American School of Classical Studies at Athens

American School of Classical Studies at Athens

American School of Classical Studies at Athens

Schedule for Summer Session II 2001

Schedule for Loring Hall

Breakfast 7:00-8:15 Monday-Saturday

Buffet Lunch 13:30-14:30 Monday-Friday

Lunch 12:30 Saturday

Tea 17:30 Monday-Friday

Ouzo 19:45 Monday-Friday

Dinner 20:30 Monday-Friday

ATHENS - 4 ½ days, 4 nights

Mr Lehmann introducing

SSII ‘92 to the topography

of Athens: view south from

Mt Lykavittos; Mt Hymettus

in the background

Mon 18 June 12:00 Arrival; 17:30-18:30 Tea; 18:30 Lykavittos walk

Tues 19 June Morning: orientation, Gennadeion, School (BRIDGES), Blegen Library

(PHOTIADES), Archives (VOGEIKOFF-BROGAN), and computers

(ELEMAN), Loring Hall

Afternoon: National Museum I: Prehistoric galleries (BURKE)

Wed 20 June Morning: Hephaesteum (CAMP) and Agora I: photography (MAUZY),

conservation (PATERAKIS/UNRUH), archives (JORDAN), architecture

(ANDERSON), amphoras (KOEHLER).

Afternoon: Areopagus, Pnyx, and Philopappus Monument (ROTROFF)

Thur 21 June DAY TRIP: Brauron (BRIDGES, STEHLE, VENIT), Thorikos


Fri 22 June Morning: Acropolis I: Acropolis Museum and Erechtheum (PALAGIA);

Prehistoric Acropolis (BURKE)

Afternoon: boat for Crete (Chania)

TRIP TO CRETE - 6 days, 7 nights

Sat 23 June Arrive Chania ca 6:00; Chania; Eleutherna and Melidoni

(TZIFOPOULOS), Rethymnon (VINCENT), night in Iraklion

Sun 24 June Iraklion Museum I, Gortyna (Fontaine), Phaistos, Ayia Triada (Chodes),

night in Matala

Mon 25 June Kommos (SHAW), Knossos (HATZAKI), night in Iraklion

SSII ‘92 loading up at

Kavousi for the ride

up to Vronda

Tues 26 June Gournia, INSTAP (BROGAN, GESELL), Mochlos (SOLES/BROGAN),

Kavousi (DAY, MOOK), night in Siteia

Wed 27 June Siteia Museum, Toplou, Palaikastro (MACGILLIVRAY, SACKETT),

Kato Zakro (Brew), night in Siteia

Thur 28 June Agios Nikolaos Museum, Mallia (Helmer), Iraklion Museum II

Evening boat (ca 20:00) to Peiraeus

ATHENS - 6 days, 6 nights

Fri 29 June Morning free

Afternoon: Benaki Museum, Byzantine Museum

Evening: Debrief Cretan trip

Sat 30 June Morning: National Museum II: Sculpture I (SANDERS); Epigraphical

Museum (DAY?/JORDAN)

Sun 1 July Morning: free

Afternoon: Olympieum (LAMBERTON), Roman Athens

Mon 2 July Morning: Acropolis II: Parthenon

Afternoon: National Museum III: Sculpture II (STURGEON)

Tues 3 July DAY TRIP: Daphni, Eleusis (STEHLE), Plataea (Hendrix), Eleutherai

and Aegosthena (Chodes)

Wed 4 July Agora II: the Site and new excavations (CAMP)

TRIP TO THE PELOPONNESE - 10 days, 9 nights

Thur 5 July Isthmia (GEBHARD, RISSER, GREGORY), Corinth I: New excavations

(SANDERS), Demeter Sanctuary, Acrocorinth (Chernock); night in New


Fri 6 July Corinth II: Museum and center (SANDERS), Nemea (MILLER),

Mycenae: Treasury of Atreus and Grave Circles (Bulman), night in


Sat 7 July Nauplion Museum, Argos (TOUCHAIS) Argos Museum and Lerna

(PULLEN), Argive Heraeum (PFAFF)

Evening: play at Epidauros, night in Nauplion

Sun 8 July Mycenae (SHELTON), Tiryns, Epidauros (Reddoch on cult, Corwin on

tholos), Tolo, night in Nauplion

Mon 9 July Tegea (ØDEGÅRD), Episkopi, Menelaeum (CAVANAGH & MEE),

Sparta Acropolis; night in Sparta

SS II ‘92 examine the

inscriptions on the

theater at Sparta

Tues 10 July Sparta Museum, Artemis Orthia (Myer), Kouphovouno (CAVANAGH &

MEE), Mistra (Baldini), Methoni, night in Pylos

Wed 11 July Chora Museum, Palace of Nestor (Polk), Voïdhokoilia, Sphacteria

(Hicks), night in Pylos

Thur 12 July Messene (COOPER), Megalopolis, Bassae (Wilson), night in Olympia

Fri 13 July Olympia (Hartley on Temple of Zeus, Mermelstein on games, Helmer on

Hermes), night in Olympia

Sat 14 July Chlemoutsi, Helice, Stymphaleia; return to Athens

ATHENS - 5 days, 6 nights

Sun 15 July Morning free

Afternoon: South Slope (VOGEIKOFF-BROGAN, Lehmann on Herodes

Atticus), Lysicrates Monument (Rasata Rainiketamanga) and Plaka

Evening: Debrief Peloponnesian trip

Mon 16 July Acropolis III: Propylaea, Nike Temple (SCHULTZ); Goulandris


Afternoon: Wiener Laboratory (FOX)

Summer Session II ‘92

on the roof of the


Tues 17 July DAY TRIP: Marathon (BLASINGHAM, Kowerski), Rhamnous

(Baldini), Amphiareum (BLASINGHAM), Oropos

Wed 18 July Agora III: Stoas and Museum (ROTROFF, TSAKIRGIS), Jewish


Afternoon: Tower of the Winds (LaBarge), Roman Athens (CAMP)

Thur 19 July ½ DAY TRIP: Peiraeus (LANGDON)

Afternoon free

TRIP TO THE NORTH - 8 days, 7 nights

Fri 20 July Boiotia (TZAVELLA-EVJEN): Thebes, Gla, Orchomenos, Chaironeia

(Reddoch), Levadeia; Osios Loukas (Earle), night in Delphi

Sat 21 July Delphi I: Temenos (Mermelstein on oracle and Temple of Apollo, Hicks

on Siphnian Treasury, Myer on Athenian Treasury), Museum (Hendrix on

Cleobis and Biton, Bulman on Charioteer); Arachova; night in Delphi

Sun 22 July Delphi II: Marmaria (Kowerski); Itea; Corycian Cave; night in Delphi

Mon, 23 July Thermopylae (Corwin), Halos (REINDERS), Nea Anchialos (Wilson),

night in Makrynitsa

Tues 24 July Volos Museum, Sesklo, Dimini, Meteora (Rasata Rainiketamanga), night

in Kalambaka

Wed 25 July Dion, Salonika: Museum (Hartley on Derveni Vase), walking tour (Polk

on St Demetrios); night in Salonika

Thur 26 July Pella (AKAMATIS), Edessa, Lefkadia, Mieza (LaBarge) Vergina, night in


Fri 27 July Conclude walking tour (Brew on Arch of Galerius)

Afternoon free; evening flight to Athens

ATHENS - 4 ½ days, 5 nights

Sat 28 July Afternoon: post-antique Athens (BRIDGES)

Evening: Debrief Northern Trip

Sun 29 July DAY TRIP: Aigina (BLASINGHAM, Fontaine on Alt-Ägina, Earle on

Temple of Aphaea)

Mon 30 July Morning: Kerameikos (STROSZECK, Chernock on public burial)

Tues 31 July Morning: optional exam

Evening: farewell party

Wed 1 August 12:00 Departure

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