conference of the windpower engineering community - CGR Legal

conference of the windpower engineering community - CGR Legal

TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 2013 – 1ST DAY09:30 Registration & welcome coffee10:30 Presidents‘ welcome and opening address by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Reuter and Dr. Andrew Garrad10:45 Opening speech: “Wind energy: Short term turbulence, long term growth”How can manufacturers and suppliers meet the growing and competitive pressure?What the wind energy market needs for continued growth?Where are the growing markets for wind energy worldwide?Dr. Andrew Garrad, Chairman, GL Garrad Hassan, United Kingdom11:15 Panel discussion Manufacturer: “What can manufacturers do to reduce the cost of energy?”Chairman:Prof. Dr.-Ing. AndreasReuter, ManagingDirector, FraunhoferInstitute for Wind Energyand Energy SystemTechnology (IWES),Bremerhaven, GermanyParticipants:Jörg Scholle, ExecutiveVice President, Headof Global Engineering& Product LineManagement, NordexSE, Hamburg/Rostock,GermanyDr. Martin Knops,Senior Vice PresidentR&D, Drive TrainTechnology RDD,REpower Systems SE,Osterrönfeld, GermanyMarkus Becker, CTO,KENERSYS GmbH,Münster, GermanyJean Huby, ManagingDirector, AREVA WindGmbH, Bremerhaven,GermanyVolker Kendziorra,Managing Director,ENERCON ServiceDeutschland GmbH,Aurich, Germany12:15 Lunch and Networking Break, Visit to ExhibitionLecture Room Estrelsaal A/B Lecture Room 1CC Lecture Room Estrelsaal C1/C2 Lecture Room Paris Lecture Room Estrelsaal C5/C6Innovative Gearbox Design:Today and TomorrowChairman: Dr. Martin Knops,Senior Vice President R&D,REpower Systems SE,Osterrönfeld, GermanyFuture Rotor Blade DesignsChairman: Dr. Andrew Garrad,Chairman, GL Garrad Hassan,United KingdomExact Weather ForecastingModels and Operational SystemsChairman: Ignacio Láinez Aracama,Director, Evaluación Energética en EDPRenováveis, SpainEffective Vibration MonitoringChairman: Christian Nath, Senior AdvisorWind Energy, Barsbüttel, GermanyElectrical Components –Technologies for the FutureChairman: Stefan Franko, DirectorRenewable Energy, GE Power Conversion,Berlin, Germany14:15 Integrated testing strategy forgearboxesComplementary methods to develophigh quality and high reliable drive traincomponentsGearbox validation strategy according toan 8-Milestone validation planTechnical challenges for the developmentof drive train componentsGearbox reliability based on field resultsDr. Ralf Hambrecht, Head of Drive TrainTechnology RDD; co-author: Dr. MartinKnops, Senior Vice President R&D, REpowerSystems SE, Osterrönfeld, GermanyLoad reduction potential on large windturbinesEfficient reduction of aerodynamic loadsImplementation of active trailing edgeflaps to vary the turbine dynamicsSustainable improvement of theaero dynamic behavior of large windturbinesJaione Ortega Gómez, M.Sc., ResearchAssistant; co-author: Dr.-Ing. ClaudioBalzani, Department for Wind EnergySystems, Leibniz University Hanover,GermanyEnhancements of the mesoscalecommunity model for wind resourceassessmentOpen-source wind power assessmentsoftware based on MC2 modelNew space-time discretization scheme formesoscale modelingEnhanced 3D turbulence closure for theMC2 mesoscale modelAlex Geovanny Flores-Maradiaga, M.Sc.,Research Assistant; co-authors: Robert Benoit,Ph.D., École de Technologie Supérieure,University of Quebec, Montreal, ClaudeGirard, Ph.D, Meteorological Service, CanadaDecisive smart blade sensing –A vibration analysisSpecific strain sensor operational methodEssential field implementation for thedynamic behavior and structural integrityTest results and vibration analysisDawid Janse van Vuuren, M.Eng., R&DEngineer; co-authors: Dr. Detlef Krabe,Josef Wittl, Avago Technologies FiberGmbH, Regensburg, GermanyArtificial neural network control systemsfor Wind-PV hybrid power systemsPV array model: Direct conversion of solarenergy to electricityImplementing electrical analogues of thebiological neural networks (ANN)Innovative Wind-PV hybrid powersystemsKerim Karabacak, M.Sc., Lecturer, KutahyaTechnical Vocational School, DumlupinarUniversity, Kutahya, Turkey; co-author:Assist. Prof. Dr. Numan Cetin, Department ofSolar Energy, Ege University, Izmir, Turkey14:45 From component to system: Integrateddrive train developmentCharacteristics of a hybrid drive systemwith more than 96 % efficiencyMeasurement results of sub-systems andcomplete systemsRotor blade repairs with advanced UVcuring resin systemsTypical blade damages seen everywhereConsequences of neglection: Actual reallife casesReasons for a reactive instead ofShort-term wind forecasting on- andoffshoreIdentification of the current and theprospective usersAnalysis of the accuracy of the forecasts –Various scenariosEffective large scale wind turbinecondition monitoringRising challenges with conditionmonitoring of wind turbine fleetsscaling upTopology of wind turbine conditionS-Curve speed control for variable speedwind energy convertersOverview: Types of speed wind energyconvertersSpeed controlNon-linear controlDipl.-Phys. Florian Hanisch, VP Engineering;co-author: Dipl.-Chem. Mark Zundel,Winergy AG, Voerde, Germanypre-emptive approach on blademaintenanceRetrospect: Development of blade repairsover the last yearsVille Karkkolainen, B.BA., ManagingDirector, Bladefence, Vantaa, FinlandDifferences between on- and offshoreforecasting methodsShort- and medium-term developmentsand challengesDr. Lars Landberg, Senior Vice President,GL Garrad Hassan, Copenhagen, Denmark;co-author: Jeremy Parkes, GL GarradHassan, Bristol, United KingdommonitoringEfficient monitoring and SCADAintegrationDr. Axel Juhl, CEO R&D; co-author: KlausGram-Hansen, Gram & Juhl A/S, Vojens,DenmarkMPP-TrackingProf. Dr.-Ing. habil. ConstantinosSourkounis, Head of Power SystemsTechnology and Power Mechatronic,University of Bochum, Germany15:15 Reliable and competitive gearboxdesign solutions for 3 to 6.15 MW windturbinesProgressive concepts of planetary gearsOptimized application of bearingsIncrease of the operational availabilityDipl.-Ing. Jörg Litzba, DepartmentManager, Gearing & Gearbox ComponentTechnology, R&D Product Technology,ZF Wind Power Antwerpen, BelgiumImproving the reliability of rotor bladesthrough full life cycle managementSuccessful contracting strategiesSustainable production follow up andquality assurance managementTransportation and installation riskmanagementEffective inspection and maintenanceduring the operational periodJaap Olthoff, Quality AssuranceManagement, OUT Smart, JL Velp,The NetherlandsWind index and wind farm financingUsually applied wind and productionindexImplementation of additional independentindexes based on reanalysis dataInfluences on the energy yield probabilityDr. Heinz-Theo Mengelkamp, ManagingDirector; co-authors: Dipl-Geogr. JoachimGeyer, Dipl.-Geogr. Lasse Blanke, anemosGesellschaft für Umweltmeteorologie mbH,Reppenstedt, GermanyEfficient fault detection & faultdiagnosis on +4000 wind turbines usingvibration monitoringThe importance of choosing the mostadvantageous monitoring strategyHow to monitor more than 5 millionalarm limitsThe important role of the operatorCarsten Andersson, Project Manager,Remote Monitoring Group, B&K Vibro,Nærum, DenmarkComparison of generator and converterdrive train topologies for a 3 MWonshore turbineDifferent characteristics of generators:doubly fed, permanent magnet, cageinductionImportant cost of energy calculationsCapital equipment investmentcalculations for volume productionLow voltage versus medium voltageDr. Ross Hall, Global ApplicationsEngineer ing Leader, Wind Platform ProductLeader, Wind Generators, GE PowerConversion, Warwickshire, United Kingdom15:45 Verification process and results of afully integrated two-stage gear and PMGcombinationServiceability aspect as a part of theprocessEssential measurement resultsKari Uusitalo, M.Sc., Product ManagerWind Gears, Moventas Gears Oy, Jyväskylä,FinlandMaterial and component research forefficient rotor blade designCharacterization of static and fatiguepropertiesClassified fatigue formulation and lifecalculationResults from recent research projectsFull scale testing for validation of rotorbladesTim Westphal, M.Sc., Research Scientist,Knowledge Centre WMC, Wieringerwerf,The NetherlandsProduction losses due to icing –Techniques for forecasting and siteassessmentWRF model and the Makkonen formula tomodel ice accretionUsing historical wind power productiondata to find an empirical functionResults from trials of forecastingproduction lossesThe long-term variation of productionlosses due to icingMagnus Baltscheffsky, M.Sc., ModelDeveloper, Meteorologist; co-author:Stefan Söderberg, Ph.D., CEO, WeatherTechScandinavia AB, Uppsala, SwedenOn-site real-time load monitoring –The new standard for wind turbinesOptimal sensor portfolioFrom condition monitoring to loadmonitoringVerified examples for load monitoring fordamage preventionSensor technology and system structureJohannes Domke, MBA, M.Sc., BusinessField Manager for Renewable Energy;co-authors: Matthias Mörbe, Dr. RalfSchmidt, Bosch Engineering GmbH,Heilbronn, GermanyElectrical components in wind turbinedrive trains – The coordinated systemof generator and converter for highefficiency and maximum reliabilityDesign concepts, functioning,comparison of differentconverter-generator conceptsMarket-specific requirements: Full powerconverter & synchronous generatorPower outcome and grid supportRoom for improvement: OptimizationDipl.-Ing. Joachim Günther, RenewableEnergy Systems Technology, PCS PowerConverter Solutions, Berlin; co-author:Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Hanauer, VEM SachsenwerkGmbH, Dresden, Germany16:15 Coffee and Networking Break, Visit to ExhibitionIndustrial BoardIgnacio Láinez Aracama,Director, Evaluación Energética enEDP Renováveis, SpainMarkus Becker, CTO, KENERSYSGmbH, Münster, GermanyDr. Günther Berger,Vice President DevelopmentRenewable Energies, Bosch RexrothAG, Witten, GermanyStefan Franko, DirectorRenewable Energy, GE PowerConversion, Berlin, GermanyMa Hongbing, General Manager,Goldwind Science & TechnologyCo., Ltd., Beijing, ChinaJean Huby, Managing Director,AREVA Wind GmbH, Bremerhaven,Germany

TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 2013 – 1ST DAYIncreasing Reliability of MainShaft BearingsChairman: Markus Becker, CTO, KENERSYSGmbH, Münster, GermanyEffective Reliability and FailureAnalysis of Wind TurbinesChairman: Prof. Dr. Po Wen Cheng,Endowed Chair of Wind Energy, Instituteof Aircraft Design, University of Stuttgart,GermanyOffshore Certification andRisk AnalysisChairman: Christian Nath, Senior AdvisorWind Energy, Barsbüttel, GermanyInnovative Technology forVibration Control & DampingChairman: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Reuter,Managing Director,Fraunhofer Institute forWind Energy and Energy System Technology(IWES), Bremerhaven, GermanyAdvanced Technology Developmentsin Grid ConnectionChairman: Dr.-Ing. Kurt Rohrig, DeputyDirector, Fraunhofer Institute for WindEnergy and Energy System Technology(IWES), Kassel, Germany16:55 Field measurements for main shaftbearings of wind turbinesNewest experiences of real fieldmeasurementsExcessive motions – often proposed butnever ariseHypothesis: Stray current through mainbearings causing failuresOlle Bankeström, Programme Manager,AB SKF, Gothenburg, SwedenAn optimal age-replacement policy foroffshore blades with two-type damagesTypical types of damages due to harshmarine environmentIcing – A special challenge for offshorewind turbine bladesDr. Mahmood Shafiee, Research Associate,Department of Mathematical Sciences;co-authors: Prof. Michael Patriksson,A/Prof. Ann-Brith Strömberg, ChalmersUniversity of Technology, Gothenburg,SwedenHow certification and due diligencecontribute the profitability of offshoreprojectsThe role and relationship of typecertification vs. due diligenceNational and international contractualand regulatory requirementsInfluences of the project certification oncosts and benefitsPeter Maack, Certification Expert;co-author: Ivan Cuenca, Head of TechnicalDue Diligence – Wind Services, BureauVeritas Industry Services GmbH, Hamburg,GermanyOverall vibration values for highavailabilitywind turbinesPermissible overall vibration valuesSpecific improvements by multichannelvibration value monitoringEvaluation of the 2 nd committee draft ofISO 10816-21Dr. Edwin Becker, Head of Service andDiagnostic Center; co-author: Dipl.-Ing.Johann Lösl, Managing Director, Serviceand Diagnostic Center, PRÜFTECHNIKCondition Monitoring, Ismaning, Munich,GermanyAnalysis of the grid code effectiveness ofoffshore wind farmsEffectiveness and possible simplificationof prevailing requirements for HVDCconnection to the onshore gridSteady-state and fault behaviorinvestigationPossible modification of existing gridcodes towards a downsized steady-statereactive power supplyDipl.-Ing. Moritz Mittelstaedt, ResearchAssistant; co-authors: Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing.Andreas Roehder, Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. ArminSchnettler, Department for High VoltageTechnology (IFHT), RWTH Aachen University,Germany17:25 Challenges and opportunities in theprediction of rolling bearing performancesBearing life using miscellaneous modelsand conceptsAppropriate braking and driving contactforces of bearing torquesPrecise risk prediction of cage andsmearing damageExperimental validation using large sizebearingsDr.-Eng. Luc Houpert, Senior Scientist,Product Technology, Timken Europe,Colmar, FranceTypical changes of main bearing of olderwind turbinesFavored opportunities vs. existing risks:technical, economical and operationalLessons learned from onsite repairRecycling and repowering versusrepairing and runningDipl.-Ing. Patrick Biwer, AssistantManager, Renewable Energies & ERP,Department of Renewable Energies,SEO S.A., LuxembourgWhat are the game changingcomponents that will optimize themaintenance process?The use of risk analysisEfficient combination of process datawith risk assessment toolsMaintenance process and itsimplementationDipl.-Ing. Saskia Greiner, M.Sc.,Department for Environmental- and Biotechnolgy,University of Bremen, GermanyThe advantages of cork composites innoise & vibration mitigationSpecific characteristics of cork structureBenefits and use in application of corkcompositesAdvantages of strong lightweightcomposite structuresCork composite vibration controlmaterials in transmission and distributionequipmentJoão Fernandes, M.ME., ApplicationEngineer; co-author: Antonio Coelho, M.CE.,Director of R&D, Amorim Cork Composites,Mozelos VFR, PortugalTime for change? – Grid situation inGermanyChallenges of grid connection fromplanning to feed-inGrid connection planning & networkcalculationAssignments and tasks to commissioningDipl.-Ing. Rainer Leskien, GridConnection for Wind Farms, Modelling andDesign of electrical Equipment; co-author:Dipl.-Ing. Gudrun Sachs, Grid connection,Wind & Site, Construction, e.n.o. energysystems GmbH, Rostock, Germany17:55 Innovative test of lubricants at tappedthread HV-jointsIn-depth comparison of lubricantpropertiesHV – Type fastenerOptimal friction coefficientCasting – The option of a tapped threadDipl. Ing. (FH) Ute Behrendt, StructuralAnalysis & Composites; co-author:Dipl.-Ing. Christian Reimer, MechanicalEngineer for Structural Analysis and BoltedDamage analysis and technicalrestoration in wind turbinesWell-known types of damages: fire, soot,water, corrosives, oil, etc. …Analysis, cases and samples ofcontaminationsLessons learned to increase the lifetimeof componentsImplementation of successful preventingconceptsRichard Done, UK General Manager,Risk assessment of offshore windturbine systemsFailure modes and effects analysis(FMEA)A look insight: A comparative studybased on the results of onshore againstoffshore wind turbinesHow do utilities calculate costs?Fateme Dinmohammadi, Researcher,Department of Industrial Engineering,Islamic Azad University-South TeheranAdaptive control of the PMSG baseddrive train for active vibration dampingOccurent torsional oscillations ofdirect-drive trainsChallenges of rotating with the optimaltip speed but suppress the torsionaloscillationProven acceptance test of stability by theLyapunov theoryDr. Liang Chen, Scientist, Drive and SystemTechnology; co-author: Dr. Jan Wenske,Automated design of inter-array cablesystems for large offshore wind farmsSignificant in-time reduction for manualand visual inspectionRe-verifications to reduce human errorssignificantlyComplex design solutions using the mostsignificant comparator – the investmentVictor Sellwood, M.Eng., MBA, C.Eng.MIET, Business Development Manager;co-author: Dr. Dusko Nedic, ExecutiveConnections, Suzlon Energy GmbH, Rostock,GermanyAREPA Ltd., Oxford, United KingdomBranch, Teheran, IranHead of Department, Fraunhofer Institutefor Wind Energy and Energy SystemTechnology (IWES), Bremerhaven, GermanyConsultant, Siemens PTI, SiemensTrans mission and Distribution Limited,Manchester, United Kingdom18:25 Challenges for main bearings in largesize wind turbines and suitable designapproaches for reliable and costefficient solutionsProven concepts to increase the flexibilityof large wind turbinesDynamic transient effects of the loadsand corresponding rolling and slidingbehaviorNew bearing solutions – Designed towithstand high dynamic load situationsDipl. Ing. (FH) Wolfgang Losert, CEO;co-author: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Marc Reichhart,Project Engineer, EOLOTEC GmbH,Nuremberg, GermanyTypical damages at on- and offshorewind turbines and their successfulpreventionWhat has already happened?(Un-) typical damages and their impacton the reliability of wind turbinesWhy did it happen? (Un-) typical reasonsand triggerWhat is possible to do?Recommendations for design,specifications and quality assuranceDipl.-Ing. Jürgen Holzmüller,8.2 Ingenieurbüro, Aurich, GermanyEffective maritime collision analysisCertification of offshore wind turbinesSimulation of a maritime collisionbetween ship and OWTHull-retaining configuration of thefoundation structureExplicit FE-analysis with ANSYS/ LS-DynaAssessment of monopile and jacketstructuresDipl.-Ing. (FH) Bernhard Buchmeier,Technical Expert; co-author: Dipl.-Ing. BjörnKramer, Energy & Technology, ComponentEngineering, TÜV SÜD Industry Service,Munich, GermanyA Process for Data Driven PrognosticsEstimation of the remaining useful lifeAppropriate condition indicators (CIs)for gear fault detection, using the healthindicator (HI)Impressive demonstration of a gear faultrun to failure testEric Bechhoefer, M.S., Ph.D., ChiefEngineer, NRG Systems, Hinesburg – VT,USASupport of grid operation by wind farmsand wind farm clustersThe new role of wind farm clusters andvirtual power plantsNecessary frequency and voltage controlManagement of the occurrent congestionShort-term predictionDr.-Ing. Kurt Rohrig, Deputy Director,Head of Division Energy Economy andGrid Operation; co-authors: SebastianStock, Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energyand Energy System Technology (IWES),Kassel, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Lutz Hofmann,Department of Energy Supply and HighVoltage Engineering, Leibniz UniversityHanover, Germany18:55 End of conference day one19:00 Evening ReceptionAt the end of the first conference day we kindly invite you to our evening reception. Enhance your personal network and use the relaxed and informal atmosphere for deepening talks with other participants and speakers.Industrial BoardVolker Kendziorra, Managing Director,ENERCON Service Deutschland GmbH,Aurich, GermanyFrank V. Nielsen, COO, LM Windpower,Kolding, DenmarkJörg Scholle, Executive Vice President,Head of Global Engineer ing & ProductLine Management, Nordex SE, Hamburg/Rostock, GermanyStefan Tenbrock, CEO, Winergy AG,Voerde, GermanySven-Erik Thor, Head of Wind Researchand Development, Business Division AssetDevelopment, Vattenfall AB, Stockholm,Sweden

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19, 2013 – 2ND DAYLecture Room Estrelsaal A/B Lecture Room 1CC Lecture Room Estrelsaal C1/C2 Lecture Room Paris Lecture Room Estrelsaal C5/C6Testing and Simulations –New Approaches to RealisticLoad AssumptionsChairman: Dipl.-Phys. Florian Hanisch,Vice President Engineering, Winergy AG,Voerde, GermanyEfficient Diagnostic Techniquesand Optimization ToolsChairman: Markus Becker, CTO,KENERSYS GmbH, Münster, GermanyOptimization of Offshore WindTurbines: Loads & CostsChairman: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Reuter,Managing Director, Fraunhofer Institute forWind Energy and Energy System Technology(IWES), Bremerhaven, GermanyInternational Wind Power MarketInsightsChairman: Stefan Franko, DirectorRenewable Energy, GE Power Conversion,Berlin, GermanyCritical Aspects inFinance & PlanningChairman: Dr.-Ing. Kurt Rohrig,Deputy Director, Fraunhofer Institute forWind Energy and Energy SystemTechnology (IWES), Kassel, Germany11:50 New model-based software developmentExtension of operational processes andsupervision of turbine operationExtensive evolvement of a graphicallymodelled controller algorithm – froman early stage to a fully developedimplementation modelMeeting the demands of traceability andverification activitiesDr.-Ing. Günter C. Keßler, Project Engineer,Software Development; co-authors:Dipl.-Ing. Sebastien Christiaens, TeamLeader, Dr.-Ing. Axel Schlosser, Manager,Electrics/ Electronics, FEV GmbH, Aachen,GermanyDesign load exceedence due to rotorproperty issuesOverview of possible rotor propertyissues along the production chainDifferent methods for error detectionExamples of negative impact on windturbine lifetime consumptionVerification methods to fulfill the designrequirementsDr.-Ing. Christoph Heilmann, Head ofResearch and Development; co-author:Dipl.-Ing. Anke Grunwald, ManagingDirector, BerlinWind GmbH, Berlin,GermanyIntegral load assessment approach foran optimized support structure designCommon load assessment processIntegral model set-up and projectinterfacesULS and FLS load reduction and benefitsLoad path/case optimization by integralviewDipl.-Ing. Sven Bicker, Head of OffshoreEngineering/Load Assessment, DeutscheWindGuard Offshore GmbH, Varel, GermanyFuture developments of the offshorewind energy in Germany – Wishful thinkingor reality?Basic conditions in GermanyOverview of existing and plannedoffshore wind energy parksOutlook: Future trends, opportunitiesand risksStrategy options for market participantsDirk Briese, Managing Director & Head ofDepartment, wind:research, trend:researchGmbH, Bremen, GermanyThe Cretan wind farms: Estimatingenergy output in areas of complexterrainMulti-MW project developingWind resource evaluation in areas ofcomplex terrainEvaluation of a CFD-code in energyestimationDr. Dimitros Kanellopoulos, Director;co-authors: Eleni Palaiolouga, NaturalResources Evaluation and CertificationDepartment, Public Power CorporationRenewables S.A., Antiopi Gigantidou, SectorIslands Network Operation Department,Hellenic Electricity Distribution NetworkOperator S.A., Agia Paraskevi, Greece12:20 Effective durability test design andmethods for wind turbine systemsFailure modes and causal factorsProven interdependencies and modelverificationLessons learned from other industries:Gleaned test acceleration methods fromthe automotive and aerospace industriesGlen C. Grenier, BSEE, Principle TechnicalConsultant/Staff Scientist, SystemsIntegration Engineering (SIE); co-author:Bob Orange, System Engineer, MTS SystemsCorp., Eden Prairie – MN, USAEarly damage detection on rotor bladesof wind turbinesOverview and comparison of the currentconditioning methodsStatus quo in rotor blade monitoringDemonstration of the utilization ofnatural frequencies for early damageand ice detectionImportant damage types of rotor bladesDetection of rotor imbalancesDr.-Ing. Dietmar Tilch, Managing Director;co-author: Dr. Daniel Brenner, Head ofMonitoring, Bosch Rexroth MonitoringSystems GmbH, Dresden, GermanyCost of energy reductions of offshorewind power plantsImplemented rotor and sub-structuredesign – choices with ripple effectsThe electrical driveline – from generatorto grid connection40 year project design life – achievablewith careful approachHelicopter Access System – fullintegration reduces cost and downtimeMikæl Jakobsson, Co-Founder and ChiefOperating Officer (COO), 2-B Energy,Hengelo, The NetherlandsOnshore wind business health checkTough times or silver stripes at the endof the tunnel – status quo of onshorewind in a nutshellPoor dogs and rising stars – leveragefrom onshore wind businessopportunitiesLessons learned – typical pitfalls fromdoing business in emerging onshorewind marketsAlexander Weidenbach, Senior Manager,Auditor, Transaction Services, KPMG AG,Hamburg, GermanyInnovative wind covers: Making theunprotectable insurableClosing gaps in coverage: Innovativeinsurance solutions for the wind industrySerial loss covers for comprehensiveperformance protectionIncreasing expenses due to adverseweather conditions in offshore projectsSecure profit of wind investors in lesswindy yearsDr.-Ing. Mathias Hörmann, UnderwriterSpecial Enterprise Risks; co-author:Dipl.-Meteor. Ernst Bedacht, CorporateInsurance Partner SER – Green TechSolutions, Munich Re, Munich, Germany12:50 How much testing do you need? –Different test rig designs for differenttesting requirementsFinding the most favorable testingcapabilities for product optimizationAnalyzing detailed behavior of specialspecimen under most realistic conditionsExclusive insights in existing multipurposetest rig designs, technologies andLife-time calculations of electromechanicalsensorsOverview: Conventional encodersImagine the weakest: Typical damagesof bearingsCorrection of the theoretical approachby the introduction of environmentalinfluencesApplication of the sensorEfficient organization of raw datafor load analysis: A unified offshoreframeworkOffshore data managementBest practice examples for verification ofload measurementsAutomated and comprehensible dataprocessingOperational test field data fromThe prospects of wind in the futuremarket of BrazilSpecific legal issuesFacts & figures to be knownInvestors welcome – Considerableaccess requirements for manufacturer,supplier and operatorRisks & Chances for a successful marketentryfinancial investsDipl.-Ing. (FH) Armin Diller, ProjectEngineering, RENK Test System, Augsburg,GermanyWolfgang Weber, Global Industry ManagerRenewable Energy, Factory Automation,Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH, Mannheim, Germany“alpha-ventus”Dipl.-Ing. Ursula Smolka, ResearchAssistant; co-author: Prof. Dr. Po WenCheng, Head of the Department of AircraftDesign, Chair of Wind Energy (SWE),Uni versity of Stuttgart, GermanyDr. Leontina Pinto, Executive DirectorEnergy, Research and Development,ENGENHO Consulting, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil13:20 Lunch and Networking Break, Visit to Exhibition14:35 Assured reliability of bolted connectionsQualtiy assurance through measurementProven life time reliabilityLow cost of ownershipRod Corbett, M.Sc., MIM, ManagingDirector, JamesWalker rotaBolt Ltd.,Dudley, United KingdomSolutions to design a smarter wind farmRapid, cost-efficient, transformative windenergy technology – The Scaled WindFarm Technology (SWIFT) facilityProven controller to administer turbinecontrol functions site-wideIndividual turbine control andcoordination of entire wind parks forinteraction studiesIng. Vidar Grønås, Energy SegmentManager Europe, National Instruments,Norge; co-author: Jon Berg, SandiaNational Laboratories, Asker, NorwayOffshore wind turbines and their substructures:A modular design approachto improve installation and commissioninterfacesHow? What? And when? – DetaileddescriptionCritical evaluation of improvementpotentialExample of implementationDipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Maria Eugenia CastelarPerez, Project Engineer; co-authors:Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Laura Riepe, RWEInnogy GmbH, Hamburg, Dipl.-Ing. RalfSchüttendiebel, REpower Systems AG,Osnabrück, GermanyLecture Room Estrelsaal A/BWind Energy Market USA – Chances andChallengesFacts & figures about the wind energyboom in the pastEconomic and legal market organisationrequirementsOutlook and the customer-orientedcomparison to European marketsMatthias Henke, MBA, Director of GermanOperations, SgurrEnergy Ltd., Hamburg,Germany15:15 Keynote speech: Reducing the cost of energy in offshore wind powerChallenges of reducing the cost of energy while preparing to move into deeper watersTechnological advances needed to make offshore wind cost competitiveLars Thaaning Pedersen, Vice President, Markets & Asset Management, DONG Energy Wind Power, Denmark15:35 Keynote speech: Development of Offshore Wind – a view from a project developerDipl.-Ing. Heiko Ross, Technical Director, Windreich AG, Germany15:55 Panel discussion energy provider “Which further expansion of wind energy in Europe is desirable?”Chairman:Prof. Dr.-Ing. MichaelSterner, Professor for EnergyStorage and Energy Systems,Department of Electrical andMicrosystems Engineering,University of Applied SciencesRegensburg, GermanyParticipants:Dipl.-Ing. Heiko Ross,Technical Director, WindreichAG, GermanyDirk Simons, CFO, RWE Innogy,GermanyLars Thaaning Pedersen,Vice President, Markets & AssetManagement, DONG EnergyWind Power, DenmarkIgnacio Láinez Aracama,Director, Evaluación Energéticaen EDP Renováveis, Spain16:20 End of conference

EXHIBITION & SPONSORINGBECOME AN EXHIBITOR OR SPONSORThe industry exhibition which will be run at the same time as the conference will be a true highlight for all those present at COWEC 2013 in Berlin. It will be located prominently right in front of the conferencerooms with the catering facilities nicely set up amidst the exhibition stands so that exhibitors can easily meet attendees from all over the world. The exhibition will be open throughout the conference. Conferenceattendees will be the only ones admitted to the exhibition – at no cost, of course. A total of 30 companies from home and abroad are invited to show their innovative solutions in wind power engineering in the foyerof the impressive Estrel Hotel and Convention Center. Don’t miss this great opportunity to become an exhibitor and present your products and services effectively if you want to reach out to top-notch attendees andfuture clients at this conference! Target your promotional activities with maximum precision and concentrate on those who are really interested!WHO SHOULD EXHIBIT?The industrial exhibition at this conference will be dedicated specifically to the following sectors:Wind turbine manufacturers • Components • Materials • Equipment manufacturers • Service providers • Consultancies • Maintenance providers • Operations onshore & offshore • Project developers • Utilities • Logistics •Installations • Insurances • Finance • Legal Services • Institutes • AssociationsContactAnnika MollProject Consultant Exhibitions & SponsoringPhone: +49 211 6214-429Fax: +49 211 6214-97429Email: moll_a@vdi.deMEDIA PARTNERS

CONFERENCE OF THE WINDPOWER ENGINEERING COMMUNITYWITH EXHIBITIONJUNE 18–19, 2013 / BERLIN, GERMANYAn event organized by VDI Wissensforum GmbHOFFICAL PARTNERSI SUPPORT COWECBECAUSE …… the VDI conference is anattractive new platform offeringall participants the chance toexchange their views on latesttechnology trends in the windindustry.«Stefan Tenbrock, CEO,Winergy AG… being the co-president hasgiven me a unique chance to workvery closely with leading figures inthe wind power industry to createan inno vative program. I amconfident that attendees will enjoyattending this conference as muchas we did putting it all together.«Dr. Andrew Garrad, President,GL Garrad HassanVDITHE ASSOCIATION OFGERMAN ENGINEERSFEANIEUROPEAN FEDERATIONOF NATIONALENGINEERING ASSOCIATIONSWFEOWORLD FEDERATIONOF ENGINEERINGORGANZIATIONS… this conference will bringtogether the whole windengineering community, makingit the perfect platform to presentand discuss challenges relatedto tech nology, economics andoperation and maintenance«Sven-Erik Thor, Head WindResearch and Development,Business Division AssetDevelopment, Vattenfall AB… as the president of theboard it gives me a greatopportunity to discuss and shareideas with other board members,speakers and our numerousinter national participants. Thisis a global event that nobody inthe wind industry should miss.«Prof. Dr. Andreas Reuter,Managing Director,Fraunhofer IWES… it gives us the opportunityto develop our internationalbusiness further, which is of greatimportance for a medium-sizedmanufacturer like Kenersys.«Markus Becker, CTO,KENERSYS GmbHAn event organized by VDI Wissensforum GmbHwww.cowec.deREGISTRATIONPlease choose your price category:VDI-ConferenceJune 18–19, 2013 (02KO181013)Participation Fee+VAT PRICE LEVEL 1Personal VDI Membersor members of theassociated organisations+VAT PRICE LEVEL 2€ 1,390 € 1,290Package: Conference and one Workshop € 2,010 € 1,960Workshop I June 20, 2013,Wind Resource AssessmentWorkshop II June 20, 2013Legal AspectsParallel Workshops for individual bookingWorkshop I June 20, 2013Wind Resource Assessment (02SE238001)Workshop II June 20, 2013Legal Aspects (02SE181002)€ 870 € 820€ 870 € 820VDI membership no.Name of the associated organisationTitleFirst NameLast Name (Family Name)DepartmentCompany/InstituteStreetZIP Code CityCountryPhone FaxEmailPlease state your invoice address if this differs from the address givenParticipants with an invoice address outside of Austria, Germany and Switzerland arerequested to kindly pay by credit card:Visa Mastercard American ExpressCard holder Valid until (MM/Y)Cardno. Security CodeDate Your SignatureVDI Wissensforum GmbHCustomer Service CenterP.O. Box 10 11 3940002 Düsseldorf, GermanyPhone: +49 211 6214-201Fax: +49 211 6214-97154Email: wissensforum@vdi.deInternet: www.cowec.deTERMS AND CONDITIONSApplications Applications for conference attendancemust be made in writing. Confirmation of yourregistration and the associated invoice will be mailedto you. Please do not pay your conference attendancefee until you have received our invoice and itsinvoice number to be stated for transfer.Conference venue:Estrel Hotel BerlinSonnenallee 22512057 BerlinTel: +49 30 6831 0Fax: +49 30 6831 2345www.estrel.comHotel room reservation:A limited number of rooms have been reserved for thebenefit of the conference’s participants at theEstrel Hotel Berlin until May 07, 2013Sonnenallee 2212057 Berlin.Tel: +49 30 6831 0; Fax: +49 30 6831 refer to »VDI Conference«.Office hours:During the conference you can contact us at thefollowing number: +49 30 6831 25301Monday: 16:00 p.m. – 18:00 p.m.Tuesday: 09:00 a.m. – 19:00 p.m.Wednesday: 08:30 a.m. – 16:15 p.m,VDI Wissensforum service package: The conferencepackage includes the conference documents (onlinedownload), beverages during breaks, lunch and thesocial evening event on June 18, 2013. The workshoppackage includes the workshop documents (will behanded out onsite), beverages during breaks and lunch.Conference attendance conditions and terms:By way of your registration you accept the conferenceattendance conditions and terms of VDI WissensforumGmbH as binding. Any cancellation of your registrationmust be made in writing. We will charge you onlyan administrative fee of € 50.00 plus German VATif you cancel your registration earlier than 14 daysahead of the conference date. Any cancellationthat reaches us after this deadline will entail theconference attendance fee as stated in our invoiceto be charged in full. The date of the post officestamp of your written cancellation will be the decisivecriterion. Subject to agreement, you may name asubstitute participant. Individual parts and sectionsof conferences and seminars cannot be booked. Youwill be informed without delay if an event has to becancelled for unforeseeable reasons. In that instance,you will be entitled only to a refund of your conferenceattendance fee if already paid. We reserve the rightto exchange speakers and/or change the programmesequence in exceptional cases. In any case, the liabilityof VDI Wissensforum GmbH is restricted exclusively tothe conference attendance fee.Data protection: VDI Wissensforum GmbH capturesand processes the address data of conferenceparticipants for their own corporate advertisingpurposes, enabling renowned companies and institutesto reach out to participants by way of informationand offers within their own marketing activities. Wehave outsourced in part the technical implementationof data processing to external service providers.If you do not want to receive any information andoffers in the future, you may contradict the use ofyour personal data by us or any third parties foradvertising purposes. In that case, kindly notify usof your contradiction by using the e-mail or any other of the contactoptions mentioned above.

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