russell, retiredminister. 6:30 p.m. Pilgrim United Churchof Christ, 2011 Academy Rd. Child care will beprovided. 919-489-1381.April 7 • Charlotte‘Believe in Youth’ Annual Speaker SeriesCampus Pride and Time Out Youth havepartnered to present their third annual“Believe in Youth Awareness Event” withnational young adult leader and marriageequality advocate Zach Wahls. Wahls, 20, isknown as “that kid from YouTube with twomoms.” His passionate testimony before theIowa General Assembly against a proposedanti-LGBT constitutional amendment was thenumber one YouTube “Political Video” of 2011.Free. Open to the public. 5 p.m. Wells FargoAuditorium at Knight Theatre at Levine Centerfor the Arts, 430 S. Tryon St. 8 • Winston-SalemTea Dance/Winston-SalemA portion of the drink proceeds benefits AIDSCare Service. No cover. Free food. Music byDJ Cash. Encore, 411 W. 4th St.5-8 p.m. want your who/what/whereSubmitting an event for inclusion in our calendarhas never been easier:visit 17-30 . 2012 qnotes 19

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