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SECTION DETAILSCountry:Main Address:SpainWILPF EspañaCalle Almería, 26-28 BajoZaragozaSpainTelephone: +34 670362972Email address:wilpf.espanya@gmail.comHow to get in touch:Website:Facebook:Twitter:Other social media: Details:When was your Section(re)founded?How many branches doesyour Section have and whereare they located?Section President:Section International BoardMember:June 2011Aragón, Madrid (trying to get organised asbranches) and individual members in otherparts of the country: Andalucía, Catalunya,Comunitat Valenciana and GaliciaCarmen Magallón PortolésManuela Mesa and María Villellas (AlternateIB Member)

topic is needed. A stricter control in arms sales to countries where there is risk ofweapons being used to violate human rights is needed.Other crucial political issues related to WILPF’s mission and visionRacism, food security, eviction, increasing of economic inequality, water serviceprivatisation, social organisation empowerment, social participation and humanrights are other crucial political issues.The government of Spain has curtailed principles of universal justice. WILPF Spainhas suggested for the UPR of Spain, that the Spanish State stops curtailing civilrights and liberties and does not implement these laws.PROGRAMME WORKMain focus areas of the Section’s work in 2014• Women and Peace: Publication "Visibles y transgresoras" (on the visualrepresentation of the role of women as peacebuilders)• Roundtables, exhibitions on the contribution of women to peacebuilding (“1325mujeres tejiendo la paz”)• Human rights (collaboration as part of the platform for a truth commission,lobbying to demand the respect of human rights in the elaboration of migrationpolicies, involvement in several initiatives led by the Geneva office related to thehuman rights situation in Spain)• Disarmament (participation in negotiations for the conference on the ArmsTrade Treaty)• Expanding the knowledge of WILPF and participating in the 100 th Anniversary• Researching and preparing an exhibition on WILPF’s historyMain activities of the Section in 2014• Report "Visibles y transgresoras"• Exhibition "1325 mujeres tejiendo la paz"• Roundtables on the contribution of women to peacebuilding• Lectures on the WILPF history and the 100 th WILPF Anniversary• Preparing an exhibition of WILPF’s history• Claim of truth and reparation of crimes committed by the Franco dictatorship• Lobbying to defend migrant rights!!2!

The Sections’ biggest successes of the yearThe creation and consolidation of our communication with associates and thecollaboration with other local organisations working for peace and gender equalitywas a great success. We increased the number of members in our section. Wehave highlighted the work of women in building peace and a better society.Moreover, the ICIP (Barcelona) prize for women peacebuilders was given toWILPF, achieved through an indirect proposal and support coming from ourSection. WILPF Spain has also participated in the UPR for the first time.Biggest lessons the Section learned this yearWILPF Spain has participated in different international activities. These activitiesbring us an international perspective about women and peace and how to deal withthese issues in the Spanish context. We need to further involve the members ofour Section in the work of the organisation in order to reinforce us.Collaboration with other WILPF Sections or with WILPFInternationalWe collaborated with WILPF Netherlands and WILPF Colombia in regards togender and peace and the UNSC 1325 resolution. We have exchanged informationand participated in public conferences. With WILPF Germany we prepared a breakout session for the Conference. We have been collaborating with the LA Sectionsin researching their history. We have also participated in the ad hoc committee andthe international history working group and we have translated several WILPFdocuments into Spanish.Future Plans of the SectionWe hope to be an organisation that contributes to the empowerment of civilsociety and women in order to influence international politics, to build a bettersociety and just peace, to reduce/eliminate all kinds of violence, includingstructural violence.We would like to have more active members that help to increase the public profileof WILPF in Spain and our advocacy capacity.!!3!

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