VENI application procedure - Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
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VENI application procedure - Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

VENI application procedureVENI application procedure:from the perspective of an applicant...Hans van DommelenMechanics of Materials,Department of Mechanical Engineering,Eindhoven University of TechnologyInnovational Research Incentives Scheme(Vernieuwingsimpulsprogramma)• Year of application: 2006• Area: Technical Sciences (Technische Wetenschappen)• Procedure (30 proposals, 7 grants):1. written proposal → first selection round(10 proposals rejected)2. reviewers’ comments → protocol → secondselection round (6 proposals rejected)3. interview → final selection (7 proposals rejected)• At start project: STW users committee/written proposal• Reviewed by specialists– Evaluation criteria ~ OTP STW• Summary: important for non-specialist jury• Curriculum Vitae: difference with STW→ personal evaluation/protocol• Response to comments from specialist reviewers– e.g.: “No comment”, “I agree”, or detailed response• Reviewer comments + author response = “protocol”• Protocol judged by jury (of non-specialists)– Quality of researcher– Innovative aspects– Quality of research proposal– Scores: 1-9 (lower is better)/interview• Short presentation (10 min.) + questions• Presentation:– for “highly educated laymen”• Goal of committee:to determine if they should give you the money...• Most important:appearance, own believe, answers (a bit)/interview• Possible questions:– What is new / innovative?–Why you?– Why is Eindhoven the best place for this research?– If you could choose, where else?Do you have contacts there?– If not granted, what then?– Where will you be in five years?• My questions:– explanation multi-scale techniques– which publication most proud of?– experience with conference presentations (based on CV)1

interview: tips/interview: tips• Jury members are known→ take a look at their backgrounds!• Presentation: maybe address most important issue ofreviewers (take away any doubt)• Practice presentation well, also prepare for questions• You want to be remembered by the jury:how can you stand out?– attractive slides– be enthusiastic–e.g. handouts, closing remark (one-liner, sound-bite,a view at the future)• Consider it as an application interview or salespresentation2

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