BWE- Service-Survey
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BWE- Service-Survey

AgendaAgenda01 | The German Wind Energy Association (BWE)02 | Wind Energy in Germany (facts and figures)03 | The consequence for the Field of Service04 | BWE Service Satisfaction Survey05 | Conclusion

01The German Wind EnergyAssociation - BWE

The German Wind Energy Association - BWE• Largest renewable energy association worldwide• 20.000 members: manufacturers, suppliers, owners, investors, lawyerstechnical experts etc.• 15 national associations, 41 regional associations, 10 advisory boards,8 owner platforms, 6 Workshops• Activities• Political communication and lobbying on the federal, state and regional levelas well as on the intl./EU level (member of EWEA, GWEC, EREF und WWEA)• Public relations• Seminars, workshops, conferences• Wind market overviews• Publisher of the leading professional renewable energy journal “neue energie”and “new energy”

02Wind Energy inGermany

Fact sheet wind energy 20102010 2009Installed capacity 27.215 Megawatt 25.777 MegawattNew installed capacity 1.551 Megawatt 1.917 MegawattNumber of WTGs 21.607 21.164New number of WTGs 754 952Electricity generated by wind energyPercentage of total energy consumption37.3 Bn. kWh6.2 percent38.7 Bn. kWh6.7 percentannual energy output 50.5 Bn. kWh 47.8 Bn. kWhAvoided CO 2 emmissions 31.9 M. Tons 32.10 M. Tons

The results: total installed wind capacity in Germany28.00026.00024.00022.00020.00018.00016.00014.00012.00010.0008.0006.0004.0002.000031.01.2010Total installed capacity: 27.215 MWNew installed capacity: 1.551,03 MW (103,80 MW Offshore)1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010Neu New installierte installed capacity Leistung in in megawatt MegawattGesamte Total installed installierte capacity Leistung in megawatt in Megawatt

The results: market shares of turbine producers inGermany

03 The consequence forthe Field of Service

The results: total installed wind capacity in MWworldwide+ 65 % / aQuelle: GWEC

The results: total installed wind capacity in Germany(MW)+ 46 % / a

04 BWE ServiceSatisfaction Survey

BWE Service Satisfaction SurveyMain Idea• Identification and resolution of problems between owners and manufacturersNeeded: transparency on the service market, which helps theowners and the service providers as well• Advantage for the owners: assistance for the choice of the service provider• Advantage for the service providers: unvarnished and realistic statement abouttheir own service quality

BWE Service Satisfaction Survey 2010 (neueenergie 03/2011)• 2055 questionnaires were sent to owners registered in the German Wind EnergyAssociation• 824 complete questionnaires for 2.906 wind turbines were returned andassessed• The evaluation of the results was based on the number of questionnaires, notthe number of turbines evaluated• Questionnaires were evaluated in 3 categories, depending on the age of theturbine: still under warranty, less then 6 years, six or more years• Only companies for which at least 10 questionnaires were returned wereincluded in the evaluation

BWE Service Satisfaction Survey 2010 (neueenergie 03/2011)

BWE Service Satisfaction Survey 2010 (neueenergie 03/2011)

,5-1Assessment of the largest manufacturers,5-2,5-31,97 (2000)2,31 (2003)2,67(2004)1,82 (2008)2,7(2010)EnerconREpowerGEDatenreihen1Datenreihen2Datenreihen3Datenreihen4Datenreihen5,5-43,6 (2002)3,6 (2006)VestasNordexSiemens3,9 (2010)

Number of wind turbines with independentmaintenance contracts20%15%10%Reihe15%0%•2001 1 •2002 2 •2003 3 •2004 4 •2005 5 •2006 6 •2007 7 •2008 8 •2009 9

Types of wind turbines with independentservice140120100806040200•Tacke 1 2 •DeWind 3 4 •WW 5 6 •AN Bonus 7 8 •Südwind 9 10 11•NEG •Nordex •Lagerwey •Vestas •Nordtank

Willingness to change (percentage)57,8 % (2006)58,8 % (2008)38,2 %(2010)SiemensNordexVestas14,6 %(2010)GE1,4 % (2006) 0,9 % (2010)Enercon


conclusion• The aim = 55.000 MW until 2020: this means 3.000 MW/a• Strong growth between1998-2002: plus 46 %/a• Willingness to switch the service provider between 20 und 40 % (exceptEnercon)• Manufacturers: completion and quality of their work performed better than theprice-performance ratio• Independent service provider: offering more varied services not alwaysbetter, cheaper• Good communication between owner and service provider is the first step toclear problems or – even better - to avoid them• Desirable: fixed contact person/ no service hotline!!!• Desirable: focusing on certain types of wind turbines, experience

Thank you for yourVielen Dank fürIhre Aufmerksamkeitattention!Stefan Grothe, Technical AdvisorBundesverband WindEnergie e.V.Marienstr. 19/2010117 BerlinTel.: +49 (0)30 28 48 21 06Fax: +49 (0)30 28 48 21 07E-Mail: info@wind-energie.deInternet:

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