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APPLICATION BRIEFCRITICAL COMMUNICATIONS FOR HOSPITALITYTRANSFORMING YOUR GUESTEXPERIENCE THROUGH IMPROVEDSTAFF COMMUNICATIONSDELIVERING SUPERIOR SERVICE, ALL DAY, EVERY DAYYOUR CHALLENGE: IMPRESSINGEVERY GUEST ON EVERY VISITIn the hospitality industry, service is king. Superiorservice, employees who are ready to take action andsparkling-clean facilities are the necessary ingredientsfor the type of stay that’s worthy of a return visit –and an enthusiastic recommendation to friends andcolleagues. Your guests want rapid check-in and topnotchservice; they expect prompt staff responses andVIP treatment throughout their stay. To consistentlydeliver that level of service, your employees need tocollaborate and act in real time, and your managersneed to be able to monitor and respond to conditionsas they happen.YOUR SOLUTION: DISCOVERING HOWEFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONS CANCONNECT YOUR TEAMS TO IMPROVEPERFORMANCEImagine if you and your employees had a suite ofcommunication solutions, each one providing everyworker with the features and functionality they needto get their specific job done: delivering completevoice and data communications; enabling staff toreach each other, whenever necessary and whereverthey are; providing access to the information they needto take the right action in the moments that matter.It can all be yours! Achieved by deploying devicesand services designed specifically to work acrossyour hotel premises, both inside and out, streamliningeveryday processes to improve your guest experiences.

APPLICATION BRIEFCRITICAL COMMUNICATIONS FOR HOSPITALITYIT’S ALL ABOUT DEFINING A NEWCLASS OF GUEST SERVICE, FROMCHECK-IN TO CHECK OUTOur hospitality communications portfolio providesthe real-time information your employees need totransform your guests’ experience from acceptableto exceptional. With Motorola Solutions inside yourhotel, everything happens in real time. Informationflows seamlessly within and between departments,allowing your entire staff to function as one cohesiveteam in the moments that matter. And with a Motoroladevice in hand, supported by Motorola wireless LAN(WLAN), your workforce will have the mobile voiceand data capabilities they need to address guestrequirements as quickly and efficiently as possible.Now, workers can act on the spot, be able to completetasks instantly, even if they require coordinationwith other employees. Staff efficiency is increased,allowing more time for your workers to tend to yourguests. Staff availability is increased, enabling adependable, prompt response. And accountability isincreased, since managers see the real-time workloadand task status for each member of their team.The overall result? Your guests enjoy consistentand differentiated service levels, increasing youroccupancy rates, enhancing your guest loyalty,improving your reviews and ratings… all of whichcan only help increase your profitability too!

APPLICATION BRIEFCRITICAL COMMUNICATIONS FOR HOSPITALITYWHICH COMMUNICATION DEVICES WILL SUIT YOUR BUSINESS BEST?IT’S YOUR CHOICEAll our communication devices are purpose-built from the inside out for both voice and data operations. Designedto deliver rugged reliability for all day, every day operation, despite the inevitable drops, dusty backrooms or evenspilled liquids, they will give you the clear, strong audio performance and exceptional voice quality you and yourstaff need to confidently communicate in noisy environments.TWO-WAY RADIOS FOR HOSPITALITYA full line of two-way radios provides an easy andaffordable way to connect your entire organisation.Instantaneous communication… reliableconnections between team members at the touchof a button.Private and group calling… allows communicationsbetween individuals or teams to ensure the messagegets through to the right people.Emergency button… alerts supervisor or security inan emergency situation with the press of one button.Integrated data applications… allowincreased functionality, improved performanceand better management capabilities from yourcommunications system.Seamless communication with other devices /networks… integrate fixed or mobile telephones,mobile computers, TEAM smartphones and twowayradios in a single network for always-on, voiceconnectivity across your entire operation.Multiple wear options and accessories… giveyour workers hands-free operation, maximum comfortand flexibility.Wide range of devices… from super slim anddiscreet to rugged and waterproof, Motorola has atwo-way radio to meet every user’s requirements.MOBILE HOSPITALITY SOLUTIONSWhether your workers spend their day in the lobby,cleaning guest rooms or attending to a faulty airconditioner, there is a Motorola mobile computer justright for the job – and your budget.Anywhere, anytime capture of virtually any typeof data… 1D and 2D bar codes, payment cards andsignatures, high-resolution photos and more.Unrivalled bar code scanning technology… cancapture even damaged and poorly printed bar codes.Remote management of your mobiles andperipherals… including initial operation, applicationupdates, health monitoring, troubleshooting andissue resolution.Security you can count on… our Mobile SecuritySuite delivers wired, network-class security to the dataon your mobile computers and in transit over cellular orWi-Fi networks; with a firewall, intrusion prevention,enforced authentication, data encryption and more.Extraordinary control over the featureson our mobile devices… our AppCenter allows you tochoose which device features and software applicationsyour users can access to protect productivity.Easy and cost-effective application developmentand deployment… ready-to-go and custom, best-inclassapplications to streamline virtually anybusiness process.AND EVERY SINGLE RADIO OR MOBILE DEVICE COMES WITH A CHOICE OFINDUSTRY-LEADING SERVICE PLANS WHICH COVER EVERYTHING!Our Service from the Start programme, with Comprehensive Coverage, goes beyond standard warranty to coveryou for normal wear and tear plus accidental damage to internal and external components and repairs andreplacements too.Discover more about how you could transform your guest experience through improved staffcommunications at www.motorolasolutions.com/hospitality.Motorola Solutions Ltd. Jay Close, Viables Industrial Estate, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG22 4PD, UK.MOTOROLA, MOTO, MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS and the Stylised M Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC and are used underlicense. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2014 Motorola Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. EA03/14.

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