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AN ACADEMY FOR 12-18 YEAR OLDS - Pershore High School

AN ACADEMY FOR 12-18 YEAR OLDS - Pershore High School

London TripDay 1: A full

London TripDay 1: A full day in London to enjoy some of the sights of the City. In previousyears we have visited, among other attractions, The London Eye, Covent Gardenand The National Gallery and the exact itinerary will be when your place on the triphas been secured. In the afternoon, there will be a picnic in one of the worldfamous London parks and then the highlight of the excursion will be an evening atone of the capital’s famous West End Theatres. We will leave at 6.45 am and thenreturn to Pershore in the early hours of Tuesday 23 rd July.Day 2: Students not expected in school due to the late finish on day 1.Cost: £60Disney Land ParisDay 1: A very full day in Disney Land Paris awaits anyone who choses thisactivity. We set off in the early hours of Monday morning and arrive in Disney for afull day of fun with Mickey! Students will be able to visit all of the rides and evenuse their ‘Fast Pass’ on the big roller coasters. After dinner we will make our wayback to Pershore and arrive in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Please beaware that a non-refundable £50 deposit will be payable before half term due tothe nature of this trip and having to book tickets.Day 2: Students are not expected in school due to the late finish on day 1.Cost: £110 (deposit of £50 to be paid before half term)Golfing (two day activity)Day 1 and 2: For the absolute beginner or experienced golfer. There will be anopportunity to enjoy time on the driving range and practise putting on the green.Each afternoon those skills can be put in to practice on the local par 3 golf course.Twyford range is run by Jeremy Robinson (who provides video analysis) andoffers expertise gained by his time as a professional on the European Tour and asa member of the English Walker Cup team.Cost: £50Horrible HistoriesDay 1: Students will visit Britain's Ultimate Castle, where they will be surroundedby jaw-dropping history, magic, myth and adventure! There will be shows, battles,live entertainment and the chance to learn about some of the darkest, bloodiestand most frightening times in the Castle’s history. Actors and special effects bringthe history to life.Day 2: A creative workshop in school bringing back the fantastic memories of thetrip from day one.Cost: £15

Mix and MatchAn opportunity to pick two of the following activities which will take place in andaround Pershore:Circus Skills – A day of fun where students can learn how to juggle or even ridea unicycle.Animal Antics – A hands on workshop where students can get up close withdifferent animals ranging from snakes to lemurs. Students will learn all about themand their habitats.Falconry Show – Students will watch a unique and unforgettable flying displayand have the opportunity to get close to a range of different birds of prey.Hair & Beauty – Learn different hair and beauty tips ranging from makeupappropriate to different seasons or creating hair do’s for that all important prom.Dance Workshop – Create impressive dance routines with a professional dancerto different current music.Felt Making – learn the art of felt making and create your own animals, wallhangings or decorations.Pick two choices (1 for each day)Cost: £10 (for two days)Olympic ParkA worldwide audience of 4 billion was glued to the TV all summer watching theheroics of the world’s greatest athletes as they competed in the Olympic andParalympic Games. Now we all have new sporting heroes. But it’s not over yet!Day 1: Students will take a trip to the Olympic Park and will have a guided tourwhere they will hear the story of the Games, learn about the transformation of theQueen Elizabeth Olympic Park and plans for the future.Day 2: Sporting activities in school and a sports tournament.Thrill SeekersDay 1: Visit to Alton Towers, one of the most popular theme parks in the UK. Wewill leave Pershore High School at 8.00 am and return around 6.00 pm.Day 2: This day will be will based in the School’s Technology Department wherea workshop will allow students to design their own roller coaster and a competitionwill be held for the best design.

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