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ENG_2006-3_VismaDokumentsenter .qxd - Proplan AS

Visma Document CentreComplete workflow with electronic document handling1 01 0101111 100111000101111010011100010111101001110001011100010111 110 001011

The benefits of working digitally:The way to flexibledocument management• Efficient document flow • Reduced costs • Easier case processing• Simplified filing and retrieval • Improved overview and controlDo you have control over your company's vouchers at all times?The truth often hurts, as you might find that you spend a lot of timeAutomated reading – Invoice interpretationAll invoices contain information on customerdata, invoice dates, due dates and amounts.Authorisation and follow-upInformation about what the voucher refersto, who the recipient is, and when it wasEmployees who are not necessarily usingthe financial system on a daily basis maynevertheless, if authorised, have access tofinding and processing vouchers, often in a chaotic environment.Previously, the scanned documents werereceived and read appears on all vouchersVisma Document Centre and to look upprocessed as images. The Invoice Interpretersent to data flow. The system also displaysand authorise vouchers.Would it not be better if all your company's vouchers were scanned and managedusing a clear electronic solution which at all times gives you control over allvouchers and the document flow? This solution is Visma Document Centre.Digital flow of documentsVisma Document Centre expands yourin Visma Document Centre draws out invoiceinformation and automatically places this asaccounting data in the batch. When advanceprocessing rules for suppliers have beenentered, the system will recognize the supplierin question and know how to enter theinformation. The Invoice Interpreter checksthat the invoice fields have been correctlyidentified so that both the CID number andwhere the voucher is in the approval processand the deadline for processing. Colourcodes and symbols may be used to indicatedue dates for processing and the due datefor the invoice. Comments on the voucherin question can also be entered.Always available“ You have full control overthe document flow, and thetime spent on administrationof vouchers is reducedsubstantially.”company's business solution with a new,the amount agree with the control digit. TheDigital document flow not only makes itcomprehensive and modern tool for securesystem reports all deviations so that a book-easier to find vouchers, but they can also bedigital document handling. Vouchers arekeeper is able to manually inspect the invoiceput on-screen instantly, voucher by voucher.Integration and savingsscanned directly into an electronic archive.and its entry. The means the time spent onUsers always have full control over theirVisma Document Centre is fully integratedAfter scanning, the voucher informationentering incoming invoices can be reducedvouchers, and can easily transfer thewith your financial system. You can gois entered and the document is sent to theby as much as 70-90%.responsibility for authorisation to others instraight to the search procedure in therequired recipients or for authorisation.the event of sickness or absence. Thusfinancial system to look up documents.Information about projects and other costSimplified filinginvoices and other vouchers will not be leftbearers can be commented on by theThe original vouchers are stored and registeredwaiting unnecessarily on recipients' desks.Studies show that manual processing of justauthoriser before approval. The result is ain one place and are available in one electronicThis simplifies common procedures andone invoice costs between NOK 300 andfar more efficient procedure for documentsystem. This eliminates duplication andmakes them more efficient.NOK 1200. With Visma Document Centreadministration, authorisation, storing anderrors. Users can retrieve a voucher fromyour company can attain great savingsretrieval of vouchers. This gives you fullthe electronic archive whenever they want.Users also have access to all their vouchersthrough reduced costs and reduced timecontrol and a working environment whereScanned vouchers may be sent as attachmentsthat are being processed, and know at allspent on document handling.things are easy to find.direct by e-mail to the selected recipients.times when a specific voucher has beenThis simplifies retrieval and distribution ofreceived and processed by another user.documents for all company employees.Users are notified via e-mail about incomingvouchers for processing.If you want to find out more, visitvismasoftware.no/vismadokumentsenter

Visma Document Centre in brief:• Delivered in three versions: • Scanner:• TWAIN compatible• 300 DPI resolution• Integration with:• Scanning• Scanning and document flow• With Invoice Interpreter OCR• Visma Business• Visma Global• Scenario ProfessionalDocument flow in practice:1. The accounting department receivesa normal supplier invoice in the mail.2. The invoice is scanned in and accountinginformation is added, such as amount, account,department and project.3. If the company uses "Invoice Interpreter", theaccounting information will be entered automatically.4. The digital invoice is sent through document flowto all relevant authorisers for processing,authorisation and final approval.Electronic document management saves resources and gives a clear overview.With Visma Document Centre you get a modern, easy-to-use tool for electronicadministration of vouchers. All vouchers are stored electronically and are availableas part of a comprehensive business management system.5. After final approval of the invoice it is againelectronically forwarded to the accountingdepartment which updates the system and paysthe invoice.6. The invoice is now filed electronicallyand can be retrieved on screen at any timewith just a few key strokes.

1101001110001011110100111000101111010011100010111101001110001011Solutions for any needVisma has a broad range of software with functionality adapted to companies that want to simplify their business operations.Our software development is based on knowledge about Nordic customers' business processes and will provide the most effectivesolution irrespective of the size of your company. The functionality of our specially developed sector solutions is adaptedin cooperation with the sector in question. The inclusion of services that add value complete the solution.Unique local expertiseVisma Software has Norway's largest nationwide retailer network. All our dealer consultants have passed comprehensive authorisationprogrammes. All our retail consultants have undergone an extensive certification program. Individual retailers also have their own retailerauthorization which is a stamp of quality and a guarantee for you the customer.Always updated on the web!vismasoftware.noVisma Software Norge AS • Biskop Gunnerusgt. 6 • PB 774, Sentrum • 0106 Oslo • NorgeTel: +47 46 40 40 00 • Fax: +47 23 15 80 81 • www.vismasoftware.noVisma Software ASA tar forbehold om eventuelle feil eller mangler i denne brosjyren, og påberoper seg retten til å endre oppgitte spesifikasjoneruten varsel. Det henvises forøvrig til systemdokumentasjonen, samt lisens- og vedlikeholdsavtale som medfølger det enkelte systemet.

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