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Corporate ProfileCopyright © Lasertec Corporation All Rights Reserved 1-R&D and FabLite Oriented Enterprise-Foundation Establishment of Tokyo ITV Laboratory in 1960Corporate name was changed to Lasertec Corporation in 1986LocationsDescription ofbusinessCapitalSalesHead Quarters: 2-10-1 Shin-yokohama, Kohoku-ku Yokohama, JapanSubsidiaries: US, Korea, TaiwanDevelopment, manufacturing and service of Semiconductor relatedsystems, LCD/PV cell related systems and Laser Microscopes931 Million Yen12,722 million yen for the term ended June 2011(sales ratio of overseas; 75%)Payroll 233 (at the end of December 2010)Listing Over-the-Counter Issues in 1990, JASDAQ listing in 2003 (Code 6920)R&D Center and Head Quarters at Shin-yokohamaSubsidiary in USA Subsidiary in Korea Subsidiary in Taiwan

Character, Strength/Core TechnologyStrength of Lasertec lies in the creativity to uniquely produce problem solving methods and thedevelopment ability to commercialize such problem solving methods faster than anyone else byintegrating electronics, precision mechanics, Image processing to the applied optics that is thecore technology of Lasertec.CustomerCustomerActualized needs,Latent expectationApplied Optics Technology・Confocal Optics・DUV Optics・Interference Optics◆Precision Mechanics・High-precision and highspeedstage technology・Defect repair and particle ablation◆Electronics・High-speed image signal processing・High-precision analogue circuit・High-density digital circuitSolution◆Image Processing Technology・Image processing technology・Defect detection technologyFabLite oriented strategyConcentrate on development and prototype in its own premises.Consign mass production to partners with a lot of experiences.Copyright © Lasertec Corporation All Rights Reserved 4

Current Product FieldCopyright © Lasertec Corporation All Rights Reserved 5Semiconductor related systems, LCD/PV cell related systems and Laser MicroscopesEntry into the environment/energy related market starting last year as the new field to be reclaimedLCD relatedsystemsLaserMicroscopesAppliedOpticsTechnologyEnvironment/Energy・PV Cell・SiC waferSemiconductorrelated systemsNew

Examples of main productsSemiconductor related systems■Inspection ■フォトマスク、ウェハの systems for photomasks 欠 陥 検 査 装 and 置 wafersThe market share of mask blanks inspection system is 100 %.Mask Blanks Inspection SystemMAGICS M6641LCD/PV cell related systems■Large size photomask inspection systems andcolor filter inspection and repair systemsThe market share of large size photomask inspection system is 100%.Commercialized PV cell conversion efficiency distributionmeasurement systems in May 2009.Large size photmask inspectionsystem for 10G LI712Laser Microscopes■Applied to R&D of semiconductor, FPD, new materials,metals and so on. Also plays an important role as anantenna for finding new markets.The market share of domestic industrial microscope is 22%.(reference “Kagaku Kiki Nenkan 2010”)Seamless observation in the range frommillimeter to nanometerUltra high resolution Microscope H1200Copyright © Lasertec Corporation All Rights Reserved 6

Lasertec’s main tools in the semiconductor manufacturing processesMask related processesWafer/Device processesMaskblanksInspection SystemMAGICS SeriesPhase Shift/TransmittanceMeasurement SystemMPM193EXPellicle/PhotomaskParticle InspectionSystemPEGSIS P100PhotomaskInspection SystemMATRICS X700SeriesMask Sample(6 inch square,thickness :1/4 inch)Pattern DesignMaskblanks MaskManufacturing ManufacturingWaferManufacturingFront-endDevice ManufacturingProcessesWafer processingAssembly/PackagingBack-endWaferInspection/ReviewSystemM5640SiC WaferMURA/Film InspectionSystemWASAVI Series MR300TSV Etching Depth InspectionSystemWASAVI Series TSV300-IR300 mm wafer sampleSiC Wafer InspectionReview SystemWASAVI SeriesSICA61TSV3DInterconnectDeviceCopyright © Lasertec Corporation All Rights Reserved 7

Copyright © Lasertec Corporation All Rights Reserved 8Lasertec’s main tools in the LCD panel manufacturing processesMask related productsPanel related productsLarge Size PhotomaskSubstrates/BlanksInspection System LBLarge Mask Inspection SystemLI712 (for 10G)LCD/TFT Color Filter RepairSystemGlass for ArrayMask BlanksManufacturingPattern DesignMaskManufacturingArray Manufacturing ProcessCell Process ModuleProcessGlass for Color FilterColor Filter Manufacturing ProcessPellicle Inspection/PellicleMounting System PA/PPLDC/TFT Color Filter RepairSystem RAGNAS Series

Highlight of consolidated business achievement for the past five years (1)■ Net profit for each term (million yen)■ Net profit per share for each term (yen)3,0002,3753002,0001,0001,8883611,51720010020416513402007 2008 2009 2010 2011032△ 1,000△ 651△ 1002007 2008 2009 2010 2011△ 58■ R&D expenditure (million yen)■ Dividend per share (yen) and dividend ratio (%)1,50010090.01,0001,1621,2691,2429241,01150605046.74160.0500030.415 1529.4 30.32007 2008 2009 2010 201130.00.002007 2008 2009 2010 2011△ 50△ 30.01 株 当 たり 配 当 ( 円 ) 配 当 性 向 (%)Copyright © Lasertec Corporation All Rights Reserved 9

Features of main new products for 2010 and examples of core technologies.New ProductsHigherReinforcement of the already existing field.(Development of the next generation tools):Semiconductor Photomask Inspection SystemThe most advanced photomask inspection system MATRICS700 Series for coping with finer design rules.Implementation of remarkably improved sensitivity and stability based on the 213 nm laser lightsource uniquely developed by Lasertec.A defect on a photomaskConfocal Optics TechnologyIt is possible to generate images with allthe elements in focus (omnifacal image)by synthesizing all the images in focus.Furthermore, omnifocal images can bedisplayed in the 3D mode.PhotomaskNewerMaximum Sensitivity: 25 nm(1/2,800 of human hair diameter)Accelerate new business development: PV Cell related, SiC wafer inspection systemSiC wafer inspection/review System SICA61Microscopic confocal optics and differential interference are combined for developmentof SICA61.Various defects that have not been detected can be now detected.SICA61MATRICSX700 SeriesDefects on a SiC wafer【SiC Wafer】A 3D imagePV cell conversion efficiency distribution measurement system MAP SeriesOmnifocalImage(An image with all theelements are in focus)3D ImageMP15Compact size best suited for R&DImpurities withincrystal(seen in green color )PV cell measurementof poly-Si cellPartialcurrentdensity dropCIGS modulemeasurementTwo cells showpower generationfault due tocracks. Also seenare efficiencydrop due to interconnectbreakingUsed module of poly-SiCopyright © Lasertec Corporation All Rights Reserved 11

For Reference; Outline of semiconductor manufacturingMaskblanksMaskTransparent quartz glass substrate for making photomasks (6 inch sq. 0.25 inch thick)Mask is made of maskblanks with circuit patterns drawn on the surface. (Also called Reticle)Several tens of photomaks (circuit patterns) are necessary to manufacture one kind of device.SemiconductorDevicePatterns on masks are transferred and printed on wafers using exposure light (reduced projection exposure)Then, after going through etching and other processes, semiconductor devices are formed on wafers.Defects on photomask that places itself at the very front end of the semiconductor manufacturingprocesses could cause deadliest problems in the semiconductor manufacturing processes.An image depictingthe reduced projectionexposureCondenserlensMask(Reticle)Optics forreducedprojectionexposureReticle blindArFExcimerLaserThe finer the pattern becomes, the shorter the wavelength of theexposure light needs to be and currently used wavelengths are g-line(wavelength 436 nm) and i-line (wavelength 365 nm) of a highpressureHg Lamp, KrF excimer laser (wavelength 248 nm) and ArFexcimer laser (wavelength 193 nm).Note that the mask usage for LCD is principally in the same way.Because the panel size is very large and resolution as high as that ofsemiconductor is not necessary, accordingly. For that reason,exposure is performed not by the reduced projection but by thesame size projection for pattern transfer.Mask sampleWafer sampleCopyright © Lasertec Corporation All Rights Reserved 12

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