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CARgO TRAILER ACCESSORIESExclusiveExclusivetop Choice919SPT-4SPT-4PSPT-4STote Trays and CasesMeasures 19-3/4”W x 20-1/8”Hx 13-3/8”L.ModelSPT-4SPT-4PSPT-4SDescriptionCombo Totes and RackSteel Trays (2)Poly Cases (2)Poly Totes and RackPoly Cases (4)Steel Totes and RackSteel Trays (4)919NEW & IMPROVED!Drawer Units –Lock ‘n Latch System18”W x 12”H x 12”L steel cabinetwith composite drawers. Newdrawer glides for better operation.Model Desc. & Drawer Size (Qty.)19 2 Drawer Medium16” W x 5” D x 11-1/2” L (2)919 3 Drawer Combo16” W x 2-1/2” D x 11-1/2” L (2)16” W x 5” D x 11-1/2” L (1)9 4 Drawer Shallow16” W x 2-1/2” D x 11-1/2”L (4)22625Drawer Units – Locking Hinge & Hasp#2 measures 18”W x 24”H x 18”L#8 measures 18”W x 18”H x 12”LModel8Desc. & Drawer Size (Qty.)8 3 Drawer Medium16” W x 5” D x 11-1/2” L (3)2 4 Drawer Medium16” W x 5” D x 17-1/2” L (4)25 Divider Kit for #2 Drawer (1)26 Divider Kit for #8 Drawer (1)DC6DC12Drawer ComponentsHigh-impact polymer constructionwith drawer retention stops.ModelDC6DC12Desc. & Cabinet SizeBase 3 drawer narrow model6”W x 12”H x 12”DBase 3 drawer wide model12”W x 12”H x 12”DInterlocking feature allows up to 2 units stackedvertically or multiple units horizontally.5lb. weight capacity per drawer.1 121AShelf Cabinets can be used freestanding or are perfect forstacking with our lockabledrawer units.Model Description & Cabinet Size1 Shelf Cabinet18”W x 22”H x 18”L12 Shelf Cabinet Open Side18”W x 22”H x 12”L1A Optional Shelf for No. 112A Optional End Panel for No.12CL1446DCL1446RCabinet LockersLockers feature a 46” highstorage space with removableshelves.Model Description & Cabinet SizeCL1446R Cabinet Locker Full Door18”W x 46”H x 14”DCL1446D Cabinet Locker Short Door18”W x 46”H x 14”DTwo 51” Rest Assemblies shown withtwo TRK60 Z-Rail kits and blue bins.Bin and Rest AssemblyPortable blue bins are great to take to the job site. The rest assemblyis 51” long and can accommodate three #22 or six #24 bins per row.The spring loaded lock bar holds bins in place. Add dividers to theblue bins with the #23 plastic divider.Model Description29193-0 Two rows – 51” Rest Assembly for TrailersALUMINUM LOCK BOXUH5T Utility Hooks for Z RailHang shovels, extension cords, rakes andbrooms on this versatile utility hook. Thepowder coated steel hook easily slips ontoAdrian’s Z-Rail without the need for fasteners.UH5T utility hooks are sold individually.Trailer Installation Fastener KitsIncludes z-rail for mounting to the wall,floor plates for mounting to the floor andtop ChoiceModel DescriptionTRK18 Trailer Fastener Kit, 18”TRK32 Trailer Fastener Kit, 32”TRK36 Trailer Fastener Kit, 36”TRK42 Trailer Fastener Kit, 42”TRK48 Trailer Fastener Kit, 48”TRK52 Trailer Fastener Kit, 52”TRK60 Trailer Fastener Kit, 60”fasteners for both. All trailer shelving units and modules include thenecessary fastener kits. Additional fastener kits can be ordered.n Designed to mount on thetrailer floor facing out theside or rear door.n Aluminum constructionwith powder coat blackpaint.n Gas shock easesopening and closing ofthe large lid.n The large lock willaccommodate apadlock or hockeypuck style lock(not included.)n Stores valuable toolsand paperwork.n Accessible and easyto use.LKB1 Aluminum Lock Box20” W, 14.5” H, 25” DNEW!

TRADE PACKAgESDON’T LET ALL THAT SPACE INSIDE YOUR CARgO TRAILER INTIMIDATE YOU. Turn to Adrian Steel for ideas onhow to best maximize the space inside your cargo trailer. Trade packages are designed for different vocations, withtrade specific equipment like tank racks and small parts storage. Trade packages are thought starters, designed togive you ideas to combine the Adrian Steel shelving, cabinets, drawers and modules that fit your specific needs.H4 1 3 2 7 6 5 7FBWhy Adrian SteelTrailer Products?An Holds up to stresswhen trailer is inmotion.n Stronger than wood.n Secure storage forvaluable parts andtools.n Modular designallows you to buildthe interior to fit yourbusiness needs.n Commercial grade -stands up to manyyears of wear & tear.n Have a work-readytrailer faster.Notes:n Interiors designed for 12’long trailers.n Floor mat not currently available.n Trailers with wheel wells mayrequire equipment modification.Please contact your localAdrian Steel distributor.A Adjustable shelving is60” high, and is availablein depths up to 24” andas wide as 60”. Easilyadd drawer units andlocking door kits.B Drawer Componentsare essential for the storageof small parts andfasteners. DC Units areavailable in 6” and 12”widths, 12” deep and12” high.C Locking Cabinets providesecure storage forjobsite tools. The compressedT-Handledoes not protrudeinto the aisle.D Lock and LatchDrawer Units aregreat for storingthose small partsand tools.E Storage Lockersecures large items witha two-point locking system.F Adjustable shelvingunit with work bench topprovides a surface insidethe trailer from which youcan work.7E171013 16 1 96G6G Store ladders safe anddry inside the trailer andoff the floor with the LK8Ladder Keeper.H Portable plastic binsorganize small parts andare easy to take to thejobsite.3969gENERAL PACKAgEItem Model Description Qty.1 CL1860 Cabinet Locker 12 DC12 Drawer Component 12” Wide 23 DC6 Drawer Component 6” Wide 44 LK8 Ladder Keeper 8’ (not shown) 15 MD4842T Desk Module 48x42x24 26 TRK52 Trailer Z-Rail Kit 52” LG 67 TRK60 Trailer Z-Rail Kit 60” LG 28 UH5T Z-rail Acc. Hook (not shown) 109 1 Cabinet 18x22x18 310 1A Shelf for #1 Cabinet 111 19 2-Drawer Medium 112 22 Linbin 30-250 Blue 15x16x7 613 23896-O E-Track Strip 12’ W/Cam Blk 214 24 Linbin 30-240 Blue 15x8x7 1215 29193-O Rest Asm. 2 Row 51” 216 29687-O E-Track 128” or 10’8” 117 4A Parts Tray 2x12x36 118 9 4-Drawer Shallow 1Note: Interior designed for 16’ long trailers.5B1114 12 15 518CD23A63682BUILDER/REMODELER PACKAgEItem Model Description Qty.1 HD-42WPT Adjustable HD Shelving Unit 12 MD707T KD Storage Unit 13 MD603T Drawer Cabinet Module 14 DS46012 12 Drawer System 15 JD42WPT Jumbo Adjustable Shelving Unit 16 MD708T Work Bench Module 17 TA1 Hook Bar 2Note: Interior designed for 12’ long trailers.5 1 2 3 6 4 63683PLUMBINg, HEATINg, A/C REPAIR PACKAgEItem Model Description Qty.1 MD706T KD Storage Unit 12 MD704T KD Storage Unit 13 MD601T Drawer Cabinet Module 14 MD707T KD Storage Unit 15 WTR130250 Three Tank Rack 16 WTR230150 Three Tank Rack 2Note: Interior designed for 12’ long trailers.6 7 1 2 3 6 5 4 73684UTILITY/gAS & ELECTRIC PACKAgEItem Model Description Qty.1 MD706T KD Storage Unit 12 HD-32WPT HD Adjustable Shelving Unit 13 MD701T Drawer Cabinet Module 14 HD-52WPT HD Adjustable Shelving Unit 15 MD702T Drawer Cabinet Module 16 WRH5 5 Bar Wire Reel Holder 27 TA1 Hook Bar 2Note: Interior designed for 12’ long trailers.800.677.2726

LADDER RACKSDON’T THROW THEM ON THE FLOOR! ADRIAN HAS ALL THE LADDER CARRYINg SOLUTIONS YOU NEED!Why risk damaging your ladders by allowing them to slide around inside your cargo trailer as you drive down theroad? Adrian Steel has several options for safely transporting your ladders and other cargo.Access to your ladders isnow easier than ever withAdrian’s side mountedladder rack.SDL2TSide Mounted Ladder Rackn Easily mounts to side of the cargo trailern Has the capability to carry two laddersn Features powder coated steel vertical bowsn Adjustable plastisol ladder clamps protect theladder while stowedn A tough nylon strap secures the ladders duringtransportationn U-Bolts provide an attachment location to add alocking cable for security.Note: The length of ladder the SDL2T can accommodate isdetermined by the length of the trailer.Available in black orwhitePlastisol ladder clampsprotect fiberglass laddersContainment strapssecure ladder2BRST Utility Racks Carry ladders and more with confidence, 2BRST utility racks giveyou the flexibility no matter what the job.n Welded tie hooksn Universally designed to fit 6’ to 8’ wide trailersn Available in a durable black or white powder coat finishn Upright caps protect ladders when loading and unloadingn Available in 1 and 2 bar sets.Note: 2BRST utility racks with 1/2”or wider drip rails require TRDK Drip Rail KitProduct Model DescriptionOne Bar Steel 1BRST-W Single Cross Beam Assembly/WhiteOne Bar Steel 1BRST-B Single Cross Beam Assembly/BlackTwo Bar Steel 2BRST-W Two Bar Assembly/WhiteTwo Bar Steel 2BRST-B Two Bar Assembly/BlackDrip Rail Kit TRDK-B Single Bar Kit/BlackDrip Rail Kit TRDK-W Single Bar Kit/WhiteLADDER KEEPER1Simply press ladderinward to release rearladder rung from the rearclamp bracket.2Walk the ladder backas the front clampbracket glides on the track.3Remove front rungfrom the front clampbracket and you’re ready togo to the job site!Store ladders inside the trailer and off the floor with the LK8 Ladder Keeper. The Ladder Keeper features plastic coated clamps to protectthe ladder rungs, a gas spring that compresses ladder rungs for secure transportation and an extruded track that simplifies loading andunloading the ladder. The Ladder Keeper will accommodate up to an eight-foot ladder. Longer trailers can accommodate longer ladders withthe option LKX extension that provides 4’ of additional track. The Ladder Keeper requires roof bows in the trailer for installation.LK8 Ladder Keeper interior ladder rackLKX Ladder Keeper 4 foot extension

ADRIAN STEEL COMPANYQUALITYn Adrian Steel is proud to be the first and only van equipment manufacturer to obtain TS16949 certification.n Our products are durable and reliable. Warranty claims are less than 1% of sales.n Our warranty covers our products for three years or 36,000 miles.INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS WITH FEATURES THAT MATTERn Drawers that stay closed while in transit.n Shelving and cabinets designed to fit together for custom work spaces.n 60” high shelves maximize cargo trailer storage.n Interior ladder storage.n Plug and Play accessories.n File storage, removable small parts bins, and much more!COMMITMENTn At Adrian Steel, we are committed to you beyond the upfit!n A dedicated Customer Care Team at corporate headquarters.n A network of highly qualified distributors to support you locally.n Our commitment to provide the best cargo management solutions in North America.EXPERIENCEn Over One Million vehicles upfitted, and counting! It’s a fact that an organizedvehicle increases work flow efficiencies and reduces inventory damages.n Recognized as a National Truck Equipment Association MVP.SERVICEn Adrian Steel Products can be purchased throughout North America at authorized Adrian Steel distributors.n Adrian Steel Customer Service Representatives are available M-F, 8am - 5pm EST at 1-800-677-2726.n E-mail us at with questions, comments and feedback.n Visit for the most up-to-date product information, distributor locator, product catalogs, videos and more.PROUDLY DISTRIBUTED BY:906 James StreetAdrian, Michigan 49221-3996517-265-6194 Fax: 517-265-5834Toll Free info@adriansteel.comCT3M NOV12

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