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Business Solutions Bifold - Blonder Tongue Laboratories Inc.

Business Solutions• Attractive Price to Performance Ratio - BT tailors the best technology of the industry andcreates concentrated, cost-effective, high-quality solutions. By maintaining the features required, andstreamlining those that aren’t, smaller businesses may be deployed, benefiting from the technology andimproving their operations. Thereby the cable operator increases market share resulting in increasedsubscribers and revenue.• Brilliant Customized Design - BT’s products are based upon our own hardware platforms,the technology is developed in house and the manufacturing is done entirely by BT. The design,support, and future enhancements are all under our control. Conversely, other low-cost competitorsolutions are based upon off-the-shelf third-party hardware resulting in constantly changing hardwareand inconsistent reliability.• Flawless Quality and Reliability - Add supplemental channels to small satellite locationsto provide local flavor to national line-ups. Make a one-size-fits-all into a tailored suit without a lotof money.• Rock-Solid Company - Founded in 1950 and headquartered in the NY Metro Area whereour R&D and manufacturing facility is located, BT’s support team provides individual/one-on-oneattention from all facets of customer service from sales to engineering and field services.Provide HDTV without set-top boxesheadend• Each input program can contain 1 video and up to 2 audio elementary streams• Supports IGMPv3 protocol• Configurable with 4 modules, each with four (4) adjacent QAM channels, for a total of 16 QAM channels• Supports network based EAS program switching based on SCTE-18• Comprehensive GUI-based menu for remote monitoring and control via standard Web browsers• Accepts variable and constant bitrate streamsIP NetworkSPTS Mode:64 SPTSMPTS Mode:12 or 16 MPTS [1](64 Programs)MODEL: EQAM-420BSTOCk No: 6522B16xClear/Pro:Idiom QAMUp to 4 programs per QAM(not to exceed 38.8 Mbps)16xClear/Pro:Idiom QAMUp to 4 programs per QAM(not to exceed 38.8 Mbps)[1] 12 or 16 MPTS depending on the result of engineering study

Encode & multiplex 4 HDTV programs onto 4 QAM outputs• MPEG-2 HD Encoder• Simultaneously delivers the following outputs: 4xQAM, 4xGigE, and 4xASI• Multiplexes the 4 input programs into 1, 2, 3, or 4 programs per QAM channel• +52 dBmV QAM output level for 4 combined channels• Comprehensive monitoring/control via standard Web browser• EIA-608 and EIA-708 Closed Captioning• Equipped with EAS interface• Dolby ® Digital audio encoding• User-selectable PSIP configuration4xHD-SDI +4xComponent/Composite4 inputstotalMODEL: HDE-4S-QAMSTOCk No: 6374A4 programs4xAdjacent QAMSame as above but 4x HD-SDI inputs are replaced with 2x HDMI and 2x HD-SDI inputs.2xHDMI + 2xHD-SDI +4xComponent/Composite4 inputstotalMODEL: HDE-2H/2S-QAMSTOCk No: 6379A4 programs4xAdjacent QAMEncode Single HD Program for Retail/Digital Signage Applications1xComponent/HDMI/VGA/Composite1xComponent/HD-SDI/HDMI/VGA/Composite(1 Program)(1 Program)MODEL: HDE-CHV-QAMSTOCk No: 6384AFront PanelFront PanelMODEL: HDE-CSV-QAMSTOCk No: 6382ARear PanelRear Panel1xASI1xQAM1xIP1xASI1xQAM1xIP• Simultaneously delivers the following outputs: 1xQAM, 1xASI, and 1xIP• Provides +40 dBmV QAM RF output level• Provides comprehensive GUI-based monitoring and control via standardWeb browsers• Supports Real-time Dolby ® Digital audio encoding• Supports user-defined PSIP configuration• Supports EIA-608 and EIA-708 Closed Captioning• Compact design permits installation of up to 3 Encoder modulesin 1RUTray Model: HDE-3MCHStock #: 6389Cherry-pick 20 programs from 12 ASI inputs & transport over IP backbone• Accepts up to 12 unencrypted MPEG-2/H.264 Singleor Multi-Program Transport Streams (SPTS or MPTS) in ASI format,each up to 270 Mbps• Provides 1, 2, 3, or 4 MPTS output streams• Provides comprehensive GUI-based monitoring and control viastandard Web Browsers• Performs PCR (Program Clock Reference) correction, null packetinsertion, and deletion• Supports EAS (Emergency Alert System) input on ASI Input port 12• Supports Uni- and Multi-cast thru RTP/UDP protocols• Supports ARP, IGMPv2, and ICMP protocols• Supports user-defined PSIP configuration12xASIEAS240 programsMODEL: MUX-12A-IPSTOCk No: 651720 programs(not to exceed 214 Mbps)1xGigE

Migrate seamlessly from ASI to IP platform & vice versaASI Input/Output interface• Supports Single or Multi Program Transport Streams• Performs PCR (Program Clock Reference) correction• Allows Null Packet insertion & deletionGbE Input/Output interface• Supports Uni- and Multi-cast thru RTP/UDP protocols• Supports IPv4, ARP, IGMPv2, and ICMP protocols• Supports variable and constant bitratesOptional RF modules• RF IN/OUT modules support both 8VSB and Annex A/B QAM modes• RF IN module accepts 8VSB & NTSC CATV standard channels (2-135)• RF OUT module provides NTSC CATV standard/sub-band channels (2-135/T7-T14)• RF OUT module provides output level of +40 dBmV1x ASIor QAM/8VSB (with optional RF IN module)1x ASIor QAM (with optional RF OUT module)MODEL: IPATSTOCk No: 65101x GigE1x GigEConvert 8VSB/QAM input to ASI/Composite output• MDDA-860: Demodulates HDTV/SDTV digital signals to ASI• MDDM-860: Demodulates HDTV/SDTV digital signals toNTSC video and analog L/R audio1x 8VSB / QAM1x 8VSB / QAMCherry-pick 12 programs from 4 QAM/8SVB/ASI inputs& transport over a single QAM output• Supports MPEG-2 Transport Stream Tables• Re-maps duplicate PIDs, Program Numbers, & Minor channelnumbers• Maintains MPEG-2 mapping after a power outage• Supports user-defined PSIP configuration• Provides PCR correction and null packet insertion4x 8VSB/QAM/ASI1x ASIMODEL: MDDA-860STOCk No: 62771x Composite Analog A/VMODEL: MDDM-860STOCk No: 6273MODEL: DQMxSTOCk No: 6259A1x QAMSalim ChehadeTerritory Manager - Western Region Sales(States West of the Mississippi River & Western Canada)schehade@blondertongue.com800-523-6049 ext 4376Tom LowdenTerritory Manager - Eastern Region Sales(States East of the Mississippi River & Eastern Canada)tlowden@blondertongue.com800-523-6049 ext 4375Contact & Ordering InformationSteve CiminoDirector - CATV Sales & Special Marketsscimino@blondertongue.com858-505-1318; 858-531-2997 (cell)Jeff SmithVice President - Salesjsmith@blondertongue.com512-238-6973; 732-491-5657 (cell)Customer Servicebtorder@blondertongue.com800-523-6049 exts 4220 & 4320Outside the USAbtglobalsales@blondertongue.com800-523-6049 | 732-679-4000 |© 2013 Blonder Tongue Laboratories, Inc. All rights reserved. Specifications and availability are subject to change without notice. Trademarks are the property of their respective owner.Dolby is a registered trademark of Dolby Laboratories.

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